Ipswich Murders

Steve Wright was convicted of murdering five women in Ipswich and all the news reports have concerned themselves with the women’s occupations.

The dead women were the children, sisters, and cousins of other living people. They had nieces and nephews. Some of them had their own children. They had friends. They had interests in life.

They were human beings, and they were killed by a savage, murdering pervert.

What they did for a living has nothing to do with this story.

For the record, I’d like to list for you the names of these women.


Gemma Adams, aged 25. Someone’s daughter.

Tania Nicol, aged 19. Someone’s daughter.

Anneli Alderton, aged 24. Someone’s daughter. Someone’s mother.

Paula Clennell aged 24. Someone’s daughter. Someone’s mother.

Annette Nicholls, aged 29. Someone’s daughter. Someone’s mother.


13 thoughts on “Ipswich Murders

  1. I noticed that too and it really began to irritate – couldn’t put it any better but I agree completly. I wonder why people do this – put people in boxes/categories? – Is it to distance ourselves so we feel safer? Is it to try and explain/reason what has happened – and if so are we in some sort of subliminal way saying they had it coming?! Is it that we just can’t live with not knowing why evil happens? Or is it that we just don’t care and call them prostitutes to deny their humanity?
    None of the possibilities reflect well on our so called humanity!

  2. Yes – I couldn’t give a shit about the twisted cunt that murdered and took advantage of those women but most of all, as a mother, have thought how their families must miss them terribly – their remainding and some very young lives changed without choice forever. It is so sad.

  3. The news coverage has made me really mad, almost implying that the women’s way of life was why they were murdered. I can’t say it any better then you Bock.

  4. Very well said. It was nauseating the way some of the media covered it, as if being a prostitute makes you any less of a human being, or more worthy of a terrifying death. Sky are the worst. Total fascists.

    One of the of women (I think it was Anneli Alderton) was the same length of time into her pregnancy as me, at the time of her death. I found it really affecting, and related to her death as another mother-to-be, more than anything else.

  5. In slight defence of RTÉ news this time, I notice they reported that Wright was convicted of killing ‘women who worked as prostitutes,’ rather than just ‘prostitutes.’

    Well, it’s not like you would ever say someone was ‘convicted of killing five plumbers,’ or whatever.

  6. I was watching an interview with Tania Nichols father,who was divorced or separated from her mother ,and his relief that the last time they spoke together was the night she was killed and his relief that they had parted that evening on good terms.. after this interview Channel 4 news immediately showed cctv footage of that murdering cunt picking her up in his car at the end of her dads street…
    Haunted me ,i hate to admit that while they went for the sensationalist edit of the piece it was actually quite well done however accidental..

  7. Sky news, a contradiction in terms, should read News of the World in video. Rupert Murdoch and his minions will never let the truth get in the way of a sordid lie. Stephen, you’re obviously one of the good Protestants, and are right in the way we distance ourselves from reality. It’s no excuse, but it’s what we do. Some fucker made a fortune out of the Boston Strangler, and in our CSI worlds, we seem to love the intrigue of a seedier world. Some other mercenary fucker is going to make a fortune here too.

    It’s poignant to read the girl’s heart felt comments. It’s such a tragedy, and this evil beast has ruined so many lives now, beyond these innocent women.

  8. The only relevance is this: drug addiction drives many women to prostitution, thereby putting them at grave risk of meeting a monster like him. Most women not involved in prostitution don’t get into cars nightly with strange men. And we’re damn glad we don’t have to.

    There is a place for discussion of drugs –> prostitution, and why more isn’t done to help addicts into recovery. But such a discussion should take place in a context other than the reporting of their deaths.

  9. A judge in Philly recently ruled that a sex worker couldn’t be raped. Sex workers are routinely dehumanized in the press and the legal system. And murdering bastards like Wright are glorified in books and film.

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