Limerick Fire

There’s a huge fire somewhere in the centre of Limerick as I write.

Here’s a few shots.



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If you’ve the same weather we have the inversion effect will keep the smoke relatively low in the evening air as the ground temperature drops… I’d not want to be breathing that shit!

News says its a coal storage depot – Should help Limerick make its mark on global warming – Maybe somebody out there is having a party and didn’t want to use those non-eco friendly patio heaters. :-)

I have it from a reliable source that it is Limerick frozen foods that went up in smoke… is there a smell of cooked swan in the area?

A mate of mine drives for Cuisine De France (sp) who park their vehicles there overnight. A lot of their produce is also stored in the warehouse.

All we can do is speculate at the moment but if Bock has snapped those two fellas at Turkeys instead of Swans we could at least suspect FOWL play.

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