Limerick Photos

I was out and about again recently, so here’s a few more shots.  For dial-up friendliness, the rest of the pics are below the fold.



Limerick Pics

And some more

22 thoughts on “Limerick Photos

  1. LOL I got a pic of that Suchi girl too from last week!! cool ill add it later over on my gaf! great to see you friday night, I went to get you a pint but couldnt find you after!

  2. Great photos, I must have been following in your footsteps although I didn’t make Nancys.
    Heard details of a nice audio project which might be on in next Friday’s Mamuska focussing on the sounds in the Market yesterday, a good day to record it as it must have the first decent day (weatherwise) there in a long while.
    The Gerard Mannix Flynn piece in the printmakers is hard going but excellent, heard the interview with him over on eagsuil. He has a lot of interesting things to say on Limerick, it’s problems and hidden history. Worth listening to.

  3. That sounds interesting. I must check it out.

    The Mannix Flynn exhibition is hard going, as expected, though we really should be used to such things by now.

  4. very nice pics! There is something about that canoe that just stands out for me. Anyway.. I’m hungry now after looking at all that loverly food! so I’m off to make a cuppa cha :)

  5. I’ll have to pass the word that there is Sushi for sale at the market. I know a few who would up for it. I was a proper little salaryman for a while myself.

  6. Great pics Bock, the one taken in Nancy’s of (looks like Joe M. & Mick C. are the pair ?) is a classic.
    Complete relaxation and 2 mugs of coffee.

  7. Nancy’s!!!!

    Love that pub. Many a long hour etc etc…..

    So – I’m new here….are you from Limerick Bock?

  8. Artyeva: Not only from Limerick, but in Limerick. You’ll see it’s hard to miss after having a look around the site.

  9. hehehehe

    sorry bout that…. yes.

    Yesterday was my ”first time” here you see….

    I lived in Limerick for years…. the photos just caught my eye….

  10. Hello there.

    Im a friend of Pat Ambroise he told me about this site.

    Just finished work now but it looks pretty well.I visited the page while the site was fresh in my head.

    My passion is computers and everything that goes with them.So if you need any help with anything let me know.

    A friend of Pats is a Friend of mine LOL well he is a really nice guy

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