After all the torture they put them through, the Portuguese police are now saying the McCanns should never have been named as suspects?


After all the self-satisfied, smug, holier-than-thou pricks who pointed fingers at the McCanns, these motherfuckers are now rowing back. Now they’re admitting that the fat, incompetent idiot bastard cops investigating the case were actually just slinging mud because they were too fucking corrupt and incompetent to solve the case.


Can you believe that?

Can you believe that these fuckers, who tried to blacken the reputation of the parents, are able to just walk away from their calumny, even though the McCanns’ good names are now damaged in the eyes of so many people? Even though there was fuck-all evidence to support the sort of innuendo flung at them?

I wrote about this several times already. Go read it HERE.

Then read it HERE.

And when you’re finished, read it HERE.

Read it, I urge you, and be angry.

Be very fucking angry.

13 thoughts on “McCanns Not Suspects, Say Portuguese Police

  1. Read em before. Was already angry anyway. Apparently the US have a figure of 6 hours. 6 Hours and then the probability of finding the kid alive drops to virtually zero. 6 hours and these fuckers were still munching on donuts and scratching their holes. Would that I had super powers, I would tear this world apart to find the fuckers responsible and torture them slowly.

  2. All they were ever guilty of was leaving young, vulnerable chidren alone, stupid, selfish etc etc etc, but I have never believed they were responsible for her disappearance.

    The thing that gets me is the way the press hounded and belittled them for perpetuating the interest in the poor little bugger, what the fuck else were they supposed to do? They could see better than anyone how inept the police were, so who can blame them for keeping the interest alive?

  3. I’m on the fence on this one and always have been. But, for a bit of balance, it’s been pointed out a hundred times that being ‘arguidos’ gives people more legal protection than not. And some people actually request to be made arguidos (even if they’re only witnesses, or whatever) as it allows them the presence of lawyers when questioned, etc.
    I’ll say no more.

  4. Bock, I would never stop looking, yes, I probably would dig up every beach, they would have to drag me away to the nut house before I stopped looking.

    I don’t think I would ever be able to ‘move on’ as so many people seem to be telling them to do. Easy when it’s not your own though.

  5. Nora: that’s true, and if the Portuguese police left it at that, perhaps it wouldn’t have been a problem. However, they also saw fit to drip-feed one half-baked theory after another to the media, and everyone latched onto them as if they were gospel truth. The first time that happened, the police might have been forgiven for misreading the situation, but not after the third or fourth time.

    Q of C: Going to the nut-house wouldn’t be much help to the surviving kids.

  6. get real bock the robber. why dont the mcanns take a lie detector test. just watch them when they are being interviewed. they havent fooled many except youand a few more.

  7. blood stains found in the apartment. blood stains found in the boot of the car. they changed their story several times. what more evidence do you need bock. you are very gullible mate. is it because they are middle clas and both doctors.

  8. Stalin: you picked your name well. None of the things you mentioned were confirmed. Where do you get your information apart from the Sun?

  9. yes they were confirned.
    i dont read the sun but you obviously read the sun the star and the express. i read the english times. most people believe they are hiding something. that child fell in the apartment and the mother panicked because she had left her alone which was disgraceful. they should both have been arrested for abandonment of a child. you are a stupid man. they havent a feeling that was ever known cold and arrogant

  10. Stalin: You haven’t the slightest idea what happened in the apartment. Don’t try to use this site to peddle your vicious speculation.


    Update: forget about trying to leave those abusive comments. It won’t work. They won’t appear.

    Arsehole. Banned.

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