PC World Sold Me A Piece of Shit

Foreword: This post started out as a throwaway comment about the bad attitude of PC World staff, which explains the fact that it has no structure.

It wasn’t intended as anything other than an incoherent shout of rage about the terrible service PC World offer, and that’s exactly where it would have stayed but for the extraordinary replies it received.  Most notable among these have been the threatening comments from PC World employees, and these comments have  become the real subject matter of this post, but the comments from Blitzen entered into mythology for their sheer stupidity and fully deserved a post all of their own.

So, I know this is going to seem a small bit ragged, but stick with it.

It’s insane but PC World attacking its own customers has to be worth a look.


Original post:

My PC is slower than any computer I’ve ever had.

The computer I bought from PC World is the worst computer I’ve ever owned.

I’ve been using computers since before most of my readers were born, but I’ve never owned a piece of shit like the piece of shit I bought from PC World.

The computer I bought from PC World spends most of its time frozen, unable to do anything.

I spoke to their staff and they didn’t care. This computer is a piece of shit, and I bought it from PC World.

PC World don’t care what kind of shit they sell you as long as they get your money.

My advice to you is this: never buy anything from PC World. They sold me a shit computer and they didn’t care.

PC World are a shit shop.

Don’t buy from PC World.

Update (28th April 2008):

I see Dixons have finally noticed my complaint. To the person from Dixons Stores Group who’s been logged on to this post for the last four hours, I say, Shame on you for having such a dismissive attitude to your customers. I’d never buy another thing from Dixons or PC World and I’d advise anyone reading this to avoid you at all costs. You’re a disgrace.


Update July 2008

As you can see from the comments, somebody at PCWorld is very pissed off indeed at the idea that I should be able to criticise them freely.  They’re now issuing threats against me, or at least, one particular gobshite is.


Update October 2008

This saga turns out to be a classic example of the way bad service hurts your business.  A Google search for PC World returns four of PCWorld’s company sites, followed by what?

Yes indeed: PC World Sold Me A Piece of Shit – Bock the Robber.

No. 5 of 57,400,000 results.  Ha!




Excellent advice here from Nippy about using the small claims court:

Write a letter to the store of purchase detailing your transaction.
1): Date of sale. Amount of sale etc.
2): The failure sequence and your notication to the store.
3): How the store dealt with your complaint. (ie They didn’t)
4): State that if the claim is not dealt with by return (2 weeks say) a small claim will be filed in the appropriate district court (the court in the district in which the purchase was made.) This costs 15 Euro and is quick (weeks), and the form is on the internet under court services (http://www.courts.ie/).

I have found that in 100 % of problem supply situations including a) a 2000 euro computer, b)an IPOD, c) Incorrectly cut set of curtains, d) a failed camera, the mention of this proceedure puts the wind up them and I got an instant attentive response. (I also filed once, the IPOD).
Best of luck

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419 thoughts on “PC World Sold Me A Piece of Shit

  1. I feel your pain.
    I bought a qwerty keyboard from them some years ago. The sharp plastic housing cut through the cable within a few months. On returning it I showed them how their demo model (still on the floor) had exactly the same design flaw, and had suffered the same problem: cut cable. THEY COULD NOT HAVE CARED LESS. No refund, discount, apology, human warmth; just dead eyes.
    Maplin staff are the best informed, but the selection isn’t so great. Also avoid that MCS shower on Parnell St.

  2. I have to agree 100%. I made the mistake of buying a Laptop from them. During the selling process they couldn’t have been more helpful reassuring me about the warranty and such.

    Around 6 months later it broke down and wouldn’t switch on. I returned to PC World and now it was a completely different story. Their “repair” centre told me that they didn’t repair PCs. If I wanted they could give me a number to ring in the UK. I did and after a couple of calls to a third party repair centre I eventually got their agreement to pick up and repair the laptop. Around a month later the laptop arrived back with a detailed report on how it had been fixed and ths spare parts that went in to it. It still wouldn’t switch on.

    I went into PC World. They told me that as the laptop had been opened by the third party repair firm (who worked for them) then they were no longer obliged to honour the warranty which had moved to the UK company. However there was a sale on at the moment which was ending on Saturday so if I hurried I could buy a replacement at a good price. I told them where they could stick their sale and left.

    So I phoned the UK company again. They maintained that it must be a new problem because they had fixed the old issue and as the laptop was still under Warranty they would fix it again. It was picked up once again and a month later arrived back. This time it worked for a week before the problem cropped up again.

    Then I got the one piece of honest feedback from the whole process. The man in the UK call centre said they hadn’t a clue what the problem was but they would be glad to keep sending the laptop over and back until the warranty ran out. Initially I was tempted out of spite to do my best to deplete their courier budget but eventually I just gave up and bought a Sony from another shop which over 2 years later has not given me one moment’s trouble (thankfully).

    Don’t under any circumstances shop in PC World. Also remember that PC World, Dixons and Currys are all actually the same chain so be wary of dealing with all three.

  3. Jesus, Mary and suffering St fucking Joseph, just bought a Compaq lap-top from Dixons, got the sale price! Everything seems fine at present. I find myself consumed with anger and rage at every mother fucker walking the planet at the moment Bock, including smarmy computer sales persons. I didn’t buy his poxy overpriced insurance deal, told him to shove it. I told him if anything went wrong I’d be back and if that didn’t work I’d unleash Conan the Ballbarean on him. I am keeping you and the dogs in reserve. Grrrrhhhhhh Angry as hell.

  4. I bought my PC from the travellers and filled it full of drugs so it works fine, apart from the jitters.

    Lithium on Speed is great stuff.

  5. Hah!

    I have a mental image of you typing this out in a dimly lit room, laughing maniacally as you make each PC World link.

    Lightening flashes outside a large Georgian window and you roar “The fools… little do they realise that searches for PC World will find this post…. mmmmuaaaaahhhh haa haa haaa!”

  6. Sales ppl are full of crap. I got a call recently from the local cable company and she quoted me cheaper prices and things like free local and national calls.. (turns out that’s just off peak for the package we were talkin about).. the next day after talking to her I happen to get a marketing letter with the correct prices/services listed.
    She didn’t even know when I was asking her what type of broadband there were offering.. through the cable system or phone.. so as I’d know if I’d have a wire running all around my living room from the tv to the computer.
    I think I was sold a load of extra crap when I bought my Dell computer too.. (more expensive graphic cards etc… didn’t need it really and it’s still slow as crap. )
    Some ppl have no moral integrity anymore. There is a way to be a good sales person I’m sure, but selling and helping the customer with what they really require.

  7. “PC World don’t care what kind of shit they sell you as long as they get your money.”

    Bock, may as well, insert [Any of the many large soulless corporate entities currently benefiting hugely from globalisation and generally fucking everyone in the ass for profit] instead of PCWorld in that sentence. There is no attention to detail. There is no caring. They want your cash and they will train up any dubious little git to lie through their teeth to you in order to ensure the transfer of cash in exchange for a product where every cost has been cut to the bone, every component shaved to the barest minimum, designed and implemented by the cheapest labour because then the target market is big enough to ensure profits and share growth and all that happy shit.


    Rant over.

  8. Surprisingly enough I had trouble with the computer I bought from currys (PC worlds shitty sister shop).
    The DVD burner stopped working after 3 days. When I brought it back they told me they’d have to send it away to be fixed and that would take a month. I told them that was ok and that I would exercise my right under the “sale of goods act” to a refund. 2 mins later there was a shiny new machine sitting in front of me that they had taken from the PC world warehouse after telling me they didn’t have any more in stock.
    The monitor packed in a month later and that was another fucking pain to get sorted.
    One thing I will say is know your rights when you go in. They’ll tell you what your rights are from their company policy manual but that is for UK law and thats not the same as here. You have more rights in Ireland.

  9. I agree. I have a Toshiba laptop from pc world, it’s a piece of shite. PC world don’t know their arse from their elbow and employ shiesters! Seriously! A month after I purchased the laptop it died. Brought it back. Was told they had a return policy of seven days! (not stated on the receipt). Told me if I wanted it repaired that I had to pay €50 for them to have a look at it even though it was under warranty. I let them waffle away, went home, got their local email address, emailed the manager and emailed the NCA and got a response back later that day. All apologies. Brought laptop back in again and was told it would have to be completely remastered (I know enough about computers to know this was a load of bollocks). The problem was vista and norton effin anti virus, but anyway :)

    A friend of mine went to them to get a dell laptop repaired (not realising she already had a three year warranty with Dell… but that’s another story!). Nothing major wrong with it. They charged her €50 for having a look at it and told her she needed a new hard drive etc and that it would cost another €150. When she finally put her thinking cap on, she rang dell and they were able to fix the problem over the phone.

    I also have a dell laptop, never had any probs with that, thank gawd!

    ok now my rant over and I’m off to make a cuppa cha!

  10. Plastic explosives! That’s the ticket! Buy yourself another PC and then get your hands on a bit of plastique. Doesn’t have to be much, just enough to surprise the shit out of them. Stuff it inside and wire it to a battery powered timer (set to to the wee hours of course) then take it to them for repair. If they tell you they don’t do repairs then tell ’em to shove it and just leave it there anyway. Won’t they be surprised though when they come for work in the morning?

    Okay…maybe that’s not such a good idea after all.

  11. Did they have a shop in Stephen’s Green in Dublin, near the Shelbourne Hotel? Would anyone know? I’m not very sure. So that’s a disclaimer.

    I got a digital camera from there, and I *think* it was PC World. After a while it started producing white bubbles on the photos. (If you were into the “spririt world” you could put the pix up on a website and claim they were poltergeists — or something.)

    Anyway, brought the camera back and was told it would be returned to the manufacturers to have a look at it.

    I could see a replacement sitting in the glass display case. I knew that the manufacturers wouldn’t “fix” it. Nobody fixes that sort of thing any more. They just dump them and eventually replace them. So after arguing with the sales man about a replacement, I asked to see the manager. He started on the same BS about sending it back. (I had brought examples of the bubble pix to show him. And had left some on the camera for him to see, too.)

    After lots of arguing and him phoning head office, blah blah no change … I said,

    “Look: replace the camera now, or I’m going to sit down here on the floor and stay here until you do. Believe me, I mean it!!”

    It was about an hour off closing time. I told him I’d have to be physically removed, and there would be quite a commotion involved.

    He went off to phone Head Office again, and within 10 minutes I had a replacement camera.

    The point of my story being:

    I had never done such a thing before *in my life*, but if you get mad enough, you can do anything. (And it worked!)

  12. @Nora, What a great idea! next time something like that happens to me that’s exactly what I’ll do. Wonder if that would work with the Veterans Administration?

    This post about PC World is one of the main reasons, that plus the fact my wife and I live 2 hours form anything resembling a “big box” store, that we do 99% of our PC type shopping online (Tiger Direct which I think is USA only…not sure). Sure you can get ripped off just as easy but it’s all in who you order from. I have a friend in the UK who complains about the exact same thing and the fact that there’s no decent online offerings either for the UK in general. I don’t know how accurate that is but he’s not one to make things up.

    I would guess that PC World can afford to be sloppy about their business and all around idiots since they’re the only game in town. Please correct me if I’m wrong about that but no competition means they can use small ways to rip off the general public since they realize that there’s nowhere else to go (convenience wise I would guess).

    Perhaps they buy damaged or refurbished goods and sell them at retail?

  13. try europc.co.uk great prices on high-end dells with dell 3 year warranty. cancelled orders and refurbs. no idiotic sales staff.

  14. I’d just like to piss everybody off by saying how happy I am with Macs. I once spilled a whole glass of water on a Mac keyboard – the computer died – I turned it upside down so the water could drain out then left it in the sun to dry. It came back to life and worked faster than ever. Try that, PC’s.

  15. I bought an external hard drive from Piles of Crap World and archived all my files onto it from my old Apple laptop. Then I deleted all my original files off my old laptop as I was passing it on to a friend. But it was ok because everything was on the external hard drive and I could connect it up to my new Apple laptop any time I liked – which I did for a while. But guess what? Three months later – the hard drive was dead. It still is dead – after copious frothing of mouth,raising of voice and staring at the dimwit ‘support centre’ personnel idiots. I don’t think they know about pc’s/cameras/anything electrical or technical – they just know how to spot a mug coming around the corner!

  16. Get your money back. If it is not fit for the purpose for which it was sold then you are entitled to the return of your dosh. As you state it is a piece of shit then that would seem to fit the bill. Hop over to here, http://www.consumerassociation.ie/rights_retailers.html and bone up on your rights. Stay calm, don’t swear, don’t shout, don’t say what you really think about them. If desperate do a Nora, politely. The Sale of Goods Act is very explicit and I find that even the most truculent gobshite in charge of a shop has heard of it and senses that sinking feeling that he might blown it. Print off a copy and take it with you. Said gobshite can summon the Guards if you a screaming lunatic attempting to decapitate the entire staff of a shop. And they will delight in busting you. They soon piss of if they deem it a “civil matter”.

    Stay civil, get your hard earned dosh and buy a computer someplace else. And do keep posting about what a crap place it is as I agree.

  17. I worked for them. I lasted all of 3 weeks when I saw the crap they were pushing. It wasn’t so much the equipment as for the most part it is pretty sound. What I really resented was how they would push the cover plan.

    They tell lies, and they can’t even fix the shit that they sell.

    I am glad that I didn’t perpetrate any of that. I even talked someone out of buying a new computer. Gave him some ram and he was good to go and came back to tell me so.

    I was rather frightened that I was the only person in the store that was actually certified to fix computers.

  18. The third (replacement) computer I got from Pc World a week and a half ago started having problems loading windows on friday, I got onto the helpline and they told me to reinstall windows and talked me through it on the phone that night the computer worked fine. Next morning when I turned it on same problem again, I rang the helpline again and they told me to take it back. As I had dealt with the manager the last time I decided to ring her and tell her what had happened and that I would be coming in (again) but when I rang there was no answer. It was Sunday and I figured they weren’t open yet so I decided to look at the opening hours on the website and found your blog!!! All I can say is thanks for putting this on because after reading what you wrote and all the comments I decided to try and get my money back and thanks to KevanB for putting up the lik to the consumer rights website. I did what he said and printed in out and heading in to PC World armed with the knowledge that I was entitled to my money back (I have to admit that up till then I wasn’t 100% sure about that) Anyway I went in headed straight to the manager that I had dealt with before told her the situation (she couldn’t say I hadn’t given it a fair go) and she said, do you want your money back??? I didn’t even have to ask, she offered!!!! I said “Yes please” and walked out the door with my money in my handbag. I do have to say it’s also good advice not to lose your cool!!! And another thing even though Iall I have gotten is crap computers from them I do have to say the staff have been nothing but nice to me, I’ve never had to yell or argue with them to get my way. Now in fairness if I hadn’t gotten my money back I probably wouldn’t be saying that!!;-)
    Anyway just wanted to say “THANKS”

  19. if they refuese to refund the pc I would use the small claims court. I have used it 2 years ago and got a refund..

  20. I thought I was the only mug, I checked my pc in for a health check last year and they did something to stop my dvd player working I have to get a codec or something ( i dont know what that is and neither do pc world staff) regardless they maintained it was my problem not theirs, I spent three months trying to get them to sort it and eventually i gave up, not to mention the scratches on the side from sliding it across the floor while in their possesion. A right shower of feckless gobshites.

  21. Look everyone’s known for years that PC World/Dixons sell crap, and overpriced crap at that.

    The best way to deal with their after sales service, in my experience, involves the Small Claims Court and a bailiff. Preferable visiting the store on Saturday afternoon………

    If you have, as you state, years of experience then why in hell did you buy there?

  22. I got ink for my hp photosmart (tri-colour) printer and when i put it in it was empty, went back to the store and they didn’t want anything to do with me. Was so Angry when all they keeped saying it was the old one It was’nt had the new and old one with me. They should have some training or something to deal with people.

  23. listen ppl. i have the same experience but will not right any stories cos i am calm at the moment and i dont want to be pissed off… lets just say its over graphic cards that packed up after 6months…..

    The only solution i see is a hidden cam, a new employee, and bring them down from the inside!!! It’d be great…

    I is fireman, so i cant… someone do it!

  24. pc world is a fucking joke 6 weeks to have a minor repair done ring their head office and explain what a computer is and youll really fuck them up they dont have a clue

  25. to ash download ffd slide show or a klm codec pack if u can find on the net that will sort your dvd problem

  26. ok people can anyone’s experience beat this….

    On Tuesday evening I walked into the Piles of Crap World in Sligo at 6.05pm.

    I browsed around for a few minutes – read the specs on a few display models…… but could not find ANY staff. Not one. Zip. Nada. No one.

    …….and at 6.50pm was still standing ON MY OWN in the store…. at this stage I was joined by another potential customer and we went staff-hunting…. opened a door to the back area and shouted ”helllloooooooo” and eventually someone came out.

    Unfortunately when I asked him a question he looked at me as if I had just asked him to explain particle physics….. I moved on to another staff member who was straight from Deliverance Casting Central and was so devoid of interpersonal skills he could not look me in the eye…just kept staring at my boobs…….

    I left in tears………….

  27. Have had it up to my neck with PC World altogether… Bunch of idiots and you’re lucky if you can find an english speaking sales assistant among the lot of them!!! Foolishly asked advice regarding printer for printing on vinyl adhesives, informed by gob-shite sales assistant that HP laserjet was the best!! So, I bought it, 3 months later, vinyl is melted onto output roller, sales assistant has disappeared off the face of the earth. HP won’t fix it coz wrong type of media, PC World couldn’t care less, sale is closed. So today I called up to inquire about photosmart, spoke to manager in PC World Liffey Valley. He, believe it or not recommended a laserjet… I nearly hit the roof!! Told him of recent mis-information and fact that I’m €300 out of pocket. He said to contact HP, as they train the staff in store re; printer specifications… Their motto is sell, sell, sell, when customer browsing and deny, deny, deny, when customer complaining.. I can’t say they’re a joke coz it’s no joke that naive people are being robbed blind while this company continues to make huge profits!!!

  28. i bought a new laptop from pc world. 2 days later the lcd bulb went in the screen. no help offered,


  29. i dont directly work for the dsg group but i am a tech guy who’s job it is to get the computer up and running again when it breaks down.
    i do have a couple of comments on this.
    if u go into a store and buy a laptop for £250 dont be suprised if its a bag of shit u get what u pay for!
    yes coverplan is quite expensive but i can assure any1 that comes to me with a faulty computer will have it repaired and if the fault is not fully repaired in 6 weeks will be refunded that is policy if cmr’s arnt able to read there policies then yes they could be sending there laptop to the workshop again and again if the problem isnt resolved.
    cmrs do have to request the 6 week rule.
    most problems i see lately are with vista machines and incompetence vista as an operating system has had a lot of compatability problems and if cmrs insist on taking there new computer home and installing windows 2000 products on it it is not suprising when things go wrong..
    a lot of the complaints on here are about 3rd party software eg.windows,norton etc i supose dsg are responsible for that??
    if ur norton screws ur computer ring norton its there product…
    remember also that when u buy a product if u dont take out the extended warrenty then what u have is a 1 year manufacturers warrenty and as such the machine and repair is the manufacturers responsibility……

    so glad u took the time 2 read
    and maybe next time u go into a shop u will remember u get what u pay for!!!!

  30. i tried to buy a pc recently there. Absolute nightmare. The assistant hadn’t a clue. When i picked out the one i wanted, he kept trying to force a more expensive one on me. I walked out with nothing and after reading the posts above, im glad i did.

  31. Went into pc world in Limerick last week,hoping to get some information about new desktop with amd processor.
    The staff in there did not give a shit,met gentleman at repair counter, they could not locate the laptop he had handed in for repair.
    After about ten minutes the only salesperson in the store came to me and literally went away again after pointing out what was available.
    Well if this is how one is treated when trying to purchase an item ,imagine what reception you would get when you have a service problem.
    Ya! Avoid this place like the plague..

  32. Reading your posts there your all a bunch of loosers, open your eyes and don’t be such a handicap that you have to be shown how to use PC’s – do a course if your incapable of using one, look at what’s available instore if you want one, if you buy a bucket of shit expect that it’s going to be a bucket of shit and don’t expect much more! Don’t blame PcWorld blame the manufacturer their the ones that make the PC’s. When your buying food in tesco do you ask a sales assistant to hold your hand to pick out some cereal for you… no you don’t. From what i can remember the hardware mat isn’t too far away from the repair centre ‘Richie’ could you not walk up to computers and learn to read for yourself! – handicap

  33. Obviously you know where the repair centre in pc world is.
    Conclusion: A pc world fan….enjoy.

  34. Tommie is obviously the Manager of PC World Limerick…..thats about the level of communication you get from them..

    A good friend of mine asked me to go with her to buy a laptop..
    We went to PC world,just to check what they had and prices..Budget was around €1000 so we were looking at some different ones..I stepped away from my friend for second to check out some Graphics Cards.. Pounce!! theres a senoir sales man..spots lone woman looking at a laptop..” I would recommend Acer miss,they are a new company and their laptops are very reliable”.. So 2 seconds later we were over at his desk getting a quote..This qoute was growing at an expinential (sic) rate every 20 secs.. what had been €850 is €1200 all of a sudden..I took the quote sheet off of him and went through it with her..in 30 secs flat it was back down to a more realistic €900.. Salesman was raging…We strolled out,off up to Harvey Norman and got a better laptop,with a good few extra bits thrown in for nothing…

    Did i mention that Acer are owned by PC World??

    They are a shower of cunts and anyone that works for them for more than the time it takes them to realise they are ,is a cunt too…

  35. @Organ Donor
    Acer is a large Computer company based out of Taiwan. Advent is the company that’s owned by PC worlds’ parent company DSG.
    I think Tommy’s own handicap is obvious for all to see.

  36. Thanks JPB,i’m an awful gobber.. I meant Advent of course and i hope there was no offence caused to the sterling ACER company and there employees and familys being associated with a shower of bastards like DSG…

    Bock:That would be very interesting to find out.. followed by an email to DSG…. Muhahahahahahah…(strokes evil moustache)

  37. Had my Dell Laptop replaced by our insurance company last november with a TOSHIBA Laptop, which it self has been replaced twice.
    blame not the messanger but the Product. If you expect something cheap it appears you will get sj1t

  38. If you have been using computers since before most of us were born, Id have assumed you would have gathered enough knowledge along the way to avoid PC World from the word go.

  39. No Tom. You see, I’m a fuckin eejit who believes we’re entitled to goods of merchantable quality no matter where we buy them.

  40. To Pat Keogh thanks the site worked I am hapily watching dvd’s on my pc much obliged.

  41. I know I’ll get flamed for this, but install Ubuntu. Just do it. M$ is sticky tar and requires far too much compute power. Look at the systray (bottom right on your screen). All those stupid icons are consuming CPU and memory. They’re like a disease. Ever tried uninstalling Norton AV? I’ve seen leeches come off with less effort. Ditto RealPlayer (and its ilk). Download the Ubuntu desktop ISO image, burn it to CD and never look back. The learning curve is relatively steep but your mental health is more important, right? I’ve run Unix-like OSes on 486 PCs and they’ve outperformed the latest stuff bogged down with Windows snot. You may find the PoS computer from PC World will actually work OK with Ubuntu. Not that PC World would care one way or the other.

  42. PC World ARE SHIT!!! Seriously, the one in Cork has to be the worst store anywhere. Like, our computer was in there for 8 weeks before anyone had a look at it (they told us initially it would take max. 2 wks), then we got a phone call from them saying it was ready to collect. When we took it home, it was in the exact same condition as it was when we took it in to be repaired, (i.e. dead). We took it back and spoke to a manager who claimed they had tested it before they gave it to us and it worked, so ‘it must have been a power surge or something…’ . Then they fixed it and gave it back to us again, but when we got home and switched it on, the data transfer which we’d paid for had not been put on the computer, so we had to make a second trip up there. None of them could explain what had happened to our computer, or why we had been left out the door TWICE with the job not done properly. The ‘technician’ only said ‘when I took charge of this place it was like a bomb hit it’… WTF!!!???!!!??? I called their centre in England where their ‘customer services’ are based to report all the shenanigans. I got through to some idiot who acted like he had never heard of Ireland or an Irish accent before and kept telling me that HE couldn’t understand what I was saying and asking me for my post code, before telling me that nothing could be done for the two wasted trips up and down we had to do because of their incompetence. So, basically, don’t go to that junk shop in Mahon Point if you want to avoid a stroke.

  43. PC world Limerick are such a shower of shites, they screwed me over back in 2005, as a result i learned to fix computers and now screw them over .

  44. I hate pc world,i paid almost €2000 for a pc which stopped working after 11 months(still within warranty)i had paid for insurance and my policy stated i would be entitled to a replacement if my computer was in for repair for 6 weeks or more. After 3 months waiting i had no option but to take PC World to small claims court.After 1 whole year i finally got my computer replaced and with no even compansation. The attitude and incompatance from staff and management is unbelievable. Management spoke to me like i did not now how to use a computer and that the description of the problem made no sense,that i did not know what i was talking about. Dont buy from Pc World

  45. Tamas in Blachardstown is the most ignorant manager I ever met and how he got to that position
    I dont know. He should be demoted and I spoke to a much nicer person than him in that shop but the experience turn me off buying anything and I will never visit that shop again and right their computer are crap. Bought one myself years ago and was not happy with it. I got no apology from that so call manager.

  46. PC World sales assistants get a bonus commission when the sell the insurance with a pc, thats why the push it.
    Most problems with your new pc will show up within the first year of purchase( very commom with PC Worlds computers) You are covered by the Manacturers Guarentee for the 1st year, so the are obliged to fix it for you, you dont need insurance from PC World its just Hard Sell. They really take advantage if you dont know your technology.
    Avoid PC World……..

  47. As someone who works for DSGi I can tell you that the sales staff DON’T get commission at all. DSGi are very clear on that – afaik it was pulled in about 2005.

    However the store has set targets for PCPerformance, Norton AV and others and if it makes target the staff get a bonus.

    Not strictly commission but close.

    If you think some of the staff are bad, some of the customers are worse. I find you get to a point where you feel so brain dead yourself you start giving really stupid answers.

    PCWorld will always have a bad rep with folk who are IT Literate imho – however it’s more aimed at people who don’t know any better.

  48. I have to agree actually, unfortunately we don’t get a damn thing for selling PC’s.

    If you think it’s bad BUYING from DSGi, try sellng for them! You get your arse kicked if you don’t do well, and you get sweet F.A. if you do very well.

    On top of that, anyone who knows how to switch a machine on automatically assumes that they know more than you about PC’s which can be a pain in the ass when you’ve been working on them for years.

    It’s no hidden fact that more people have a bad experience with DSGi than a good one, but there are a few of us out there that in fact give GOOD customer service, have a lot of repeat customers and do their best to make the customer happy.

    I’m sorry that almost all of you on here have had a shitty experience with PC World/DSGi, but it remains a frightful truth that we do employ a lot of idiots in our stores, and I know that even more than you do I’m afraid.

    Our PC Performance aftercare agreement is an easy way to get things thrown in for free, and you can simply cancel it and get your money back 48 hours after the sale anyway. It makes the sale go quicker if you take it at the start and there’ll be no fuss. Just remember – you’re being sold to by human beings too, and we’re customers just like you when we go shopping! If you are being served in PC World, and the sales advisor treats you with respect, please return the favour. The reason there are few older people working in PC world is because 95% of customers go in and treat 16-19 year old people like shit, who in turn get treated like shit and told off by their management.

    In less than two years I’ve had over 17 managers, and nobody who was there when i started is still there now.

    Seriously, working there is way worse than buying there, by all means watch yourself but if you need or want advice on how to buy from there hassle-free, drop me a line here and I’ll quite happily write up a “buyers guide” do you don’t have any trouble. Sorry for making it so long but I had a lot to say! :)

  49. To think i was thinking of shopping at pc world thanks to everyone who saved we a grand or so- just as an aside Nora rocks- so if pc world and all her sisters are a mine field dose anyone have a recomindation of where to buy a lap top. You could recomend a manfacture too.
    Any thoughts on Dell online

  50. My current PC is a HP Pavillion Laptop which i bought exactly 2 years ago, in Harvey N.
    It was expensive but, its flawless. Its actually a replacement because i dropped the first one in work and damaged the hard drive, in the first week. Took it back and walked away with a brand new replacement no questions asked.
    I’m not plugging Harvey N because they are overpriced on most items.

  51. i have had the same problem with PC world, i bought a new toshiba laptop and 2 weeks later the led bulb in the screen went. i took it back 2 pc world ad told them what happend. bottom line ( no no no not our problem ). i said fuck this and called there head office and spoke to a general manager for about 4 min. i was told to bring the laptop back 2 the shop ( in Navan ) and they would repair the problem for me. i did this and i got it fixed. they were looking for €130 for new bulb and €â‚¬Ã¢â€š¬Ã¢â€š¬ for labour. i laffffffffffed right in the guys face and said while your there up-grade my memory from 512 to @least 1 gig.

    all of this work was done right in front of me and it took 12 minutes.

    PC world what a JOke

    end of rant

  52. Will Tiernan
    May 27th, 2008

    My current PC is a HP Pavillion Laptop which i bought exactly 2 years ago, in Harvey N.
    It was expensive but, its flawless. Its actually a replacement because i dropped the first one in work and damaged the hard drive, in the first week. Took it back and walked away with a brand new replacement no questions asked.
    I’m not plugging Harvey N because they are overpriced on most items.

    stay away from dell laptops ( crap ) but dell pc’s are ok. i recomend ACER for laptops and compaq for home pc’s

  53. I used to work at pc world
    and i quit because the products were shit and

    The managers only cared about the extra insurance you could sell on top of the pcs!

    it was a shit job and i will never go back or buy form there again!!

    i now work in a internet cafe which is much better!

  54. Bought a packard bell pc from pc world 21/2 months ago, piece of crap. Called up up tech guys, half asian knobhead on the other end said turn off and on again. >:(

  55. went along with my sis to pcworld to help her buy a new laptop early last year. had a few “must haves in mind” like sufficient ram, good processor, memory etc… looked around, had my eye on a fairly decent compaq computer so i inquired about it to a sales assistant. He advised us to buy a different compaq which had a seprom processor (disaster!!) less memory, less ram but a dvd burner. i myself wasnt interested cause i knew she’d never be burning dvd’s but the sales assistant convinced her it would be “the right buy” and being her usual silly self she went along with it even after my blatant disapproval..here i am now using it, its been sent away to be repaired in england twice, the cd rom /(“must have”dvd burner, which was never used to burn any dvds) has ceased to work, the battery no longer works which was never any good anyway (about half an hour battery life in its prime NO JOKE!!) the finger pad or mouse thingy mobobby is wearing away and gets really hot!! and its incredibly slow thanks to its seprom processor….
    the laptop wasnt cheap either, nearly 900euro. so if your getting a laptop get one with a dual core processor or even better a penryn processor (very rare at the mo) or even better again a cell processor (used in ps3’s, 2 trillion calculations a second) but for the usual shopper a dual core with at least 2gb’s of ram and decent enough memory-160gb- and dont buy it in pc world cause they’ll deceive you and sell you something you never intented on buying like a shitty compaq computer. i’d recommend a dell xps1530 value for money and great performance
    ps: if ya can dont use vista, try and get xp again cause its much easier to use, way less glitches on it, uses less energy from the battery when compared to vista and lots more benifits.. vista was released way to early to compete with apple macs so its not even exactly finished

    thanks for listening..hears a little thank you
    ***improve computer performance***
    type msconfig into “run” located in the start menu
    when it opens click on start up. you’ll see a load of boxes that are ticked, this means that they start up whenever you start your compute my advice is turn pretty much all of em off and watch the improvement in computer performance…. dont worry your computer will work fine even if you turn em all off, thats the way i have it

  56. Compaq currently have the lowest return rate in the entire company – despite being the best sellers. A faulty Compaq doesn’t mean a faulty shop. You wouldn’t say no to an HP, would you?

    HP = Compaq.

    And I wish people would stop calling it “compact.” Little pet hate there :)

  57. ok what i forgot to mention was the compaq we were initially going to buy had way better spec but the sales assistant said there was no more in stock, only the display model and showed us the more expensive laptop (which i’m using now) it was all a bit suspect especially when i started talking about computer performance, he would just start talking to my sister avoiding any questions that might belittle the computer he was selling on top of all this he gives us nortons anti virus (the computer destroyer) for a knock down price of 40euro THE BLOODY NERVE!!

    also there a few days ago i rang pcworld to make an inquirey and all i got was this stupid voice recognition operator, which lists out lots and lots of nonsense bullshit. finally i get put through to a store in dublin and a foreign nationalists answers the phone, i made my inquiry (i had to repeat it THREE times before he could understand me) 2mins later he comes back and blurts out some computer information i want.. oh but wait I COULDN’T UNDERSTAND HALF THE SHIT HE WAS TALKIN ABOUT THANKS TO HIS SHEER LACK OF ENGLISH and the information i wanted was very specific but shur everything was lost in translation and i ended up back at square one.
    wadda service

  58. Hehe, that’s exactly what I thought.

    P.S: He didn’t deliberately talk about a more expensive model.

    Oh, and our KPI’s which we get monitored on are as follows: Norton Internet Security 360 v2
    Office home and student 2007 (for those of you without BitTorrent,)
    PC Performance (which actually isn’t bad for like £9 a month, it’s got loads of shit in it.)
    Clinic Services (Healthchecks, in-store setups, data transfers etc.)

    So a good salesperson is just gonna go right ahead and offer you each one, most people offer norton and if you say no to that are too scared to offer other stuff :P

    Another thing – only buy PC’s/Laptops via collect at store, that way they can’t “Out of Stock” you (The art of telling a customer something is out of stock when it isn’t – only ever done if you say no to PC Performance normally.)

    More buyers advice from the company that annoys us all :)

  59. Hi All
    I was doing a google search as I am thinking about buying a new PC, came across this site, I am so sorry to hear what you have all been through.
    Can anyone recommend a a good PC and a good place to buy one?
    I went into Dixons today, they were very unhelpful, maybe cos all I wanted was a cable, maybe if I was going to be spending 100’s they might have been nicer to me.

  60. Nicki:

    You could order direct from Dell or you could try one of these —



    Europc will sell you a new machine or a refurbished one as new, for a very low price.

    Whatever you do, make sure to avoid Windows Vista at all costs. Tell whoever you buy from that you want XP on your machine. Not Vista.

  61. Hi Bock

    Thank you for that, was talking to my brother he thinks I just to reconfigure my PC. BUT I want a new one, he said typical ha ha

    But thanks for the names will have a look, really appreciate it.

    You had shit with PC world huh?

    My list is getting longer for places I won’t shop.


  62. Have to agree with Bock about Vista, it looks nice put slows your pc way way down,
    Stick with XP

  63. Regarding new pc.got a new one four months ago,HP mini tower windows xp with amd dual core from local dealer,brilliant machine,reasonable.
    also available online from HP.

  64. Im having issues with my laptop & after reading comments here i’m not so sure about sending it for PC World to repair even though its within the 3 year insurance cover – problem is there’s no sound on it, just stopped working completely, anyone have any idea how to fix this without involving pc world??

  65. Under the 3 year coverplan they’ll just send it away normally, it’s free at least.

    Oh yes, and it’ll take up to 6 WEEKS to come back to you. But if it takes more than 6 weeks you get a free laptop so that’s pretty cool.

  66. Yep, paid for the extra insurance cover for 3 years.. its nearly coming to an end now though

  67. well its a bit late for me now… i’m planning on buying a new laptop anyway but want to get the old one fixed so my lil sis can use it. my budget is in or around the €500 mark, does anyone have any opinion on the Dell Insipron 1525? other option was a Toshiba L300

  68. Ali: Try Europc in Scotland (www.europc.co.uk), they sell cancelled and refurbished machines, most of which come with 3yr Dell Next Business Day onsite warranty. They are hard to beat on price and service. Ask for Mhairi and say Fergal sent you. As for the Dell Inspiron 1525, I wouldn’t use it to block a door (all Inspirons are crap, Dells only get good from the Latitude range up). Call Europc as they will not accept payment in Euros over the web (plus you can haggle). You should be able to get a very high spec machine for your €500.

  69. I’ve had my fair share of problems with pc World in the past.

    The most annoying one was with a homebuild computer using there pc in a box upgrade kit.
    ie. Motherboard and processor with onboard graphics.
    Bought it, brought it home fitted all the other pc bits and a new mid range graphics card and powered it up.
    Nothing happened.
    Long story short(er) eventually figured out that the motherboard was faulty and rang up the shop who said to bring it back.
    I asked if they wanted me to re-package it in the box but they said they would look at the whole machine to see if I had set it up correctly.(Lol. Been building pc’s since the C=64)
    It was near closing time when I arrived and had enough time to show them how it wasn’t working and what the problem was.
    Repair guy said he Wasn’t the repair guy and that The real guy would be in tommorrow and look at it.
    I simply asked for a replacement or a refund and was told it would have to be booked in “Just company policy for insurance reason” even for one day.
    Phoned up the next day and called in to be told the repair guy wasn’t there and wouldn’t be there for 2 weeks.
    9 weeks later after many phone calls and talking to the manager twice apparently the machine Still hadn’t even been looked at and that It would take about 2 weeks (The magic number)
    I displayed my dissatisfaction and informed them that I would be calling in to see their manager.
    Eventually after they checked their records and confirmed the length of time it had been booked in the appologized and offer me a replacement (Which was slower and cheaper than my purchase). I flatly refused and demanded a refund.
    Later that day I checked all the other items I had installed in the machine and checked the graphics card in another machine. Turns out they broke it.
    No compensation for that as they said I couldn’t prove that it was in working condition before it entered the shop. (But it was)

    Think they all avoid me now when I walk into their store.. Hee hee.

    Interesting fact.. The guy that said he wasn’t the repair guy turned out to BE the repair guy.

    So to sum it all up. I agree with not buying from them. (Except small items and emergencies)
    Komplet.ie and Elara.ie (Best returns policy and friendly and responsive staff) are now my only shops.
    Better range of items and fast delivery 2-3 days

    Sorry for the post length.

  70. Good man, JT. Great information.

    This post is enjoying a much longer life than I thought it would. I’ll have to make a sticky out of it.

  71. Ali : The Dell 1525 has actually been surprisingly good, having had awful experiences in the past with Dell (although they get very mixed reviews) I thought it was going to be a load of bollocks, but I’ve yet to see one returned.

    As for the Tosh, they seemed to have fixed their Hard Drive problems, which was the ONLY problem with Toshiba so I’m guessing now they’re pretty damn perfect :)

    Osiris: I’ve heard Elara.ie are fantastic, too.
    Can’t go wrong either way, mate. And remember to ask them how much you’ll get off the laptop if you take “PC Performance”! Get at LEAST £30. Aim for £50. Take it, cancel it 48 hours later. Easy discount, plus they won’t tell you it’s “out of stock” ;)


  72. Well when you have a thread called “PC World Sold Me A Piece of Shit” You can bet it’s going to go on forever until PC World change their name or close down! ^_^

    There should be an entire website based on DSGi’s not-so greatness.

    They love us over in Norway though. Woo.

  73. I am left wandering, just what exactly you think this is going to achieve? I used to work for PC World and, while I admit, some of the stuff they sell is not exactly top quality, you sitting on your computer and just turning the air blue about it is not going to get the problem ressovled.

    I used to work on their customer service department. I can bet that you would be one of those customers who would walk into the store, throw your computer at the desk and start demanding that the guy working behind the desk sort your problem out immediatly. You’d probibly tell him that you’ve spend hundereds of pounds in PC World and that you are a customer who believes in customer loyalty but oooh no, after this, you’ll never shop there again. You then would have demanded to see the manager and yelled at them to see if the manager folded and gave you what you wanted, which you probibly aren’t entitled to, allthough you think you are. I’d assume that due to the fact you have made this post, the manager didn’t fold and gave you the exact answer that the guy on the customer service desk did that either the problem was a software issue, caused by YOU, so you must pay to get it fixed or that a hardware issue goes away for repair.

    You are NOT entitled to an immediate swap/refund within your first year, Trading standards state in the sales of goods act (1979) that allthough you ahve the right to request a refund/replacement, the retailer has the right to refuse this and attempt to repair that product first. the law then states that the retailer must get the item back to you withing a reasonable amount of time, which is defined as 6 weeks. PC World get the products back to you in 4 weeks.

    you are the kind of person that your typical customer service guy would just shrug off. If you had come into the store I used to work at and yelled at me, you would not have got anywhere. When you say to customer service guys “I’m never shopping here again” the usual thing that they immediatly turn around to their co-workers and say is “Thank god. we don’t need a tosser like that shopping here.”

    If I ever work in retail again, I hope that I never have to deal with you because I can tell you, if you come to me with the attitude you wrote this blog with, I will tell you to take your product and leave, because you will not be served. and yes, people in the retail industry have a right to refuse to serve you.

    What do you think this blog is going to achieve?

  74. What does it achieve? Well it pisses off pompous twats like you, and that’s always a good thing.

    The 1979 Sale of Goods Act is a British law and doesn’t apply in this jurisdiction. If you’re so fucking stupid you couldn’t even get the country right, you needn’t expect anyone to take you seriously.

    You’re some sad advertisement for PC World though, and your attitude confirms what we all suspected: PC World’s employees have nothing but contempt for their customers.

  75. Blitzen,
    Is your new job with PC World/DSGi PUBLIC Relations Dept.
    This Blog may stop a number of people from buying from PC World. Our experiences may help others. Thats what the blog is achieving!!!!!!!!

  76. Block, PC World have to conform to the sales of goods act, since they are a british company. if the sales of goods act doesn’t apply in ireland, then you are getting the benefit of it. You shouldn’t, but you are.

    As for your post pissing me off…don’t flatter yourself. it amuses me that you think your post would piss me off and I notice that you didn’t tell me I was wrong about what kind of customer you are.

    you’re only half right about what my post confirms. It conforms that ANY customer service guy has contempt for the type of customer that you are, which I described above. Go into any store, head up to their customer service departments (the ones with glass partitions between you and the guys who actually work on the equipment are the best) act like you have been over this, and when the guy you are dealing with goes behind the partition while or after dealing with you, watch their expressions. It’s the same anywhere be it PC World, comet, Tesco, the post office, BP, Kwikfit, sommerfield or Maplins. If you piss a customer service guy off, like you most likely did to a number of them, don’t expect any help from them.

    I’m not trying to create ANY advert for that company, I’m simply pointing out that when you consider the amount of customers that any company gets (pc world or otherwise) if a pissed off customer posts somthing on the web “because it will reach a world wide audience and will drag the company name through the mud, making people think twice about shopping there” it has next-to-no effect on the company or even the particular store you are complaining about. the Store I used to work at had, on a quiet day, 50 000 customers come through the doors (we knew this because of a little counter installed above the enterance door) if one of those 50 000 complained and bitched to everyone in the store, you would get most of the customers just standing there ignoreing him or thinking to them selves “what’s that arseholes problem?” on one or two occasions, when I had to deal with someone like you, I would finnish off with them, move to the next customer, and the next customer would normally say to me somthing like “You don’t need guys like him”, “How do you put up with that crap?”, “You handled that better than I would” or “What does he think being an arse towards you will achieve?”. My most memorable one was when I got a round of applause from a cue of customers and a throng of on-looking staff members because of how well I put someone like yourself, squarely in his place.

    your think your post pisses me off? you’re wrong.
    you think your post has any effect on the company? you’ve probibly turned away maybe 100 or so customers. big deal.

    and this next bit is for Will T;

    eeeeerm….Nope. My new job is as a software engineer, thank you. get paid more money for dealing with less crap.

    just how will your experiences help others? Your experiences, as I have said, will have minimal effect.

    I tell you what; go buy a computer from comet, or even better, from the supermarket (Tescos is fine, but you can get them from woolies too) when it breaks down, which the cheap, crappy, VIA C7-Based systems they sell will do in a matter of months, if not weeks, see what their service is like. Double points if you can create a software issue. I’ll leave it up to you how you create a software issue though. I would suggest a virus, spyware or incompatable software. They seem to do the job pretty well.

    Oh, and as for technical service from places like that? Don’t make me laugh. word of advice to you all; if you don’t like PC World, thats fine by me. Assemble your own computers because the shoddy junk you buy from anywhere else ain’t gonna last

    oh yeah, and don’t say to me “I’ll buy dell” or “I’ll buy Apple” both of them sell through PC World, are part owned by DSG and guess who handles the repair and customer service work for those places?

  77. It pissed you off enough to make you write two long comments about it.

    Are you psychic as well as arrogant? You weren’t in the shop, yet you invented things that you guessed were said and done, and then you attacked me for them.

    That is monumental arrogance and shows clearly what PC World thinks of its customers. I’ll quote your comments in a new post, I think. They offer a useful insight into how such retailers view their customers and what kind of people they recruit.

  78. You do realise that what I “Invented”, as you say is purely down to experience of what I have seen happen over the years I have spent in retail, time after time after time. I will, once again, point out that you did not disagree with me about the stuff you say I invented. I think that says somthing about you that no post ever will.

    the monumental arrogance is only demonstrated by you. you have assumed that I side only with PC World and that because of that, I am an all-round arsehole when you don’t know me. Did you perhaps consider that you could ask me to help you, since I know their procedures inside out and would be able to tell you what to say, what to expect and how to react?

    Didn’t think of that, did you?

  79. Of course I didn’t disagree with you. That would be buying into your childish game.

    I didn’t call you an all-round arsehole either, because, as you point out, I don’t know you. Therefore, I’ll only call the part of you I have experience of an arsehole.

  80. would it be playing into a game or would it be perhaps dispelling pre-conceived notions? maybe I don’t think you’re the most unreasonable person in the world. Perhaps I think that you are the same as the rest of the customers who do this kind of thing.

    and by the way, don’t take me as a “typical” pc world employee, considering I already told you I no longer work there.

    as one customer once said in a letter of praise about me “people often write to complain, and rarely to praise. thankfully, this letter is to praise…” even if I still worked there, fairly obviously, your oppinion of a “typical” employee, and of me as a customer service guy, is not shared by the rest of the world

  81. Ok Mr Blitzen,
    This Blog is about PC World a company that Irish consumers have a problem with. I cant find any blogs relating to ” Tesco, the post office, BP, Kwikfit, sommerfield or Maplins” half of which are not based in Ireland anyway.

    My Bad experience with PCW has led me, to tell people not to shop at PCW for obvious reasons. Just as this Blog does. Saving people time and money on Bad Service.

    I have to question your motives for writing to this Blog.

    And by the way We dont want info on their procedures we just want an acceptable level of service.

  82. Will, I’m from england. I don’t know what you have in ireland so I have to use examples that I have. I don’t think thats unreasonable. Nor do I think that, if you don’t have the stores in ireland, you would know who I was talking about, but thats by-the-by.

    as for my motives; this blog is CLEARLY slating all PC World employees, past, present and future. I quote “I spoke to their staff and they didn’t care” the words “their” and “they” used in such a way as to encompass everyone. saying that no one there cares is a generaliseation, I would be so bold as to say a stereotype aswell…and it’s a gross one which is just blateantly false.

    And info on procedures wouldn’t give you information on how to get the service you want?

  83. The last mail i received was from an arsehole customer service agent that worked in pc world.He seemed pretty sure on what he was saying eg.pc world will return your product after 4 weeks in repair. Bullshit!!My laptop was sent for repair a total 5 times and was returned each time with the same problem. After taking matters into my own hands i took pc world to small claims court. After 11 months i finally received a replacement. To the last person that left a mail,how you worked in customer service is beyond me. I once worked in a dead end job and was approached by a manager from PC world Blanchardstown who offered me a job and i refused because i dont think i would be able to handle complaint after complaint. I actually expected comments like yours from a person like you.

  84. The testimonial on this Blog are proof that People are not happy with PC World. For every complaint there there a a hundred more unwritten, by the man on the street- the punter.

    Do you seriously think that we should be thankful , for something that is supposed to be right. and that if the goods are faulty we are in the wrong.


    “J’sus lads I bought the laptop last week from PC World last week and It works, yeah for the whole week so far, do you think I should send them a thank-you card or something?”

  85. Blitzen: I have to accept your word if you say you’re a software engineer, but I’m afraid you have a serious deficiency in logical reasoning if that’s what you deduce from my post.

  86. actually, Anthony just prooved a point of mine on one of my lasts posts. See, there’s no need to take PC World to small claims court over this thing. if you actually read your warrenty paper work you would have seen you have somthing that the employees refer to as the “4 week rule” which means that if your computer is under 12 months old AND away for more than 28 days, you approach the store you took it to and ask for a replacement. they investigate to find out where your computer actually is (one phone call. takes 5 minutes at most) and they then swap you out a new computer. Read your warrenty paperwork, it’s there in black and white. Its also supposed to be displayed at the customer servce desk at every store, allthough I will admit, not all stores display it for no other reason than that they have too much on display allready and there just wasn’t the room when that POS came through.

    Allthough I have to say, I am not surprised you expected comments like mine from someone who worked in customer service. It’s not all complaint after complaint though. Some aspects of the job really make you smile. The downsides to it are when you work your arse off to please a customer and all you get is “I’m never shopping here again, this company rips you off, poor service, you’ll read about this in the papers tomorrow” etc etc. ANY customer service person, no matter what company they work for, will understand that.

    and no, will, I don’t expect people to be thankful when somthing works. What I and anyone else who works or has worked in customer services has come to expect is that people like YOU should not be making gross generaliseations about us, assuming that we are all uncareing arseholes who get some kind of pleasure from making life difficult. Perhaps, next time you are in a situation where you feel like saying “company x’s staff are all terrible. I can’t stand a single one of them. Those kind of people make me sick” (bit of an exaggeration there, I know) you wanna spare a thought for the person you are dealing with. Forget his uniform, forget who he works for, think of him as an average guy you would bump into on the street. Consider the fact he may well be doing everything in his power to TRY to help you, Consider the fact he may well be doing things he’s not supposed to do, but knows he can get away with, consider the fact you could well be the one at fault. On that subject, if you ever think of going into a place and spouting “the customer is always right” which I have no doubt you have done and will do in the future, remember the rest of the saying “sometimes confused, misinformed, rude stubborn and even downright stupid”

    Block, you were saying “their staff” as in…all the staff. Not to forget the things you have said to me directly, words to the effect of “thats just the kind of attitude I would expect from someone like you who worked or works there”

  87. No, Blitzen. I didn’t say that. You really are an inept PR guy, aren’t you? Did I notice you saying you were based in England?

  88. well well well….. i have been missing for a while due to the fact that the laptop i bought in (yup – you guessed it) PCW broke down….

    I did get it replaced though – which, by the way Blitzen – in Irish consumer law I was entitled to…i live in ireland you see – bought it in a shop that stands on irish soil, like…

    It only took 4 phone calls, 2 visits to the store and and a heated (ahem) ”discussion” with the manager though – which by PCW standards is very very fast indeed….anyway the way to deal with them is do what i did -dont ASK them what they can do – TELL them what they are going to do – and dont back down….

    The main problem I see with PCW (at the branch near me anyway) is a lack of coherent management… As a result of this the majority of staff simply DO NOT CARE ABOUT CUSTOMERS. This has been my direct experience in watching them approach, interract with and discuss customers. 2 staff members had an unflattering and downright insulting conversation about a female customer right in front of me on one occasion. On another occasion a member of staff behind the counter was looking at files on a customer’s computer that looked as if it had been left in for repair – she was flicking through the files and intermittently calling over colleagues to ”jesus fucking christ lads look at this shit”…….


  89. Blitzen is not a genuine visitor, but an employee of PC World.

    The PC World staff in Ireland are indoctrinated to ignore our consumer laws. Their employees, like Blitzen, don’t understand that Irish consumer law has nothing to do with UK law and that Ireland is not part of the UK

    PCWorld’s junior management, like Blitzen, will do anything to kiss their bosses’ arses. That includes leaving half-witted comments on sites like this.

  90. Block, you actually said “Pompus twats like you” you also called me “monumetally arrogant” and you’ve just called me inept. How exactly is that not aimed directly at me, for a start and secondly, with comments like “Pompus twats LIKE you” how is that not aimed at other Customer service guys? and yes, you read right, I am from england. FYI on your last post…I’ve said this at least twice now, allthough you are fitting more and more into the catergory of “customer determined not to listen” I DON’T work there any more. How the hell you get the idea i’m junior management is beyond me. Allthough I guess it could be because I know my former job at that company back to front. Perhaps thats because I’ve worked in retail for the last 5 years and it’s second nature.

    Now, Artyeva. The staff members having an insulting conversation about a customer infront of you, and another memor of staff flicking through a customers files should NOT have been happening. you are absolutly right on that one and I would encourage you to complain about that. preferably to their line managers because what they were doing is classed by the company as gross misconduct. they can and should be sacked for it.

    I’ll tell you one thing though, if youc ame up to my counter and started dictating to me what was going to happen, I would tell you to alter your attitude before you spoke to me, I would point to the sign that informs you that we have the right to work in a safe enviroment and have the right to be spoken to properly, not dictated to, I would then start telling you what was going to happen, I would give you as many options as avalible to you for your particular situation.

    Now, according to what I read here, irish consumer laws are pretty much identical to british ones with the exception of companies have less time to get a repaired product to you, they have 4 weeks, not 6. So it’s no surprise it took you 4 weeks to get a new machine. I said in a post above and I’ll say it again, READ — YOUR — PAPERWORK.

    With regards to what you saw happening with that customers data though, I’m gonna have to insist that you report it. that should not be allowed to happen and damn sure if I saw anyone doing it at the store I used to work at, I would have wasted no time there…

  91. Well Blitzen, do you know what? You’ve come up to my counter behaving like a twat, so that puts you on a moderation list. I’ll decide if your future comments are respectful enough to be published.

    If you have a problem with that, complain to management. We’ll deal with your communication in due course, unless we decide you’re not worth bothering about.

  92. I see. I’ve blown your arguement out of the sky so now you filter what I say. Gotta admit; I honestly did not see that one coming.

  93. How. since when did ANY customer service guys screen what you say for any other reason other than you swearing at or thretening him?

  94. This Blog getting better and better. Sales at PC World must be down at the moment.

    Just to Clarify, in my post I never generalised PCW staff with any comments and never once used the “Customer is always right” phrase.

    It is Blitzen who is Generalising all customer who have problems with PC World as shit stirrers.

    What I do State is.

    Never Buy From PC World!!!!!!!!

  95. Blitzen: You’ve been given the space to make your point repeatedly, which is more than your employer offers its customers. Now you’re becoming boring. Behave yourself, or you will be switched off for real.

  96. Wiil, why would it be an indication as to how sales are doing? for a start off, as you have allready been told, I do not work there. you must also be the type of customer that never listens to a word the customer service guy has to say. I’d like to clarify things aswell; as you would know, if you actually read what I put, I’m not generaliseing all customers. the majority of the customers I used to deal with were decent people and were a pleasure to deal with. It was when we got customers who, like most of the people here, had nothing better to do than bitch and complain. If you’ve worked in customer service for any length of time, you will know that customers do fit into catergories, the list of which is pretty long.

    Bock. Once again; PREVIOUS employeer, for a start. Two, customers have space to make their points so long as they don’t start yelling and screaming, making demands, dictating to the barely-above-minimum-wage customer service guy what he will do, or even, in some cases, flat-out threatening the guy. You have the space to do that in store and with the company, you just choose to go about it COMPLETELY the wrong way.

    My brother pointed somthing out to me about your posts, and I’m amazed I missed it; all the DSG employees, present or in my case, past, that have posted on here to make a counter-point to yours, you have been flat-out rude to. In my case, you even tried to filter my posts but you have very quickly found that I can get around that, allthough you allmost certainly don’t know how I’m doing it. It’s like some communist regeme you’re running here “Agree with me and I’ll let you speak. disagree with me and you won’t have a voice” …ever read 1984?

  97. Don’t you dare threaten me. Attempt to hack this site and you’ll find yourself dealing with one heap of trouble.


  98. Blitzen sent me a message containing this nonsense:

    there are much smarter and much easier ways to get around your blocks and bans. All perfectly legal and no need for any hacking. The fact everyone can read this post after you say you’ve banned me is pretty much a testament to that

    News for you Blitzen. Your comments go straight into the bin, automatically. They aren’t coming up any more. You’re banned. Blocked. Barred.


  99. Released later for fun:

    Just exactly what part of my post was threatning? Once again; someone has made a counter point to your arguement and you’ve reacted badly to it just because they don’t agree with what you’re saying

    Oh yeah, and by the way; I’ve not made ANY attempt to hack this site. I’m not that kind of guy, allthough you seem to think I am for some reason. I don’t NEED to hack this site. Told you before; Software engineer. there are much smarter and much easier ways to get around your blocks and bans. All perfectly legal and no need for any hacking. The fact everyone can read this post after you say you’ve banned me is pretty much a testament to that :)

  100. After reading the comments from Blitzen I have come to the conclusion that he is (a) unemployed, (b) a complete halfwit or whatever else passes for somebody in the IT sector these days. He obviously has never opened his eyes while he worked for DSG, as if he had he would have noticed all the things that are being pointed out here (in very simple english, as he is a half wit).
    As someone who works in the industry, I can categorically state that the level of customer service in PCWorld is SHIT and no amount of crap from Blitzen is going to change that.
    I can only assume that the highest position he reached in his industry was the position in PCworld. Blitzen do you dream of the days spent wearing purple and pretending to know little bits about how to print etc.

    What do you do now, apart from spending your time at home (you’ll get a job again, don’t worry, you do computers don’t you?).
    One last question, have you any idea what you are talking about?.
    He sounds like a complete tosser and fairplay to you for exercising your right as a kind and willing ruler to remove his words from this domain.

  101. Released later for fun:

    Like I said; George Orwell, 1984. The one big super-power that controls everything, and tries to crush the spark of rebellion.

  102. Released later for fun:

    Astounding, isn’t it? A software engineer getting around being blocked.

  103. Released later for fun:

    so I see that you’ve found wordpress has a method for deleting posts? Amazing. You can’t block me, so you just do it that way instead. Word of advice; stop using antquated methods and for heaven sake, Ditch wordpress if you’re paranoid about people hacking your site.

  104. Rockhop: You’re a genius: of course he’s unemployed! He probably posted those comments in the hope that someone from DSG would see them and feel guilty about sacking him.

    There’s quite a lot of self pity in his later comments — the ones that were filtered. He compares this site to Orwell’s 1984: The one big super-power that controls everything, and tries to crush the spark of rebellion.

    What he doesn’t seem to understand is that there’s no free speech on any private site. I pay the bills, so I decide what gets published here, and I certainly won’t facilitate an aggressive imbecile who wants to shout me down.

    Maybe, as you say, he’ll feel better about himself when he gets another job, but I might pass all this to PC World anyway and ask them why their former employees are threatening me. While I’m at it, I might remind them that British consumer law applies to Britain, and that Irish consumer law is what applies in this country. Blitzen doesn’t understand that, and neither do the PC World people here.

    But of course, there are many things Blitzen doesn’t understand.

  105. I am truly on the fence, so I wonder how this will be recieved.

    I have had similar experiences with other shops (best buy, circuit city, etc) and I know how frustrating it can be. I do agree with Blitzen on several points though. PC World, like any other of the major stores, is a business out to make money. Therefore you will run into a lot of “issues” that will lead you to believe the company is screwing you out of your money. This is only half true. Yes their procedures are a bit complicated sometimes, but as Blitzen pointed out, you must read your paperwork. They have return/refund policies available at your request (here I am assuming as I am a “bloody yank” and have only dealt with other stores not PC World directly). Their job is to post/provide the policy. It is the customer’s job to read the policies (preferably before you even make the purchase), and decide if you can live with their policy. If not, walk away from the sale. If on the other hand they are not honoring their stated policies and you can prove it. Fuck them!

    After reading the above posts which can be characterized as Blitzen vs all, I think both sides were being somewhat arrogant, perhaps inadvertently, by relying too much on past experiences. I have found that past experience is great for predicting how situations will play out, but can be disasterous for judging people. People do not like it when you have already judged/labeled them before they have even had a chance to make a first impression. Bock on your side, you had already decided that Blitzen was an arrogant uncaring tech asshole. Blitzen obviously categorized Bock as an asshole entitlement whore customer, even though Bock never explained his attitude towards the PC World employees.

    Finally, I do think Blitzen had a good point about treating employees as human beings. Bock, I think you got a little fed up with Blitzen (I know I am captain obvious right now) towards the end, and you were therefore probably predisposed to disagree with anything he/she said, but this is a good tool that I have personally had a lot of experience with. Remember that the employee is just another human trying to earn a living. They may not believe in the company rhetoric, policies, or even quality, but they are paid to pretend they do. I am sure everyone of us has had a bad day at work and let that (most of the time not on purpose) affect the way we dealt with customers. All I am asking is that you understand that when dealing with people who are paid to deal with customers all day long.

    When you have a problem with your PC, and you got to take it back to the hell that is PC World, just be as kind to the tech/sales person/manager as possible. I can honestly say that being nice to somebody has never hurt me more than being mean to them from the start would have been. They may start out being assholes to you if for no other reason than they have been dealing with legitimate entitlement whores all day and are (mistakenly) relying on previous experiences to judge you. Don’t make the same mistake.

    Also, Bock un-ban Blitzen. Once you got beyond both of you being assholes to each other and got to the meat of the respective arguments, you guys were having a pretty lively and entertaining debate.

    Thats it. I am ready for the firing squad.

  106. I dunno who you think that is, but it’s not me.

    By the way, what you appear to be doing now is callec cyber stalking. it’s illegal in both countries and that link isn’t valid so I don’t know why you’re trying to make shit up about me.

  107. Guys, you’re going to love this.

    Here’s what Blitzen posted over here, on a site called Customers Suck:

    This guy has been pissing me off for a few days now. I was sent a link by someone I know to a blog about the company I work for. I read through it and thought it was TOTALLY unfair, what he was saying about people who are, to all intents and purposes, my co-workers.

    Before I give you the link, I have to ask that would you please NOT post there. I do not want him finding out my internet identity because this is the kind of SC who would go about making someone’s online life hell. I don’t want that to happen to you guys or me, so please Cut/paste the URL into your browsers (so his referral logs don’t link back to this site or thread) and don’t post there.

    (I used tinyURL so it wouldn’t show up in google as the company I work for’s name is mentioned in the URL)


    I’m not gonna flat-out say the name I used to post on there, let’s just say it starts with a B and ends in zen.

    I have to admit, I told some white lies in there. I still work for the company, although that may not be for very long, as I have a potential new job in the pipeline.

    So, you can see that when I tried to use reason, logic and, above all, was polite, THIS asshole just started acting like a total jackass.

    So there you have it. he still works for PC World. What do you think we should do about this? PC World employees threatening customers?

    Opinions please.

  108. UPDATE: Blitzen left another message accusing me of cyber stalking and claiming he didn’t post anything at Customers Suck, and that the link to his post isn’t valid.

    Sure enough, they did take his post down, so isn’t it lucky I kept a screen-shot of the page? You know, what with Blitzen being a software engineer, and me being just a stupid old blogger.

    I’ll include the screen shot in the next post I do about PC World.

  109. Anon: Let me clarify something for you.

    I did not shout at or abuse anyone in PC World. That is not my way of doing things. I told them there was a problem with my computer, which was subsequently confirmed independently, and they treated me as described in my post.

    Blitzen came on here and made a series of assumptions about my behaviour towards PC World’s staff, all of which were incorrect. He then proceeded to attack me as a troublesome customer, based on his own erroneous assumptions.

    He also lied, by claiming that he was a former employee of PC World, whereas we now know he still works for them, as confirmed in his contribution to a board called Customers Suck, which in itself ought to tell you something about his outlook.

    Furthermore, he sent a series of menacing comments, all but one of which were caught by my filter, explaining that I would never be able to keep him out of this site because he was a software engineer and knew more about it than I did. Threatening the moderator is enough to get you banned from any web-site anywhere.

    In my view, Blitzen embodies exactly the sort of contemptuous attitude towards customers complained about in this post. In some people’s world, all customers are troublemakers, and some people forget that it’s the customers who pay to keep them in Coca-Cola and pizzas.

  110. ouch!

    Daming evidence to Blitzen who lied about employment at PC World. Tough break buddy!

    I guess this hurts Blitzen’s chances of not being banned anymore. Although the debate could really heat up in light of this new piece of information.

    To be fair though Bock, he didn’t really threaten you. He simply stated that he was getting around your filtering system (which is clearly not the case anymore). Lying aside, the internet in general, and blogs in particular are all about free speech. Any chance we’ll being hearing Blitzen’s explanation Bock?

    As for your response to my original post, I understand now. If you read the original post that started this thread you might see that you were a little vague as to how the events unfolded at PC World. All it really says is that they didn’t care, and without more specific actions, quotes, etc it’s kind of a subjective argument. Was there a return/exchange policy? Did you not meet the requirements?

    I am not trying to stir up trouble (I’ve seen what that gets you. Right Blitzen?), but I just want to get both sides of the situation. As much as this is a cautionary tale to not shop at , it can also serve as a cautionary tale on how to shop at above mentioned company as safely as possible if you have no other shoping choice, or have already made a purchase.

  111. Anon: I never claimed to guarantee free speech here, and I doubt you’ll find a site anywhere that does.

    If Blitzen wants to start his own site, he can have all the free speech he likes. I don’t pay the bills here so that he can behave like that.

    Blitzen stays in the box.

  112. Perhaps, dear disgruntled customers, you do not realize that throwing a tantrum in the manor of a two year old does not get you what you want. I live in Canada. We don’t have any PC world’s. Nor have I ever worked for such a place.

    However, it would stand to reason that yelling, cursing and screaming at the person trying to help you will only remind them that they are getting minimum wage to endure your tantrum.

    Perhaps being polite is a better way to attain your goal?

    When Blitzen described your behaviour, he was describing, word-for-word the actions of every other tantrum-throwing two-year-old wannabe who thinks they are entitled to everything on the planet.

    But since you continue to behave like a two-year-old, I’ll have to explain this simply for you.

    Stop screaming when mommy takes the fork away. She’s only trying to put more yummy food on it.

    Seriously though. Tantrums only get you sent to bed early without dessert.

  113. Bock: Very good point, you the boss…

    By the way, Customers Suck is actually a good website. I know that a lot of people have been victims of awful customer service representatives (of which Blitzen may or may not be a member), but everybody in the customer service industry has dealt with awful customers.

    For those of you in that industry it is a great place to commiserate. For those of you who are customers it is an interesting look from the other side of the glass/phone line/counter/etc (esp the war stories).

  114. Hmm. I’ve stayed quiet for a while here.

    “You’re some sad advertisement for PC World though, and your attitude confirms what we all suspected: PC World’s employees have nothing but contempt for their customers.”

    Blitzen is an absolute fucktard, but don’t forget I’m still in employment with PCW, and I’ve not been a bastard :

    Like I said, customers treat us like shit then our managers do. It’s a horrible job. Don’t forget that whenever you talk to someone from DSGi. Hell I’m only there because I’m still a student but I’ve got a lot of responsibility that looks great on a C.V. so I’ll stick the defamation of character and slander that my job entails for the time being.

    Anyway, I still sympathise with you all for your bad experiences with PCW, but it’s the directors to blame, not the Store staff. They get treated badly too. Remember, I get a new manager every month because the stress is so high and I’m the only person still remaining there from when I joined, everyone else has left and been replaced.

    I wonder what store Blitzen works in so I can get him in some really quite serious shit…… ^_^

  115. Anyone who would like to hear my, unfiltered, side of the story can e-mail me on [Mod Edit: deleted]

    All e-mails will be answered, even those from Bock :)

  116. Miss Mia: I doubt if a two-year-old would own a manor.

    Now, perhaps you can’t read, and if that’s the case, you have my sympathies,but I already said categorically that I did not confront any staff member. In fact, my criticism is of the company, PC World, and not its minimum-wage staff.

    You’re making me wonder where all this defensiveness is coming from.

    Anon: perhaps it is a good site, but if you saw the other stuff our friend has been posting there, you’d see what a twat we’re dealing with. This morning he posted a thread entitled You, Sir, are an arsehole, in which he fantasises about how a PCW tech guy should deal with an irate customer.

    The guy who works behind the desk will calmly ask you to lower your voice and point out that if you don’t, the security guard who is twice your size, will come over and FLATTEN you.


    JT: Blitzen has put a lot of information about himself in the public domain. He even told us what store he used to work in last year. And not only is he a software engineer, but he’s also a Store Champion.

    What hope have I against one so gifted?

  117. I Love it.what an idiot..I bet he was weeping about “my fellow colleagues” who in his store probably think he’s a twat anyway..
    I used to work in a customer service roll in retail and yes you get gobshite customers but just put a helmet on and get on with it.The best way i found was to be polite and helpful to all customers this would please geuine people and completely wind up the trouble makers.

    one time A BT Lady,(loaded lady that lunches) screamed down the shop because we wouldnt take a HMV token(guessed yet that our record shop wasnt HMV).”But you’re all the same arent you?”..after about 20 unreasonable minutes we had her removed by security.The door she was thrown out was right across from the entrance to BT’s and some of her friends were waiting outside there for her..Class!!

  118. Bock: That is a very valid point. I bet that guy’s next job is gonna be REAL good, particularly with all these amazing written references he’s been getting from customers and all.

    Generally if people want to be angry I let ’em, as long as they aren’t being unreasonable. After a couple of minutes everyone calms down, which is probably why angry customers don’t get on my nerves. Come to think of it, Blitzen must be fucking horrible at serving customers! Hell, I’ve had customers threaten to find out where I live, smash my car, and put my name in the newspaper!

    The problem?

    After 5 minutes, they forget how much hassle it would be to evade the police after witnesses hearing the threats to my car, how much hassle it would be to try and find out where I live, and how annoying it was that I clumsily forgot my name badge that day – and that it only has my first name anyway. ^_^

    (Off-topic: What does everyone think of the new Intel Atom processor?)

    Oh yeah, and there’s no such thing as a “Store Champion.” I’m guessing that means he got stuck with warehouse duties every shift. Sucks to be him!

  119. JT: No. He’s definitely a Store Champion. He said so himself:

    It basically means I am one of the few people who can work in every department of the store. Sales, Business sales, tech, security, admin, etc

    This kid is incredibly talented.

  120. Jaysus this one is running a bit innit?

    Anyone on a more positive note, I once bought a PC (Desktop, fairly high spec at the time) from the one and only LIDL. Now being reasonably techie I had done the research and the nearest equivalent at the time (Even a Dell) was over 50% dearer for the same spec. Wth me laser in hand I queued up fairly early, got my ticket and purchased said machine (After much ado due to a 500 yoyo limit on card transactions ending up with three different charges on the card).

    Four hours later and setting up everything I could not for the life of me get the sound to work. New drivers made things worse, it wouldn’t boot (Onboard 5.1 surround sound) with the result that the machine just locked up. It was my first (And only) experience of a DOA and with LIDL involved i admit to having a mild panic attack.

    One hour long Phone call later to a FREEPHONE number with a decent tech support guy who walked me through a complete reinstall (the third i had done two, but he was being safe) of all the software from Windows XP upwards left him and me both stumped and it being about 7 in the evening he told me that a Service guy would ring me in the morning. (Thursday night after a Thursday morning special)

    I was fairly suspect at this stage but let it ride out and lo and behold, phone rings at about lunchtime, “Sorry boss, I only got the call an hour ago and I’m in Dublin, will monday do?” No problem, I let it ride for the weekend, little bit pissed off as I had cleared the saturday to install the extra stuff that I use for work but took the kids off for the day instead.

    Monday morning arrives, White van pulls up outside the door, guy comes in, takes one look around the innards, says “What the hell, we’ll try a new motherboard”, an hour later, I sign the sheet, he leaves and that was the last I ever saw of him. The machine is still (6 years later) running upstairs in my daughters bedroom.

    Bought thursday, problem thursday night, service engineer contacted and set up for friday morning and new motherboard installed on site on Monday.

    That’s what you call service.

    That was also the first of three comps I’ve personally bought from LIDL and I have recommended them to many, many friends and acquaintences that know me as “A techie”.

    Spot any differences???

    Sorry for the long winded post boss, (Doffing cap)

  121. YEESH! The more we learn about Blitzen (aka advanced flea apparently) the worse he looks. Oh well, he did it to himself. The sad thing is I know he posted here to defend his company, and now I just hope that everybody viewing this thread does not see him as the average PC World employee (though that is probably too much to ask), because as you say Bock, its not the employees that are most often the problem, it is the policy makers

  122. Mobydickler: LIDL sounds like the new place to take a look at!

    Bock: Excuse the french, but that “Store Champion” can fuck right off. I’m starting to wish I had jumped in after his first post and prevent him from ever needing to post again. Little “White Lies” (a.k.a. massive bullshits,) may fool some of the readers here, but not me.

    You don’t just spend a couple of minutes here and there in different areas of the store. I know because I’ve worked in all but security and I can tell you that I’ve never been called a bloody store champion and in fact a lot of our training trains us in the different areas of the store, it’s just that noone actually DOES it. Absolutely any employee, with the right positive attitude and hard work can end up wherever they like in the company. Well sorta.

    I work in the clinic *rarely*, have never had anything to do with security and help count up the tills now and again (RE: My earlier post; something to put on my C.V. Cash handling duties ^_^) I put a lot of work into the business centre. This idiot sounds like he wants to run every area of the store! Not fucking happening.

    Blitzen: You sir, are a disgrace to what is already a difficult company to work for. I can only say that I am very, very glad that I like my managers, and that I get along very well with my colleagues, considering that you are not one of them.

    Oh, and I don’t fucking threaten my customers.

    Apologies for the outburst – it’s my first angry post!

  123. I find the same problem any time any of my mates are trying to buy anything from major PC stores.

    They will ring me up asking if something is a good deal, and usually they have no specs other than that it’s a ‘top of the line machine running Vista’ or somehing along those lines.

    I always ask me to put them on to the sales rep to find out various things like the CPU, ram etc, and usually they haven’t a clue and I will get a prescribed answer like “This model has an ultra fast Intel processor”. As for asking about GPUs etc forget it, they might as well be reading the back of a cornflakes box.

    I do find Peats or Maplin a lot better though, and personally when putting down a hefty chunk of money I don’t have, I like to know exactly what I’m getting.

    Granted there is a lot of technology and different products to keep up with, and I have often experienced very well educated and helpful (yet always trying to sell me something I don’t need) staff, but if I went to buy a car I would want someone who knows a bit more than it has an engine and 4 wheels.

  124. …. The more you learn about Blitzen… The more he looks like a regular guy working at a regular store. And the more you guys look like idiots. I’m beginning to think you guys are joking. You cannot possibly be this ignoran- oh wait. Americans have already proven that. So is Ireland the ‘America’ of Europe?

    And if what you say is correct — I cannot read (due to ONE spelling error. Nice.) then it must be incredible that I can even type up these messages, let alone respond to yours. Grow a spine and answer the content of the message.

    Perhaps you should leave Blitzen’s cyber identity alone as that actually does count as cyber-stalking. Oh, and as for (what you think is) his post on Customer’s Suck, after taking a tour, I must say that his post fits right in with the others of the site. And is brilliantly written.

    Go get a job at a retail store. Spend a month there. Earn minimum wage dealing with customers like yourself. Maybe your tune will change.

  125. Maybe you missed part of my last answer to you. Here it is again:

    I did not confront any staff member. In fact, my criticism is of the company, PC World, and not its minimum-wage staff.

    Therefore, as his accusations are invented, I don’t feel the need to respond to them.

  126. Miss Mia:

    I originally came across this site through Blitzen’s post on Customer’s Suck. Bock could probably confirm that if he wanted to using my IP address, so I have to say there is absolutely no question as to whether or not Blitzen made that post.

    I think that your point about being polite to the store employees is completely valid. I would like to point out to you that the same principle can be used outside of stores and in other areas such as blogs. You have some valid points, but when you present them in a hostile way, it tends to make people get defensive and pre-disposes them to disagree with anything you say.

    That being said, do you think the best tact would be to come out and call two different nationalities Ignorant? As an American, I want to know how we have proven ourselves to be Ignorant. Ignorance is just lacking knowledge in a certain area, but since you don’t provide an area of ignorance (ie manners, computers, etc) then I must assume you mean that America is ignorant about everything. If you truly think that, I believe you are ignorant of my country. Additionally, grouping all people by their nationalities is a bit like saying all customer service reps are the same assholes which, given your argument, is a bit hypocritical and culturally ignorant.

    If you are just attacking people because you were attacked yourself or because you are angry that is fine too. Just understand that you are attacking out spite and that you will probably not convey any other point than how angry you are.

  127. My strategy now is just to assume that customer service anywhere is going to be shit so if it isn’t, if it isn’t wearying and dispiriting and frustrating and cardiac arresting as it so often is, well then I get a nice surprise.

  128. JT:

    The only problem is that the offers are only once in a while. And of late, I’m told (By the gaffer of course) that LIDL are not the cheapest in everything, you need to knwo ure prices:

    HOWEVER, After Sales Service is second to none, Heard one or two stories of how people have had problems with everything from Drills to Powerwashers and every stry has included how the after sales services is brilliant, parts easily available, etc. God bless the Germans.
    I’ve also seen stuff in ALDI (Their opposition) but when I’m not looking I don’t check them out. it appears that the availability is for a much longer period with each new system they sell though.
    Again, if you know what to look for and have enough background knowledge, they usually compare very favourably, and usually have a reasonably decent general software package, although aimed at a general home user. (I wonder can I get a percentage of referrals????)

  129. I think we are getting back on track again, after the last few days of Sabotage attempts by PCW.

    Pat: Your Wireless Card Incident was text book PCWorld, I wonder how many go home empty handed, though.

  130. Mobydickler:
    I’d never buy a desktop because if I don’t build it I don’t want it (hehe, thats a wierd thing with me,) but if they ever do laptops I’d most definetely check that out ASAP.

    Will T: Not all of us are sabotaging anything, I’ve been completely honest, and given our current staff policies, I can lose my job for doing so.

    MissMia: Fuck off. Stop being angry at angry customers. That’s customer service SUICIDE, as every angry customer gets there own 15 minutes of ranting, it’s practically a consumer right!

    If that’s how you deal with the customers in your store, then I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of your customers end up storming off and never coming back. Good job. Oh, and stop making me look like the only PCW employee who’s not a dick to everyone and everything, I am still very much waiting on someone else to jump in as a PCW Employee and just fucking agree with me rather than completely ignore ALL my posts and start proving their lack of customer service skills. Grr.

  131. JT: I don’t think Will was accusing you of sabotaging the discussion. I’d say he was referring to Walter Blitzen, the fantasist.

    Miss Mia and Walter are a real eye-opener for me. They don’t seem to understand the link between customers and wages.

    By the way, I unblocked a few of Walter’s later comments to show what a swaggering little fuck he is whenever he thinks he can bully somebody.

  132. JT: The first one only was a desktop, the rest were laptops that are still going (I made bits of the screen in one but rather than paying daft money to replace the screen I plugged in a spare monitor and keyb and the office uses it occasionally.) The rest of the machines I’ve bought have been their deal laptops, like I said though the problem now is that they’re not on “Special” that often, only a couple of times a year.

    After Saying all that, the machine I’m writing on is actually a Dell laptop which was got cheap enough to take on the road and not be too worried about (if I make bits of it, it cost less than a decent monitor or Vid card, which is where I spend lots of dosh from time to time due to CAD all day.)

    Oh the Joys of being your own tech guy :-)

  133. Bock,

    Any chance we could get “Donner’s” email address for his side of the story?

  134. There is no other side to the story. You can read what he said in the comments here and you saw my response. He got plenty of space to put his point of view, which he did, extensively. I’m only sorry I deleted some of his more offensive comments instead of letting him show the world what a twat he is.

    If you want, you can also go to the other sites he posts in and read what he has to say there.

    He’s an arsehole. He came here thinking he could bully me and when he was told to fuck off he behaved like the child he is.

  135. Blah, some people need to grow up. Online Bullying? Goddamn, last I heard that was done by people who were bullied in real life! Way to get revenge, Donner/Blitzen/Rudolph/Etc!

    Moby: I’ve heard some seriously mixed reports about dell. Still, seem to be worth considering with some of the prices they are doing laptops at.

    Donner/Blitzen: What’s your store number? I’d like to give you a call from PCW employee to PCW employee, you’ll be able to talk to me from the business centre without interruption and if you give me your store number I can get the direct line straight to ya, as I’m sure you know.

    Bock: Point taken. I reckon the big thing with blitzen/MissMia is that although we are quick to judge, if we take a step back and think for a second or two, we’ll realise that they are actually using the same right that the customers here are using – the right to rant/blow off steam/whatever.

    Now, in absolutely no way do I agree with the manner in which they are blowing off steam, but I think that if they calmed down a little (or perhaps GROW UP A LITTLE, blitzen?) We would all get along just great! ^_^ As it is, the right to rant and blow off steam is both good and bad, but it’s a right nonetheless. I think it’s sad that out of the three PCW employees who have commented here, it’s the STUDENT who has to point this out. Blitzen, your store number please. MissMia, same. I’ve 16 year-olds in my store more mature than you guys, at least explain to me why it is that you can’t just reason with people!

    My posts are way too long :\

  136. When the dust settles and people stop blowing smoke up our arses.

    PC World still sell Shit and have lousy aftersales service – Thats just my opinion based on my experience.

    But wait its not just my opinion, it is that of:

    Red Mist
    JPB etc and many others
    I havent time to go through the whole list

    These are the opinions of the man/woman in the street the consumer,

    My motivation for writing on this blog is to protect future buyers from going through the same fiasco as I went through.

    DONT BUY FROM PC WORLD unless you like to gamble with your cash

  137. while working for tech support for a computer company that sells very expensive computers. within a week i was able to tell before the customer told me that they had purchased the computer from pc world.
    eg. on more than on occasion the computer was 2 years old or more. the customer was charged the full price.

    also selling display/ refurbished products without telling the customer. the machines serial number would have tickets in its history.( these machines were ether now out of warranty or had less time left on the one year warranty)

    any time anything like this happened it was always pcworld that sold it ALWAYS

  138. I would use the small claims court if I has this problem. I used their services with success in the past. The forms can be downloaded from the Irish Court Service website

  139. “PC World still sell Shit and have lousy aftersales service – Thats just my opinion based on my experience.

    But wait its not just my opinion, it is that of:

    Red Mist
    JPB etc and many others
    I havent time to go through the whole list

    These are the opinions of the man/woman in the street the consumer”

    I can certainly see your point there Will, but I’d have to disagree with the last line. Reason being that I’ve numerous repeat customers and so have a lot of my colleagues. As easy as it is to say “PC World sell shit,” We sell the same shit that all the best computer stores sell :)

    A guy said to me in work the other day “Yeh, it’s cheaper to buy it here, but I think I’ll just get it direct from the HP website. Someone told me it’s better that way, didn’t say why.” He actually wanted to make things more difficult for himself by buying through HP, which would make warranty claims a hell of a lot harder too.

    These long-standing opinions of PC World have made people actually believe that our products are in some way different to our competitors! Let me assure you, unless you are buying an Advent or EI system, the “Shit” we are selling is unbeatable by competition considering, well, they are selling the same stuff. I cannot comment on other stores’ aftersales service, as that may differ from store to store.

    I gotta say, I have real worries about DSG Ireland, it sounds fucking horrible! People are pretty well protected by UK law here when it comes to returns, but I haven’t the faintest clue how Irish law works I’m afraid.

  140. Irish law gives consumers more rights. The problem seems to be that all PCW staff, including in Ireland, are told only about UK law.

  141. JT:
    I would have to disagree with what you say regarding the machines that PCW sells (aside from the apple product). I purchase equipment from HP and other manufacturers and have never yet purchased any of the models available in PCW, plus they all come with 3year onsite warranties (I have never had any issues regarding this as they arrive the next day and fix the machine in front of you). PCW do sell shite and that is a fact.

  142. i would point out against the argument of every one here is “the customer from hell”
    many people have recomended lidl fro pcs because of there great customer service.
    id like to add aldi to that list – fantastic customer service.
    also if you read my last post underhanded tactics are used in pc world. and i can tell you there customers any time they had an issue they were told to ring my company.
    under the consumer laws it is the seller of the good is responsible

  143. JT: There is no right to rant or blow off steam on a private website. If Miss Mia or any of the rest of them piss me off too much, I’ll block them. They’re free to set up their own sites if they want to rant but I’m not paying for their soap-box.

  144. As easy as it is to say “PC World sell shit,” We sell the same shit that all the best computer stores sell :)


    Fare play to PC World, when it comes to consumables, such as ink, discs, photo paper etc, there as good as “all the best computer stores”

    Thats like saying that my local shop sells the best Cigarettes and Silvermints in the whole country……….

  145. i feel for you man….don’t give up the fight. just think if you didn’t like parsnips the popularity would have gone south. keep up the good work. cramp is not good, it makes your toes go funny

  146. Irish law gives consumers more rights. The problem seems to be that all PCW staff, including in Ireland, are told only about UK law.

    Not surprising, from my end of things DSG Ireland has always seemed to have such a tiny presence vs. DSG international.

    Bock: Point taken, didn’t think about it being a private website.

    Rockhop: With all due respect, it’s actually *not* a fact. I mean I’m sure you want it to be but think about it like this:

    DSGi’s buying team contact HP (for example) to see what their latest offers are and what stock they can get. They weigh up their options and judge what they can get vs. what the market wants.

    From there, they check the availability of said laptop(s) with their distributors, as they don’t buy from HP directly, although they liase with the customer as a free service to the customer at no extra cost.

    Now because of this, it’s the exact same stuff. Besides, I’ve seen plenty of models on the HP website (last checked 6 months ago) which I’ve seen in-store. Perhaps they should be more careful with shipping, I don’t know.

  147. JT:
    I know you would like to believe that their buying practices are as you describe, but I think you need to take a look from the customers side of the counter.
    I have never ever come across any well manufactured kit in PCW.
    If you want a good PC go anywhere else (even a fishmongers).
    HP and Dell stock come with proper warranties, the stuff sold in PCW is substandard (cheap plastics, poor board design).
    Please do not insult us by trying to explain the explanation passed down by the PR dept.
    All DSG care about is cost, not the customer. Staff are extremely poorly trained and from my experience have no knowledge of IT except from what they learn from Adverts.
    Companies like PCW are bad for the IT sector as they actively rip consumers off (Norton, Kaspersky etc).
    Also the internet updates more than once every 6 Months.

  148. JT:
    I just saw your earlier post, warranty claims from the manufacturer tend to be quite painless if you have a next business day on-site warranty(standard on most Dells and HP boxes).
    PCW cannot beat that warranty…
    Whereas the PCW warranty is just a complete joke.
    All Dell/HP engineers receive on going training in new product.
    Learn about the industry before defending PCW.

  149. HI everyone I bought hp laptop 2 years ago not in pc world in another shop in cork. worst mistake of my life, tried to watch a dvd 5 months after i bought it and the screen went totaly black could power on but couldnt see anything, got the problem fixed, lately its been saying that it was accidently powered off or something, ive never just turned the thing off, i follow the usual ritual of going to the start menu etc, and its constantly roasting hot and screen freezing i would never buy a hp again worst mistake of my life

  150. Rockhop: Do they include that warranty as standard? In that case fair enough, point taken.

    Please do not insult us by trying to explain the explanation passed down by the PR dept.

    I got this information via what knowledge I have of business practices and relationship chains with other companies. Is DSG Ireland getting their stuff from places that DSG international don’t? Sure our own-brand advent and EI systems stuff is shockingly (I mean shockingly) bad, but we’ve had quite a few models which haven’t had a *single* return, printers and other peripherals included. Hmm would be nice if we could get some facts and figures, but good luck asking DSG about that :P

    Everyone else: Goddamn I hate Norton. You’ve no idea how much DSG are paid to sell it, we’ve got it EVERYWHERE!

  151. Funny you mention Norton mys ister bought a new PC from “PC World” (without me knowing) and it came with Norton 360 which she installed and somehow it managed to completly screw up the machine so it wouldnt boot. She took it back to world and they fixed it on the spot.

  152. PC World actually sold you something! you were in luck!
    I went into PC World in Blanchardstown today to buy ink and paper for my printer. Total purchase price would have been around 180 euro if someone had served me. There was no one on any of the checkouts and only one person on the customer “service” desk. She was dealing with someone so I waited…. and waited.
    Various members of staff came and went from behind the counter and I asked one of them to get someone for a register.
    Five minutes later I asked another staff member to take my order. He asked would I be using a credit card or paying by cash. When I said cash he told me he wasn’t authorised to take cash but would get someone who was!
    Guess what? No one came.
    I left the ink and paper on the counter and walked out. I mean who has time for this type of shitty service today?

  153. Ive Never Been in PC World since the same shithead who sold me a Power Supply Refused to refund or replace it when if fucked up on meánd this was the bloke who recommended it. I lost the receipt but the same guy who sold it to me was saying “he couldnt remember” me buying it from him. That was 2 years ago and ill never set foot in their shit dundalk store again.

    Ive seen the whole “chaos at the till” as well usually theres nobody on the till and you stand there looking round like a “twat” waiting for someone to come at let you leave the shithole shop. Normally you have to beg or ask to be let out with the stuff you need.

    Apologies for the language but i really hate PCWorld.

  154. my partner bought a laptop for 700 euro and after 8 months the wi fi card died so we knew pc world would mess us around so we bought a wi fi dongle and it did the job.5 months later the laptop refused to boot up completley but because it was a few weeks out of warrenty we never bothered to bring it back but low and behold she got a email from packard bell telling her to return the laptop to pc world if it was experienceing any problems as there was a fault worldwide . so we brought it back only to be told it would cost 300 euro to fix ! when we printed out the e mail from packard bell they begrudgely took it in and that was 2 months ago now every time we ring to check its progress we are given the run around first saying are we sure we left it in to we cannot find it to oh yes packard bell collected it and there is no word.. what really bothers us the fact that we keep getting promised someone will ring us back and explain what is happening as we feel they are making it up just to get us off the line.. we have spoken to 2 managers (we think) and they swore they would find out the progress and ring us back within the hour but we are still waiting! its now 10 weeks and 23 phone calls and no one is helping us or contacting us and we feel very let down and fustrated …

  155. I cant understand why places do this to customers they “promise” they will find out the status of your returned item and they never follow up.

    As Bock said try Packard Bell and tell them the situation you have with PC World they will probably tell you theres nothing they can do its a PC World Problem or they might try and find out for you.

    Demand to speak to “higher up manager” with PC World and dont take any BS from them. Tell them you are sick of the “run-Around” there giving you. Be Assertive yet Polite.

    Try the “Consumer Affairs of Ireland ” Website and either ring or email them and tell your story;

  156. Quote: Blitzen

    “oh yeah, and don’t say to me “I’ll buy dell” or “I’ll buy Apple” both of them sell through PC World, are part owned by DSG and guess who handles the repair and customer service work for those places?”

    – DSG does not own or part-own Apple or Dell.
    – I know about Apple, being an employee of a Premium Reseller. DSG does not handle Apple customer service: that’s done by Apple in-house; DSG does not handle repair work, that’s carried out by a network of service centres and Premium Resellers like ourselves, none of which have anything to do with DSG.

    Just to set the record straight, if you’re reading this Blitzen…

    My manager worked for PC World as the only Apple-qualified engineer in the company at the time, and we regularly hear horror-stories about targets for selling insurance AND Sky AND broadband AND tat you don’t need…

  157. I have to agree with Jonny R, DSGi was approached by Dell and was offered a contract to sell *through* DSGi, but don’t own any part of the company. Same with apple, although there are Apple stores with apple employees in DSGi stores. That said, they are not actually owned in any way whatsoever by DSGi.

    With DSGi being a reseller, they liase between customer and manufacturer, but unless you’re buying EI systems or Advent, DSGi has no say in the matter (although I’m not even too sure about EI and Advent.)

  158. Best read I have had for a long time, thanks.
    Bock, I think you should sell a moderated version of your blog to companies as a customer service training tool, you be the trainer and charge them, accordingly.
    I think this blog is great, as it is all about being informed, especially in an area where a lot of people (:->) are still ignorant (with lack of knowledge) re PCs.
    This innocence often makes people a target or easy mark for a salesperson to bewilder, baffle and espouse utter bullshite upon, to close a sale knowing that should there be a problem (should be?), that the customer wont have the verbal nous to effectively retort to any after sale rebuttals. At the very least, it gives confidence to a newbe pc buyer in knowing where NOT to buy.
    I am now (not right now!) going to visit this World of PCs, for the thrill of this new and exciting sport, “Blitzen Spotting”. See you at the next Blitzimpics.
    By the way, I thought you made an excellent Blitzen handler, similar to a Dog handler but different. Ciao.

  159. just letting everyone know they have finally broke the camels back (pc world) in regard to my previous post (4 up from this) we contacted consumer affairs and the small claims court and we are now in the process of taking these ignorant boneheads to court for the full amount we paid (649 euro) its sad in this day and age that customer service seems to be fading and greed and ignorance seems to be pushing through.. thanks to all who emailed me for support and guidence and if its the last thing i do i will make sure this gets into the papers to highlight these white collared dick turpins…

  160. That’s good to hear, Karl. Don’t forget to enact Civil Recovery while you do it (dunno how that works in Eire,) as there’s no point in YOU paying for a lawyer when you can get PCW to :P

    “This innocence often makes people a target or easy mark for a salesperson to bewilder, baffle and espouse utter bullshite upon, to close a sale”

    The customer AND the salesperson both lose from this situation, since we aren’t commission based : I think it sucks that DSGi brainwashes the staff into thinking it’s right.

    Hate to repeat myself but please don’t blame the salespeople! :) Except Blitzen. Always blame Blitzen.

  161. Well done to Karl,

    Just hope that people who read this blog “learn” from it.

    “The customer AND the salesperson both lose from this situation, since we aren’t commission based : I think it sucks that DSGi brainwashes the staff into thinking it’s right.”

    A bit like the Nazis really:
    ” We Vere only following orders”

  162. I don’t think that’s even slightly fair, Will.

    I’m an employee and I’ve done nothing but be as nice as possible, especially considering this is a forum for people who hate PCW. This is potentially a very hostile environment for me to be in considering my current position of employment and I can say with 100% certainty that you have completely no idea of the immense pressure and complete lack of reward that comes with being a PCW salesperson.

    It’s not the salesperson that screws you over. They are nothing but tools that are used to create figures that can be printed out or e-mailed to a head office full of dicks. They are the ones that want your money. Badly.

  163. I wouldn’t call it a forum for people who hate PC World. A soulless corporate entity like DSG doesn’t deserve such strong emotions as hatred.

    Contempt maybe, but not hate.

    I’d say it’s a forum for people who have been screwed by PC World and feel angry about it.

  164. hi bock and everyone who helped.. just a quick line to say i got my laptop back 3 weeks ago fixed (just about) but at least its working. the staff seemed like muppets as i told them i was waiting 4 months and they never batted a eyelid or apologised they just handed it to me and shouted next!!! have to say i,ll never ever go near those tossers again and since then i found a new shop called ken burns pc shop on batchelors walk (50 feet from o connel bridge) who sell everything a quarter the price of anywhere else.. eg 50 blank dvd,s 9 euro – 8gb thumbdrive 20 eurothey upgraded my laptop from 1gb to 2 gb for 40 euro.. took 2 mins.. its a polish guy and the prices are amazing.. anyway all ends well and i now have a zippier pc thanks to ken burns not tosspots pc world… good luck everyone and keep up the good fight cheers karl.

  165. sorry guys i presumed this was a irish website its in dublin (my mistake) beside o connell bridge,,

  166. http://maxburns.ie/start/index.php hope you dont mind me pasting this but when you get good service and a bargain its good to show appreciation… i dont think his website is one hundred per cent finished but you will get some idea of their prices …cheers everyone..

  167. Hey, Bock.

    Never read your blog before ~ this came up on Google. I came to this post because the title sounded like a flame bait. I had intended on saying “They’ll only sell you a piece of shit if you buy a piece of shit.”

    But then I read your post and with every word I got a little bit more pissed off at PC world.

    I have some stuff to say to the spaztics that dared to defy your opinions.

    I believe one fat, greasy, ugly fuck spat out the following whoreshit diorrhea;
    (Trying to come up with an excuse for the problem, he claimed it was the fault of):
    “3rd party software eg.windows”
    Alright, let’s not be too stupid here – if you consider Windows “Third Party”.. .. I have lost hope in the world.

    About 90% of the computers you can buy in PC World will have Windows PRE-INSTALLED ON THEM BY PC WORLD. ~ I said 90% as I am not sure if PC World have Macs or Linux-based machines for sale.

    So yes, if it is installed by PC World when you get it, then it is the fault of PC World. I know this may be confusing for any brainless fucks, but please do read on.

    I also believe one person said that the manufacturer must repair it. This is just incorrect – and it is illegal for any salesperson/greasy lying fuck to say such things.

    Last rant, and I’ll be on my way;
    Some poorly-spelling shitbrain said “if u go into a store and buy a laptop for £250 dont be suprised if its a bag of shit u get what u pay for!” ~ First of all, £250 (about €310) would get you a fairly decent laptop. I wouldn’t consider €310 a small amount of money – especially with the current financial situation.
    A laptop for €310 should definitely function without flaw, and function well at that.

  168. Hey guys :)

    Karl, glad to hear you got sorted, we need a company like that in the UK.

    “Alright, let’s not be too stupid here – if you consider Windows “Third Party”.. .. I have lost hope in the world.”

    Hehe, I do agree. Must say though, PCW themselves can’t install the windows pre-sale without it being stated, I’m quite sure that’s illegal. Reseller or not, to be “New” it has to be factory fresh. And yes, we have a small number of macs and linux machines (which run completely fine! ^_^)

    “So yes, if it is installed by PC World when you get it, then it is the fault of PC World. I know this may be confusing for any brainless fucks, but please do read on.”

    I hate to disagree, and I’m really not being a “brainless fuck” either here buddy, when we send it away to the manufacturer (post-first 28 days,) that’s actually a liaison service that is provided for free, but is completely at the discretion of PCW and can be revoked/refused at any time. Under standard warranty, the manufacturer of the machine has from 28 days of the fault being reported to either 1) Attempt to fix the machine (yes, ATTEMPT. They don’t even need to be successful! :\ ) or 2) Replace the machine.

    Hence why it is technically referred to as a 12 month limited manufacturer’s warranty, not a guarantee.

    If this law is different in Ireland, I do apologise. I am 100% certain however that in the UK that is how the law surrounding those products is. We seem to have people from both sides of the border on here! Hehe.

    “This is just incorrect – and it is illegal for any salesperson/greasy lying fuck to say such things”

    As stated, this is actually true up north, and I resent being called a greasy lying fuck, but I’m not going to go on about such a small point.

    “A laptop for €310 should definitely function without flaw, and function well at that.”

    Definetely agree.

  169. JT — The purchaser has no contract with the manufacturer. His contract is with the vendor and the manufacturer has no legal involvement n the matter.

    That’s standard contract law in the UK as well as Ireland. If PCWorld are telling you otherwise, they’re lying to you.

    Furthermore, in the Republic, I’m entitled to a replacement under our consumer law. I don’t have to wait for a repair.

  170. “Furthermore, in the Republic, I’m entitled to a replacement under our consumer law. I don’t have to wait for a repair.”

    That’s a law that I think should definetely be implemented over here. I could’ve sworn however that the warranty that is provided is with the manufacturer themselves, but if that’s not the case then I apologize, and thanks for setting the record straight. Learn something new everyday, huh? :)

  171. Whatever warranty they offer is separate from your statutory rights and doesn’t take precedence over them. To put it another way, whatever you’re entitled to under consumer protection comes first, not the warranty, and they can’t use their warranty as an excuse to try and deprive you of your statutory rights.

  172. EDIT

    I got this email from Chris today, and wrote back to suggest posting it on the site instead of emailing me directly.

    As I’ve had no reply, I’ll save Chris the trouble, and post it myself.




    Caught sight of your blog about PC World just by chance. Out of interest, what store was it, what computer did you buy, what did you pay, and did you contact DSGi Head Offices? I personally work for PC World and find them a bit of a 50/50 company. It, wrongly, depends on the managers in those stores, who in turn give us staff shit and abuse if we dont do what they need us to do. Sell crap. Now, in the time I’ve worked for PC World, I’ve worked through two stores, and been in a few others. You tend to find some staff there who would just grab the cash out of your hand and sell whatever they can to boost their pay. Its unfair, but if we want paid, its what we have to do. I myself work for PC World due to the fact I enjoy the new technology coming out, bit of a gamer, and the discounts and stock helps me. I also enjoy Customer Service, and have only personally had two unfair customers. One, it was 100% my fault, forgot to check coverage in his air for a particular broadband deal, and after a while, he forgave me and realised it was a genuine mistake. Another was just a total arsehole, because we didnt have a particular item out on display, and I refused to pout it out due to not having the security implements needed for keeping it safe while on display. I offered to take it out and show him it, that in turn Breaking the seal on the box, meaning it would then be classed as Opened. Now, you would not buy an opened product, would you? Then he demanded I’d charge it and register it, then in turn making it impossible to sell, as it would have already been registered to another owner online. He then in turn decided to roar and moan at me, till my manager decided to make him leave.

    Now, I agree with alot of your points made in your blog here: http://bocktherobber.com/2008/09/pc-world-sold-me-another-piece-of-shit which your accusing the entire company, every staff member, of basically being a piece of shit. Thats just totally unfair. As in every company, there are assholes and there are angels. It would be more fair to accuse that store of selling you the shit, writing to the head office, and getting them sorted out. Seriously, our head office are assholes, they also tend to take complaints very seriously. Even if we inturn were abused. Though man, if you went to Tesco and bought a cooked chicken, took it home, ready to dish it up, and the dog came accross and knocked it off the table, would you demand your money back because of something that was out of their control? We CONSTANTLY get people coming back to us and demanding money back because they dropped it, or they downloaded a virus and cant get rid of it, inturn fucking up their machine. Do you fell that these demands are fair? No. I fell if anything goes wrong with your machine, not caused by the customer, it should be repaired or replaced. Alot of staff feel the same, its your consumer rights that this must be carried out. However, if any manager denies this, then you have to constact the Consumer Rights Group and Head Office, instead of flaming everyone instead of one particular store.

    I feel what happened to you was unfair, and I feel that your blog is also aimed at me, even though I do not know you or ever met you.

    Thanks. You wont likely reply, but felt I;d get it off my chest instead of posting on your blog. My comment would most likely be deleted.

    PC World Staff Member from Scotland. NOT PC World or any corresponding DSGi company’s opinion. Just one staff member.

  173. Chris I’m puzzled by your claim that I accused every staff member of being a piece of shit.

    Could you point out where I said that?

  174. The saga continues..

    The other day I needed a cd drive but the closest place was, you guessed it, PC World (Yippee).
    So I’m there browsing around and spot what I wanted and as went to purchase (Small purchases seem to be alright, little to go wrong – I thought), I spotted a graphics card I was looking on the web for and it was cheaper (Shock horror). I succumed and purchased the card.
    Spent the next 9 hours trying to get the machine to boot up with the new card.
    All fans spinning, hard disks going but not a peep from the machine except I have a board with an lcd at the back that reports problems.
    VGA bios error.
    Went through all the usual checks including trying the card in a second machine with the same result.
    Brought it back the next day – straight up to the complaints dept/repair counter, told them it didn’t work and I got the shock of my life.
    I was told to take it to the counter for a full refund. ( No questions asked )
    Turns out that it was not new to begin with. Had been bought and returned by another person.
    My guess is that someone bought and tried to overclock it or fried it in another manor.
    Seems that Pc world are either learning what customer service means or I caught them in a good mood.

    @JT : I understand that you work for them and when I say Pc World I also agree that there are some staff that Do try to do right by the customers. But if the company is as bad as you say then why not get a different job.
    I was in sales before, hated the commission thing and left – I couldn’t in all good concience sell somebody what they didn’t need or couldn’t afford.

    @Bock: your OP never stated what pc you actually bought. What were the specs and how much did you pay.. Just curious.

  175. I bought a fairly average PC for I think about 800. Nothing spectacular. Nothing even remotely impressive, as it turns out.

    However, the story has moved on far from my experience which is now behind me, and we’ve heard many other complaints since I first wrote this. My experience is no longer the central issue.

  176. Rick: Believe me, i’m looking for a new job ^_^. by the way, we’re actually not commission-based anymore. No bonuses. Nothin. :\

  177. Yeh I think a few of the views he brought up are quite true. His stories about customers are VERY true and have happened to me numerous times.

    I don’t believe you are accusing us all of being shit, but I do think you are accusing the company itself as being shit. Which is good, because I wholly agree.

    They are on the rare occasion not
    a bad company to work for, but by no means would I agree that they are a 50/50 company. More 80/20.

  178. not slagging anyone but does no one realise that pc world sell the major brands like anyone else they dont build these computers, hp, toshiba, sony etc build them. so when they go wrong u have to remember that it aint pc worlds fault they went wrong.

    and two if u buy a cheap computer there is a very good chance it wont last

    buy hp, sony or apple they are well built and less chance of going wrong, but aint going to get them for less than 6 or 7 hundred

    but saying all this pcworld have a max of 28 days under a 1 yr guarantee to fix computer and if they dont they give vouchers for the price of that computer to u!

    and when it comes down to it, it depends on who u deal with there are some great guys working there but agree a large portion are gobshite. but best why is to talk to a manager and dont get in ppl face and shout and roar as u would like it done to u and there following rules and if ur nice they will be over backwards to help u out!

  179. I`ve always had short shrift for the sales jabber in there . I`ve been lucky with stuff I bought from them tho, no problems (other than software ) with any of the laptops. I bought a wireless router off them and blew the board trying too flash it about two years ago. Brought it back , tech guy wired it up , gives corrrect diagnosis and told me to pick a new one off shelf . Maybe they`re just nice in Naas but my general experience with them has been good apart from the sales guys that is.

  180. I too work in PCWorld, and as mentioned way up the KPI’s still are Norton, Office and PC Performance. We don’t sell them the manager will get mad :D.

    I don’t usually bother offering Norton unless somebody wants it. Unless you have a good computer it will slow it down to no end. Office is a good deal, the price has gone down to 60 quid for Word/Excel/Powerpoint so ideal like it says for students.

    I don’t push our extra insurance, I simply point it out to the customer on the ticket, explain what it does and leave it at that.

    Though something one of our guys does quite alot is sell the TechFriend. £89.99 for a number which will enable you to talk to somebody about computer problems. Thats all well and good if you need it, but they also buy PC Performance, which you get that same number for software support anyway.


    Sell what the customer needs, they can’t sack me for it. :-P

  181. first off jt i purchased 2 computers [desk top & laptop] from aldi working well 3 yr cover
    great price never been to pc world & second
    bock or cock would want to get out more often to the country and then he will smell the
    shit as he talks enough about it thats all.

  182. go to pixmania.ie will be cheaper and owned by currys and dixons group. never had a problem yet and dont pay some idiot in a suit that knows less about computers than you do !!!

  183. I have just had a dose of Currys crap customer service. Bought an ACER ASPIRE M1640 – heap of shit and when the hard disk blew up 7 weeks later, they won’t supply replacement software – just tell you you should have imaged your hard drive. Well the crap ACER image software wasn’t on mine. I will never buy another PC from ACER, Currys, DIXONS or any of the other crap shops. Big fat hairy woman serving in Currys Dundee is a idiot.

  184. Yeh Acer can be quite annoying about that. You can purchase the CD’s for 50quid but bear in mind that the store will NOT pay that for you on your behalf. :\

  185. couldn’t agree more and i am absolutely delighted that this page comes up in the search.such a saga with pissy world.i bought a laptop from them last march for my girlfriends birthday

    disgrace no1:
    sent me out the wrong laptop.

    i received the laptop in the post but it was a different model in the range.as i was stuck for time in regards to my girlfriends birthday i decide to hold onto this laptop LET ME BE CLEAR ABOUT THIS MODEL IT WAS FURTHER DOWN THE RANGE THAN THE LAPTOP I HAD ALREADY PAID FOR THEREFORE I WAS DOING THEM A FAVOR BY KEEPING IT AS I SAID EARLIER TIME WAS A FACTOR..i wanted to charge it and and put her favorable wallpaper on it for her.

    disgrace no 2.
    battery lasted 14 minutes.i am timed it,would not turn of properly and the sound was muffled.the headphone port did not work.and many dead pixels on screen.i was astonished a new laptop with this many flaws i could only assume that they used this laptop as a football in their ware house.i decided to ring them up.

    Disgrace number 3
    i rang and said i want this laptop replaced as soon as possible.they said they would send out tags in the post for me to put on the laptop marking it was broken and wait 3 days for someone to pick up the laptop..they said i must wait 7 days for the money i paid to be put into my credit card.they then said i must purchase the laptop again regardless weather or not it was in stock as i asked them to hold to the specific model.i nearly got sick to my stomach with their after service.

    i paid a local laptop repair to fix up their brand new laptop.

    i would not let these people run a pound shop let alone a superstore.they are a pack of jesters with a disgracefull after service.so far i have convinced 5 good friends to purchase top spec laptops elsewhere i can only hope you will take your custom elsewhere.

  186. i know nothing about computers,so i was going to go to pc world.i thought they were experts.wont now,thanks for the warning

  187. There are a good few of us who are actually very knowledgeable and/or qualified in ICT, but for every 1 who is, there are 4 or 5 bullshitters just trying to get the day in.

  188. My experience in the tallaght dixons store few months back still makes me shudder. There was this dumb illterate rude **** manager who wouldn’t bother to look at my faulty laptop; eventually had to pay to fix in a neighbourhood shop. Shame on you DSG to recruit such misfit females as managers (some ms D…..)…….are the bosses in their ivory towers listening?

  189. What was wrong with the laptop in the end? was it still in warranty?
    Just asking cause if it wasn’t then they are within their right to refuse to look at it.

    I hate pc world with a passion but please lets not blame the woes of the world on them.
    They like us have rights to.

    From what I can gather from all the posts before is that people are unhappy about the level of service they get when trying to return goods, (Myself inluded)

    But, in the end the whole topic point was that they sold bock a piece of shit.

    As a valid argument from the pc world staff might say that you get what you pay for.

    All I know is, whenever I’m investing in a new computer (Rarely, self builds all the way) I always look at the reviews of all the internals and external features.
    I look for pro con reviews on the pc as a whole.
    Cause, in the end, it’s not pc world that makes the computers. And as someone else pointed out, All the pc’s in pc world are also sold in other stores.

    So I think that the whole argument against pc world is a bit one sided because it’s the company, through staff training, that’s traing staff to do what they do.
    80% of staff in all computer shops I know are not knowledgeable about the items they sell.( JT excluded, I like his moxy )
    point is that it seems that management will take anybody on that they deem worthy, instead of taking on people that actually know what they are talking about.
    ie: recently I went in search of a 24″+ monitor in mahon point pc world.
    I searched and could only find 22″ mons. Asked for help and was told that a 42″ tv would be best. (WTF?)
    i asked questions he couldn’t answer and then after reading (On the display itself) that it was only a 720i screen I declined. I also declined to inform him that I seemed to know more about his job than he did.

    If you’ve read this far then thanks.

    In the end I will put it down to poor training by management.
    And bock, don’t know how much you spent or what you got or what you expected but a word to the wise, the internet is a weird and wonderfull place for looking things up.
    Maybe you should have reviewed the product before buying.
    If I have offended or inciced anybody I am truly sory, but that’s the way I see thing At the Mo.

    (At the mo, things could change.. all rights reverved to change my mind)

  190. You miss the point. The product was defective, not under-specified, and the whole topic is about PCWorld’s failure to respond adequately to a complaint. It’s never acceptable to sell a defective product, at any price.

    However, as I said already some time back, this discussion has moved well beyond my personal experience with PC World, and the specific details of my purchase are no longer particularly relevant in the light of all the other points that have been made, and of course in view of the ugly intervention by a PC World employee.

    I’m happy to let the discussion evolve.

  191. Its a fair point that pcworld dont build there Pcs.
    But my father needed a PC ( give this man a 286 and he will make your head spin ) but anything after windows 98 he has no kept up to date with.
    so off we went to pc world. i was with him so i was sure he would get a decent michine ( as pcworld dont build them just sell them)
    imagine my surprise that the sails guy was pushing a vista michine with 256 ram and an onboard graphics card. i pointed out thats not even half the min requirments – he told me that was nonsence and it was a great michine.
    i felt like hitting him. we didnt buy a michine that day. but most people in ireland dont know anything other than how to use a computer. and just how many of them are using a computer now that doesnt meet the min requirments for the OS because of PC world.

    PC world dont build michines – but they certianly dont have any standards or morals when it comes to selling them.

  192. Training? I don’t remember any training, except for health and safety, and theft/security. I think Osiris’ point about poor training is a very valid one, as it’s near non-existant. DSGi have recently embarked on a new training project, but it’s been remarkably unsuccessful as no-one is using this new training in practice.

    Product training would be valuable for speaking to the customer, but I’m pretty sure DSGi would rather keep their training on selling norton. Wouldn’t you agree?

    Tell you one thing though, you wouldn’t believe the amount of customers who expect everything for nothing, and who treat us like absolute shit. No joke. This generates a new problem – there is a fine line now between a customer being treated badly, and a customer being a royal bastard. This is one thing I’ve noticed in my time in DSGi and at this time of year, we’ve got people screaming at us because the cheapest, crappiest laptop we sell is out of stock 3 days before christmas. I mean c’mon, who’s fault is it really? High stress levels in store mean that it’s difficult for the customer to get a good deal these days. That said, the number one problem in the store , above ALL else is that the stores have no power to make decisions.

    Would customers be refused a replacement if their laptop breaks 29 days after it’s bought? No. Would refunds have to strictly follow a company policy if it’s obvious that the customer has the moral high-ground? No. Would repairs under warranty have to be sent away EVERY time, even if it’s a laptop adaptor and the laptop is fine? No.

    But because this isn’t the case, these are the things that cause misery amongst customers. That for me is the worst part, because for us, saying “I’m sorry, we just can’t do that.” Is a phrase I’m bloody sick of saying. We really CAN’T do more than we do, if we do we put our jobs at risk, or head office just won’t allow us.

    A bit long, but I reckon that’s about everything.

    And Osiris, thank you for your comment. This is a difficult place to comment in due to my employment within DSGi, especially when every other employee who posts on here is an example of the worst type of staff that the company employs. Thanks for reading guys!

  193. Thought I was quite a reasonable employee to be fair ^.^.

    What you was saying about customers being royal assholes sometimes does get quite boring. Obviously I won’t let it irritate me whilst on the job, but the amount of customers who ask for a discount and then leave because we can’t give them 50 quid off on a 300 quid machine is unbelievable.

    Ah fun times. Will hopefully leave the job soon as it isn’t the best place to work.

  194. if pc world cant,t be trusted where can be.im looking for somewhere i can spend 600 or so euro and get a laptop and some aftersale service(when i do something stupid).somewhere in the midlands would be great.by the way eircom came to my door the other day to tell me my exchange was being upgraded for broadband i booked a 7meg package GREAT naw 2 days later they wrote saying they couldent supply me some tech stuff and not signed by anybody.shitheads in all business i guess.

  195. Bought an office chair and an internal DVD Combi drive in PC World Carrickmines, Co. Dublin during 2008. Chair base developed a crack in a weld after a short time. Replaced without quibble, a year later no re-occurance of problem. Combi Drive started to go bananas after a period of a month or so. Returned to store with receipt and faulty drive, replaced for higher spec drive as none of my model in stock, no arguments and no additional charge.

  196. PC World accepting faulty goods and replacing them no quibble! Must be a sign of the times.
    Well – if they are to survive the next few months, our pals at PCW will have to up the ante and supply more reliable hardware too.

  197. Bit of a kick in the bollocks the way you’ve already discouraged so many of their customers, Bock.

  198. Confirmed news that Currys are shutting shop in Blanchardstown and Tallaght. Some staff shown the door. Is it recession or lack of patronage? Any inputs lads?

  199. Dunno, I think that most retail stores are starting to go down, last I heard, the business side of DSG Ireland had been abandoned.

  200. Haha, number 2 in the google.ie listing in Ireland when I type in PC World.

    Thanks for the information , made me think about buying from them.

  201. I like them got a pc from there years ago still have it as of 2day, got a laptop 2years ago still running, but if you want a good computer id go to komplett or something there Quality

  202. I can tell you don’t have a clue about computers do you?? 1st off, PC World don’t make computers, they simply buy them from a supplier and pass them on to customers, therefore the people to blame are the company who made the computer. 2ndly, if your computer keeps freezing, it is most likely either a crap antivirus or you have some other software on there causing issues. NOT the hardware. and finally, judging by your first post, you seem to be a bit of an old wingy cranky man, and if i was working in pc world and someone like you came in, i’d probably tell you to piss off. PC’s are simply tools that should be maintained properly by the owner

  203. haha no, i hate retail.
    I worked as a sales person before in a different kind of shop but its one of the shittiest jobs ever, so i would never go back to that. im a computer technician now.

    and Bock, im not sure what exactly you mean by that comment.
    Im 22 now, but a twelve year old would still be a bit more mature than you :P

    What make is the computer you bought anyway??

  204. By the way, Bock, I’m not actually suggesting that pc world is a good place or anything. since ive only been there once or twice i wouldn’t know.

    I’m just simply saying, if it were me, i would be a lot more angry at the brand company of the computer.

    Best of luck with future purchases

  205. Deano — So you’re not eleven after all?

    In that case, you must have asked your kid brother to write this:

    you seem to be a bit of an old wingy cranky man, and if i was working in pc world and someone like you came in, i’d probably tell you to piss off.

    If you had actually read this thread instead of jumping in like a drunken tosser you’d have realised that it isn’t about the fault in the machine, but about PC World’s appalling attitude to customer care.

    Focus, my boy.

  206. Deano, I think a lot of the issue here is that PC World failed to respond adequately to the fact that the machines were faulty.

  207. Maybe i was getting a bit ahead of myself bock.
    I’m man enough to know when im wrong and i apologise.

    I haven’t dealt much at all with the staff in there so im not sure how bad they are. but what make is the computer you bought, bock?

  208. Thank you Deano. I wish more people coming here had your attitude.

    As I said, the focus of this thread is the attitude PC World have to complaints, and if you read the related threads you’ll see that many other people wrote in with their stories of being dismissed or downright lied to. The issue has grown far bigger than my little problem whch is now in the past since I bought myself a computer from a reputable supplier.

  209. i can actually relate to that. i was working as a salesperson for computers too (not pc world). but i remember having to sell theses computers that we were told were ‘Brand New’ and NOT AT ALL refurbished.

    But of course how do you explain a person bringing one back to the store and saying they found a shit load of porn on it. And as soon as you open one of the boxes you could easily tell they were just quickly thrown in.

    Man i hated that job so much. i use to actually tell people if there wer better deals in other nearby shops

  210. 1st, i wouldlove to thank you Bock, im reading news on this page since long time but i wasnt brave enough to write anything
    2nd, i can not agree with Deano… its about customer service
    my short/long story:
    i bought laptop on sale (spent900E) year ago for christams gift for girlfriend, when i brought home screen was cracked, i did not even take foil from it.
    after 15 minutes i was back in pcworld…
    that is what i heard from GM in Waterford store:
    he took that laptop in his sticky fat fingers and start complaining
    GM: some1 droped it!
    ME: i asked who if that wasnt me?!
    GM: i didnt say that was you!
    ME: so who droped it, if that wasnt me
    GM: some1 droped it!
    ME: so who droped it?!
    and i was arguing with him for another 30 minutes…after that time i was boiling inside, i thought that ill have to kill some1
    after 45 minutes they gave me new one,
    so since that time im really trying to avoid any PCworld store in Ireland, and if some1 will ask me about PCworld store i would say…F&%$ this dont shope there, go somewhere else!!!
    Keep up v good Work!!Bock :)
    //have few more stories about PCworld and sorry for language->me foreigner

  211. I didnt say it wasn’t about the customer service foreigner. i dont understand how, sharing my experience at working in a store could be ”disagreeable” :P

  212. @Deano: Why are u so defensive about the pc world way of business? The crux of the problem is (as Bock mentioned) the attitude of seriously pathetic staff right from the manager of the store down to the sales guys. Read my previous post on my experience in tallaght store.

    After all, DSG don’t make these computers….they buy it in bulk from China which you or I can do it online. Thats exactly why they try to sell you extra warranty which is pure profit for these scammers.

  213. Come on now. Be fair to Deano. He recognised that the thread is about PC World’s poor service and he said so. Let’s not fall out about minor disagreements.

    Let’s tackle bad service from PC World and their kind.

  214. Hey, don’t blame the sales guys, blame the directors. The managers have so little power that they take a lot of shite from the powers above them and this is passed along to the guys on the sales floor. If you are annoyed by the sales guys that you meet, just remember they are getting their asses kicked by their managers, who are getting their asses kicked all the way up to director level. The primary problem with PCW? Simple. The managers have no power of control over what happens in store. It’s all controlled by head office.

    Please, remember that all complaints should be directed there. Blaming the salespeople is irresponsible and extremely (EXTREMELY!!) Ignorant. All you are doing is hurting decent people who are made to do things they don’t really want to do. Honestly, it fuckin sucks. If a salesperson ever seems ignorant to you, it’s because they are trying to block out all the shit that they take day in, day out – that’s all!

  215. hey, i was without a pc for a while so couldn’t keep up to date on this for the past few days.

    im not getting defensive over anything Realpaddy. i’m not sure if you were reading the last comments right or not but i haven’t said anything about pc world’s way of business as being “good”.

    and thanks for clearing that up a bit bock :)

  216. hi bought a laptop in pc worls. it was under warrenty when it broke down… paid 60euro 2 be told its unfixable,,, i ended up buy ing a new1,,, just the other day i gave the old lap top to a friend,, and he fixed it in 2 hours,,.. would i be entitled 2 some sort of a refund from pc world….. i rang them and they said im not entitled 2 nothing , as it was my fault it was broke… as it wasnt my fault it was the connection 4 the battery that was broken…

  217. hey noel,
    if that laptop was under warranty and you had a receipt to prove that, and the damage wasn’t physical, of course you are entitled to have it repaired for free, regardless. and if it’s not repairable, you’re entitled to a replacement.

    it’s part of the consumer rights. they shouldn’t have charged you at all for looking at it.

    and a side note, the fact that they handed you back you’re laptop and said it was unrepairable (which in fact it wasn’t), suggests they either didn’t look at it, or they have complete idiots working in the repair centre.

    That’s scandalous. When did you buy it?

  218. Definitely the first time that I’ve heard of customers being blamed for broken connections between internal and external components (without obvious case damage of course,) but I think that’s absolutely ridiculous that you were charged 60 euros. Besides, if it’s unfixable and under warranty – they have to fix it!

  219. Hi Man,

    Can’t understand how you’re being treated as you are. I bought a HP Pavillion dv8000 3 years ago in Liffy Valley. Since then, I’ve moved to Co. Meath. In that time, I’ve had to get 2 repairs done. I went to the Dundalk Store. They couldn’t be more helpful. Both repairs were done in a matter of days, and free of charge.

    Where and when did you purchase? How did you pay? As a consumer, you are entitled to repairs or replacements free of charge within your warrenty period. And, you are entitled to be treated as a human being, not an item.

    If you don’t get treated properly, you can go to the Consumers Advisory Board and have your problem redressed.

    As I say, I was probably lucky and you wern’t. Don’t take it off them. It was YOUR money. Your’e entitled to be fairly treated. There’s more than 1 way to skin a cat. SKIN THIS CAT.

    Also, it should be remembered that, if you can’t get redress from PC World, get in contact with the manufacturer of your equipment, even though PC World are the main point of contact

  220. David — I have no information about the Consumers Advisory Board. It doesn’t seem to be an Irish organisation. Please tell us more.

    Noel — Don’t rely on the manufacturer. Your contract wasn’t with them – it was with PC World and they have an obligation to honour it. Take them to the small claims court and pursue your legal entitlements.

  221. Since we are all having PC World issues. The one I had was not a hardware issue but money related. It relates to the waterford PC World branch. I was buying a number of items. Once I did the math, in the 400 euro range’ish.

    So I went to the bank to take out 500 euro ( to be safe). Bank had a single note 500. I thought hey since I am spending over 400. Why not a single note. Never spent a single note of this value 500 . Would be great to do it. Make my day a little. Happy days.

    Imagine my disapointment when I was at the check out in PC world. We can not accept this note. Basically, do not accept 500 euro notes. Fair enough if you have a policy in place. Bugged a little at first.

    What really blow my mind and angered the blood was not the milded mannered girl at the cash register but when she asked the manager do we accept this note. He gave a rude no and f**** off. It was the way he did it in a rude manner and could not give a f****. No sorry for this but a policy etc.. I could have pushed the fact that it was legal Tender and as far as I know you can not refuse legal tender.

    Long story short. I calmly told the girl at the till. Get one of your colleagues to put back the goods since you are refusing my money and walked of calmly. Long story short, I have never been back in PC World or any of it branches.

    To sum up, life is hard and at the end of the day when all is done and dusted… and all we have to look back on is our memories. You left a lasting negative memory. First 500 note I ever saw and was going to spend. Bubble busted. I hate to use profanity. But your service left a s**t taste in my mouth and a memory that has not been forgotten.

  222. Kenneth – Sorry. No asterisks accepted at this site, just like 500 euro notes at PC World.

    I think you meant fuck and shit, in relation to the shit company called PC World, a company that doesn’t give a fuck about its customers.

    Weren’t you lucky you didn’t end up buying a shit computer from this fuck-awful shop?

  223. If PC World ever goes under you will know why. Customer service, refusing money. Some one has lost the plot. O’ yes it PC World.

    Hell, if you do a Google look : on this amoung other search topics : PC World issues another profit warning. Not making as much projected profit as last year. blame Vista for its “lost profits”…. NOOOOOOOOOOO. Refusing money is how you lose profit and get your customer service in check (would be something else to do and the main reason for this long posted thread).

    Also to Bock’s comment. So true, Touch wood.. I am so luck that I did not purchase the items. Some one up stairs was looking out for me (when I get up to the pearly gates I have to ask whom). But If end up down stairs (below). If any one here in this posting thread makes ( up stairs ) pass me down a message as to whom and say thanks. (sorry for the last paragraph, just trying to lighten my mood. Angered blood again when I reflect on this moment with PC World).

    Reputation a life time to make and a single moment to ruin. PC World will never get it back if the service remains crap and bad to the core.

    To refuse money (regardless of company ) is mad. I work in a sales based role. If a customer was ever to come to my work with cents as payment. I would count every last coin. I would never refuse money. NEVER.

    To sum up PC WORLD get you customer service in check and respect the end user. Kick us when we need you will never get us back. All I can say is know your consumer right and get written confirmation of what ever a sales member agreed the purchase is suited and able to do. If any one is afraid to do this then you know to walk away.

    I was luck and Bock was not. Bock you have my best wishes. Shame on PC WORLD, SHAME…

  224. i was in there earlyer today to get an external hd
    the drive was 110 euro
    walked up to the cash register and she ask me for 180 euro.
    i explaned the sign said 110.
    i was told i was wrong and that must be for a diffrent hard drive!!!!!
    i went back to check.
    sure enough the price was 110 and the tag said the make and size of the ahrd drive.
    off i go to komplett for some hard drives

  225. Another case and proven point. Poor customer services. Sorry to read IrishDonkey that they did not step up and meet the price. I had a similar issue in another store and they stepped up. I pushed. I saved 50% by pushing. Know your rights ( if I am not mistaken). Price displayed is the price you pay. If they make a mistake it is the Businesses issue. I hope you got a better deal buying online. One reason to ever by retail is : I need it now ( that is what you pay for among other cost factors.) Now not later

  226. That’s not correct. A retailer does not have to sell you the goods at the marked price.

    The price is only an offer and the contract is not complete until money changes hands.

    You can’t force somebody to enter into a contract with you if they choose not to do so.

  227. That’s the same in the UK, but didn’t want to say because I think I’ve already been corrected a couple times bout irish law already in this huge blog ^_^

  228. For PC World read People Conned World Wide I am one of them Their much Self Vaunted extended Promised me the the Earth all I got was a Dirty taste in my mouth I took my Vista Computer back to the Tech Guys at PC World Perth (a 60 mile round journey)to have a fault corrected as promissed by their warranty, only to be told Qote “that they had changed their Goal Posts” and that I had now to contact a certain expensive Tel No.This I did The Goon at the other end informed me that I should phone yet another very expensive Tel. No to get my problem Diagnosed again I comlied On came a soft Asian Voice at a guess he was an an Indian Sub Continent Citizen I,m Scottish, He didnt Understand My Voice net result I got nowhere I was now on PC Worlds Magic Moneymaking Roundabout so I hung up. They are a bunch of Bare Faced Money making Pirates, but they’ll make no more from me Where are Watch Dog when you need them

  229. Hi ,

    As far as I can see this where it get grey.

    “If you were advised of the correct price before purchasing, you are not entitled to the goods at the lower price. In this case, you have the choice of rejecting the goods and not buying them, or accepting the higher price and making the purchase.”

    My question would then be if you are at the till and scanned in? Then what would you be charged. Myself informing the staff member of a difference. I have in one shop (had this issue) pushed this issue and it was given at the lower price. That was probably a good will gesture.

    Any way not to get off topic on this postings. And water down the great work Bocktherobber is doing. Back to the main point poor service and a bunch or robbers. Respect your customer PCWORD. As a decent good will gesture start with making it up to Bock. And the rest of the posting users here.

  230. The deal isn’t complete until money changes hands. Scanning the thing is just an internal administrative arrangement.

  231. I feel (in LIffey valley store)some of the sales fellas are knowledgeable though the accent is thick. In Tallaght currys store, they’re all bunch of idiots who can’t explain difference between plasma & lcds. My grandparents were conned by them last year. Never again will they or I shop there. They are doomed….

  232. It has nothing to do with the sales guys. The company is doomed because it has contempt for its customers. No company can survive with such an attitude.

  233. I have vouchers for Currys for nearly €500 as I was going to buy a PC there. I am absolutely petrified to go near them now after reading down through this blog. Does anyone know if I purchase any item there to that value and I return it for a refund within 7 days will I only get a refund by voucher or will I get cash refund. I want the cash to go elsewhere to buy a PC….

  234. To add to that. Currys is now owned by PC World so I am afraid that I will get more of the same shite there…any advice

  235. I’m afraid that on the till system we use (eclipse) it defaults to refunding by the way it was paid. Whether there’s an override to that or not, I’m not sure. It’s a pain for people who pay by card and want cash back.

  236. just inquring

    we bought a tv in november for xmas, just recently we discovered it was faulty. we discovered this only because we had a man come out and look at it, paid him 150 for a new satellite as we thought for 6weeks we were using it that we had bad reception. he told us that it was a faulty tv and to take it back .

    we took it back to xtravision who said it wasnt there problem as it clearly stated on the receipt that have to return it within 28day other than that its the manufactureres problem.

    under the law it clearly states that its the retailer who must deal with these problems i just want to know if they hav any rights in this case….

  237. you paid them the money they gave you the recept.
    under the supply of goods and sales of services act. your contract is with the seller and not with the sony or whoever mand the tv.

    the shop cannot get out of its legal obligations using signs etc.
    a shop can only add protection for the consumer
    eg a no hassle garentee etc.

    (this is irish law not sure if extravision are in the uk)
    but its up to the shop to replace/repair/or refund
    its up to you to accept which one of these they do.

  238. Your contract was with Xtravision, not the manufacturer. They have an obligation to sell you a product of merchantable quality, and if the TV you bought is defective, you’re entitled to a cash refund if you want one. You do not have to accept a repair, and you have no relationship whatever with the manufacturer. It’s Xtravision’s problem.

    if they won’t take the TV back, you can sue them in the Small Claims Court.

    By the way, conditions printed on the back of a receipt are worthless. You didn’t agree to those conditions before buying the TV and therefore they form no part of your contract with the retailer.

    Check this link out.

    This is just what I understand the situation to be, but I’m not a lawyer and you shouldn’t rely on my advice without looking into the thing in more depth.


  239. thank you ever so much for backing my theory up just wanted to make sure i was right before i ring up the HR of xtarvision in dublin tommorrow and rant at him.

    thanks for answering my question:D

  240. try not to rant too much but explain the law to them anon and they might see your intention to fight for your rights and actually provide the service they are obliged to.

    also i have heard from a couple of friends about the pc world in waterford that it is all about sales sales and commission rather than what the customer wants or needs!

    staff are told if a customer comes in with a 6month old faulty laptop staff should try to SELL them a new replacement rather than sort out any repair and that is why the repairs rarely go smooothly as they are trying to make people just give in and buy a new pc/laptop/camera etc

  241. wow guys. there has been a lot of comments since i wrote last. and with every one, PC world’s customer service seems to be getting worse

  242. Just purchased a HP G60 from PC World the other week. Works fine but I’m petrified it’ll die in a while after reading all these comments.
    Here’s my problem; I was told about 8 times my laptop was on 12 months intrest free and I could pay it off through the year whenever I wanted with payment slips I’d receive in the post. The guy scanned it, handed me papers (after leaving me for 20 mins to fuck about elsewhere) and said that all the papers just said about paying it in a year and the interest free for 12 months and what not. So I signed and off I went. 2 weeks later I haven’t got my payslips but have found out I have a direct debit set up with them, one that I didn’t say I wanted but just so happens is in this wad of papers. I didn’t agree verbally to any of the shit that’s been set up but it turns out I have signed for it. Paying not only my £430 for the laptop but in total around £890 for it because of interest…WHAT INTEREST?!
    I got lied to straight faced and signed without reading…but why should I read a wad of papers when I’ve been told they only speak of my interest free 12 months and such.
    Going back to PC World tomorrow and if we’re playing silly buggers then I’ll cancel the direct debit and keep the damn laptop. They can come find me now!
    I’m absoloutley furious right now. I only went to PC World because the APR and payment options on Dell was rubbish but this is 200 quid worse on a shitter laptop so it’d have been pointless. I’ll take these twats to court if they want to get upty. Lies, con artists and bad service. I hope to god I can stay calm and not knock the fucking turds out for fucking me about like this!

  243. Pcworld and dixons staff have struck me as not being au fait with the stuff they are selling. I’ve only ever used them for bits and pieces I’ve needed in a hurry and even then their stock is pretty limited and overpriced(at least in Naas)
    Personally I build my own and use elara.ie they are based in parkwest,Dublin, have excellent customer service and take laser.

  244. I bought a pc from Dixons and was promised a ram upgrade at half price. A week later I decided to take them up on their offer. only to be told that the offer didn’t apply to the model I purchased. I immediately cancelled the direct debit as I felt they had broken their contract with me. I received lots of letters looking for payment so I rang them and told them to stop sending them as they were the ones who had breached the contract. I threatened to take them to court over this. I never heard from them again. Happy days, A pc for one monthly payment.

  245. if ur computer breaks its not pc worlds fault in fairness as its been sent straight from the manufacturer to the shop and not opened or touched by pc world themselves! and if something does go wrong with your pc they can only send it back to the manufacturer to get fixed or refund the product which the generally seem to do without a problem. and as far as givin ou about service try harvey normans, they cudnt care less about u as soon as u walk out their door and they are way more overpriced than pc world and try to trick u with their extended warranty which is nothing like pc worlds cover insurance which actually covers your computer for 1st year theft and accidental damage for the full term of agreement. dont be so hateful towards them there not bad

  246. Wrong. Absolutely wrong.

    The customer’s contract is with PC World, not with the manufacturer. Your knowledge of consumer law is even worse than your spelling.

    I’d say you’re another PC World employee. Are you?

  247. no i took out insurance on a laptop and all i have to do is drop the laptop towards the end of the agreement and i’ll get a brand new one with the same spec, laptops only last about 3-5 years anyway. and i know the customers contract is with pc world but all that means is that pc world have to either refund, replace or send it back to the manufacturer to be replaced for you. and as most places do (especially with a laptop that costs so much) they send it back to the manufacturer to fix it or just swap it for a new one. my fone stopped working and i bought it off meteor and they sent it away to be fixed like what everywhere else would do. and my spellings fine actually i was just typing in short txt:)

  248. Extract from comments policy:

    I particularly detest txt spk, and, depending on how bad my mood is, I might just delete it without further ado, or I might ask you not to use it in future. That depends on the severity of my hangover, but you should just assume that txt spk is not tolerated here.

  249. ok yea thats great to know Bocky:-) still products that you buy that break is the manufacturers fault as pc world didnt actually make the computers and i know that some stores seem to be run by dick head managers or sstaff that dont give a shit about what they do there as long as they get paid but i do work in pc world and where i work i know that we dont refuse or charge customers if there pc isnt working and under guarentee and usually help anyone who brings a laptop to the clinic with problems there having and they may have bought it off dell or harvey normans etc. and any items that may be priced wrongly we always give them to the customer at the marked price if it has been incorrectly priced.

  250. So you do work for PC World?

    Right. Let me clarify this for you. The defect might be the manufacturer’s fault, but putting it right for the customer is PC World’s legal responsibility. There’s no way to wriggle out of that.

    The customer does not buy the product from the factory. He buys it from the shop: PC World. The manufacturer is irrelevant to the customer.

    If your training is telling you otherwise, I’m not a bit surprised. After all, you do work for PC World.

  251. i never said that, you just seem to be bitching about pc world for the sake of bitching. If your so outspoken on this about how shit they were because they “didnt care” why didnt you exercise your rights in the shop when this happened???? The manufacturer is the one who gives the warranty and they arent obliged to give for example a 1 year or 2 year warranty they just do to try and give good customer service. anybody who has bought a pc and something has gone wrong with it we always replace it or send it away to the manufacturer to be repaired.

  252. This is not about the manufacturer’s warranty.

    This is about the retailer’s obligations under consumer law.

    You really don’t get it, do you?

  253. yo bock u seem to be full of shit nd just repeat urself all de time. i bet ur an old fat moany bollocks who givs ou all de time cos u hav nuthin better to be doin nd ya hav no woman 2 keep ya busy! get a life nd live it!!

  254. Oh brilliant! Not as funny as Blitzen, but still pretty good. PC World is now using twelve-year-olds to attack me, I see.

    Folks, another PC World employee makes an utter fool of himself. As you can probably guess, that last comment came from B-Man under a different name.

    You can see clearly what PC World employees think of people who complain about their quality of service.

    Would you buy a computer from this person?


  255. The fool continues to leave abusive illiterate comments, of the same low standard we’ve come to expect from PC World employees. These comments have been blocked, but I might release them later, as I did with Blitzen’s.

    If it had brains it would be dangerous, but it’s clearly just another shelf-stacking drone trying to impress its supervisor.

    It continues to complain that I won’t put up its abusive comments because, like a lot of PC World employees, (and I suppose like a lot of adolescents) it thinks it’s entitled to be here, even when it has nothing to contribute.

    All very sad.

  256. u seem to hav an obsession wit 12 year olds u sick bastard u’d wanna get sum help. nd most ppl who complain may hav a valid reason nd i’d understand where they r comin 4rm but u r just complainin bout nuthin nd dont listen to any1 elses point of view. u hav no argument nd r obviously just a bitter person. blitzen seems like a nice guy actually nd is rite. u dont answer any questions put to u nd all u do is bring up de same auld shite nd hav no intentions of tryin to understand anyone who disagree’s wit ya. buy ur piece of shit laptop in harvey normans nxt time nd c wat happens if it breaks

  257. alrite keep ignoring wat i say as usual and prove my point that all u do is ignore wat ppl hav to say nd if sum1 disagrees wit ya u cant take into account wat they hav to say u keep living in ur own world where ur the dictator. all ya do is try to wind ppl up so u feel better bout urself. i think i’ll go to a PROPER website nxt time where the other person debating isnt the person who can modify or stop u 4rm sayin anythin dat dey dont want ppl to c. (ahemm facts dat prove u wrong)

  258. I decided to release the comments so that you could see what we’re dealing with.

    This is the kind of comment PC World employees leave on this site because I had the temerity to criticise the shit company they work for.

    Read these comments and understand what PC World thinks of you as a customer.

    Read these comments carefully before you even consider buying so much as a light-bulb from PC World.

    This is the arrogance and contempt beneath their slick veneer.

  259. Gary — So it seems. Imagine being served by that half-wit. Imagine asking that creature a technical question.

    If that’s the standard of people working in PC World, they’re in real trouble. How could a company with such a poor quality of staff survive in the current economic climate?

    At the end of it all, the whole thing points to a deep systemic problem within companies like PC World. They have a sense of entitlement, and they think the rest of us exist simply to keep them in business. The customer is always wrong: a recipe for commercial disaster.

  260. Hey Bock, did you ever get those Bock T-shirts made up? Imagine the reaction if a few of us strolled around one of their stores wearing them. Would make a good funnie for the you-tube.

  261. Sounds about right!
    I am having a battle with them over their PC World Coverplan, laptop is faulty but they won’t repair it as they say they stopped the cover after thay wrote the laptop off & sent vouchers for a replacement, They didn’t !
    Now just keep passing the buck between themselves & coverplan.

  262. like the consumers basic rights Jon you are entitled to a repair replacement or refund if the goods are not of merchantable quality and this is the basic protection allowed to all consumers in law. your coverplan is their warrenty but you can still claim using your statutory rights as the pc must last a reasonable time taking into account the price and use it was put to.

    pc world do not want you to know your rights as they can not rip you off if you know what they must provide for you. they sold it so they must stand by what they sell!

  263. i worked in tallaght when it was dixons 3 years ago and quit after knowing managers were shit and non-irish colleagues working as slaves for the minimum wage. they’d do anything to sell to impress their manager. Sell coverplans was what we were asked to do. worst thing i heard was managers stealing stuff from da store. pcworld/dixons/currys is an example of worst management & customer care.

    Boycott this f*****g company & goods.

  264. Suggestion on how to use the small claims court
    Write a letter to the store of purchase detailing your transaction.
    1): Date of sale. Amount of sale etc.
    2): The failure sequence and your notication to the store.
    3): How the store dealt with your complaint. (ie They didn’t)
    4): State that if the claim is not dealt with by return (2 weeks say)a small claim will be filed in the appropriate district court (the court in the district in which the purchase was made.) This costs 15 Euro and is quick (weeks),and the form is on the internet under court services (http://www.courts.ie/).

    I have found that in 100 % of problem supply situations including a) a 2000 euro computer, b)an IPOD, C) Incorrectly cut set of curtains, d) a failed camera, the mention of this proceedure puts the wind up them and I got an instant attentive response. (I also filed once, the IPOD).
    Best of luck
    rgds from
    don’t really like suing people but.

  265. i would love to buy laptop with dedicated graphic card, doesnt have to be for rendering but it would be good if i could play some games, im looking for something with graphic card with atleast 512MB memory 128-bit and 16 stream processors,
    -> respond from Employe after about 30 minutes->
    yes we have very good laptop with Vista 2 GB ram
    and 320 GB memory
    misleading?/misunderstanding?/ or lack of knowledge/training?
    good luck pc-world


  266. On the 27.12.07 I purchased an Advent KC500 Laptop for my teenage daughter as a Christmas present at a cost of €599.99 from PC World in Sligo in Ireland,
    On returning home that day we found the machine would not work as a fan was inoperative and the unit overheated and cut out, so in fact the product was faulty on delivery.

    I returned the unit to PC World the next day, who replaced it with a new laptop.

    The unit then worked satisfactorily until August of 2008 when the CD drive ceased to function.

    In September whilst at home the unit was switched on and working, on going into the kitchen to get a cup of tea we returned to find that the screen had a line across it and all information displayed was unreadable.

    I returned the unit to PC World whose immediate reaction was that the machine had been damaged by the user, when I informed them that the machine was always carried in a padded case bought from them, and that I had witnessed the fault occur they reluctantly agreed to send the machine off to their repairers in the UK..

    It was returned 2 weeks later and when we fired it up, the fault was still in evidence on the screen, when I rang PC World repair service they informed me that they believed that the machine had been damaged by the user and so was not covered by the Manufacturers One Year Warranty, it might have been helpful if they coiuld have informed me of this rather than just returning the unit packed up with no explanation.

    Took them to the Small Claims Court, where they said they had not repaired the CD drive as the Warranty had been violated by the alleged misuse of the laptop causing the split in the screen.

    Judge dismissed my case as no evidence to say my daughter had or hadn’t misused laptop, spoke to a Solicitor friend of mine at Court who said they always win these cases.

    Now sat at home with a €600 laptop which don’t work
    3 faults on 2 machines within 8 months and PC World walk away with total abrogation of all responsibility.

    Wunch of Bankers

  267. Excellent advice. It only seems fair to offer some advice in return.

    Launching a blog with one post on it is a bad plan. You should have about 30 or 40 posts before announcing your site’s existence. This is known as a soft launch, and encourages more readers to return. Anyone visiting a site with a single post is unlikely to come back.

  268. Let me say this, When you go out to buy a laptop or desktop do 3 things.

    1. that you can see a demo of the actual machine you are buying.

    2. Never buy an Advent computer or an Advent anything else.

    3. consider what you want it for, if you only want to send a few emails and play the odd flash game then a lower priced laptop is ok. If you want a computer that you play server based games on with top quality graphics and uber speed then you will have to pay the price.

    3b. NEVER TRUST THE SALES PERSON!! research the lap top or pc you want and then go out and buy it, dont let some sales person convince you otherwise, because theres a 90% chance that they’ve been try to get rid of that pc for some time!!

  269. I was reading a thread on Boards.ie and there was a discussion about an EU directive covering products for up to two years. It seems there a quite a few people here having issues with products slightly out of warranty. So perhaps have a look at the link found at the bottom of this post.

    I have read through it and it would seem that this could apply to a lot of the situations discussed above. There is no information to suggest that it is less than mandatory for all EU member countries. It states that:

    *The seller is liable to the consumer for any lack of conformity which exists when the goods are delivered to the consumer and which becomes apparent within a period of two years unless, at the moment of conclusion of the contract of sale, the consumer knew or could not reasonably be unaware of the lack of conformity.*

    Now, I would imagine that this would include manufacturing faults since these exist before purchase by the customer, but only become apparent after a few months. So therefore, the retailer is liable for up to two years. (Please, correct me if I am wrong.)

    Hope I haven’t misinterpreted the directive and it can help some of you guys/gals out.

    Link to directive:

  270. Bock, great blog. i got a great laugh from the Bock/Blitzen “debate”. Did anyone else notice that for every single post bar one he called you Block?? ignorant and stupid. nice combo.
    Ive worked in customer service quite a few times in my retail experience so i know both sides of the argument at hand here. however im not condoning anything or backing up PC world as Ive also had terrible experiences with them and their sister shops Dixons and Currys. Customer service and customer care = 0 in all 3 shops.

    as for the “technicians” in PC World dont make me laugh. after handing in our Dell PC with a simple software problem we cudnt fix at the time we were given it back approx 2 months later and told oh ya by the way its fucked the motherboard is cracked you need to buy a new PC.we brought the PC back home and plugged it in and were greeted with a black screen saying no OS. a friend of the family came and had a look at the CPU. he opened it up as he was wondering wat the noise was when he lifted it up. the fuckers in the technicians desk had taken all the components out and left them floating in the case. wtf???!!!!once the family friend connected everything back up it worked perfectly. moral of the story : never buy from PC world and if you are unfortunate enough to have already done that for gods sake dont get it fixed there if theres a problem!!

  271. E.U. law gives all citizens a minimum of 2 years warranty on almost all items purchased these days. Some items can be covered by as much as even 10 years depending on their expected life-cycle. Claims sent to the small claims court will normally be decided on this basis and should be encouraged as these retailers are full of shit. Your contract is with the retailer and not the maker of the item, any warranty they give is in ADDITION to that which you are legally entitled to from the seller. Stores try to stick to the 1 year manufacturers warranty-line so they can sell you a worthless insurance policy that they make big money on, they don’t tell you that you are covered anyway. Any refusal to sort out any problem of this type should be dealt with firmly! – Regards, Paul

  272. so glad i read this blog need to get a new laptop so went lookin for pc world website (which they dont have) and am so not buying for pc world. am also computer illiterate and bought an acer and found out here why its so shit!!!

    cheers :D

  273. I recently bought a new IMAc from PC World, on the Rentsmart thingy. I only did this so that I can claim payments back from the tax man. Today I received a letter from Rentsmart informing me that they would be taking a further £11.00 from my bank account for insurance “as agreed instore”! Well, it wasn’t even mentioned inbloodystore and after refusing to speak to the nonenglish person on the customer “helpline” I eventually got someone with knowledge of the English language. To say I was fuming is an understatement. Apparently if you cannot prove that you have insurance of your own to protect “their” equipment then they automatically set it up for you, without permission! I flipped on the phone and was told that if my insurance company would phone Rentsmart to confirm the details then it would be cancelled and all would be right in the world. I assured the nice girl that I didnt think they would do this and quite frankly I couldnt be bothered as I was bloody angry enough for one day and she put me on an insurance exempt list for any future rentals. DO NOT take out insurance with them, stand your ground and be insistent no matter what.

  274. Another thing, a newboy salesman that had to have his hand held by the boss whilst filling out the paperwork for my new rental agreement, told me that when PC World hire people they aren’t interested in their knowledge of computery stuff, just sales technique! Their training involves sales patter and not which pc to sell to which customer depending on the customers needs! JOKERS!

  275. hi thr
    i bought pc 3.3 ghz like in simple desktop, ryt but colour of screen is like shit and Ram is only 512, so thy dont care abt , how wud u play games and other stuff, thy r just selling shit, and the good thing is my c-d rom is not working but i bought new & paid 59euro from diff shop…in simple the piece of shit I bought from PC World.

  276. This is fixed real easy everyone. go here http://www.overclockers.co.uk/ but first go to PC World and find their “Gaming” PC (the one at about £1300) and compare the outdated mess to the PC that clockers will give you for the same money.


    It’s night and day when you see the specs like you could build something beyond the PC World thing for about 500 odds with actual brand name components instead of getting utterly shafted and raped out of hundreds for out of date setups from these jokers. I bought one of their “Gaming” rigs 2 years ago when I didn’t know better and after getting one from overclockers and educating myself a little on what’s up to date and how to build (though you can get pre-built) I felt utterly embarrassed about buying from PC World.

    I’d love to see one of the PC World reps come on here and defend the crap they sell compared to the clockers one! I’d ask him/her just one question.. what one of these is REALLY a “Gaming” rig for 2009/10?

  277. We won’t see any PC reps coming here to defend the crap they sell. They don’t know anything about computers.

    The best we’ve come to expect is the occasional abusive comment which is always good for a laugh.

  278. Not all their staff have been abusive on here :\

    Btw, been a while since I’ve popped on here, liking the new site layout!

  279. If you live in a certain town lets say near the North, and you know a shopping centre called “the Marshes” theres a certain ginger headed dude in there who now works for a certain mobile telephone company who would love to know about your PC World problems.

  280. I’m just about to buy a new desktop and after reading this page I will certainly never buy from PC WORLD! God bless this page!!!

  281. Would you dare me to spray paint “WWW.BOCKTHEROBBER.COM”
    Right in front of thier store on the pavement in big letters ?

    Im sure thier customers that day will be curious what the website is
    If they come out with a computer chances are they wont be able
    to check it out as the computer they bought will be riddled with
    problems before they even open the box

    I was also sold some crappy stuff by pc world and same story as
    most these other folks on this board

    “It will cost 50 euros for us to LOOK at it”

    and probably scratch their arses aswell

    Then passed around from person to person til Im told it
    needs to be sent away to get fixed

    where do they find these con artists ?

    Do they pick people up off the street ?

    fuck you pc world


  282. Thanks for all the information,read a fair bit of it but not all. I was heading into town to buy new comp today and PC world was the shop i was heading to….not now. Can you recommend a good store in Galway or other?

  283. Lads im going to honst i bought a HP computer about a year ago from pc world in cork i also got 5.1 sround sound and a 32″ tv from them the tv and the sround sound are great no probs from them but about 6 months after i got the computer the hard drive broke fair thats a 50/50 chance i took it back to them and they told me id have to ring their repair team the staff their were really nice about things and about a week later a tech came to my house replaced the hard drive and i wasnt charged a penny the computer is still running grand i dont turn it off i use stand by and i normaly have about 9 or 10 apps running altogether . just becouse a computer brakes doesnt mean that its the fault of the people who sold it you could have broke it by missuseing it . and as for the staff they get payed no mather what so their not tring to rob you and im sure im not the only one who has bad days in work you have to be fair to staff every where you dont know them you dont know if one of their loved ones is dieing or something so be fair if you dont like how their serving you complain them and go to some one else . i mean by borther getting bitchy first be fair and reasonable and put your self in their shoes and try walking around in them for a day before you start calling them names and slandering them on a website

  284. Aw I don’t think that’s entirely fair, I doubt 100% of customers are pissed off with PC Worlds service! I’ve already exposed them in a few ways from the inside – that said, I’ve now left the company! YAY! But I still know all the insider stuff if you guys have any questions about the actual attitudes of the company.

  285. Listen to me. That comment from Jack was the usual attempt to switch the focus away from PC World. For the umpteenth time, this post is not about PC World’s staff, and Jack knows that perfectly well. It’s about PC World, and DSG having a contemptuous attitude to customers.

    This is about their policy, not their people, so spare me the bleating about slander.

    Does anyone else think Jack’s spelling is a bit hard to believe? As if the lads in PC World decided they’d better throw in a few spelling errors to make Jack seem real, but forgot when to stop.

  286. Jack, I think you should bring back your laptop for repair before the warranty expires. It looks like your full stop and shift keys are on the way out.

  287. Ambrand
    What beggars belief is that even after reading the disasters people have had with PCW, that you obviously are going to shop at PC World again.

  288. PC world is the worst electrical company I have ever had dealings with. I bought a new PC and it didnt work. I brought it back and low and behold that one didnt work either. They replaced the 2nd PC with another make and that didnt work either a they had upgraded it and hadn’t replaced one of the components correctly. As if I hadn’t learned my lesson my partner bought a piece of equipment from them and the sodtware didn’t work upon installation. I am going nuts with this company. They sell absolute shite and don;t care. Any store that has a notice on the counter saying ‘We do not tolerate any abuse’ speaks for itself. I can just imagine all the irrate customers shouting at them cause their new purchase doesn’t work. I will never shop in their store again. They have a very bad reputation and with my experiences I can see why.

  289. good god bock, 361 posts, i recon you may hit a nerve with the webbing public. personally i dont have a beef with pc world. i simply would not trust them to advise me on a purchase above €50 in value.. i tried to buy a laptop from them a couple of years ago and ended up knowing more about the damn thing than there sales staff [ that has to be wrong ] . to put this into some perspective. if you baught your car to my garage and ended up knowing more about the fault and how to fix than i did… well, i would be out of business in a short enough time [ and bloody ashamed of myself considering im employed as a service professional ] . suffice to say, i ordered the computer from a company in the uk after thoroughly researching everything about it on line. that worked well enough for me twice over. i read this posting last year and loved it, but really folks, blame pc world if you must. but keep it in mind they hav,nt got a monopoly on shitty customer service or under informed staff. that disease has crept into most areas of the service sector im sorry to say..

  290. Thanks Laurence.

    Just to be clear, this isn’t about blaming PC World or anyone else. Blame is a meaningless concept and in any case, as we’ve seen in the course of this conversation, PC World are perfectly capable of making complete fools of themselves.

    (As one would expect from a company run by fools).

  291. Pc wolrd the fantastic expertese at puts you at ease at how shite they all are at dealing with us public. We will have to step up the anti on them , we will have to resolve to protest prccedures and make the public see how these so called pc world idot thick gobshites are. We will have to take action all of us, we will began protesting outside there presmisses, we will shout in the streets aned tell every one not to spend their good money in a company whoa re deeply ignorant, we are going to take action so c’mon now stand up go to these pc store s and demand, force pressure ON the pc world establishment by legal means by media , BY REPORTING THEM TO CONSUMMER WATCH DOG, AND CONSUMEER RIGHTS means we are going to make a stink so bad that pc world are going to have to LISTEN AND ACT IN A RIGHT MANNER, WE HAVE TO SCREAM AT THEM TO DOT HE RIGHT THING,, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THEIR GUFF, I HAVE HAD IT UP TO HERE WITH THERE ILLTREATMENT AND NONEXPERTESE, SPREAD THE WORD BYCOT PC WORLD SHUT IT DOWN ! SHUT IT DOWN SHUT IT DOWN UNTIL THEY REPLACE IT WITH EXPERTS AND REAL COMPUTER TECHNITIONS NOT LITTLE BASTERDS IN SHIRTS AND TIES WHO HAVE NOT GOT A CLUE AND ALWAYS TRYING TO PASS A SLY ONE ON US . SO LET US STINK THE AIRWAYS, THE NET, THE COMPUTER MAGIZINES ALL OVET HE PLAC E WE HAVE GOT TO GET THE MESSEGE OUT THERE THAT PC WORLD HAS TO CHANGE AND WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFIEE. THERE IS SO MANY COMPAINTS ABOUT PC WORLD C’MON LETS GET GOING START A CAMPAGIN IM SICK OF THEIR ACT .

  292. I completely agree, but please type slower – people are more likely to rally with you if you spell and punctuate a little more carefully. I know I sound like a dick, but it’s true!

    P.S: Bock, I love this blog.

  293. couldnt believe the shower of b*****ds in this shop went to buy a new charger as the laptop i bought fro them exactky a year previous had broken- so i returned looking 4a charger & the sales guy came up with 1 for 140 yes 140e & i asked is this the only one that fits my laptop- he insured me & promised me ‘is the only one that fits’ so not believing his stupid lying face i asked him to wait a moment at the check out as i took a look myself at the chargers it turned out there was one for 70e. when i returned & asked him ‘what about this one’? he argued with me no no , eount fit etc. so i went to my car brought in my laptop and opened up the 70e charger it did indeed fit- he also was aware of this as when i said i was going 2 get my laptop he was nowhere to be seen on my return- ROBBING BASTARDS! he also told me the 140e one was the better as it didnt matter cos he said it was covered in my warrenty NO NO it turned out my2 yr warrenty didnt cover the charger after 12 months – convienent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  294. Further to entry 371 the stupid f***ker’s probably dont know how to!
    I recently took my Toshiba laptop back to PC World, Waterford (where it was bought), for the simple replacement of optical drive, which was knackered.
    After telling me that it would be no problem to replace they bullshitted me (for over a month) about the availability of the part, before changing their minds and telling me that they could’nt replace the DVD/RW as, not only was it model specific, but it would have to be done by an authorized ‘Toshiba supplier’, which they were not (despite selling the f***king things!), and the fact that it would require special tools to open my model of laptop, without breaking the case. Even standing in line, waiting to be seen, I chatted to guy who was bringing his laptop back for the third time, and they still had’nt sorted it out for him!
    After the most cursory investigation on the net, I found out that it would require a special tool to open the case, a fucking screwdriver! The only ‘special tool’ was the retarded PC World employee who spouted this shit in order to hide his inability to open my laptop.
    In short do not buy a computer from PC World as they know little or nothing about them, lie to their customers and grossly overcharge for their incompetance (€79 for a health check is daylight robbery!).
    Once you have decided on a suitable, alternative, vendor to these f***kwits make sure that it’s not a useless piece of Toshiba shit! and always get independent reviews for your intended purchase.
    From a reliable source, I understanding Dell are probably best for laptops and Hewlett Packard for desktops.

  295. Hello

    I just wanted to say that you people DO NOT have the exclusive rights to PC World’s world of crap, utter incompetence, poor people skills and, of course, daylight robbery!. We in England are proud to have the worst PC world shops anywhere in the world. Oxford is particularly (and awesomely) rubbish. Even if you end up buying something you queue for 20 minutes, served by someone who can’t work the till, doesn’t know what a VAT receipt is and to cap it all the alarm goes off as you exit the store. My vote (out of 100) goes to Oxford PC world with a score of 10X10 to the sixth!….now beat that!.

    You should make a pilgrimage to Oxford to experience the PC world’s utter stupidity and ability to rip you off. Well worth a visit even if it’s just for a laugh!

    You’ve been warned!

  296. Let me get this clear now. You’re saying there are even worse PC World shops than the ones we’ve been talking about?

  297. Oh yes!…you just have to believe it!. PC world are totally and utterly the worst “experts” I have ever come up against especially the comically named “Tech guys”!. What a laugh!. The “tech Guys” in Oxford could not even Identify which PSU to go with which graphics card and had to “ring up head office”…


  298. had a nightmare with pc world blanchardstown last week trying to return a faulty pc. it was still covered according to dell. When I pointed this out they told me to return it to dell . I told them my connact was with them not dell and handed them a copy of my rights. The tech guy Peter flipped and threatened me. I called the police they called the shopping centre seurity. While i waited for police seurity came and went could see no problem with me. I didnt lose the the head like they did. Any way while waiting for police the ops manger for DSG Steve Heaps shows up and tells me he ring dell in morning and see what can be done. As
    it was 7:05 i left computer with him. Next day I get a call at 6;00 to say it was fixed and ready to collect. Collected it saturday . Couldnt tell me what was wrong as it wasnt in system and tech guy (same one that threatened me) was on holidays for a week ? I going to follow up with the police complaint , Heres the email address for the DSG ops manger steve.heaps@dsgiplc.com might come in handy

  299. Jesus Bock, long time no holler – I google PC World to add a link to a boards post and I see you’ve slipped to tenth, I’m disappointed. I may be tempted to call into PC World Limerick its been so long…….. catch up on old times!!!!!!!!


    NOT EVEN PAPER – Theres no guarantee it will work when you get home.

  300. I found famous Blitzen :) hehe he is playing in World of warcraft
    if any1 will have any question to him, you can easily find him on Vashj !

  301. Hi,

    just one question………….

    If you have been using computers for that long………

    WTF did you buy from PC World for ? you retard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  302. PC WORLD IS THE EQUIV OF……………………………


    BLOW ME YOU STUPID M****F***S……………..

  303. I bought a netbook in PC World in Blanchardstown 3 months ago for 350 Euro, and now the hardrive has failed.

    After reading post #379 from Elaine, I was worried so I printed out the following:
    Elaine’s Post, My Consumer Rights & Small Claims Court Form.

    I went in and told guy I wanted a replacement and showed the recepit. He asked what’s wrong so I told him.
    He said the tech guys would look at it and repair if they could, if not they would return to Samsung and they would fix it. I was fine with this.. it’s not nearly as bad as I expected.

    So now we will see how long it takes them to repair it… I will post any updates.

  304. Following on from message #386.
    PC world left message on my phone today at 18:50 that my laptop was ready for collection!
    Wonder if they are open tomorrow (Good Friday)?
    If so – and it’s fixed – thats pretty good.

  305. Or, you’re near one of the few stores that has at least one decent employee. They are out there, folks. At least 5 out of the 160-170 (Damn, can’t remember these days,) stores have at least one (and at most, two,) good employees.

  306. Following on from post #387.
    I collected the laptop today – the report said harddrive failed – so I guess they just replaced the harddrive.
    They installed a copy of Windows 7 starter on it – with all the usual Samsung crap – I guess it’s just an image they put on, under generic username “user”.

    Long story short I can’t complain.. they did a good quick job… Maybe I am lucky… maybe they are reading this blog… who knows… but Im happy.

    Thanks for this blog Bock, I really appriciate it :)

  307. Alot of PC World managers treat staff as shit, they can not care about the customers, only about their tragets. There is alot of other competetors out there. One being Best Buy, go to them instead.

  308. Recently had the hillarious pleasure of meeting the PC world staff who had just sold me a laptop on a night out. I had largely ignored what they had advised me to do (didnt take cover plan, took mac instead of advent,,etc). It was one girls first day that day and I had been dealing with her. Thankfully I wasnt duped and came out with a half decent computer. (Although there are already some minor flaws already starting to appear..but .fingers crossed,eh?)
    Anyway, i think a lot of the comments on here are not fair on people who end up working in PC world. Its a case of shooting the messenger here, if there aren’t any other jobs out there, you might just be obliged to whore yourself out to a soul-destroying company like PC world. What if you are under 23? can you really afford to turn down a job in PC world and subsist on €150 dole a week?
    I dont think anyone out there left school with a burning ambition to become a sales person in PC world, at least I sure hope they didn’t…
    Don’t blame the little guys, blame the system, blame the fat fucker in the suit in the PC world office somewhere far removed from any of these complaints.

  309. I agree Siobhan, thanks for seeing that it isn’t the fault of the front-line employees. They are too busy getting shouted at by customers for problems caused by head office, and being shouted at by their superiors for not selling half of the store with each laptop.

  310. Let me rejuvanate this wonderful place…

    Set the scene.. 2006.. a new computer is needed.. Oh look an Advent POS on sale for €799. Oh, and 3 year warranty. MUST get that. Oh look, the price is now increased substantially.

    Another time.. 2009.. Need pc parts.. Oh look, a HD4350.. €110. A card which sells for less than €25 on Komplett.

    Buying from PCW isnt so bad, could be worse, you could be Scouse, eating rats in a council house. Zing.

    Outtie. pce bock.

  311. Interesting read, I can identify with most of the complaints and experiences recounted throughout the blog being an ex-employee and from time to time a customer of PCW. If we are to discuss their policy in relation to customers, its really one of replace rather than repair; its the cheapest option. PCW or DSG or DSG Ltd., etc, are in many cases the biggest supplier of a lot of the products in their stores (for example they are the largest supplier of Toshiba products), leading to gains from economies of scope (definition on wiki). It means that your €600 laptop was initially ‘bought’ in a block of 100,000 for about €50 each. So now you see why they can replace it a good few times over and still make a profit.

    The only product PCW actually ‘produces’ (apart from maybe the pc-line crap which is surely produced by a Chinese-type sweatshop) is the extended warranty. This warranty can run for 1, 3 or 5 years, accounts for product upgrade, repair, etc. This also covers accidental damage. The great thing for PCW when you buy this warranty is not only the money (duh?) but also the guarantee that you will have to shop with them in the future. Technology moving faster than consumer desire ensures that the laptop you buy today is already replaced by the better model in 2 months for the same price you paid. The cycle PCW want you to get into is buying a pc/laptop, using it for 2/3yrs, replacing it with a newer model and paying the warranty price again; repeating the process. How invaluable for a company that they can actually forecast with pretty good accuracy when you’re going to replace your product which now seems to fit to warranty lengths no matter how durable the product, as well as the price range you’ll look for. There’ll always be a replacement, they bought more of the bloody things than anybody else in the world…

    I would say that this service is good in relation to laptops and other hand-held/portable products which tend not to last that long anyway and aren’t flexible enough to be updated like pc’s. Put a pen in your laptop around the end of the warranty, close (after backing up your info ofc) and presto, you’ll have a replacement and the option of buying said warranty again.

    Anyway, I feel most of their difficulty lies in the fact that PCW didn’t allow foresight for the fact that Ireland does not have the same infrastructures as the UK in terms of credit rating, finance checking, online buying, postcodes, broadband, etc. We can all identify how frustrating it is to buy anything online in Ireland; its either not available from a domestic website and if it is doesn’t support your payment type, eg; Laser (see BOI changing all debit cards from Laser to Visa to increase usage based on European stats that Ireland is one of the top cash using countries).

    Its a balls but once you realise what to expect from them it can be played quite nicely, mass production and consumption produce a nice tirade of crap to choose from so you’re never stuck. However, if you are going to purchase something expensive that you don’t want to replace in the next 3 to 5 years, shop elsewhere, ;)

  312. Aldi will sell you a far superior product and offer you a free 3-year no-quibble return guarantee.

    I’ll take that any day of the week over a crappy PC World policy that costs me money to insure shit.

  313. No it isn’t. I bought it from PC World and that’s who I have the contract with under Irish consumer law.

    Don’t you know anything?

  314. Having been in this industry for near enough a decade and messing with computers for over 2 and a half (started Pre 286), I have NEVER and will NEVER buy from the Dixons Group or any of it’s assoicated stores. They are overpriced and this coupled with the hardware they have on offer is pretty poor. If you want service, use John Lewis or other retailers, where you know you’ll be looked after (believe me, I like to browse stores, check prices and service for myself)- this includes checking Dixons & PC world stores, customer service, stocks shares and feedback from others. However, under UK retail law, let alone EU law, you have consumer rights, which need to be adhered to. Given all that, I’d suggest that consumers are and have been voting with their feet for the past few years, which is in effect reflected in the store closures and share price of Dixons Group PLC. Why buy a Digital camera from Dixons, when a local independant will offer great service, a knowledge of the product, a need for your business and the same warranty. Why buy a PC from Dixons when Dell delivers to your door as do some leading retailers. Why buy a mac from Dixons, when Apple have their own stores and a service 1000 times better (yes they want the sale , your recommendation and return custom and have trained staff). Even Tescos offers better service than PC world When it comes to kit of any shape or form. There are those who understand a sale and customer satisfaction and those that don’t. The thing about Dixons Group PLC is that they have fallen behind the competition (or don’t realise they have any) and seem to have forgotten about customer retention, customer recommendations and the need for staff that can and will provide this. For example, they bought out some sort of service (some PC tech thing) a few years back, that to be honest with you didn’t do much for their image. It’s not necessarily the products at fault, but the way they sort faults and customers in the first place. As my boss would say: A customer will pay, if the service is good.

  315. Thanks for that input. One important point: the relevant consumer law in this case is Irish, not UK. This is a point that the PC World staff fail to grasp.

  316. Great read :-)

    I’m torn though. I know this is a more or less dead post but the issue of customer service isn’t………………now, I bought a Dell Inspiron 1545 from PCW just over 2 years ago and thankfully never had a minutes trouble with it, nor Vista that it’s running. The only thing that did annoy me about the sales guy was the constant attempt to push, push and push other add on’s that I didn’t want, and knew I didn’t need……….It’s amazing how quickly someone can actually make you doubt what you need or don’t need, anyway, all in all it wasn’t a bad experience.
    BUT, about 2 months ago I went in, asked one of the girls (who was very nice and polite to be fair) for a replacement Etheret for Playstation3/laptop. Got it, paid for it, job done. As it turned out it was the wrong 1 so went back on the same day, met same girl and she happilly was about to replace it as it was an error on her part (2 kinds of etheret cable, she just picked up the wrong one). As she was about to sort it out the manager came storming over and demanded to know why she was replacing an item that was not damaged ……..she explained the mix up and to my surprise he told me I should have made sure it was the right one before I left the store. He totally tore strips off her, in front of me and 3 other customers. She ended up in tears (couldn’t blame her). I honestly never wanted to hit someone so much!!!! I couldn’t believe this ”manager”.
    Anyway, long story shortened a bit, I waited till the other customers were dealt with, called the manager aside and told him exactly what I thought of his leadership and customer care. I also told him that I was taking the cable as the one i brought back was not even opened so was still re-saleable……………….the fucker just walked away!!!!
    My apologies for opening this up again but he still makes my blood boil!! So in this caseI blame management 100%. They afterall are supposed to be the ones who look after their employee’s, not make them feel 2 inches tall.
    Navan PCW by the way

  317. Well done for standing up to the manager. Obviously, this is the kind of inadequate bully who gets promoted in PC World.

  318. Bock, when home last i bought a packard bell from currys, sale price was too good to turn down, I actually like the machine, lightning fast, great graphics, load of memory, 4 gigs and no problems so far, as with many electric and electronic items you do get duds, but it is the sign of a good company that they go out of their way to accomodate the customer. From the sounds of this, you and others on here have had bad experiences.

    The software often has a lot to do with performance. I got the IT lads here to reconfigure my laptop for me, they took out norton and a load of other crap I didn’t need,works even faster now. Norton is a crap piece of software,it often causes more problems and my belief is so that you will fork out more cash for their upgrades and shite, there are better free anti virus programs out there.Avast, AVG etc.

    But one strange thing I have found, I have worked in the electrical game for 35 years and have met people who should never be left near any piece of electrical or electronic hardware. it’s not that they treat it badly, it must be something in their physiological make up that affects the equipment. I can’t count the amount of times I have attended a break down to find the equipment is working ok only for the operator to go near it after you walk away and it goes haywire on them again.

    I am sorry for every one who has had trouble with these companies, and I am not defending any of them, in many cases it is down to poor training in customer support vs training in sales.These guys are on commision to help make up the poor salaries they are on, so the incentive is not there to replace faulty equipment.

    But it is not just the electronics market that has poor staff, the home hard ware places are full of people who wouldn’t know a hammer from a tin of paint and i am always amazed at the advice they dish out to poor unsuspecting punters.

  319. “Something in a persons physiological make up that effects the equipment” Maybe the machines have become self aware especially the ones sold by DSGi, Limerick may only be weeks away from a Terminator style Judgement Day.

  320. who knows, but if the reaction to the banks and the disaster they have caused is anything to go by, judgement day in limerick will be a few angry letters sent by the PC’s to the press as the operators will be locked out of them.

  321. Guys, I’d like if we could try not to be too fixated on one small town. The post isn’t about Limerick.

  322. oh i forgot, globalization, can we include PC world in Ennis as well.
    if you think customer service is bad there, try Sudan, it’s hilarious, in Khartoum, you buy something, invariably it doesn’t work as it’s apiece of cheap chinese crap (all you can get due to sanctions), you take it back to the actual guy you bought it from and he swears blind it was not him that sold it to you. it was his cousin abduhamid six shops down. It then takes about two hours of arguing before he admits to selling it and it was all a big misunderstanding, then we all sit down and have rakes of cups of tea with enough sugar to kill a diabetic and and its all habibi this and habibi that. in the meantime a crowd usually gathers for the entertainment and splits 50/50 between the shop keeper and yourself.Then as you are leaving with a replacement (never a refund) he’s trying to sell you more stuff you don’t need and you are his best friend in the world.By this time you are suffering with TB (tiny bladder) and all you want to do is find a loo that doesn’t stink to high heaven where you can piss out all the tea you drank.And to top it off there is no where to go after all this and have a pint. I love it for the entertainment value.

  323. Don’t buy anything from Curry’s in town, (same company), I bought a printer off them that had no leads or ink and the fuckwit tried to convince me that these were extras even as I pointed out the box that said what was in it, I’m still waiting for my refund to show up in my account, the cunts wouldnt give me cash as I paid for it with my card, utter useless cunts. Wide berth to the cunts in future.

  324. This is brilliant – I only ever buy consumables from them when I’ve run out and can’t wait for the delivery. Small shops give service – it’s well worth paying for it!

  325. Guys thanks very much for posting those comments I was about to go get a laptop and and an ipod from PC World… I usually don’t do much research before hand but due to recent shabby dealings with Pixmania (who seem to have the exact same approach as PC World) i decided to be very careful to whom i trust my hard earned money…

  326. I bought an ASUS laptop from PC World for my wife for Christmas and the day she opened the present it wasn’t working so I brought it back to the shop and they were blaming me for the problems the laptop was having. I gave it in to be repaired and in a few days they called me back and told me that it was fixed. Then the graphics, WIFI messed up about a week later and it wouldn’t boot. I brought it back to the store and asked for a refund or exchange, but they refused and took it in to be sent off to ASUS to be repaired. I had to wait a month for it to come back. I called ASUS and they asked me what PC World did to the laptop. The hard drive failed because of them. The technician at ASUS told me to make sure that I get a refund from PC World. I tried the third time the laptop broke, WIFI wasn’t working again. They took the laptop in to be checked. They told me that it was tested for 24 hours straight but the summary of the test was accidentally given to me and it said that it was only tested for 15 minutes. The Nvidia Geforce 610m 2gb graphic card that was advertised wasn’t even in the laptop. I’m taking this to the small claims court. Some advice to the whole country “Never go to PC World in Jervis shopping centre in Dublin”. They treat everyone like shit after they have sold crap to you.

  327. I have gone into PC world in Cork, across from Mahon point over the last three years and the service, staff and knowledge has been the worst I have ever experienced. PC world is an absolute joke(they don’t even sell ram) and its full of thick ignorant monkeys especially the student girls/twats behind the counter and the ignorant Indian guy/floor manager. Stick to Amazon people…

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