Polish man Murdered In Dublin

Last Saturday, two quiet, decent, Polish men of about 30 were stabbed in the head with a screwdriver by some savage bastard.  One has since died and the other is critical.  The attacker was egged on by a gang of youths ranging in age from about 12 to 20 years old, boys and girls.

Now.  Do you have a child of 12, or 15 or 18?

What would you think if you thought your child could take part in such an appalling attack, even as an enthusiastic spectator?

What would you think if you learned that your child had not only watched this murder, but cheered the attacker on?

What would you think if you found out that your child had no compassion for a fellow human being?

Well, since you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re like me, and that you’d be horrified.  In fact, I’m guessing that you’ve given your children a solid reference in life and that it’s inconceivable they’d ever behave like that.  In other words, I’m guessing you’re probably a responsible parent.

What sort of guidance do you reckon these savage, feral children  received from their parents?

That’s right: none at all.  I reckon these useless bastards have passed on to their children nothing but ignorance and hatred.

I’m ashamed of this country and what we’ve become.

35 thoughts on “Polish man Murdered In Dublin

  1. I don’t have any kids, but you can bet that if I did and they had done something like this they would pray for the gardai to come because I would beat the living shit out of them.

  2. Some kids from the area were being interviewed during a report on newstalk this morning. One of them got a knuckleduster off his Da for his birthday.

  3. Whats shocking about this ,is that i’m not that shocked..
    It disturbs me that this is how I feel about about it,but I lost a pal to a sensless act of Violence not 6mths ago in not dissimilar circumstances and i still jolt a bit when i think about it..
    And whatever peoples opinion it IS the parents of these kids that are responsible a majority of the time..so they have blood on there hands too because of there laziness/complacency… no actually its just laziness..
    Its also bollox to say that where you grow up makes you this way.. I grew up in a so-called bad area and I dont wander the streets looking for another victim,and either are 98% of the people that grew up with me..

  4. Hang on Bock. There’s a casual attitude to violence in certain areas by certain individuals, but that’s not the whole country. There’s plenty to be shameful about in Ireland but the actions of, as you put it, feral kids doesn’t tar the whole country in this case.

  5. Green:
    You have to admit, it is happening everywhere,no town has escaped this kind of act and obviously in more populated the area then the chances of incidents increases..
    I wanted to go and take out any scobe i saw when my friend died..but thats irrational thinking through grief and you get past that..
    Besides it is a very small minority that do these things,they just happened to be spread all over the country..

  6. When I first heard about this attack, I assumed it was a gangland thing (mainly because of the geography, and I live in Dublin 12), but as details emerged, my stomach turned. Where once it might have been knick knack or setting a bin on fire, now it’s stabbing people to death. But then I see kids like that around here all the time and you see how their parents interact with them. All shouting and belligerence. It’s a cyclical culture of being dragged up, rather than raised. Very grim.

  7. Very disturbing, and not a good advertisement for Ireland either as a place to come and work in, or to visit as a tourist. My sympathies with their families and the Polish community in general. If these kids had been taught right and wrong from the beginning by means of a good slap from our parents like most of us were, this would not have happened. Fuck ABSOs, let’s bring back flogging! And even that’s too good for them!

  8. We are now seeing generations of these scum emerging on our streets. The parents – sometimes even grandparents – are feckless bastards who have never done anything but bleed the system dry while bitching and moaning about “entitlements”. They’re first in line fore any handouts, know the law backwards and never, ever admonish their offspring. If anything, praise is lavished on Rat Junior for being the school/street bully, probably a party is thrown to celebrate the first Court appearance. And of course they’re as innocent as pure driven cocaine when convicted. They raise rats like the attackers of these ordinary decent real working men (as opposed to the alleged downtrodden parents of these scum who sully the term “working class” whenever it’s convenient).

    We are now seeing a section of the youth of this country running completely wild. The new “Untouchables” and boy do they know it, because our Courts and Judges are either stuck in a fucking time warp or are over-reliant on do-gooder social workers and Free-legal aid lawyers pleading to keep their clients out of jail.

    Go to any Courthouse and witness the Nike-clad little shits and their molls mock the entire system, jeer at cops and journalists, terrorise jury members and prosecution witnesses. All with utter impunity. Still, they are useful in that they keep so many defence lawyers, Judges and court officials (not least the guy who greases the revolving door) employed and the good news is you’re paying for it!

    The victims of this and similar crimes are forgotten. The scum and their proud parents in the meantime multiply like vermin. Until the punishment fits the crime, we will continue to be shocked by acts of random violence like this – until someday very soon, we are no longer shocked.

  9. Gardai in Dublin are investigating an incident in north Dublin this morning in which a suspected burglar was stabbed. The Gardai say they were alerted shortly before 4am and told that a house had been broken into on Templeview Row in Clarehall and a male culprit had been apprehended. Two men apparently broke into the house armed with a knife and a hammer. A couple and three children were at home at the time and the man of the house chased the suspected burglars. A confrontation took place and the struggle ended up in the kitchen of a neighbouring house, where the alleged 21-year-old culprit remained lying on the floor until Gardai arrived. He had sustained stab wounds and was taken to Beaumont Hospital, where his condition is not believed to be life threatening. No arrests have been made and investigations are ongoing.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    I wonder if there’s a clever solicitor who will now insist on the man of the house being charged with assault with a deadly weapon, causing grevious bodily harm, threatening behaviour and trespassing ???

  10. Just as an apt follow up to this,
    Today in the Childrens Court in Dublin a judge placed a Parental Behaviour order on the father of a child that was found guilty of handling a stolen wallet.this is the first time an order like this has been placed since it was brought into law in Sept..
    It wont stop some of the real bad apples but it is encouraging if Judges start using it.
    Basically parents forced by law to actually behave like parents..Sad that it has to be like this though..

  11. Organ Donor – You have hit the nail on the head! The only thing that will change this madness is to prosecute parents for the crimes of their children. I firmly believe that the so called parents of the shits who murdered this young man should be locked up for as very long time!

  12. I have been a proponent of this type of sentencing, both here and in other places since blogging efforts began.
    It’s amazing though that it only took six months for the first of these punishments to be doled it, (Not that it’s not about bloody time.)
    Now, all we need are judges with the balls to do it, regularly, and a sliding logarithmic scale of fines for repeat offences, a factor of ten would be nice, say something like 1000, 10,000, 100,000 and debtors prison for those that don’t pay the fines (On top of the reparations and damages to those affected by their crimes of course)

  13. I agree that holding the parents accountable for their children’s actions is a good place to start. I’ve been involved with a ‘youth-at-risk’ intervention programme (pre-incarceration) in the Los Angeles area that requires parenting classes. It’s an eye-opener, believe me.

    It saddens, but does not surprise me, reading of this occurring in Ireland. I wonder that this is an ‘illness’ spreading?

    I was reading here at this blog about ‘throw-away’ children:

  14. Unfortunately,the second man attacked in this incident is belived to be clinically dead and there will be a decision to turn off the life support machine made today…
    My condolences go out to both mens family’s and friends..

  15. Just to confirm that the second victim, Pavel Kalite, aged 29, died this morning.

    Just listening to some local politician in Drimnagh giving out about lack of youth facilities. As if these scum looked beyond the off licence or hanging around shops looking for trouble would join a sports or youth club. Not cool enough for the next generation of hard men. We know well they would wreck any facility built for young or old and boast about it to their bastard parents.

  16. I’m glad to see yours comments, that yous understand how important is to look after your kids. Some don’t. And it brings all these terrible unbelievable acts of senseless crime. and these gave a birth to hatred. what do u feel passing group of young now? it scares me, but sometimes i want to do something really bad to them. and my polish friends feel the same. especially when just a month ago polish guy got sentence without clear evidences. if any polish is suspected of anything he is convicted within second.why? to keep happy all racists! modern world must not look like that!

  17. Well Barbara, you know what I think. I think it’s a disgrace, and I think these people must go to prison. I’ll have more to say about it later in the week.

  18. This was such a sick and violent attack. The Polish dont stand back and let someone pick on them but then this is the result, if only the Irish were able to stand up for themselves. This is the reason these b******ds are doing this. We as a society have just ignored it, its been happening for years but this incident is very shocking.

  19. Just came upon this tonight …. Firstly let me say how much I agree with Hoof et al … I grew up in a “bad area” I am a “lone parent” but …. I work and always have , I have never bummed off the state. I have raised my child well ( so far !! ) He is now in university and studying hard. I dont want any pats on the back … it was my job, having brought a child into this world to do the best for him . I think that the parents of the scumbags ( and YES it is the parents problem !! ) should be hit where it hurts …. in the deep pockets of the “WELFARE BOOKS” for example if their young Johnny , or should I say ROMEO, BENTLY, DARIUS etc … is caught having damaged something , whether it’s a tree, a car, a window, ANYTHING … the parent should be immediately docked an amount of money from the “payment” for example 2euro for a tree that will cost 20euro to replace and this will continue to be deducted until this money is payed back !!! I seriously reckon that if this were to happen to all the parents of these little scumbags they would soon want to know where and what their “little darlings” are and up to , if they had to pay the cost …….

  20. i think its sick how can u justify watching this sickening attack it makes my stomach turn i feel so sorry for those men. i do not understand the aggression the lack of respect for people its terrible. i have a 12 year old boy and hes a great kid he wouldnt hurt a fly but if hes 5 mins late from school i panic i just wish these kids had more supervision and positive things to do with their time than be party to a horrific crime.

  21. you’re absolutely right Zuni. I live in Scotland now and it is really scary to pass these groups of young. you don’t want to look in their eyes. They are not tough to respect anything or anyone. The idea of welfare is to pay them so they stay calm, this is what they told me on my social policy lessons at uni, no in very clear way, but still. and there are better solution, but nobody sees problem up there in government, because they haven’t lose anybody.. yet.

  22. I also think the government has some responsibility in any racist crime. The Courts in England and Wales have long since treated any racial crime with zero tolerance and they have a pretty good record of curbing it in a significantly multi-cultural environment. If there was any element of “racism” in this crime then the government must act by a pro-active television (and other media) campaign to show how good the polish are for Irish society and to encourage mutual respect. Otherwise the Polish will have to stand up for themselves (in possibly a gang-type culture) and this should be avoided as it could spiral out of control. Step up government, minister for justice.

  23. although i feel sorry for the 2 men that died people are murderd everyday in ballymun tallaght darndale where is your sorrow being expressed for these people , typical irish always for the stranger dont give a fuck about our own

  24. Johnpaul,
    while I empathize with you regarding the Irish sometimes having more sympathies for the foreigner in the cases of murder..
    I must refer you to the hundreds and hundreds of blogs on this site sent mostly by Irish bloggers to air their horror and disbelief at the slaying of a young Irish lad in Oregon, USA ‘Andrew-James Hanlon’.

    By and large the people of Ireland and most of the media came out to express their anger at the senseless death and subsequent cover up of the murder of this 20 year old lad.

    There is a deep seated dislike here in ireland for the ‘unknown’ , ‘change’ and the ‘stranger’ and when that ‘stranger seems to be taking away from you what you regard as yours this ‘dislike ‘ can turn to hatred.

    With the economic change here in Ireland this is exactly what’s happening, the ‘stranger’ is prepared to do the job cheaper sometimes below minimum wage, thus the Paddy ( who wont work for less) looses or doesn’t get the job.
    Who can blame the employer it make good financial sense to him and he still gets the job done.

    While my sympathies are with the families of these murdered men, I would bet the Irish Government and their Department of Foreign Affairs paid to repatriate these men back to Poland to their families.
    This is something that was NOT done by the Department of Foreign Affairs for an Irish boy Andrew Hanlon. They did nothing to help the family.

    This is where the anger starts, by actions like this the Government nurtures ill feeling.
    When the Irish Government (who are terrified to be seen as recital on the World stage) will do for the Immigrant what they wont do for their own citizens, then something is dreadfully wrong.
    I believe the Governments behavior plays a major role in race crimes here in Ireland and it is something they don’t or wont address , rather they deal with it Irish style and sweep it under the carpet.

  25. I don’t empathise with him one bit. He’s trying to dictate what I should talk about. If he has a problem with a particular murder, let him set up his own site and write about it or else shut the fuck up.

  26. fuck u bock, if i want to come on2 this site and express my opion ill do so, i have no hatred towards anybody from another country coming here to work, my anger is directed at middle class ireland who doesnt give a shit about their own people dying because they come from a different backround or area. as i have heard many times 1 less scumbag on the streets…..

  27. That’s where you’re wrong buddy. Where did you get the idea you had any right to come on here if I don’t feel like it? You won’t get the chance again. Gobshite.

  28. I don’t know if it’s statisticly true that Irish people are more shocked by the murder of immigrant. But if it were true, maybe it’s because immigration is such an intrenched part of our national conscience. It wasn’t so very long ago that we were the Polish. Perhaps there’s a part of us that hears about an immigrant being killed like that and thinks, that could my son in New York, or my daughter in Australia, or my brother in France. Think how parents all over Ireland, who had children in Australia, must have reacted when they heard what happened to David Keohane in Sydney. And CFF made a very good example with poor AJ Hanlon.
    Still one has to shiver when they think of this children of the corn mentaity.

    But in regards to cutting off allowences to parents of delinquent children I would say this. I was brought up by my mother, and I was a very angry young man with a large chip on his shoulder. Now I knew, in my heart of hearts, that if I wanted to do something there was very little she could really do to stop me, once I was physicaly bigger than her. And alot of times, whether she knew or not, I did. I made conscience decisions to avoid trouble, based on whatever morals I had at the time. But even if I hadn’t, my mother would still have been responsible for me, and my maintainance. She was still legaly as well as moraly, be obliged to provide my with clothes, food and shelter, gorrier or not. Would it have been fair to punish her even though she tried her best ?
    There’s an expression in french that translates as; Don’t mix up the bathtowels with dishclothes.

  29. hi, well i live in argentina , but i was living in ireland for a short time.
    my country lived in 90s a econimy grow up, very similar to ireland, but that growing came drogs , killers , and very much bad thing .
    now ireland must learn of the another countrys, for example , argentina, and the garda must be hard with the delinquents.
    and the politician not must give monney for clientalism, becouse the people ( who live and subsist for the governant) no working…
    ireland , pelase , open your eyes , and not permit that this happen, becouse not come back never.

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