Silly Joke

Four old friends are out having a drink.

They haven’t met in years and they’re catching up on things.

The Englishman says, I have a son now. He’s twenty-five years old. We called him George because he was born on our national day. St George’s Day.

The Welshman jumps up and slaps him on the back. Well By God, he says. What a coincidence! That’s why our son is called David.

The Scotsman looks at the two of them, blinks and shakes his head. That’s incredible. Our son is called Andrew because he was born on our national day as well. I wonder what Paddy called his son?

And they all look at the Irishman, who’s wearing a huge beaming grin.

Well by Jesus lads, he says. Did you ever hear the like of it? Who’d have thought the four of us would all call our sons after our national day? I can’t wait to tell Pancake!

5 thoughts on “Silly Joke

  1. Oh, MyGarage! What VuJa De!

    I was sittin’ in a pub just last evening, when in walks a lawyer, a priest, an Irishman, a rabbi, a Brit, a Yank, and a nun !

    The barkeep drops his jaw, then yells, “What the hell is this? Some kind of joke?”

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