Bertie Ahern — A Man Without Honour

Nobody believed Gráinne Carruth’s evidence.

Not the judges. Not the lawyers. Not the press. Not the general public.

In the end, it turned out that not even Gráinne Carruth believed the rehearsed lies she was parroting in defence of her former boss. In the end, it took a threat from the Tribunal’s lawyer to bring Gráinne Carruth to her senses: a threat of imprisonment and financial penalties for perjury.

You see, Gráinne Carruth presented the Tribunal with an utter fabrication, seeking to mislead it into believing that Bertie Ahern never received any payments in foreign currency. This lie was rapidly exposed, causing a deeply uncomfortable tribunal session which saw Gráinne Carruth repeatedly breaking down in terror.

As well she might. This unfortunate woman had become wrapped up in a tangle of fabrications designed to confuse and obfuscate, to divert attention from Bertie Ahern. And now she was facing jail for a misguided loyalty to the man who had paid her an insulting pittance when she worked as his secretary.

I just want to go home, sobbed Gráinne Carruth at one point, and though nobody present felt anything but sympathy, the truth had to be found.

Having previously denied lodging large amounts of UK currency to Bertie Ahern’s account, was she now conceding that she had in fact done so?

As a matter of probability, I do accept that.

And what happened to the bank receipts?

I always gave everything back to Bertie.

Gráinne Carruth is no crook. Gráinne Carruth is simply one more victim of Bertie Ahern’s complete lack of conscience and human empathy. Gráinne Carruth is one more disposable pawn in Bertie Ahern’s ruthless career of using people for his own benefit, and of discarding them when he’s finished.

This man without honour employed Gráinne Carruth at a wage of £66 per week — a sum that was insultingly low even in 1994. This man without honour then allowed Gráinne Carruth to go into the witness stand and tell a fabricated story that benefited her in no way. This man devoid of human feeling or decency was prepared to contemplate a former employee risking prison on his behalf to cover up his dirty dealings.

Gráinne Carruth’s evidence was clearly rehearsed and coached. Given that she hasn’t worked for Bertie since 1999, somebody must have made contact, and what I want to know is this:

  • Did Gráinne Carruth contact Bertie or was it the other way round?
  • Who met Gráinne Carruth prior to the Tribunal sessions?
  • Who coached Gráinne Carruth in telling these lies to protect Bertie Ahern?
  • How did they persuade a woman who no longer works for the constituency to risk everything on behalf of a man without honour, decency or human feeling?
  • What kind of pressure was applied to Gráinne Carruth and who applied it?


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8 thoughts on “Bertie Ahern — A Man Without Honour

  1. Surely it’s time the Tribunal pointed out to some of the other people who have given evidence , the penalties, of lying while under oath.

  2. 66 quid a week in 1994 was a pathetic wage..the kind of wage that makes you say..i dont need to care about my job or my employer..i cleared tables in a restaurant in london in 1986 for 100 quid a week.. never worrried about standing up in court for my employer..

  3. I think it was Sam Smyth in today’s Indo that made an interesting observation about the difference in the women in Bertie’s life – Celia getting 30 grand out of that account to buy a house and swanning up to the tribunal with a Hermes handbag that probably cost the equivalent of Grainne Carruth’s yearly wage at the time……..

    £64 quid a week though???? I was in college in 1994 and my college maintenance grant was £51 per week – was Bertie expectin her to live on pasta and tomato ketchup?????

  4. My bet is that the costs of the Tribunal will be be relatively insignificant compared to what the CAB and IR will recieve by the time this is finally put to bed. Property developers that made millions from corruption will be forced to repay what is owed plus interest and penalties and its not only monies accrued from these dealing’s but if you use ill gotten gains to make more money then that money is also for the taking. I bet they start looking into Liam Lawlor and others again. Well done to Judge Mahon and Des O Neil for finally putting an end to the antics of these lower than low life scumbags.

  5. Carruth is the just the latest in a long line of people and reputations that Bertie has thrown on the sacrificial heap.

    Des Richardson, if Bertie’s version is to be believed, breached client-confidentiality by telling Bertie’s pals the finer points of his legal bills and divorce proceedings.

    Padraic O’Connor was more or less accused of donating money belonging to NCB Stockbrokers to Bertie.

  6. Fuck that cunt Bertie i am delighted for the fucker. The rat bastard starts pissing tears on tv to get our sympathy when he is in trouble because he couldn’t account for the thousands of pounds he was taking left, right and centre. Legacy – fucking subaru legacy is all that cunt will be leaving behind probably as a bribe. Meanwhile 150 poor bastards are signing on a week in my town. The country is fucked!!

  7. my advice to everybody in this country is to join fianna fail. then life is great. pay tax, fuck that, drink drive and get away with it, yes please, knock down a listed building and build an office block on it that will probably just collect dust for years to come and be a fucking eyesore, and a whole lot of other crooked shite too. its simple, fianna fail have replaced the british landlord class in this country and are rolling in the money big time and giving you the fucking fingers and laughing at you law abiding idiots ha ha ha. so its simple join the fianna fail party the “soldiers for themselves their famlilies and relatives, and their friends and anyone who has the money to bribe them, of destiny” brigade. good luck, in this patriotic country?

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