Dishonesty Scandal

Bertie and Tim’s B/T Account. Do They Think We’re Complete idiots?

What does B stand for?

Bastard?  Bollocks? Bullshit?  Bagman?  Baloney?  Bewilderment?  Bluster?  Bandit?

Yep: all of the above and many more.

What does T stand for?

Trickery?  Theft?  Treachery?  Two-faced?  Twaddle?  Twisted?

Enough of this bullshit!

Tim Collins gave evidence to the Mahon tribunal today about the infamous B/T account.  Remember?  The account where the “B” definitely didn’t stand for “Bertie” and the “T” definitely, certainly, without question, didn’t stand for “Tim”.

This was the account, as I told you here, that paid for the house Bertie’s girlfriend bought (though poor Bertie knew absolutely nothing about it).  The B/T account.

Tim Collins would have you believe that B/T stands for “Building/Trust”, which is what  he renamed it after the Tribunal started to take an interest in his dealings.

Definitely not Bertie /Tim, and it doesn’t matter that Tim set up another account jointly with Des Richardson, calling it what?  That’s right: the D/T account.  I suppose that stood for Demolition/Trust.

Tim had no problem leaving B/T as the title of the Bertie account until January: two months ago.  Isn’t that amazing?  An account is called B/T for fifteen years, but when a Tribunal of Inquiry starts to take an interest in it, suddenly its name has to be changed to something else.  Something more believable.


Even more astonishing is that a huge loan (enough to purchase a house) from this B/T account to the Prime Minister’s girlfriend remains unpaid for fifteen years, until, miraculously and coincidentally, all the money is handed back at about the same time the account is renamed Building Trust.  About the time, in other words, that the Tribunal starts to ask hard questions.

I see.
Do they think we’re complete fools?

Let’s just have a quick look at that backslash.


Are we to believe that Tim, who set up the account, is so illiterate that he’d write Building/Trust instead of Building Trust?  To claim that B/T stands for Building Trust is nonsense and an insult to our collective intelligence, but of course, insulting the electorate’s intelligence is something Fianna Fáil have brought down to an art anyway, so why am I surprised?

The term Building/Trust just doesn’t work, and it especially doesn’t work when used to describe an account that Ahern had complete control over, though it was set up by Tim Collins.

Oh come on!  Why won’t he just acknowledge that B/T stands for Bertie/Tim and stop insulting our intelligence?

Where did all this money come from, that Bertie had no knowledge of, but that nevertheless found its way into his girlfriend’s possession?  Well, nobody’s sure.  The Fianna Fáil treasurer has no records of transactions: not even the transactions involving conversions from British Pounds to Irish.  Nor does he have records of the substantial cash payment made from the account.   Tim, on the other hand, thinks he knows where the money came from.  He asked the Tribunal to believe that some of the £65,000 in the account was raised from golf classics, and he stuck to that story until it was pointed out that the first golf classic took place five years after this money was lodged.

I suppose everybody must have paid in advance. That must be it.

Who owns the account?  Well, there’s another strange thing.  You see, even though Tim and Bertie claim it’s a Fianna Fáil constituency account, there are no documents whatever to make any legal connection between the party and this account.  There is, however, significant evidence that Bertie had complete control over it and was therefore the beneficial owner.  In fact, so remote is the account from the party that the treasurer never once mentioned its existence or any of its transactions to the party members for seven years.

I don’t think the Tribunal believes Tim.  In fact, I think the Tribunal is inclined to take the same line as Judge Judy: Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

Tim, I don’t fucking believe you either.  Tim, you’re not only taking me and my fellow citizens for idiots, but you’re also taking the Tribunal for fools.
And ?  Give us credit for a small bit of intelligence.

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Can we not do something about these shysters? I mean they are essentially sitting around trotting out transparent lies safe in the knowledge that we (well not me) voted them in and now, with the strict obediance of the FF power structure Bertie cannot be ousted. Is there no other recourse? Can we all gather at the Dail for a collective outdoor poo on its doorstep?

Coup plotting
how about organising a coup ? only way to shift his nibs and friends(!!) even if he goes .. he will still laughing all the way to the bank … and be replaced by more of the same …

And did I hear mention of a £30K amount in sterling exchanged to IR£ that was part of a transaction including a deposit in the B/T account? But that Tim has no recollection of that… no, none at all… at all… at all.

Betrtie is so unlucky to be the one they caught. Do you think his pals in the cabinet are any cleaner? They were all at it and they al know it. and they al knbow we know, and they’re off again for st paddy’s day at our expense to do it again (Bertie called the paddy’s day junkets a fantastic opportunity to market the “brand” of Ireland abroad. Is this not what he said his visits to Manchester were about? Lord above, how fucked up is this??? Anyone for another rising on easter sunday while they’re all away? (relax, that’s a joke) — if we really do have to market ireland abroad on paddy’s day, could we not send someone more interesting than a bunch old clapped out oul’lads with beer bellies and bad fashion sense?

Can any of you remember the Stardust tragedy? [DELETED. POSSIBLY DEFAMATORY] I wonder why [Bertie] does not want a new enquiry into that horrific event???

Oh, right. Well, I suppose that would explain the whole thing. We’d better write to the Tribunal straight away and get it cleared up.

People were safe in the knowledge that the economy was on the up. It did`nt really faze them if Bertie or anyone else were padding the pockets. Now the economy is going doooown, we may see a diffirent result next election. About time!!!

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