Bock is Two Today

Guess what?  It’s two years since I started writing this shite.

Two years, 957 posts, 296851 words and no-one any the wiser.

I don’t know how you put up with this.

35 thoughts on “Bock is Two Today

  1. Two years!?! Well congratulations to you. Though we may not be any wiser we certainly have enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.

  2. Savannah: You’re too kind.

    Gimme: I don’t know if it would be a promise or a threat if I said I’d write more.

    Artyeva: Yeah. Things are sure to turn a lot uglier.

    Brian: Thanks. That’s praise indeed when it comes from a man who may well not agree with a single word I’ve ever written.

    Sandra: Thanks kindly.

    Famtacyamta: There’ll be days like that.

  3. Oh but I do. Probably allot more than you know. I may not comment much but this is always one of the first blogs I read everyday.

  4. Happy 2nd Birthday Bock – ‘Terrible Twos’ and tantrums here we come! (Or have we had those already – must be a child prodigy!) Are you potty trained yet? ;-)

  5. G’man boss, and I concur, keep doling it out (Or should that be dishing, who knows).
    Also well done to warren, and poohbah to eddie.

    Here’s to another two (Raising glass in respect)

  6. Many happy returns to you, sweetie-pie. Many many of these happy suckers. Blogland is the richer for you so keep on truckin’, mister!

    I’m about to have a wee night-night Baileys and I shall toast you as I do.

  7. … and here’s a joke from Bock two years ago …. almost.

    This pig walks around a corner and bumps into a greyhound.

    “Oh God, I’m very sorry.”

    “Not at all. It’s my fault. Here, let me help you up.”

    “Thanks. That’s grand.”

    “Wait a minute,” says the pig. “Don’t I know you? No. No. Don’t tell me now. Let me guess. You’re skinny, but you’re fit-looking, and you have that long pointy nose, and I’d say you could run like fuck. I’m guessing you’re a dog – no, let me think – are you by any chance a greyhound?”

    “Well by God,” say the greyhound, “that’s fuckin brilliant. Let me have a go. Let’s see now. You’re sort of roundy and sort of bristly, and you’re sort of fat and thick-looking and pink. Would you be Páidi O Sé?

  8. Happy birthday, Bock, you’re a constant reminder of why I’m here and not over there. Cowardice, I know, but I’ve got to be somewhere and this gives me an excuse to read and keep up with the news and stay mad and have a bit of a laugh too.
    fuck, this is getting a bit gay…
    All meant in a manly way, of course…
    Well done.

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