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If you buy your iPhone from O2 in Ireland, they’ll give you a shit deal.  Don’t do it.  Don’t buy your iPhone from O2.

Buy your iPhone from the States or the UK instead  and get it unlocked so it will work with any network here.

If you bought your iPhone package from O2 in Northern Ireland, you’d get 3 to 4 times as many minutes of use and 3 to 4 times as many texts for the same money you’d pay them here.  This is a cynical rip-off by O2.  Don’t stand for it.

Read this excellent post on how O2 are ripping off their Irish customers.

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    First comment! Ha.

    I would say don’t buy an iPhone, full stop.


    It is indeed I gigantic rip-off

    I want an iPhone, and with the announcement yesterday of the developers kit and subsequent 3rd party apps its only going to get better. Such a shame its being held to ransom.

    Question is though, how does one buy one in the states or the uk without also being locked into a contract?


    Thing is, the fools consumers will still go out and buy the iphone in their thousands and O2 will make millions from it and all the backlash is doing is creating more awareness of the product.


    You can crack an iphone from elsewhere but if you accept one of the updates that Apple will keep sending you it may well lock up the phone again…. well, that’s what put me off.


    Cupid Stunt – my sentiments exactly!


    Currently France is the only country in Europe that you can buy an i-phone sim free & unlocked.
    Beware though,you will not be able to use a 3g sim card as they are not network..

    Hope that helps…


    as a footnote to the above..anyone buying an i-phone would be advised to wait until later on this summer for the new alot of the bugs that the current one has will be gone,and it may be 3g capable also,but that is not confirmed yet…
    O2 are cunts…


    Don’t be a retard and go to the UK and buy it to unlock. Buy it here and unlock it.

    In the UK it’s 279 pounds – roughly 363 euros.
    Here it’s 399.

    You’re travelling over there for a saving of 39 euros only.

    Once you factor in time and travel costs, Ireland is far and away the cheapest option for the Irish consumer.


    John: Good advice. Bad attitude.

    One question for you: wouldn’t I have to take out a contract if I bought one here? A rip-off contract?


    exactly Bock.. you are tied into an 18 month contract….
    buy it from french website unlocked..
    i’ll have a look over the weekend and see if theres any that would deliver a sim free,unlocked i-phones..


    Does it not work like the States?? Go to your O2 store – buy the iPhone (lets say 8GB for €399) – go home and activate. OR NOT!!! Go home and unlock using ziphone and you have an iPod (iTouch) which can also now be used with any network as a phone. Dunno does your 18 month contract kick in on activation or or buying the phone in the phone shop? I dunno. If its on activation then the cracking will allow you to use any network as a phone and your 18 month contract doesn’t even start.

    Yes, ANY NETWORK!! The only reason that Vodafone is a problem is that it runs a 3G network so EDGE won’t work but it’ll work just fine as a phone.

    I hope the above is correct but I’m pretty sure it is. I’ve been using an iPhone on Meteor for a while and my son has for nearly 6 months and as you probably know Meteor has a deal with Vodafone to use their network when Meteor signals are not available. So I’ve been on Meteor and Vodafone with excellent phone coverage. I haven’t been using data ‘cos its too dear, as I’ve outlined above. Data on Vodafone won’t work on the iPhone due to the fact that it doesn’t have a 3G chip.

    By the way that also explains why O2 HAD to get the iPhone contract in Ireland: 3 and Vodafone – no EDGE network. Meteor in bed with Vodafone to share their network. So that only leaves O2 as the ONLY network in Ireland with EDGE nationwide coverage. Thats why we’re being screwed by O2!!! Should the monopolies commission get involved with this – I think so.


    Sorry, when I mentioned “as I’ve outlined above” in the last post I was referring to a comment that I had made to another blog in which I said that “Using Meteor in ISP mode on iPhone would incur a cost of nearly €5 per MB downloaded. Yes, that’s right per MEGABYTE!!!” The 1GB from O2 now seems good value as it would cost about €5000 from Meteor!!!


    How does it compare to British rates?


    I ordered a brand new unlocked iphone from a trusted ebay seller in the US last week. It is due to land tomorrow according to tracking info. It cost me €390 delivered and will work on the vodafone network. I know this because my techie younger brother has one from the same source. I intend to buy a data add on for my contract but will mostly use wireless for web functionality. I reckon €20pm will buy me ample data bandwith. It may be only GPRS/EDGE and it may not have GPS but as a portable web browser and multimedia machine there is no equal. Re the update issue and relocking, this can be reversed in ten minutes and only needs done once every couple of months or never if you choose not to update the system software. It will replace my phone, blackberry and ipod making my pockets a little lighter.


    Welcome back from foreign parts, Stephen! You miserable old Protestant, you.

    Why didn’t you buy my iProd?


    Ireland of the welcomes – eh! :-) I don’t need an iProd – I am one! You’re just jealous of my minority status!


    Did you ever consider doing Prodcasts?


    Paddyanglican, afaik Vodafone do not have a GPRS/EDGE network. They went straight to 3G. See my earlier post.


    Bock – If it meant I could stay in my bed on a Sunday morning and leave a mp3 player to lead the worship I think it would be an excellent idea – Thank you – I am going to look into this straight away!

    Alec – they have both – either that or my iPhone is very confused! 3G is a disaster in most rural areas and they could not afford to cut off so many customers. My iphone surfs away quite happily if slowly and expensively on the GPRS/Edge network.


    Stephen: I’m delighted to have inspired you. Perhaps your congregation would reciprocate by sending their iPhones to church in their place and the whole parish could stay abed of a Sunday.


    PaddyAnglican…………could you pls give the name of the seller where ya bought your iphone

    So does your Iphone work on vodafone?? I am plannning to get one but on meteor.

    I heard stories about ppl buying the iphone unlocked and it didnt work on their network…..I am just cautious on buying one for what they go for and it wont work!!


    Marsbar: Indulge my curiosity, if you wouldn’t mind. What would be wrong with typing “please” and “people” instead of “pls” and “ppl”?


    Ok could anyone please give me some information on what I asked originally instead of slating my typing!!

    Thank you


    Marsbar: That’s a bit touchy of you, isn’t it? I try to keep text-speak out of this site where possible because it’s horrible, and as I own the fucking site I can ask you about it if I want to.


    Dickhead. Setup a fucking intranet if youve a problem with how ppl spell on the PUBLIC internet.


    This is a privately-owned site, moron, or couldn’t you figure it out? On private sites like this, cretins like you get banned for being fools.

    So, to make it as simple as possible for you to understand, fuck off, you’re banned.


    [Childish insults deleted. Fool.]


    iPhone 3G Online Shop


    Hi Bock, Whats this about using my iPod touch as an iPhone?
    Please reply


    I have no idea what you’re talking about.


    Paddy et Bock: love the iProd/prodcast idea… my arthritic church going mother would love it…. would the device itself come with any additional downloadable apps? like iHymns, or a gprs tracker of the nearest ‘bun worry’ when she’s out and about and in urgent need of tea and scones…


    I don’t know. Is your mother of a protestant outlook on things?


    Has anyone used the site Elisabeth mentions above?

    Seem to be good aul value!!


    o2 are thiefs and a verry bad network and they took my money for nothing


    I bought for , worked out a hell of a lot cheaper


    I haven’t gone through all the comments but, from the ones I have, I’ve noticed that there’s no mention of Apple here. They are the ones who price the Iphone. It’s also available from Vodafone now and their package is not competitive compared to O2. The problem with phone packages is that they have to be based on “either / or”. If you are using data services mainly, you need a package weighted towards data. If you use your iphone mainly as an actual phone, you get a package for that. Both include a little of the other but you need to cut your cloth. In Apple’s defence, it’s easier to have more competitive prices in the UK and the States and, in fact, most European countries because there are more people to buy them. You need to talk to your mobile provider about exactly what you want as they all have special offers. Everyone has opinions about every network but, for those calling them thieves, they were the only network not mentioned in last year’s Prime Time programme about over-charging. As far as coverage is concerned, O2 and Vodafone signed an agreement last year to share masts so there shouldn’t be any difference between the two and, since Meteor piggy back on those masts, coverage difference shouldn’t be a problem.
    I’m not an apologist for Irish mobile networks but this needs to be a more balanced view. If you want an Iphone, whether you go to Vodafone or O2, it is Apple that will price the device, in that they charge the networks almost €600 per 3Gs device. In my opinion, you’re better off with a Blackberry unless you like to impress your mates with gimmicky apps.
    Ok, you can attack me now.


    I just don’t get the iphone thing, what makes it so great. I have a nokia 5800 and afaik it does everything the iphone does and more. Since the iphone came out people have been longing for opera mini, you can’t do video calls you get a 2mp camera that comes on most budget phones. Even with the arguement they’ve got better apps i can’t justify getting one. It costs 420 for a prepay phone that is pretty basic. Can someone explain why the sheep have dubbed this the god machine.


    The Iphone is the product of a hell of a lot of hype by Apple. The gadget junkies love it but, if you ask them why, they’ll say things like, “It’s got this really cool application that makes it look like a pint” or “I have an app that teaches you guitar chord positions” or “It’s got a really good tin whistle app”. Yes, it does have all of these things and they download them, use them for a week and then forget they’re there.
    It’s not a bad wireless device but it’s certainly not the best out there. Nokia have some great alternatives and Sony Ericsson are coming out with a smart phone that will beat it, hands down. It’s a “must have” gadget and that’s it. For essential data services, give me the Blackberry every time.


    Good explanation for me capn. I’ve all those apps mentioned on my nokia and as for essential data there’s very few things it can’t do, opera mini is the best app i’ve seen and the new opera 5, my god it keeps me connected wherever i am. I use my phone more than my laptop or pc. With most other smart phones you can upgrade memory unlike the iphone. I don’t buy newspapers since i’ve started using opera and it even turns any tv i’m at into a webbook. I can’t say i wasn’t tempted to buy an iphone but in black and white it just doesn’t make sense, the only problem i have with blackberry is the qwerty board, i prefer t9 and wouldn’t mind using it on my regular computer i find it so convenient.


    I have a Nokia 5800, and compared to my wife’s iPhone, it’s a piece of crap. The *only* 2 good things it has going for it is the free sat-nav maps and software (though it’s a pain to use, and doing address look ups needs a data connection, which is stupid), and that when using it for data (gmail, facebook, surfing, etc), it needs a lot less data than the iPhone.

    The number of free apps available for the Nokia is tiny in comparison to either Apples AppStore, or that for Android, and those that are free tend to be usless. And the screen sensitivity is not good – it needs me to use my fingernail rather than just my fingertip.

    I’m a little annoyed I paid 250EUR for the phone where had I waited 2 months, I could have had a new Acer phone running Android 2, which is as good as the iPhone.

    Byebye Nokia… hello iPhone or Acer.


    Hi anyone know anything about ?? Do you think they are offering the real thing or do you think this is a fraud?


    just buy the iphone from the store you just buy it unlocked and just put your meteor sim into it dont bother wit 02 they do rip ya off evry time

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