Look At These Thieves

[In view of Liam’s reply to this post, it seems appropriate to remove my remarks.  The point has been made.]

21 thoughts on “Look At These Thieves

  1. Brian: That was always there. It doesn’t give them the right to lift the whole piece without permission.

  2. Doesn’t your Creative Commons license say that your stuff can be used with attribution? That’s how I take it to mean. I say this because I have the same license on my site and if someone wants to rip me off then they have to attribute the stolen work to me.

  3. It’d be different if they didn’t acknowledge the source, Bock.

    People quote from blogs and reproduce blog posts all the time. Once there’s a link/reference to the original source then I don’t really see the problem.

  4. I do apologise for not replying earlier Bock, I’ve been out with a chest infection. When I saw the piece I felt it was very much in line with the intended message on our site. It was very well written so I did use it but sourced it to you from the beginning. As I had given you, the author ,due credit I didn’t feel it was tantamount to plagiarism. Again I apologise and have removed the post as you’ve requested.

  5. I might add that Islam does place an extremely high value on integrity and honesty and I hope my actions have not in any way diminished its noble calling in your eyes.

    If you feel I have shown just contrition for my error then please remove this post.

  6. Bock, what a ridiculously over-the-top reaction to a non-issue. Have you ever even clicked on the Creative Commons link at the bottom of your site? Do you know what that is?

    Your immature ranting about this man dishonouring “the name of Islam” is incredibly ignorant.

    Even if he hadn’t adhered 100% to the licence link on your site (which he did), and you had given him any kind of reasonable time to respond, it still wouldn’t justify an attack like this.

    You’re the disgrace.

  7. First off I don’t think creative commons licences are really enforceable in these parts. However whatever happened to selectively quoting instead of mass copying and pasting? Only when you get to the end do you realise it is not their own thoughts or content. The piece as well didn’t have any additional comment, so why not just send a link and some traffic Bock’s way? It’s bad netiquette but fair enough if you are not aware of that.

  8. I see Jimbob Joe lost none of his pomposity since the last time he commented here. Still a sanctimonious twat.

    Mulley is right — there’s no Irish CC licence, and standard practice is either to publish selected extracts or to announce up front that the piece comes from another site. The other alternative is to ask permission in advance.

    I accept Liam’s assurance that this was posted in error and I’ve removed my own remarks in acknowledgement of that.

    As for JJ, well he can go educate himself.

  9. …. darn it I missed the action here! Well that’s the last St. Patrick’s Day Parade I’ll attend this year!

  10. I’m glad that the issue was resolved with a minimal amount of headache. I always worry when I see posts like this that it can turn into an ordeal. I’m glad that was not the case here!

  11. Indeed, Jonathan. My instinct is always to react strongly, especially in this case, because I didn’t want anything written by me associated with a religious-based website. I’d be just as vehement if the site was Catholic, Jewish or Hindu. However, the site owner saw what I wrote and respected my wishes, so that’s the end of the matter.

  12. Standard practice is also to put the credit at the end. Your post removal is a weak gesture. Even a hint of an apology would be appropriate.

  13. Can’t you read? This has all been discussed in the comments.

    Don’t try to tell me what your standard practice is. My practice on this site is whatever I consider appropriate. The post was taken down as a goodwill gesture by me following private correspondence with the site owner, who apologised for posting the piece in full without my permission. In other words, something you are not privy to.

    I will not have anything I write associated with a religious site.

  14. A goodwill gesture would be if there was nothing wrong with your post but you took it down anyway. In fact that’s what Liam did.

    Removing your post wasn’t a goodwill gesture, it was the closest you’ve ever come to admitting you were wrong. And with a nice bonus of protecting yourself from any more shame.

  15. Jimbob, where did you get the idea that this was a debate? In fact, when did you get the idea that you have any rights here at all?

    You seem to know a lot about this site for one so hostile, and I’m beginning to think you’re actually just trolling for the hell of it. If you convince me of that, I’ll delete you like many other wankers before you.

    Are you a stalker?

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