Reports On Irish Health Scandals Published

Not one, but two reports were published on the disgraceful state of our cancer care, and guess what? Neither report blamed a single individual for the disastrous mistakes that caused the Portlaoise breast-cancer debacle.

Not one!


It’s all systemic this and organisational that and communication the other fucking thing.

Well, would you like to know something? It isn’t.

It’s all about the hundreds upon hundreds of unqualified fools who’ve slithered their way up the Health Service Executive promotional ladder and now call themselves managers despite knowing nothing whatever about health or medicine, but who nevertheless make all the important decisions — or should I say, prevent all the important decisions.

I already said this in November and, having changed none of my opinions I see no reason to rewrite it.

Here’s what I said back then and it’s still true.

Our health service is not run by health professionals.

The Health Service Executive is run by inflated office-boys who have one skill and one skill only: crawling their way upwards through a bureaucracy, grade upon grade, until they arrive at a point where some other office-boy names them Manager. These are the people who, in their unbelievable, ignorant, uneducated hubris have been known to refer to the nurses, physicians and surgeons as the technical staff.

They are not managers. They are only administrators, and bad ones at that.

These people are from the vast ranks of mediocre know-nothings who arrived into the old Health Boards as junior clerks at the age of seventeen with a fair-to-bad school Leaving Certificate. If not for this stroke of luck, they might have struggled to find a job selling shoes.

These “managers” spent their formative years stamping pieces of paper and looking down their noses at poor people huddled outside a wooden hatch in some freezing Victorian health centre.

These are the geniuses who stuff our public service, and strangle the initiative of people with real talent and real vision. These are the dead weight that guarantee our health service is, and will remain, a complete disaster.

Our health service is not run by health professionals. Never forget this. It is run by arrogant office-boys without vision, talent, understanding, skill or sympathy. They have nothing. They are puffed-up windbags without training, without qualifications, without experience, without knowledge. These are the small, empty, self-important, grey, clueless, frightened, boring, semi-literate, arrogant men and women we call “managers” within the health service. The kind of people who have never done a single practical thing in their entire useless lives.

That, my friends, is why you will wait for days on a trolley. That is why ninety-seven terrified women can be herded together for administrative convenience.

The people who make the important decisions about your life know nothing of medicine, or health, or patient welfare or compassion.

They know only two things: statistics and promotion.

This is how small the people are whom we call managers in our health service. Be very fucking angry.



3 thoughts on “Reports On Irish Health Scandals Published

  1. Yes, all true, and it reflects badly on all of us too because –
    a) we keep voting for the political masters of the office boys who did this to us (i.e., tose politicaL cronies who presided over the old health board mediocrity that has spawned the monster that is the HSE)
    – and-
    b) very few of us wanted to go to work in the health boards back in the 1980’s, and give some public service to others who needed it, because we thought we had more exciting things to do than grind it out as office boys.

    What do we want? – a profitable economy with more money than sense or a a society that is willing to make some financial sacrifices and put the emphasis on giving instead of taking?

  2. Gosh but that’s harsh!! Unfortunately HARSH BUT TRUE!!! Did you read the report that said that when the old Health Boards were amalgamated to form the HSE there were 200 Level 8 managers (whatever that means) but now there are 800 (Thats right EIGHT HUNDRED of the buggers) Talk about too many chiefs and not enough indians and as you pointed out these are the people that hadn’t enough points to get into Uni, for the most part. ( I’m sure there must be SOME of them who WANTED to work in that “profession” for the rest of their lives!!! Do you think there might be a little tad of jealousy at play here at all :-))

  3. certainly, I’m not jealous. only depressed at the way humankind seems to keep making a balls of things, especially where the ‘unlucky’ and so called ‘weak’ are concerned.

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