Search Engine optimisation? Moi?

I seem to be getting onto Google’s front page a lot these days, though I haven’t done one single thing that all these SEO gurus advise, like fiddling and twiddling with fiddly twiddly little files in a terrible place called Server.

How odd.

Out of idle curiosity, I tried a few things I’ve been ranting about and got these results on Google.

Search term



cathal o searcaigh 1 2
bertie ahern 1 4
wayne o donoghue 1 1
brian kearney 1 5
madeleine mccann 1 7
bondage furniture 1 4
desmond connell 1 4
brian rossiter 1 7
celia larkin 1 6
eddie o sullivan 1 6
benazir bhutto 2 1
catherine nevin 1 7
niall mcelwee 1 2
brothers of charity 1 4
duncan stewart 1 4
jean charles de menezes 1 3
khartoum teddy bear 1 3
saddam mandela 1 6
leonard cohen dublin 1 4
frank shortt 1 5
heather mills jokes 1 4
brian kearney murder trial 1 1
grainne carruth 1 5
sikh turban garda 1 2
northern rock collapse 1 2
bertie ahern court 1 1
munster manager 1 1

Jesus, ha?

How’s that? Fuckin hell.

17 thoughts on “Search Engine optimisation? Moi?

  1. Very impressive!

    I don’t even get 1st spot in Google using the word ‘shitetalker’. How incredibly lame. Time for some shameless self-promotion…

  2. Have you checked the backlinks you’ve got for those posts? You’ve got well written topical content, which will attract links, and also you’re a regular poster, which Google loves. God it’s so effortless for you eh? :D

    BTW Bondage Furniture?

  3. Bock, you’ve done tons of things that SEO heads advise, you’re just not aware that you’re doing it so you haven’t done them because they’ve advised them.

    SEO isn’t voodoo; ultimately it’s about what it says it is, making your site the best it can be in the eyes of search engines.

    You’re using WordPress, and WordPress itself is designed to help you create content in good shape for search engines (such as structured mark-up and internal linking).

    You write meaningful headings that serve you well. Some bloggers try to be funny a lot in their headings – that’s fine for existing readers but search engines don’t have a sense of humour and the people searching won’t be searching for the jokes.

    A lot of your high ranking stuff is fairly current newsy stuff. You rank high for it because you post on the topics fast, and with quality content. People then link to that content and you soar – at least for now. That’s SEO. Many of those rankings probably won’t hold – but by then it shouldn’t matter to you.

    Anyway, my point is that you do employ SEO, you are optimising your site for search engines, whether or not you know it.

  4. Eolaí: Am I doing that? Jesus, that’s fuckin great. Maybe I’ll give a seminar.

    Grandad: What’ll you swap me for a Wayne O Donoghue?

  5. that on Google Images MJ?

    Impressive stats Bock, I see Duncan Stewart and Bondage Furniture tied at 4!!! Somehow that seems right.

  6. I do have the no#1 (and only, incidentally) search result for alcokleptomania. If only it was a real word…

  7. Hoof: Nah, it wasn’t Google Images.

    I’m also where people come (cum?) searching for the following:

    Dirty naked Irish grannies
    Photos of Irish trannies

    You could make a rhyme from those!

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