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Shannon Matthews Abduction


7th APRIL 2008

Karen Matthews, Shannon’s mother, has been arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

Michael Donovan (aka Paul Drake), the man charged with abducting Shannon, has slashed his wrists in an apparent suicide attempt.

Craig Meehan’s mother and sister were arrested on Friday, also on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

What the hell are we dealing with here?   My initial instinct was that the whole thing was a scam — copying the Madeleine McCann appeal — intended to make money out of the papers.  Then, after the police arrested Craig Meehan, I thought perhaps Donovan might have taken the child for protection from her crazy family.  Now, I’m back where I started, thinking that this retarded bunch of numpties have been using the kid to make a few shillings.



2nd April 2008

Disturbing developments.  Shannon’s stepfather, Craig Meehan, has been arrested on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children on his computer.

This just keeps getting weirder.  I’m starting to think my initial instinct was correct and that there’s more to this supposed abduction than we were given to understand, if it was an abduction at all.

I’m starting to wonder if this fellow who took the child thought he was in some way protecting her.  After all, it does seem that Shannon seemed to be cooperating with him.  Was it an abduction or a rescue?


Original article

Shannon Matthews is being kept in care and won’t be allowed to go home for several days

I can’t help feeling there’s something very fishy about this whole thing. Is it normal that an abducted child wouldn’t be allowed to go home? I know, as a parent, that I can’t imagine tolerating such a situation. If a child of mine had been found after an abduction, I most certainly would not be passively accepting that the child might be kept in care until the authorities were ready, yet these people are accepting that Shannon won’t be coming home for days and perhaps even weeks.


This is very strange and it leads me to ask questions about the whole thing.

Did a crime take place at all? Was there any abduction? Why are the police being so tight-lipped? Does the police silence say more than a lengthy statement would?

I’m inclined to think it does.

Here are the neighbours, by the way, on hearing of the child’s liberation.  What wonderful people.


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In view of the rumors – (pray Shannon is OK), perhaps this is like a celebration of a lottery win.

The whole saga is turning horrible with revelations about the alleged abductor, & Shannon didn’t know she had been abducted…why was she seen crying?
Wouldn’t she miss her family? Is she used to being away for weeks at a time? More to this story to come I believe, IMO.

For sure something hasn’t seemed right about this for a while. Inevitable comparisons with the Maddie case have reared their ugly head – on the one hand a mother was criticised for being too pretty – the other too common. It beggars belief. The only serious points here are that a child has disappeared, there is obviously some history there and all is apparently not as it seems. I reckon the ‘loner uncle’ was set up/coerced by a faction of the family somehow . He has only been charged with kidnap and false imprisonment – nothing else despite the fact he has been alluded to as a possible paedophile with no evidence whatsoever to back that assertion up. Please also remember that Shannon Matthews remains in care on a voluntary basis. That alone is extremely telling.

There is that Bock. What of the other children? Her 11 year old brother has run away on numerous occasions. Where to? The uncle’s house? All the immediate family clearly need serious intervention. It is actually very sad. Shannon is not the only one – perhaps she may be the lucky one in the long run – I really do hope so. Parenting is really really hard but it takes nothing to be nice and kind and loving. Fuck’s sake. Why are people so horrible?

Well, maybe I could make a slight modification to what you said. Parenting isn’t hard, but it is hard work.

The dreaded W-word that I doubt the numpties have much acquaintance with.

Maybe the children’s’ services will step in now and help the family. The family are now the limelight which is a good thing. What sort of life has it been for those children having man after different man in the house, and who knows what has gone on. A child should feel safe in its own home you know.

Greetings! I just saw your post and I agree with your analysis. Had similar thoughts about it when I heard the news on the BBC.
I also raised an eyebrow when I learned that the mother has seven children from five different men. Where I come from there is a certain name for women with such a lifestyle.
As a psychologist I assume that social services are assessing the whole situation and not police only.
Let’s hope the little girl will be given the chance of a happy childhood and a decent life.

Thank you. For me it looked like a good analysis, even though you might not call it that. Perhaps I am just used to analysis, since that is what I do.

By the way, let me just say that I like your blog. It is very inspiring and thought-provoking, just the kind of thing I like. And I also noticed that we seem to have some common ground. Nice to make you acquaintance.

Can’t say with any authority but I think the police would have needed to spend some time ascertaining exactly what happened to the little girl before allowing her to talk to others..I don’t know if you’ve got ankle biters but I generally find that the first version of a tale from either of my two guys is usually the true one..
As to why this is taking so long in the case of Shannon Mathews…I’m thinking that there may be some problem at home and I don’t mean the fact that the family home is not the traditional family unit..lets face it not many family units are but the guy who took the little girl is some sort of relative of her mothers new partner and perhaps that gives the police and the people taking care of her some grounds for concern.
As a mother I know I’d insist on having my child home with us but I suppose I’m saying this from a different position to Shannons mum?.
Sad Case.. hopefully the little mite will be okay she’s about the same age as my smallest boy and he’s such a baby to me still.

Shannon Matthews disappearance caused a murder soon after – what a horrible people Dewsbury has

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