The Federal Reserve Is A Private Bank

Will the media please stop referring to the Federal Reserve as the American Central Bank?

It isn’t.

The Federal reserve is a consortium of private banks, all of which look after their own interests before anything else.


Not a central bank.  A private bank.

Which is why the American economy is screwed.



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6 thoughts on “The Federal Reserve Is A Private Bank

  1. That’s something they keep quiet enough about! Wonder how many Yanks are aware of this? Thanks Bock and Darwin for that link. Very interesting how these jokers can go on about how history seems repeating itself while all the time they’re the ones manoeuvring the entire “recession” machine into place to cream off a shitload of property and who knows what else at bucket-shop prices.

  2. A few corrections Bock, the Fed is not a private bank. It’s basically semi-state. It’s mandate comes from Congress and they can change it. It is also subject to periodical oversight by Congress. The board of governors are presidentially appointed and although semi-private it is the central back of the US. It was kept semi private to avoid congressional meddling. I have no dog in the hunt regarding whether the Fed is a scam, or not, but the devil is in the details, and it is the US Central Bank.. There is no doubt, and economists of all stripes agree, that the Fed may have made the Great Depression worse, or even caused it, thus failing to do exactly what it was set up for. There is also a strong argument that it is unconstitutional as the Constitution does not allow congress to delegate its role in making and regulating money.

  3. In other words:
    Private individuals/corporations own the government consortium deceptively named the Federal Reserve.

    Private ownership is skillfully disguised. This is the third private bank in the United States. It’s time to kill off another one. Who wants to follow in the steps of Jackson, Lincoln, Kennedy and Nixon?

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