The green Pope

I see the Vatican has come up with a new list of deadly sins. Fuck it anyway. Just when I was working my way through the old ones, here comes Ratzo with a whole heap of extra work for me.

It strikes me, though, that the new list isn’t nearly as much fun as the old one. Environmental blight. Stem-cell research. Drug dealing. Excessive wealth.

Wait a minute! Excessive wealth? What? Isn’t that a bit rich coming from the head of the Catholic church? Excessive wealth, by God, from an organisation that owns vast amounts of property right across the face of this planet. Gold. Diamonds. Art treasures. Land beyond measure. The Vatican Bank: secret repository of money from every crook who ever bribed a bishop and hiding place of Mother Teresa’s missing billions (the bucks that somehow didn’t reach the poor).

Nice one, Ratzo, telling the rest of us not to be too rich.

As far as drug dealing is concerned, I wonder what Ratzo’s buddies have in mind? I wonder are they condemning the cigarette companies, brewers and distillers? Or maybe they’re thinking of the giant multinational pharmaceutical companies who created the medical myth and now grow rich from a spurious anti-depressant industry?

What would you think? Is that what they have in mind, or are they thinking of scumbag heroin and coke dealers?

Yeah. I’d say they’re thinking of the scumbags in tracksuits. I’d say the scumbags in business suits are off the Vatican’s radar. What do you reckon?

I wonder if they’ll come up with a few more? Such as priests screwing little boys and going to court to try and stop it being investigated? Or nuns forcing a crooked politician to put a children’s hospital in the wrong place? Or clergy taking a huge pile of taxpayers’ money to cover the costs caused by their own abuse? Hmm?

Maybe when Ratzo and his pals deal with the problems in their own house, we might be prepared to listen to their lectures. What do you think?

In the meantime, I’m sticking with the old favourites: greed, envy, lust, wrath, sloth, pride and of course, miserable, small-minded envy. It’s part of what we are, so look lively now, y’hear?


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7 thoughts on “The green Pope

  1. Something fishy is going on. These new ‘deadly sins’ will mean that practically everyone is going to hell for something. Perhaps Heaven is nearing it’s maximum capacity?

  2. It’s a bit rich really ! According to the catholic church a sin is an offense against reason, truth, and right conscience… …. and according to testimony at the Child Abuse Commission, the sexual abuse of children is just a “moral failure”

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