Things are looking up

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Mar 292008

Well, I collected the Nut’s old BMW, which means I have wheels again.  I also decided not to bother replacing the turbo myself.  Why the hell would I when I have a maniac mechanic who’ll happily do it for me?  Really, you know, those days are gone, though there was a time when I spent much of my life with skinned, bleeding  knuckles and a blackened face, lying in the pissing rain under some ratbag of a car trying to keep it on the road against all odds.


I’ll have no more of that nonsense.  I’ve swapped engines, drive-shafts, torsion bars, McPhersons, wishbones, ball-joints and clutch-plates.  I’ve stripped down carburettors and replaced head gaskets.  I once fixed a shattered constant velocity joint with a needle file on the kitchen table.  I’ve even changed the engine mountings on a Mini, more than once, the little bastards.

Enough of all that.  I’m old, I’m weary, but most of all, I’m no longer that poor, and I can afford to pay the maniac mechanic.  Life is too short to stuff a turbocharger.

I was going to enthrall and delight you with a long post full of my wisdom and wit, but I’ve had a call from my old friend, Wrinkly Joe, who just happens to be in town.  This is God’s way of telling me to go carousing and therefore carousing I will go.  Who am I to deny God’s will?

No enthralling and delighting for you this fine evening.

Wish me luck, my friends.  I’m just going out.  I might be some time.

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    Have a good night/day!!!


    and why not :) enjoy!
    Schwing some tackie as they say!


    well done, sugar! go out there and represent!


    Enjoy yourself Bock! I will be carousing next Friday with Maz and co in your neck of the woods if you’re around! Ask Maz for details though as I am but a child lost in the night when it comes to the big L!


    Mind my fuckin’ car while you’re doing all that socialising! Look at the offers you’re getting now you at last have a BMW under your a*se!

    Imagine if I lent you the SL?



    Carouse. Car rouse. I get it. I get it. Ahhh haaahaaahaa. You are the master of the pun. the punmiester, if you will. I prostrate myself before your cunning punningness.

    Carouse? Haaaaa. You dog.

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