Vampire Eddie Kills Irish Rugby

We should have known his kind when he walked through our door, mouthing his evil incantations about options out wide, going forward, and ticking all the boxes.





Irish rugby is truly undead beneath the cold, joyless, calculating, life- draining shadow of Eddie O Sullivan. Inspirational players like Brian O Driscoll have become trudging automatons under the Vampyre’s watery stare and even natural leaders like Ronan O Gara are reduced to twitchy, drooling henchmen following Eddie’s dry bidding and the curl of his bony finger.


Today’s performance ranks among the worst this bloodsucker has presided over, and if somebody doesn’t gather the courage to rise up and let in the light, who knows where all this will end?

One that knows all about Eddie’s proclivities is Warren Gatland, who for many years bore on his neck the twin marks of his former leader’s lust for power. Today, those marks finally faded forever. Today’s game, for Gatland, was more than just another football match, more than a Triple Crown, more than another step along the way to winning a Grand Slam. Today’s appalling horror of a rugby match was Gatland’s final casting out of the malign presence that is Eddie O Sullivan.

If the IRFU zombies don’t do the same, Irish rugby is doomed.

8 thoughts on “Vampire Eddie Kills Irish Rugby

  1. I wish someone would mur get rid of O Sullivan.
    Brian O Driscoll and Ronan O Gara could inspire the most mediocre of players. And ours are not mediocre. Yesterday was most depressing.

  2. I’m beginning to doubt the capability of our captain to inspire anyone. A change is needed, Either give it to O’ Connell or O’ Gara.

    Methinks there’s need of a change in personnel in many places too, a little stint on a bench might gee up some of our players who it seems just have to be played just because they’re costing so much money. The best man on the pitch saturday in my opinion was our new full back. Say good luck to swirvin girvan methinx.

    And I’m also convinced that Shaggy Horgan (Or almost anyone else) would have caught that crossfield kick that O’ Driscoll didn’t bother his expensive little taut behind to even try to get off the bloody ground for. A try at that stage would have made all the difference, we were making all the play but getting nowhere with it.
    If You have no competition for places, you have no incentive to fight to keep it….
    I’d start looking in the AIL for some younger hungrier guys at this stage..Guys who are used to playing for the jerseys instead of drawing as much as they can out of it.

  3. Sullivan won’t budge until the cheque is waved in front of his pinched little face. And if he goes they can recoup some of the loss by sacking the clowns who awarded him a 4 year contract as well.

    No harm to see Goldenballs leaving the pitch and out for the next game, this not alone gives some youngfella a chance to show some hunger in the backline but also frees Bodo up for vital modelling assignments and the loike, yaewh roite!

    Anyway to fuck with Sullivan, Drico, D4 & the IRFU suits with their mock flag and Ulsters Call….roll on the real rugby. Munster in Gloucester and some decent AIL coming up in the next few weeks as appetisers.

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