Battlestar Galactica Is Back

Tonight.  9pm.

You’ll be relieved to know that Battlestar Galactica returns tonight.

Why will you be relieved?  Because this means I abandon all talk of politics, crime, rugby, drink, police corruption, government corruption, tinkers, Mother Teresa, dogs and lunatic axe-killers.

No indeed. 

No talk of these things tonight, for Battlestar Galactica returns, and I hear this is the darkest series yet.

Now, where’s my eye-patch?

19 thoughts on “Battlestar Galactica Is Back

  1. I’m just finishing up season 3, got them on DVD. Fucking brilliant. Season 4 started hear a few weeks back, but luckily its available on On Demand, so once I finish 3 I can catch up on the first 2 episodes of 4.

  2. I’m also just finishing season 3 – one disc to go. It really is damn good. We started watching on DVD at Christmas, and nearly got Sky just to watch season 4… But logic won out, as I’m generally against giving that twatting shitebag Murdoch any more money.
    Even so, I suspect we’ll get Season 4 as it hits DVD – I think it comes out in half-series before the full season box set…

    Fucking hell, I’m really rambling. Enjoy it Bock, wish I could be watching it too!

  3. I know the fellow who does the visual effects for Battlestar Galactica. He wears black Roberto Cavalli shirts and black leather trousers in 90 degree temperatures which would be fine if he wasn’t a bit of a wanker as well. Nice wife. He’s got a Golden Globe at either end of his mantlepiece so he must be pretty good at his job despite having permanently partly poached thighs.

  4. was a little “meh” about the first half of it, apart that is, from the big dogfight at the start.

    Second part was more interesting.

  5. I dunno, it just doesn’t do it for me. It actually manages to run the fine line between mysticism, sci-fi and dark humanity (topics that in other cases I like) that just dulls me out. The wife is a fan though. That and I just don’t like any of the characters, with the possible exception of the spikey haired cylon that kept Starbuck prisoner for a while.

  6. Bock, do me one small favour – if you’re going to put any spoilers in any posts, could you flag them up first? Just in case you let something slip…!

  7. I downloaded Razor a few weeks ago, which was excellent and am now going to watch the first part of the new season, I thought I was the only sad fucker that liked it.

    BTW your site is banned from my work under the category porn, I was most disappointed when I got home and no porn!!!!

  8. Love it, love it, love it.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of the new series – lots of interesting set-ups to unravel throughout the series… So, who’s the final Cylon then?

  9. *sigh* I haven’t ever watched the new BG. I quite liked the old one though. Does it still have the same cast? Like Face Man from A-Team and that robot dog?

  10. Bock,
    really, I tried, to watch Battlestar G., really I tried…lasted maybe 5 minutes….OMG, I couldn’t handle the ‘dwama’!! hahaha…soap-opera in space :p
    …but if it keeps you out of trouble for a wee bit…. ;)

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