Apr 012008

Eddie O Sullivan is officially confirmed as the favourite for the Munster job when Declan Kidney takes over as coach of the international team.

It’s hard to believe. After all the trouble we had getting rid of him from the Ireland job, he now sneaks in the back door to take over Munster.

I can’t fuckin believe it.

OK, let me tell you something. This will be resisted.

I’m starting a No To Eddie campaign right here and now. If you want to be part of it, either email me or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

We’re not taking this lying down.

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    I can be in Shannon in 8 hours.Where would you like Eddie to go?


    You must have been weeks plannin this one mate.


    You had me going for one moment.
    That is one cruel & nasty joke, shame on ya Bock!


    Happy April Fools everyone


    not even for a second…


    Bastard – forgot what day it was!


    Pints for everyone if this comes back to haunt you!


    That’s just wrong!

    However, I’ll be stealing that for the crew over here! :)



    yea I saw that, delighted, its about time the german ladys under 12s got the recognition they deserve


    That was evil, but very very good, my other half was flipping when I showed him the post. Nicely done.


    I got it! I got it!

    But it took me 9 hours, you demon.


    I did wonder a little bit why there weren’t more “fucking”s in it.

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