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Irish Criminals : Enemies of the State


You might have noticed in recent times that a bunch of lowlife knackers have been giving Limerick a bad name, and we genuine Limerick folk are getting very pissed off about it. Very pissed off indeed.

On one hand, we have our local scumbag knackers shooting each other and dealing drugs. This is compounded by some lawyers who ought to know better but who clearly don’t, offering to mediate with these brutal thugs in an attempt to halt their feud. One lawyer in particular, John Devane, went on radio to offer his services in holding talks with the scumbags, and drew down a storm of rage on his head from appalled Limerick people who couldn’t believe the shite he was talking. No doubt infuriated by the sheer stupidity of the man, one caller after another challenged his proposal, which seemed to involve persuading the savages to halt their mutual murdering without addressing the real problem: the fact that these people are drug-dealing, organised criminals.

On the other hand, we have a slice of the national Dublin-based media taking yet another opportunity to switch off their coke-addled brains and indulge in the thing they do best: lazy stereotyping of Limerick.

This is astonishing hypocrisy: the people who should be carrying out the analysis and asking politicians the hard questions will settle instead for tired clichés and hackneyed shots of rundown estates with dirty old horses wandering around the greens. As if they didn’t have the same problem in Dublin and Cork and Waterford and right across the country. Not to mention right across Britain.

Even those writers with a bit of sense are in on the act. Here’s Úna Mulally writing in the Sunday Tribune:

… an entire generation of young Limerick men and women are revelling in the gangster lifestyle


An idiot, inbred subculture has adopted this lifestyle, not an entire generation of young Limerick men and women as Una states. Not my son. Not my daughter. Not any of their friends. Not the thousands of University students in this city. Not the artists. Not the sports people. Not the Olympic oarsmen and boxers. Not the musicians. Not the craftspeople. Not the theatre companies. Not the writers, nor the composers, nor the painters. Not the Irish Chamber Orchestra nor the World Music Centre. Not the honest hardworking people of my town. Not the Limerick people who routinely lift the nation’s heart with their European rugby success.

None of these are revelling in a gangster lifestyle.

A bunch of hopeless thugs have adopted this lifestyle and I’m sick and tired of being placed in the same category as these inbred fools by people too lazy to come here and find out the facts for themselves. People who prefer to take refuge in cliché and platitude.

I repeat: a few hundred worthless knackers, not the entire generation of Úna’s imagining. The other 80,000 of us are normal, decent citizens just like anyone else, but I suppose nobody on the Tribune’s editorial staff is going to question this kind of trite, predigested nonsense. It’s easier than thinking, and that’s Irish journalism for you, secure in its smug bubble.

In the third corner, we have an inert, imagination-free government, who haven’t one single clue how to deal with the vile phenomenon sweeping our country: a savage, welfare-addicted, delinquent underclass who give not one flying fuck about you, me or anyone else. A bunch of useless, fat, ignorant, boorish fucking numpties who each breed dozens of fat, ignorant, aggressive, stupid knacker-clone children, supported by my taxes and yours. Fuckers wrongly referred to as working class. Listen: I’m working class, as was my father and his father. We worked. The bastards you’re instructed to call working class these days have no intention of working, just as their forebears never worked. In their world, a father can be 14 years old, a grandfather 28, a great-grandfather 42, and a great-great-grandfather 56. A violent, scumbag great-great-grandfather. In America, they call them rednecks or white trash, and anyone who tells me not to label them can fuck off, because I’m sick of the whole fucking lot of them.

Finally, let’s not forget the PC Gestapo, who’ll shout you down every time you call a scumbag a scumbag or a knacker a knacker. These are the good people who’ll tell you all about human rights, as long as those rights belong to the fat, illiterate, stupid, etc etc. But they won’t tell you much about your rights when a member of the criminal underclass decides to stab you, or assault you, or smash your window and steal your hard-earned property, or sell drugs to your children. They won’t be saying anything about pricks like the skobe in this town who hides his €70k jeep around the corner from the welfare office before he signs on to collect his dole. These are the people who’ll lecture you about children at risk, neglecting to tell you what at risk really means: at risk of getting caught by the police after robbing you or beating you up. At risk of shooting you.

Let me say something about rights.

Rights are not automatic. Somebody who feels no allegiance to this country, who damages his community, who organises crime, who assaults his neighbours, is an enemy of our society. And it seems to me that there’s something deeply wrong when a society affords its enemies the same rights as compliant, contributing, civic spirited citizens. This is the path to society’s destruction. This is insanity.

We need to wake up and realise that these criminals have no principles, no human feeling, no remorse and no fear, because society’s response to them has been emasculated by the PC Gestapo. We need no negotiation with these groupings. We need the full power of the State apparatus to come down on them with a steel fist and smash them. Remember, you aren’t dealing with a subtle Yakuza here. You’re dealing with a bunch of ill-educated, semi-literate lowlifes, cunning and violent, but punks nevertheless.

Unfortunately, we also suffer from an incompetent, corrupt police force who prefer to bully lawabiding citizens for minor infringements and this is something that needs to be tackled urgently. We need a proper, modern, professional police force that we can trust to come down hard on thugs without misusing its power against the innocent. That means dismantling and rebuilding the police force we have.

While the thoughts of South Africa’s Security Minister might be extreme, I must admit a little Michael Douglas somewhere deep inside me gave a cheer when I read what she told police during the week.

You must kill the bastards if they threaten you or the community. You must not worry about the regulations.

I want no warning shots, you have one shot and it must be a kill shot.

I will not tolerate any pathetic excuses for you not being able to deal with crime, you have been given guns, now use them.

If criminals dare to threaten the police or the livelihood or lives of innocent men, women and children, then they must be killed.

Now that’s extreme, and I’m not advocating wholesale slaughter of criminals, though I must admit part of me would like to see it happening, but what I am advocating is this:

Stop them in the streets. Demand to know how a 17 year old can afford a €100,000 jeep. If he has no explanation, take it off him and scrap it.

Go through the title documents of their many houses. Demand to see the paperwork. Don’t accept excuses. If they’re beneficial owners without paper, take the houses. Knock them.

Investigate their welfare payments. Investigate their public housing. Find out if they deserve them.

Don’t give them free legal aid. Determine their means and make them pay just like you and me.

Take away their comfort. Arrest them for shouting. Arrest them for spitting. Arrest them for having bad dress sense. Demolish them. Wear them down. If the local cops are frightened to act and they are, because the savages know where they live bring in cops from outside, with balaclavas, Tasers, pepper spray and attack dogs.

Every time an underage child commits a crime, arrest his parents. Charge them. Jail them and put their children in care.

Get police out of their cars and onto the streets. Straighten out the coppers in this town who spend the night cruising peaceful leafy suburbs and eating doughnuts so they won’t have to confront trouble outside clubs and pubs. Sack them. Replace them with competent cops.

Appoint properly qualified people to run the police force, not hoary old bastards from a bygone age.

Get technology in there. At present, our police haven’t one clue about information technology: if you’re too fat or stupid to work the streets, they put you in the IT department. That’s how old-fashioned and incompetent our police force is. How corrupt it is.

To government, I’d say, sort it out. Recognise that the situation you confront is like a subversive threat, and treat it accordingly, without mercy. Squeeze these bastards back to the stone-age where they came from.


Post Script

Losing hearts and minds …

After writing this last night I went out for a pint. Just after midnight, the fearless defenders of law and order arrived at the front door of a quiet establishment where there’s never any trouble and peremptorily ordered the owner to clear the premises forthwith.

So there you have the management standards of our police force in one officious little vignette.

The Garda Síochána: tackling crime where there is none.



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73 replies on “Irish Criminals : Enemies of the State”

We said Bock, and not before time, we have allowed the lazy arse local and national politicians fudge this issue for too long. I would add one other action that could be taken re the expensive 4X4’s and cars, send the CAB into the motor dealers and confiscate the cash paid for these vehicles from them also.

I agree with everything you say…it’s true that the older you get the more right wing you become…….but politics means nothing when you’ve been happy slapped in to hospital……”Dave” Cameron wants the Brits to hug a hoodie……hug them? Fuck that drown the bastards

whoa, for a moment there I thought you were talking about California and a few other States here. Didn’t realise it’s so bad out your way; it’s been a while now since my last visit. :( Great post, and some good ideas, harsh, but then, I think the ‘pansy wrist slap and don’t do it again’ mentality doesn’t really work. You wonder if it’s government ineptitude, greed, or ability to control through fear. Crime does pay for certain elements.

jbkenn: Good idea. Any more ideas you have will be welcome. Before you know it, we’ll be a movement.

Manuel: Indeed. You seem to have developed a very ugly underlass in Norn Iron, though perhaps no uglier than ours.

HGF: I thought life in California was wonderful and everyone had great teeth. No?

Now, outsourcing is the mot du jour these times, what with globalisation and all. There are some very highly qualified people whose skill set includes “disappearing” troublesome individuals and “re-educating” them. While I disapprove of the application of these skills for the purposes of political shock therapy, I reckon a bit of shock therapy is just what the scum-class of this country could do with. Our wussy politicians could even arrange to have plausible deniability.

I’d say if you were to print that in a national paper 95% of the people who read would agree, even if alot of them wouldn’t dare say it. But would it get enacted on? Nope.

We already have the laws, but don’t seem to use them. You are right on many things Bock and one of them is that the instruments of the state come down hard on the compliant and are afraid of the dangerous crimbo. You will be interested to know that the Gardai have impounded the armour plated, bullet proof 4×4 Beamer from the Dundon’s, guess what, they didn’t pay the vehicle registration tax and could not produce a receipt when challenged. Ha!

Excellent, Bock. I wonder if one of those lazy journos would be brave enough to plagiarize this. For once I don’t think you’d object.

The Judicial System needs a major kick in the hole as well, it’s a daily occurrence to hear of these fuckers walking through the revolving doors of courthouses up and down this country. The bewigged ones only seem to deem a custodial sentence is warranted when some prick has committed his seventy-fifth or so offence. Any wonder the scumbags and their pyjama clad molls hang around the courts like a shower of hyenas without an ounce of fear in them for what passes for the law in this State.

As for Devane and his dining companion, Father Black Magic. That pair of publicity seeking twats should try to guage the mood of the public, rather than pander to the murderous scum they seem to think are reasonable people. In particular before embarrassing this city further with their “mediation” bolloxology, happily lapped up by a very willing RTE. At least some commentators in the print media tore that ludicrous proposal into shreds. Not that Devane Dickie is bothered by criticism, as long as his regular clients continue to fill his coffers at our expense.

Presume you mean ‘our local pub’. Tragic. Yet Bernard’s urine-soaked dive is open 7 nights a week until 6 am? What’s that about?? It’s the only place we can go! Where’s the justice for us?

Bock, I have to say I agree with every single thing you said there – including about the Gardai.


I wish I’d written that. Great stuff Bock, it’s high time somebody pointed out how the fearful goons we call our police force prefer to sit on their fat holes in warm squad cars fining ordinary Joes doing 50km/hr in a 40 zone on a dual carriageway, and yet are nowhere to be seen on a Saturday night after they close the pubs and the real trouble starts on our streets. It’s no wonder the criminal tail is wagging the judicial dog when we’ve a workshy ‘force’ picking up pay cheques for stamping dole forms, closing pubs and revenue collecting with speed checks on safe roads while the more dangerous byroads go unpoliced.

Extra Gardaí on the streets they cry. Big fucking deal, it’d just be adding another layer of nobodies to look the other way when confronted with real criminals.

A brilliant post Bock.

Mr Darwin: I refer to a riverside hostelry where people play music sometimes. Actual people with real instruments. Not knacker skobes with mp3s.

Mr McDanger: Nice to see a new face around here.

I can just about picture the Government’s reaction, a la Red Dwarf:

‘The time for talking is over. Now call it extreme if you like, but I propose we hit Limerick hard, and we hit it fast, with a major, and I mean major, leaflet campaign.’

But then again this Government’s responses to most media-highlighted problems seems to be along the lines of using gruesome TV and media advertisements.

totally agree with you, sugar! as his girl friday said, this is all too true here in the states as well. this past week in my little town, the mayor and his crew were bemoaning the rise of crime among young people here. the solution? we need to do more to “empower” youth, so that they have a stake in society. don’t even get me started on my solution. . .

Bock, who is buying the drugs off these guys? Just their friends and family? Don’t think so.
Think you’ll find that some ‘genuine Limerick folk’ are doing business with them, hard as that is to face. A sizeable percentage of the fine upstanding citizens you list are keeping them in business.


I have never been to Limerick City (not as an adult anyway) But many friends have recommended it to me as a lovely place to visit and socialise. The newspaper journalists in dublin ,as you point out, are talking through their behinds. However one point is important. Where I do accept it may be a few hundred knackers giving the city a bad name, it is the many thousands who are buying the drugs in Limerick (and hundreds of thousands throughout the country) who are answerable for the overall problem.

There’s a fair point to be made about ‘the people buying the drugs’ guess, as Roisin points out.

Its cause and effect, if you are supplying money to these people for their product then you are part of the problem.

Let them eat cake. And sausages and pies and biscuits. Coronary heart-attack will do the government’s work and solve the problem faster than the government ever will.

It should start with the kids though. Mentoring programmes have worked in some areas out here. The mentors are just regular people who volunteer to spend time with youngster every week and show them another way of life, another way to view the world that “Wots innit for me, like?” The volunteering part is key though. That tells the kids that someone thinks they’re worth more than their own parents do; that there is someone who can be bothered to spend time with them – maybe the first time an adult’s ever showed any real interest in him or her.

I reckon these huge societal problems are often best solved in small victories happening in individuals’ hearts and minds.

Róisín, Sam Crea and Roosta: Cocaine use is widespread in Ireland and if you thought these characters are making all their money in limerick, you’ve been misinformed. They have alliances with criminals in Dublin, Cork and elsewhere, and there’s every chance that the people in your town also contribute to their profits.

Sam PCB: I have no difficulty with that, provided something is put in place now to ensure people’s safety and to curb the criminals’ activity.

Well done Bock, this is quite possibly the sanest fucking thing I’ve read regarding Limerick’s gangs to date.

The knackers in question should be monitored around the clock, hauled before the courts every time they so much as drop a fag butt on the ground and, if they fail to show up for their hearings, toss the cunts in jail.

If the government doesn’t act swiftly and with great severity against these bastards, how long will it be before the Limerick situation becomes the norm amongst the criminal underclasses in our other towns and cities?

Brian: I think you have them in the States as well. Would that be correct?

H: It’s the norm in Dublin as well, and Cork is getting there.

Well I won’t disagree with you there. I work in an area in the midlands that is notoriously scummy, with a large number of 2nd and 3rd generation ‘settled’ travelers up to every fucking kind of crime you can name. Their not quite massacring each other just yet, but there’s been a marked increase in the number of violent assaults, stabbings, shootings and such in the area of late.

I can only pray that this does not escalate to the level of viciousness that the Limerick gangs have shown, but, being realistic, I suspect it’s only a matter of time.

You’re dead right about taking away their flashy cars and money. Dealers make the thug life look cushy and tempting to the poor. The violence is horrible blight on modern life.

This is as clear a post as it could be and I hope the arseholes in Leinster house can take their noses out of their swill bucket to pay attention – absolutely spot on about this being a countrywide/network problem.

I think though we should consider calling in every little incident we believe is related to this kind of thuggery – I know the Gardai will do sweet FA about it – getting the chips back to the station hot is more important – but I don’t believe they ever will even look up unless they are inundated with calls reporting even the pettiest of shite. As Red Mist said…we have the laws we just don’t use them…well maybe logging a few hundred more calls with the Gardai will help document serious head turning on their part.

Politicians will make capital out of this, get elected, sit on there a55es and wait for their huge pensions to roll in. Couldn’t we stop electing politicians!

Here Here Bock!!

(except the knacker scobes with mp3’s comment,i play mp3s out while djing and records too..but i know what you are getting at)

Why bother giving the cops guns if they arent going to use them?
A friend of mine suggested that maybe the Limerick Police force (and Dublin,Cork etc) should recruit some of our eastern european brothers..House them in a secure Apt building,arm them to the teeth and send them after these cunts.. They will be untouchable to these knackers and when a few of them have been taken out ,maybe the message trickle through that ordinary descent people have had enough of it….

I wouldnt call myself right wing but when people that work,pay taxes and contribute to society then these fuckers should be given no mercy..

@Organdoner: Indeed, just what I was suggesting further up. I read (or heard) recently about how Innuit society deal with sociopaths in their midst, I believe the quote was “Someone pushes them off the ice when no-one else is looking”.

If you have cancer you treat it, and I don’t mean with holistic rose petal therapy.

I just hope Brian Cowen makes Willie O’Dea Minister for Justice. For starters it would immediately make it very clear that politics and policing are far too close in this country, ie that there is no operational integrity to the Guard’s work. It would make the gun poseur O’Dea regret he glamourised fire arms. And it might make him do some real work, for a change, instead of faffing around as Minishter for Limerick.

As with TMcD I’m a regular ‘lurker’ but this one has tipped me over the edge into comment country. Absolutely, totally agree. My two kids came back from the local pool terrified recently after two knacker brothers had set about them. My nine year old was told to ‘f*ck off you little c*nt’ by one clearly not much older. Just treating people how he’s treated at home no doubt. I think all your recommendations should stand forthwith. Oh, and Ms Shabangu’s got a point – if being a criminal meant giving up your human rights, wouldn’t you think twice about it?


well done bock, about time someone actually put these words out there, we all think them, but so very few of us actually say them, its just a pity they can not be published in the public domain, i.e. local newspapers, heard the radio show you referred to , and was sitting here cheering ,woo hoo, some one finally has the “balls ” to finally stand up to these so called do gooders , my ass, headline hunters the lot of em, getting fat off the misery of others, think they called !”leeches”

Bock, We have them here too. They spread like a fungus. When I lived way out in the country and we would go to town we had a joke whenever we saw a young girl pushing a stroller (pram). You knew she wasn’t 18 yet. She only had one kid.
On Friday nights if we were to drive into town to go have a few pints we had to take the long way round so as to avoid the gangs/crowds of young drunk kids hanging out being voilent and destructive.

After coming back from work, watched Battlestar Galactica then read your blog Bock. It was so good I nearly cried. Especially the PC Gestapo part. I was nearly murdered by a pair of the “working class” and am traumatised ever since. What added to it was a couple of the right-on crowd (including my counsellor). “What about the poor boys who attacked you? Imagine what kind of lives they were leading? They probably had dysfunctional families.” This was the line they would trot out again and again until on one drunk occasion I roared “They TRIED TO KILL ME!!!!” They just shook their heads in a patronising manner as if it was my fault for the skobes attempt on my life. Following their logic should I not, traumatised that I am, be inflicting damage to others, taking their stuff, stabbing etc.? I am so sick of this crap talk about deprivation, they know nothing about it these lads in their ivory towers. I’m a bit tired I might elaborate later.

Ivory towers? i don’t think so.

These are just fuckin eejits who didn’t have the brainpower to earn a proper degree and settled for counselling or sociology instead.

Bock – possibly the best thing I have read in a long time, nearly brought me to tears.

I lived in Limerick for 6 and a half years, still visit regularly, and even work for a branch of a Limerick company here in the North West. I am so fucking angry at the lazy stereotyping you talk about by the media.

I loved Limerick, and from when I moved there in ’94 quickly became sad and weary at the attitude of friends who had never been there insult the place. I worked for a few summers during college in factories around the city and worked with good, honest hard working people from the communities of Moyross, South Hill, et al, and they were so proud of their city and so deeply angry at the effect that these fucking scumbags were having on the image of the city even 14 years ago – long before a publican could be shot and burned out of his business just for refusing to serve a thug.

What to do with the scumbags? Why AREN’T the CAB going after the big guns? When I lived round the corner from the social welfare office in the city and there were guys driving up to the door to sign on in huge fuck-off Mercs and beemers while their kids would get out of the cars and try and sell us drugs as we passed by……

As for the small frys that have no feeling or respect for human life or property?

A previous poster has the right idea – all we need now is an iceberg and a cattle-prod…

Hi Bock,
life in California is wonderful, everyone has great teeth, it never rains, and I’ve got beach front property in Arizona for sale if you’re interested! ;)

I think the whole yob, gangkid, teen pregnancy, drugs etc problem is a worldwide (at least western world) problem. Should we feel sorry about ‘what kind of homes’ these kids come from? Well, no, not while they’re trying to rob or kill me. Do I feel like strangling the drug mothers who have premature/’damaged’ babies, yes. (I work in a SCBU/NICU). Does the generational cycle need to be broken, and parents held accountable, yes; as well as the children/teens themselves. (and officials who are doing nothing about it).

Anyway, there are programmes here trying to make a difference. One is called VIDA which is run through the LA County Sheriff’s Dept. VIDA holds both parents and (pre-incarcerated) teens accountable. Perhaps something like this could be adapted for your neck of the woods. As well as tougher measures for those who are not able to be rehabilitated, as you mentioned… :)

Isn’t CAB doing a chunk of what you advocate on the financial side Bock?

I’m a touch concerned about being arrested for bad dress sense – it reminds me of my younger life walking English city centres and being denied entry to multiple pubs.

Yobbah: A friend of mine was murdered last year by 2 of these “poor unfortunates” and the guys who did it were boasting about it the next day as his friends were cleaning the blood off his bathroom’s floors and walls..
It is still a sensitive issue with people..
i hope the fuckers go a way for a long time and get “Their Shit pushed in” every night for the duration..

Organ Donor: I’m sorry for your loss. I’m not surprised they were boasting about it. I know my “underprivileged” friends were boasting about their attempt because the detective investigating told me thanks to the residents of Ballinacurra Weston who rang the guards to give information. My thanks go to the people there who come from the same if not worse background than these assholes and DON’T use it as an excuse to make other peoples lives a misery. However, the guards know who did it, but real life is not CSI: Miami but more like Law and Order where cases are dismissed due to lack/dubious evidence or some legal technicality. Were the murderers ever caught?

Bock: To me, who lives on a minimum wage (at the time of the attack I was on even less), yes those “left wing” people do live in ivory towers and then have the gall to preach to me as to the proper conduct of thought. They are a useless if not accomplices to the range of violence today. It’s easy to blame the “system”, “society” or “the government” but in the end up it means fuck all and they offer no practical solution. I wouldn’t trust the PC Gestapo as you call them to back anyone in a fight.

There is talk of a file being sent to the DPP ,but i havent heard anymore about it..
I am very angry about this whole situation as it is not a Limerick phenomena solely,there are parts of Dublin that are no-go areas for cops..places that are like Beirut..
But there is still no excuse for this mollycoddling bullshit that gets brought up.Civil rights is one phrase that gets brought up in the court reports (Mr Devane is a fan of that particular one),but you still deserve civil rights even when you refuse to behave civilly to your neighbours???.. give and take is what needs to happen.They take from us and we give them a hiding (financially and lifestyle wise) ..if that doesnt work.then real hiding’s have to happen

This is the third name you’ve posted under. You’re taking the piss.

Please leave a comment once only, and use the same name each time you comment or you and your third-level college’s IP will be marked as spam and banned for trolling.

a more plausible reason for the success of drugpushing scumbags in limerick may be that gardai have orders not to bust open the hardwork that others are doing. your situation in limerick appears like some type of experiment, village elders would have to sanction the ongoing business in town. Think about it, the latest greatest gardai surveillance units are well in the know, limerick scumbags provide intelligence! do interpol or d.e.a send the rookies over for training? And another thing… we must not forget that alot of people enjoy taking “drugs”.. i would go as far as to say that the majority of adults in this country take drugs in one form or another. So, there you go, limerick scumbags are successful in operation by demand.

Just discovered your blog ! magnificent !! I live in limerick !grew up in the 80’s, virtually no drugs around ! while hundreds were dying in Dublin of heroin addiction ! we lost the battle against drugs , the day the government declared drugs a health issue, we would tackle the problem with methadone and counseling and education , a load of bollocks really ! drug smugglers getting caught with suitcases of heroin at dublin airport were sentenced to 4 yrs in prison ! this whole thing is just a new industry , prison places , extra gardai, clinics , councellors , drugs czars commitees, reams of reports and media coverage, just a great big money spinner, whos behind the irish drug trade, the rich of course, the people who own private airports without customs and security checks !!!!

Well done Bock. One of the best pieces that I have read in a long time. Sums up my feelings 100%

Thanks man, a brave post on ( at first glance) a good blog. I disagree with your methodology though. Problem as I see it is these people don’t have enough guns. Arm these cunts to the teeth stick them in the gaelic grounds and let them kill all good fuck out of each other and shoot the last man standing. Thanks for being the voice of the Limerick man/woman

I’m not the voice of any Limerick man or woman. That would be narrow and parochial.

I have no interest in running a site based on small local issues.

This post is about Irish criminals.

Well Bock what a interesting post you put up there .. I must say that in my experience of life is that society creates its own monsters. There is no-one born evil is as far i can can see. Another interesting point is just the dealers are scumbags what about the users ? all those nice middle class people who shoot up at the weekend, parties etc … they not part of the problem ? If there wasn’t a market they wouldn’t be dealers. The two are interlinked.

I appreciate that you are not in the business of running a site based on local issues but my point was that whether it be Limerick, Cork or Dublin unfortunatly we the “ordinary man on the street” are normally too afraid to say the things out loud that you say on your blog. I call it brave in that sense. Being parochial in Ireland is unavoidable as we are a small country and the same arseholes are fucking it up for all of us. Despite this well publicised feuding shite your urban terrorists of the single digit IQ variety are at they are all linked in one way or another.

Ferdia what a load of bollox. If you are telling me that a kid can get hash at 14/13/12 it is their fault is a load of shit. You can’t pick and choose YOUR “Users” the dealers can.

I think it is unfair to make parents pay for what their children do. I, myself or my husband have never been involved in crime and one of our children went down the wrong road. We experienced three years of hell. Going to courts, driving around dark streets at night looking for her, the the horrible abuse we had to take from her as well. She’s now living in England for the last six years. I know after what she put me through I will never be the same person again. To be honest, if I was never to see her again in my lifetime I dont think it would bother me. My only conclusion is that some people are drawn to that lifestyle – why, I don’t know….

I’m not sure. I understand your anger, I have it too but people are people. The back log in the social welfare will make people more desperate for money, and more crime is inevitable. I can’t understand why people would get into selling drugs but if you were short on cash and a friend asked you to sell cigerettes, what would you do ? I know I would. I’m just trying to empathise. I belive in more severe jail terms, and these news laws that are coming in, should have been here long before but social problems need to addressed too. If our government won’t do it, our communties should. I dunno how exactly. But suggestions here may help. The media frenzy which swarms around these gangs, creates their profile & fame. I’d say they would only be delighted to see ‘limerick’s family feud’ in the omniplex, however this media glorification has put ‘something cool’ on this sopranos gangster lifestyle. Some young members fail to see the cold hard facts, and its too late for some when they do.

Have you any idea what we’re dealing with here? Any idea at all?

This crowd of people, these families, are the most nihilistic, negative, sadistic bunch of killers you’ve ever heard of.

Feud my arse. That’s just handy media cliché.

Do you have any notion at all what sort of savages you’re dealing with?

Excellent piece of writing.
Having not lived in ireland for a number of years its horible to hear and see (when returning) how far neighbourhoods and communities have fallen. How this scum in society cannot just be eliminated saddens me.
I’d imagine the majority of people living in limerick are aware of the minority of scum causing all this grief which also applies to dublin, cork etc etc so surely the powers that be and the police are well aware . Setup a task force and inform the so called thugs that they have a chance to stop or be eliminated. One chance saying, look we know your involved, your the scum of our society and all the good taxpayers who try to make our society a friendly, welcoming and tolerant place have had enough. I doubt they would be missed and it might serve as a deterrent to others.

If only !

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