Josef Fritzl, Elisabeth Fritzl and Echoes of a Concentration Camp

Some stories defeat the imagination, and I think the news coming from Amstetten in Austria is one of those stories.  The depravity of this man, who imprisoned and raped his own daughter for 31 years, quite properly leaves all decent people baffled.  No matter how I try, I can’t get my brain to process this information in any meaningful way.

Josef Fritzl started sexually abusing his child in 1977.  Elisabeth was 11 years old.  In 1984, he drugged the poor girl and locked her in a specially-adapted cellar, where she remained for almost 24 years, and where she gave birth to seven children as a result of continual rape by her father.

Fritzl forced his daughter to write a note so that the police would believe she’d run away or joined a religious cult.  It worked.  His wife continued to live at the house without ever finding out that her daughter was locked into the cellar.  Fritzl is such a violent, terrifying, domineering individual that no-one dared question him, and the cellar was forbidden territory, even to his wife.

The first of Elisabeth Fritzl’s children, Kerstin, was born in 1988 and the second, Stefan in 1989.

Four years later, somebody left a nine-month-old infant outside the house, with a note in Elisabeth’s handwriting.

In 1994, another baby was left outside the house, also with a note, and Elisabeth’s parents became the baby’s foster parents.

In 1996, twins were born but one of the babies died within a few days.  Josef Fritzl burned it in the furnace.  A year later, he took the other twin upstairs to live with him and his wife.

Elisabeth had another baby, Felix, in 2002.  Fritzl kept this child in the cellar with Elisabeth and Kerstin who was then 14 years old.

Earlier this month, Kerstin was admitted to hospital with a life-threatening illness, and it was only then that the police began to suspect something was badly wrong.  A note from Elisabeth was found in Kerstin’s clothing and police appealed on television for Kerstin’s mother to contact them.  Fritzl had no choice but to release Elisabeth, Stefan and Felix from the cellar.  Neither Kerstin, Stefan nor Felix had ever seen daylight in their entire lives.


When Elisabeth, now 42, and Josef Fritzl, 73, went to the hospital, he was arrested for sexual abuse and abduction.

Elisabeth and all the children are in care. Kerstin is still in a critical condition.

Those are the bald facts, but behind them there’s a universe of suffering.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that women have been locked up and abused in Amstetten.  During WW2, the town was home to two Nazi concentration camps — one for women only.  They were both sub-camps of Mauthausen, where 65,000 prisoners were murdered.  All camps were staffed by local people, including the brutal female camp guards and I imagine many of today’s citizens can still remember their concentration camp.  Some of them are the children of the murderers and torturers who ran it.

The camp was still in operation when Josef Fritzl was 10 years old and there can be no doubt that it was a significant part of his formative years, as it was to many of Amstetten’s citizens.  Isn’t it remarkable that, just as in 1939-45, the locals noticed nothing?  Isn’t it remarkable that Elisabeth Fritzl’s mother, Rosemarie, noticed nothing over 24 years, and believed the word of an overbearing loudmouth?  What does that remind you of?

Who knows?  Perhaps evil really can seep into the stones of a town.

Or a country.

It seems Austria has a great ability to ignore ugly facts.  Fritzl was convicted of rape in the Sixties, when he already had four children.  The police don’t think this is relevant as it happened more than fifteen years ago, and it didn’t pose any obstacle when he became a legal foster parent to Elisabeth’s children.

With an official attitude like that, it’s no surprise that the Austrians have failed to deal with their Nazi past.  When an entire country is in denial about its part in a monstrous crime like the Holocaust, it’s easy to understand how a vicious thug like Fritzl could go unnoticed.


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166 thoughts on “Josef Fritzl, Elisabeth Fritzl and Echoes of a Concentration Camp

  1. This story was the saddest way possible to start my day. I don’t understand what makes a parent look at a child and think “I’ve gotta get me a piece of that” and then do it for twenty or so odd years. By keeping them prisoner, in a box. And not to point out the obvious, but the space she lived in was so small…so he raped her in front of the children as well?

    Really, why are such people allowed to continue to deplete the supply of oxygen?

  2. Unimaginable, makes you wish that there was a fiery hell. In the meantime this piece of shit should be given a taste of his own medicine and locked in a basement cell for the rest of his miserable life. Sick depraved bastard, may he die a slow painful death.

  3. It would be fitting, in a truly Nazi esque way, if he were put to death (not that you folks on that side of the pond do things like that) and his brain dissected and studied for science…you know, to see what made him tick that way.

  4. Thanks for being clear about what he did in raping his daughter as his sexual slave for 24 plus years. The MSM has avoided naming his crime of rape.
    If I read one more testimonial from a neighbor saying what a quiet/nice old man he appeared to be I will vomit.
    The apathy of that community towards women and chidren’s right to protection and safety makes me ill.

  5. This is an unspeakable horror. But, sadly, there are people all over the planet doing hideous things in places where atrocities have already occured. This is the legacy of collective outrage … it is indeed visited upon the subsequent generations. If all war and violence were to suddenly and miraculously STOP it would still take generations for the noxious residue of the past to be purified … or it gets acted out again and again and again …. only prayer can reach into these levels.

  6. Eliza: It didn’t do much for my day either, but I thought I should say something about it.

    And it’s true that we folks don’t put people to death any more, though I often experience bloodthirsty urges. Capital punishment is a futile punishment that degrades all involved. It certainly hasn’t reduced the crime rates in the US.

    Hoof: I agree. The punishment should be of the same nature as his crimes, though I’m not sure if he should be tortured as well, as he did to his daughter.

    Medbh: Indeed. What a nice old raping bastard he is. Actually, however, the MSM on this side of the pond are being quite plain about what he did.

    Melanie: I was with you right up to the point where you recommended prayer. You must be new here if you don’t know what I think of religion, but you’re welcome anyway.

  7. In total, this day has an incredible sad hue to it, the Wexford incident, this truly, energy sapping thing and a reminder of the suffering that Polish girl went through as Finn was sent down today – WOW! I know it is easy to get news of himan tragedy/horror on a regular basis if you search for it, but all three of these made the headlines today.

    It is an incredible age to witness – I often wonder what it would be like to live in prehistoric times when the kind of base nature associated with these events was what kept order. I wonder too of the future and will Human beings ever be free of the need to act like this.

    The most incredible torment associated with living in these times as a human is having a sensience to realise we are capable of giving rise to this suffering but also the empathy to cry when we are even remote witness to it.

  8. Yeah. That’s where my right-on liberal sentiments go out the window. That rapist fucker Finn shouldn’t have been jailed. He should have had his fucking nuts cut off.

    The Wexford thing is something else. I notice that some of our fellow bloggers, including the GLIB, are taking a fairly judgemental stance on it.

  9. I saw that – read some of the posts – think I’m too old to get involved in that kind of collective, puerile rant. Judging others dissociates us from the human species – if one is capable, we all are. As you said, the collective experience of that place during the war is probably still seeping from the stones.

    The overall theme I came away with from reading some of those blogs is that it may be better to have a “guilty until proven innocent” system – then people would have to account for themselves on a more human level!

    Your point about Finn emphasises my thinking on our torment – it really is a frustration that we need to “act civilised” and think “naturally”!

  10. What kind of shit comment is that? Talk to me about female genital mutilation in Africa. This is not a fucking racist site, against white OR black people, so fuck off!

  11. Bock – I admit, it’s not a deterrent to crime, not at all. I read several studies last year that said it didn’t matter whether a state had a death penalty or not – rates of capital crime remained the same, whether a law for capital punishment was on the books or not. And let’s face it, the system is a joke. You can be sentenced to death, and spend the rest of your natural life appealing your conviction. Obviously, there is no solution that appeals to everyone.

    I think the larger issue here is that a large percentage of the prison population is mentally ill. People who are mentally ill and commit multiple nuisance crimes (breaking and entering someone’s home to, say, eat food or take a bath without real criminal intent) can land you in prison just the same as if you actually stole something. The law doesn’t make a distinction between people who chose to break the law and people who are (through no fault of their own, I feel) compelled to break the law.

    In the Fritzl case, the question is this: If Fritzl chose to repeatedly rape his daughter, he is a monster. If he has a compulsion that drives him to violence towards women, does that lessen what you think of his crime, or is it still just as heinous? It’s a hard question to answer.

    I don’t think of it as a punishment, or a deterrent, I simply think that there are some people who are so heinous they don’t deserve to live. I try and be judicious when handing out that title.

  12. Thank god he got caught because they would have all starved to death in that basement when Josef F died.

  13. I was about to say that the worst part of this is the effect on the children, but it’s not fair to pick out a ‘worst part’. All of this is just so distressing ands disgusting. If ever we need evidence of real evil in todays world, there it is.

  14. Austria would much rather the world waltzed and forgot their happy participation in the Holocaust.

    On the wider question I believe it is time that we made a clear separation between crimes (including threats) against the person and crimes against property. The effect being to make crimes against the person subject to far stronger and mandatory sanction.

    I was shocked that Finn got a 12 year sentence – rather than the possible 15 years – because he copped a guilty plea. I know why this system has come into being and I realise that in cases like this it saves the victim additional trauma, but…

  15. Another man arrives and lowers the bar a little bit more. How do we continue to find them…

  16. Do you ever think that we talk and think and write too much? Must there really always mitigating circumstances? There is nothing cerebral here. This evil exists in a parallel lawless place. Why bring it back to civilisation to deal with it? We have no means, let him stay in his dark place and let dark things happen to him.

  17. Doubt very much that someone didn’t know this was going on or that something was seriously amiss. When horror like this case in Austria, or even this recent event in Wexford, happens, there is, at first, a rush of general surprise but when that passes it always emerges that people suspected or downright knew but were stuck as to how to blow the cover on it and pay the price for interfering. In lesser situations of domestic abuse, bullying etc., that we ourselves can often know about, how often do we do something to help? The sad thing is that it’s easier to report the abuse of animals nowdays than that of humans.
    While, the few who commit the most fearsome acts may be lunatics, those around them who know but enable/facilitate/allow have a case to answer and maybe when they start to be held accountable by law too, things might begin to change and people will speak up, even if just for their own protection.

  18. One can only imagine the horrors the woman must have faced while in captivity, what’s even worse is the children witnessing their mother being raped and beaten by this “monster”.
    I am begining to wonder how these men conceive such ideas. The polygamists case in the US where underage girls are married to men thrice their age and the subsequent rape and abuse is also in close heels. How can we save our girls from the twisted minds of these monster men who think that they can inflict any kind of physical abuse on girls? It’s becoming a sad sad world full of sadists. I really hope this monster gets the maximum punishment and has fun in hell when he dies.

    They should cut off his penis and his balls, fry it and make him eat that.

  19. Hi Bock,
    I read this terryfying news and was horrified.
    In your blog some people were talking about the death sentence.
    Luckily in Japan we have a well functioning death sentence system.
    For example : A sneak comes in a house to steal 100 dollars. On his way back, he found that the daughter of the house, 8 years old, who stayed in the house with her 2 brothers of 4 and 6, saw him. The sneak goes back into the house and murders all 3 children, because the girl might have seen his face and denounce him. Japanese court sentenced this man to death. I am happy it did for the mother and the father.
    Many other examples..
    The key for me is to look to the survivors. During court sessions, the defendants have 10 or more lawyers, while the survivors often have nobody to speak out for them.
    As for Elisabeth and her children, Fritzl will be ever present for them as long as he is alive, even if he is stowed away safely in a prison, and psychologically he will continue to be a threat to them. The only way for them to feel safe, will be that this devil be under the ground.
    Really bad people are better of dead.. and it is only christian society that has problems with that, because it says that people are born good…or that you should forgive your trespassers or something like that. Bullshit of course…who could you ever ask Elisabeth to forgive her father ?

  20. Seemingly ironic, but I heard on the news just now he is on suicide watch…not a supporter of the death sentence but would go with natural law here. If he did decide to top himself then who are we to stop him.

    I can relate to Eliza’s statement – sometimes there is no apparent reason that someone so outside the natural or societal norms should remain alive.

    A counter to this would be the fact that we want to learn so it doesn’t happen again, but if an explanation was the effect of the depravity he saw as a child, how can we ever become so sophisticated with statistics and probability to predict such behaviour.

  21. There is more to this story than what we know. The idea that his wife was oblivious to what was going on in her house for 24 years …. 24 YEARS …. is un-fucking-believable.

  22. Hi Bock. Congratulations for this nice offending blog of yours. I am sorry I found it while doing some research on the Fritzl case, but can’t change that, and I will surely come back to read some of your archives and catch up with the latest posts.

    Kobayashi, I don’t think the main thing about not having a death penalty is the belief that people are born good. One argument is that Justice has failures and there is this tiny but very present possibility of convicting someone innocent.

    But a major argument is that the existence of death penalty and its execution over and over again makes the so called fair and normal society a society of killers, and trough that, all of us would be partners in violence. I don’t wish that.

    This news made me feel more sad than revolted. This whole thing is irreversible. Revenge, death or prison penalties will not give E.F. her life back the way it should have been.

  23. I started a comment here yesterday but my kids interrupted me. It was way long so perhaps it’s just as well.

    I can’t begin to comprehend the horror of this family. What a catalogue of evil and damage this man has wrought.

    I’m not a death penalty supporter but I will not be sad to hear when this guy has been torn to pieces in jail.

  24. My only thought goes out to elizabeth and all of her children. Because even the three raised out of the cellar have now got to accept what the rest of the world is finding hard to comprehend. I just hope they all find some kind of peace and happiness because they truely deserve it. I wish them all well

  25. I wonder what his wife thought when her monstrous husband brought home nappies, baby clothes and baby food !

    He also had previously been convicted of sexual assault, he has at least one other conviction, for arson, and he allegedly spent time in prison in the late 1960s.

  26. GOM – Thanks for the link. This article says, but doesn’t say, a lot.

    A shot to the head, and a shot to the chest…sort of implies a that the killer knew the victims, doesn’t it? Are they saying murder/suicide, or is there more to this story than I know? I understand the weapon in question belongs to a family member, but have they said who?

  27. great comment on a terrible story…i remember not so long ago another they elected another dangerous loudmouth Mr Haider…i don t want to sound xenofobe but maybe something is fundamentally wrong with their education… or genes

  28. what an awful thing to have happened. I can’t begin to imagine the effects something like this has on everyone it touches.

    Re: the discussion on the death penalty..

    I don’t think anyone has the right to take a life in any sense because noone can claim perfect vision/justice – mistakes do and have happened – and as someone mentioned above, the death penalty doesn’t seem to be much of a deterrent. Particularly for people who are acting out of mental illness/compulsion they have little control over.

    The justice system at the moment doesn’t seem to be able to decide whether it wants to punish or rehabilitate. so it does neither.

    Regardless of mental instability: it could be argued that all people are formed by their genes, formative experiences and environment – which would mean that noone is responsible for their actions. But if we look at things that way it equals anarchy. There has to be accountability. Maybe some people can be reformed. But there will always be some people who have done horrific things and can never be allowed back into society.

    So instead of letting them have satellite tvs and drugs why not put them to work and actually give back something useful to society? They could make wallets or something, and give the proceeds to a worthwhile cause.

    Just an idea. From what i hear of prison right now it sounds positively pleasant.

  29. I do not really think the history of the city that this freak comes from really has a bearing on his crimes.After all in America many horrific incidents as well and remember Fred and rose West in England.There seems to be a rottenness setting into western civilisation [i use the word lightly] in general.I have just recently returned to Ireland from the far east and am shocked at how this country has changed.In the far east crime of any kind is rare and you can walk the biggest cities [some of them many times the size of Ireland] in perfect safety any time of the day or night.Here even the small towns are no longer safe.The news here now is nothing more than a crime show.How did Ireland which was once such a pleasant place turn into such a shithole in such a short space of time?.After all we never had concentration camps here so that cannot be the cause of anything.

  30. GOM: Suicide watch? Let him kill himself? Why? He took the power of choice from his daughter, why exactly should he have the right to choose to take his own life? No no, he should stay alive..
    I would also like to say that Austria didn’t choose to be part of WWII, they were taken over by Hitler and his army who then used them to carry out many of his horrific crimes.

  31. Bock – thought that might be the case. Children suffocated or poisoned? No apparent motive?

  32. You know….just one last thought:

    You know you are still human when you are capable of feeling guilt and remorse.

    And you must ask yourself, do you think Elizabeth’s father felt guilt or remorse over his actions?

    Or poor Heather Wardle, whom, if she did kill herself, was seemingly so guilt ridden over the presumably accidental death of her son that she not only felt she had to hide his body but the later kill herself (if the working theory the police have now proves to be true)?

    That is what separates normal folks from psychopaths – we feel guilt and remorse for actions we know are wrong…..

    Sorry to ramble on, Bock….

  33. Heidils: “Austria didn’t choose to be part of WWII, they were taken over by Hitler and his army who then used them to carry out many of his horrific crimes”

    You’re kidding, surely?

  34. I know this has been touched on by one or two people but . . . I have always looked askance at (in the main) mothers/women who say that they had no idea what was going on when their children were being abused. I guess in some cases that could be true but there are almost always signs.

    In this case there were screaming red lights. I understand that the dynamic between this bastard and his wife must have been, at the very least, warped. But her daughter was living in the celler underneath her, being raped, giving brith, bringing up (if one can even use that term) children for that many years.

    What the fuck was going through her head. Seems even the most basic instinct of a mother – to protect their young – was missing.

    The poor girl – an evil bastard for a father and a mother who didn’t protect her. My blood boils at what we humans do to each other.

  35. Tango –

    Not much to do at the office today, but I concur…

    At the very least, wouldn’t there be a REMARKED family resemblance?

  36. I have to agree with Kobayashi and Buz. Because of the Christian belief of not killing it makes carrying out the death sentence hard. And I don’t care what anyone says their is no seperation of church and state in American. I’m an American from Tennessee the buckel of the freaken bible belt and I can see that. I am atheist so must christians don’t exept my opionion. They feel that our government is too harsh anyway…Bull Sh*t.

    Buz is also correct that there is this ever present nagging of if you kill someone that its later discovered they were innocent.

    That said. People who commit crimes like Fritzl beyond a shadow of a doubt should die. He even confessed to the crime, but in Fritzl case I feel that death would be too good for him.

    I have been on the receiving end of sexual abuse and forgive me for believing that he should get what he dished out. He should be sent to prison for 24 years and raped every other day. until he dies. He is in his 70’s, so he’ll die before his term is up. That would be the justice system at its best. No Forgiveness for him.

  37. I’m not normally an eye for an eye believer, but in this case, I want this fucker to suffer for a long time. Death is too good for him.

  38. Thats true that some christians have no problem killing innocent people they just can’t seem to kill the ones who are evil.

  39. This is really shocking and meanwhile it is common in west and in US. I am sure there are many people still raping their children and having sexual pleasure with them and TO BE HONEST the difference between human and animal in western countries is that humans can talk other Characteristics the same, shame on you.

  40. Peace Lover: I can see from your location why you might feel angry towards Western people. but we’re not all the same, you know. I certainly feel no shame on behalf of Josef Fritzl.

  41. Peacelover: So you are saying that Child Rape doesnt happen in your part of the world?

    Wake up!

    There are sick bastards all over the world of all colours and creeds..

    Thats a very blinkered and dangerous view you have there, i suppose you wouldnt have noticed if a guy in your neighbourhood did the same thing as that sort of thing doesnt happen where you come from?

  42. If the Jews would leave the world alone, the world would be better.

    Israel is killing Palestinians bz the thousands every year. When will the world react???
    Down with the Zionist state of Israel

  43. Well, being high on Google rankings will attract a broader profile :)

    The price of success in blogging = the attraction of idiots who are free to comment!

  44. They’re not free to comment.

    If I don’t like what some idiot says, I’ll delete it or ban them or both. I don’t guarantee anyone freedom of speech on this site.

  45. toi la nguoi Viet Nam . co le toi cung nhu tat ca moi nguoi deu cam thay dau long. nhung ke nhu Josef Fritzl co le len bi tu hinh de lam guong cho nguoi khac.

  46. What does that have to do with the price of rice? How did we go from a discussion about one man committing a lifetime of evil acts against his daughter to how Israel is bad? (btw, pretty sure Isreal itself is full of nice, innocent people who JUST HAPPEN to be jewish…gonna condemn them all just because of that? Nice person you are…)

  47. Eliza: It’s because these jerks always try to turn any discussion around to their personal obsession.

    This post has nothing to do with Israel, except in regard to the Jews who were murdered at Mauthausen by the Nazis.

  48. Interesting Blog, many thoughts travelling through my mind. Fritzl is something from a horror novel, someone to watch learn and listen from.

    Out of interest, have you ever heard domestic violence and called the police. If you answer yes to having heard it but no to calling police or notifying someone. Then perhaps you need to re-examine yourself. Our societies are becoming more and more insular, the more we do the less we are as a community. We don’t have time for extended families, street parties, whatever.

    Do you listen when someone tells you something, I mean truly listen. Or do you say .. well that is sad and switch off. Do you do things in your daily life to help others, or say .. how can my small amount of help do anything, and not bother.

    All these are decisions we make, rather than judge the society in Amstetten, judge your community, your life and if you find it lacking do something to fix it. Rather than whinge about the baseness of the criminal, look to the kids next door, the boy down the road. Did you smile at that street person you saw the other day? Did you look away embarrassed when that slightly kooky person on the train/bus started talking to you.

    Let me know what you think

  49. Love your entry Auslady as it does point out the unfortunate but common society we live in. If something doesn’t affect you, then it is so much easier to ignore it and hope that it will either go away or someone else will take action, and this in itself is a sad statement about humanity.

    As for Fritzl, he is one sick and perverted individual, a part of me desires that he suffers for the rest of his pitiful life and another part is craving to put a bullet in his head. Unfortunately I also believe that the story will get much worse as we find out more, after all, if he has been raping his daughter since she was 11, I don’t think it would be a stretch of the imagination to believe he would also have been raping his grand daughter and maybe the other children.

    This story and the others that have come out in the recent past makes me wonder how much more of this type of thing is going on and what it says about the capabilities of the human race.

  50. Auslady: That’s an interesting and thoughtful comment. I think there’s always a tendency to avoid confrontation, and people do indeed put things out of their mind.

    However, that isn’t a good reason to deflect attention from Amstetten. The things that happened there – both the concentration camp and what Fritzl did – are of an entirely different order of horror. We can learn something from them about the nature of human beings.

  51. I am not sure what we could learn. If you make the base presumption that human beings are capable of anything then the focus should be on how to prevent this from happening again at a community or societal level. If the idea is that we learn from the specific psychology of this guy then I fear we will not find an answer in our lifetime (or longer) to prevent people from doing this again.

    We are still not evolved enough from our animal tendencies to entirely trust that we would not revert to base, animalistic behaviour. The problem is, our level of awareness means that we can design ways in which we have the potential to be more monsters than animals.

  52. In Claude Landsman’s film ‘The Shoah’, which consists entirely of interviews with witnesses from inside and close to the concentration camps, the capacity of so many people living in the vicinity of the camps to somehow dissociate from what they clearly knew was going on is ultimately the most frightening thing. They saw the victims as being ‘other’.

    In Ireland we had the systematic abuse of children in orphanages and industrial schools and managed so successfully to ignore it for a long time. They were ‘bad’ children, ‘fallen’ girls and we used religious belief to bury them, not in bunkers under our gardens, but in buildings behind high walls. Even today, people who were in authority in such institutions who clearly knew what was going on, are still in positions of respect. It is enough to make one vomit.

    These days, we turn our backs on the children of the violent drug gangs on our own doorsteps. They are left to the mercy of their own dysfunctional families whom we refer to as ‘animals’ and ‘knackers’ and ‘scum’. Something ‘other’ than the rest of us. Today is the memorial day for the Holocaust and Bock may think the Holocaust has been turned into an industry and there may be an element of it being used on some level to justify abuses of the Palestinians, but in the memory of the dead, be they six million or less or more, wouldn’t it be something if we could at least try to stop putting labels on people, labels that enable us to see them, and particularly their children, as being something ‘other’ than ourselves.

  53. Roisin: You’re right to bring up the question of industrial schools in Ireland, and the Magdalene laundries. Local people in villages like Letterfrack, Glin and and Daingean not only ignored the abuses, but also used the children as slave labour. It was the same mindset as we saw in places where concentration camps operated.

    I object to the Holocaust being used for nationalistic purposes because I think it was perhaps the greatest abomination ever, and I don’t like to see it used as an excuse to oppress other people.

  54. How do you know that he is Christian? All other sources point out that he is actually Jewish guy!

  55. Bock .. if just one person does the right thing and watches and reports the world is a better place. We will never stop these atrocities happening, but if just 10% of the world start to open their eyes, listen and speak up … we can make a difference. The only thing to do is make a difference in your own life, we can’t affect amstetten .. particularly not me on the other side of the world. What I can do is stand up be counted and speak up when i see something wrong. Yes I will cop flak for that, but .. in the end i have to be me.

  56. Ignoring abuse is one thing, but I’m not sure I like the idea of self-appointed detectives watching their neighbours and reporting on everything they do. That sounds a lot like the Soviet Union to me.

    There’s an important distinction to be made between reporting crime and being a busybody.

  57. Good Blog

    What worries me is – did this freak Fritzl abuse his grand daughter – the one in hospital ? the kids have their own language, a lot of grunts and groans, how can they possibly lead a normal life having been through all that. Elizabeths life is gone, they’ve all been robbed. On the subject of killing this piece of shit – shootings too good for him, lock him in the same cellar and let some escaped inmate called Buba visit him on a regular basis !!

  58. i’m to feel pity for Elisabeth, she has must a feeling of agony.feel self pity and shame mind.Josef Fritzl will exterminate.

  59. This is beyond belief. Beyond all possible comprehension, and certainly beyond all sympathy for the monster who could do something so depraved, so inhuman, and so purely vicious.

    How a ‘man’ can imprison another human being during what ought to have been the best years of her life solely for the purpose of his own wicked physical gratification defies all understanding. That his victim was his own child is even more horrid – it is sickening.

    It is impossible for anyone with any jot of decency to fathom the mind of a man who destroyed his own daughter’s life and coerced her to give birth to seven children of his own flesh and blood. Someone who could imprison four of his own children in a sound-proof dungeon, and burn the body of another.

    It is even less comprehensible how he could possibly have lived with himself for all those years that he committed himself to such villainy. How did his conscience (if he possesses any) not dissuade him from carrying out the plans he had been constructing since 1970, when he applied for permission to build a ‘bomb-shelter’ that was to become his daughter’s unwilling home for the greater part of her life?

    No decent person can rest until this man can never walk the streets of this world ever again, until the people of this Earth are safe from his unrelenting, remorseless mind.

  60. I agree neighbours should not be busy bodies .. was more if you see something bad do something about it

    In our news today reports of Fritzl complaining about the prison and being upset that people found out about his secret family. He doesn’t know the half of it yet. I hope that every day he spends inside that jail he thinks of the lack of freedom he gave to Elizabeth and her children. How they will ever come to terms with the beatings they were given, or their parentage I do not know. I Hope he is uncomfortable .. can’t they put him in a cell that is 1.7 m high for life? that would be gread




  62. As I said before Peace Lover, there are sick bastards all over the world and neither Decomcracy or Islam is to blame for it,its just that some HUMAN beings have mental problems (Look at the President of the United Sates and his Iranian Counter part) ..
    I understand you love your faith and i admire that but your arguement is mute when you start blaming the actions of one sick fuck on the Type of governent system or religion that is most prelevant in the area..
    I dont agree with what Bush n Blair (they are ultimatly at fault for the current violence in Iraq) have done forcing democracy on a country that clearly dont want it.But either do i want Islam forced upon me or my country,i have nothing specific against your religion but i mistrust all organised religions because they are created by men to control other people…
    And you will find most people dont like having beliefs forced upon them,ie we just copped on to the Catholic junta here in ireland recently.. we dont want another bunch of preachy moralistic cunts coming in and pointing the finger … (sorry if this completely off the post but it just came out that way)

  63. ‘Peace lover’

    Fritzl didn’t do this crime because he’s White, Catholic, Austrian, Male no more than that Islamic Rapists, raped his 5 daughters because he’s Islamic – they did these crimes because THEY are sick F**kers period.

    Do you seriously think if the world became Islamic tomorrow – people like Fritzl would suddenly become human – don’t be having a laugh

  64. Peace lover: It seems to me that you think it’s wrong to rape women but all right to behead them.

  65. Mary and campbellini

    The article Mary pasted here has no basic source,

    And to be Frank Why I mentioned Relegion here is that the Relegion has full control over Humans in the past and now…..

    and in order to come to the point i should say that some of the comments that bad people are found in every relegion and the blame shoul not come to the society but at the same time when we study Islam it distinguishes Humanity from the actions done by people like Josef, I know in west it is law and police who control such crime but Islam bannes these things and have great punishment for people like this who commit sin and crime and cause other people feel pain, sad and in total grieve…… I dont want to mention the Phylosophy of relegion as Islam, Christanity and Judaism are all sent from same God “Allah”, but I would like to say only this that Islam can stop such crimes and painful tragedies if it is carried out correctly and acted upon.

  66. Tell that to the thousands of women murdered by the Taliban in that soccer stadium (given to the country by the west btw) for the terrible “crimes” of walking doen the street without a male relative,seeking out an eduction or whatever the male accusor decided had been done.
    As you say Islam as a religion has many positive aspects to it.its just that the execution (pardon the pun) seems to be different according to different groups interpratation (this happen’s in christianity also ).There are moderate Muslims and hardline Muslims..No one should be killed because of a religious belief as murder is the ultimate insult to God (even if it is his name)-or i have been told as much..
    This post is about 1 sick Austrian fuck not anything else but i felt compelled to respond to the posts by peacelover.. i will not do so again

  67. Peace Lover: This discussion is not about promoting Islam or any other religion. if you want to talk about Josef Fritzl, you’re welcome to do so but please stick to the point.

  68. ‘Great punishment’ can be dished out to innocent people by mistake

    Tell you what Peace Lover – you keep your beliefs and I’ll keep mine and the best thing we can do is not try to force them on eachother.

  69. What do you mean that the article has no source? Check this url out, this is from a leading newspaper in India

    Dont be so dismissive. I remeber this case very clearly as I was in Singalpore when this happened. The man clearly admitted to have raped his daughters saying islam supported this rape. And please dont make this a religious issue as it is not.

  70. And what about the saudi rape victim who was to be punished for getting raped where else will you find this sorta ridiculous verdict, peacelover in Saudi arabia women are not even allowed to drive or vote.

  71. This is from the Khaleej times ( now they dont have to defame islam by publishing a false story)
    Peacelover first you wanted someone to show a story from the islamic world that was similar to the Fritzl story, when it was shown to you go in to the denial mode.

    Democracy or Christianity is not to be blamed for what happened, Josef did not say that he did this in the name of Chrsitianity. If religion is to be banned because so much evil happens in its name then there have been so much evil in the name of islam, shouldn’t islam be wiped out in that case?
    What about all the people in Austria who are helping the victim recover, aren’t they Christians? Your point is like saying just because someone breaks the traffic rules lets not have any traffic rules or even traffic.

  72. Holocaust was caused by a Christian called hitler where millions of Jews were put to death but what about Christians like Oscar Schindler who rescued some of them, then is one to say that Christianity was the reason hitler did what he did? There is great good in this world and great evil that exists alongside. Lets look at the good things that come from God because good always triumps over evil.

  73. Peacelover, you seem to have a very rosy and romanticized view of islam. Don’t turn a blind eye to the attrocities and the gross human rights violation that happens in the islamic world. And over emphasize the stray evil events that happen in the West. What about all the great inventions, great charities , humanitarian causes, medical discoveries that come from the West?

  74. They knew! someone in that village knew! how could they not? how could her mother never have suspected something? How were they fed ? how did they live down there without someone knowing? I grew up in ballynanty and you could hear the man next store taking a pee! but no one knew of this yeah right give me a break. Fucking horrible people! He was such a tyrant no one dared go to the basement? or question him ? where were all his other children if his wife was so spineless? why were they allowed to foster the children of his daughter when he was a convicted rapist? why was it social services allowed him to be absent from the mandated interviews? who was not doing there god damn job. His wife is as to blame as he is how dare she be so spineless.

    I will now brace myself for the attack.

  75. Guys. What do I have to say to make myself plain? This post is not about Islam or any other fucking religion. How clear do you want me to make it? If you don’t give it a break, I’ll have to start blocking comments.

  76. Having read more news on this today, I’ll sum my feelings up in one single sentence:

    What a sick fuck.

  77. The Fritzl story of this poor poor Elisabeth has hauntd me for days. Amazing she survived at all and taught love to her children, she is a true heroine. I pray for her and the children, poor angels. After Elisabeth became grey and old did he start abusing Kerstin who finally went into shock after an attack? who knows. I think the Austrians will not reveal all the details ever, too much bad press for Austria. A foundation should be set up for this family so they can live in peace and lovely surroundings the rest of their lives.
    Did Fritzl sexually abuse his older children too? Fritzl should be placed in a similar dungeon with food and water pushed thru a slot with 5.6 ceilings. Death is toogood for him. His lawyer sounds like a real creep too.

  78. Shannaboley,

    When I heard it first I thought the wife had to know, I’m not so sure now. I don’t think their marraige was even semi normal – I think the wife was scared of him and if he said don’t go down to the basement, she didn’t go because she didn’t want to beaten. He beat the ‘upstairs’ family as well, the wife was probably relieved that Elizabeth had ‘run away’ from that home for her own sake. That tenant who was aware that Elizabeth was being raped as a child and said nothing to keep his apartment should be prosecuted, surely there was an onus on him to report that ?

  79. The goverment of austria have to put that MOTHER F***R in the same cellar for the rest of his life , and evryday they put a HOT EGG in his ass. and they cut his D***K & put some salt on it, till he goes to hell. if they want i’ll do it with my pleasure.

  80. I think police, social workers and people in general should deal more with isolated and non communicative people in society.
    I don’t think that this GMO is last maniac.

  81. Its hard not to look at this story and not be moved by emotion. What Firtzl has done is truly evil. If ever a case could be made for the death penatly then this is it. He has chosen to live outside (well outside) the norms of society and should for the good of his family be removed permantly from this world. Does it matter what his religion is or was? The anwer is no. I am no religious scholar but I cannot imagine any religion suporting or sanctioning this behaviour. Too quickly we can try to apportion blame or assign reason for actions like this. In truth, this man was evil. He did not act like this becasue of religion, politics or racial reasons. He is living proof of an evil that lives in this world and gives good reason for us all to be fearful. Each and every day we see a new story that defies beleif and sickens us to our core. The only consolation that can be drawn from stories like this is that no matter how sick and evil the person/ act is, that over time good seems to win out. He is caught and his victims are free. Small consolation but hopefully they can re build something from their shattered lives.

  82. I have been haunted by this story for days now. What this guy has done is so evil, that it cannot be described in words. It is unimaginable what Elizabeth and her children must have gone through. And it is unbelievable that his wife did not know about it. To dig a cellar, install gates, get food, clothing etc and go on like that for 24 years- that too unnoticed? Its horrible and this guy should be made to suffer exactly in the same way, or worse, for the rest of his life. No punishment is enough.

  83. I have followed Fritzl’s case for more than a week now. I had nightmares. How can such a monster live among humans? Monster or devil is too good to describe such a person. Animal??? Nahh.. If Josef Fritzl is a human being, then I rather be call an animal. Elisabeth’s mother should be ashamed of herself to let this happened, she should not defend herself. She is much more to blame. How come a wife not knowing even a little about her husband’s mental defect??? Is she stupid? It’s unacceptable!!!

  84. Yes, his wife is eually guilty ! She had no excuse for the fact that he let the beast to be tyranic with her and with her kids….she could have divorced him !!!!
    I do not like her face at all. She is a devil and I have the feelings that she k new what was going on !
    How about the rest of the family ? Why the elder siblings – who left the home- did not look for their sister during all this time ????
    This is a very complicate case and there ae so many things that we do not know yet. No matter what, this monster could not have done what he has done by himself……..he had HELPERS………..

  85. kelly the problem with assuming that others are guilty before knowing the whole story is that you add to the pain they go through, its opinions like that which will make it hard for Elizabeth to move forward. FOcus on the person that did the acts, if others are complicit their karma will catch up with them.

  86. I read over the weekend that the doctor treating the family said the Mother had a nervous break down when she was told what had happened. Maybe this is why the police are sure she didn’t have anything to do with it, coupled with the fact that only his DNA was found in the cellar. I suppose eventually it will all come out, I just hope they don’t put him in a soft looney bin – too good for him by far

  87. I think that Rosemarie (the wife)… if she is as evil as she looks, allowed this to happen as she saw relief for herself from the monsters sexual activities. This does not excuse her in anyway, mind. She was just looking to be spared and of course, he had probably threatened her if she squealed about anything.

  88. Dear Auslady,

    Sorry if you misunderstand my message….Try to see the whole picture !!!! OK ?
    We’ll see in the end….when the truth comes out !

  89. I’ve just come across a related story: Anne Marie Wilson, abused for 16 years by her father, John McMillan, in and around Glasgow. He too started abusing his daughter when she was 11. What struck me was that both Elisabeth Fritzl and Anne Marie were doing everything they could to hide the truth from the outside world. Skipping PE classes so that their teachers and schoolmates would not notice bruises, etc. Why? I bet they were terribly ashamed of what was happening to them. Forget the well-known fact that children can be easily manipulated into feeling guilty and responsible for what is happening to them. But maybe there is something about us: neighbours, school friends, social workers, teachers, that makes it hard for them to talk about or report the abuse.

  90. Kelly that is the point you are making assumptions before the truth is known .. you talk rubbish, what if that mother is innocent, have you read all the stories about her nervous breakdown, about how she got counselling for the 3 upstairs kids re adoption and the cult she thought her daughter was in. It is people like you that go off half cocked that make more pain for people already in a painful position. Have opinions on the perpetrator but don’t make assumptions about people around him till we know. A little maturity perhaps would help you to see the bigger picture

  91. To Auslady: why did you point to me ? Am I the only one who makes the assumption ???? How many people in this world are asking the same question or make the same assumption ?
    I can tell from your points of view where are you coming from…….even your user name sounds really scary !
    People have the right to tell their opinion ! Obvious with you 2 neurons functioning on and off you are not able to get it !

    You are just pitiful woman!

  92. Everybody keeps say all this Nazi concentration camp stuff about Josef Fritzl, but the only true fact about this whole incredible, disgusting affair is that Fritzl is an Orthodox Ashkenazi Jew. He ran an underground synagogic ritual abuse center where his victims were genitally mutilated and were forced to chant to Luciferic and demonic entities.

  93. You seem to be gettin the nutters the last few weeks…i mean you probably get them all the time but i’ve noticed a sharp increase over the last while..

  94. true bock, kelly was not targetting you, but you seemed to have no room for introspection and assumed a lot. I prefer to have a softer approach, we know that fritzl had perpetrated the crimes. I did not resort to calling you names or making assumptions about you personally kelly and would appreciate you perhaps not making assumptions about me or my womanhood. just imagine if you will that she did not know, the weight of this falling on her shoulders and the added bonus of all these people in the world passing judgement on her with no proof. All i am asking for is a little room for the woman to breath and look after her family.

    Bock for all the “others” it attracts, it also attracts other intelligent, thoughtful people with interesting viewpoints. I would like to take this moment to thank you for your post and your attention to other matters have been reading through the site. Enjoy your day

  95. You guys, I think we hold the record in France.,,30200-1314849,00.html

    The worst is that all of this could have been avoided.
    (About the frenchwoman) “Yet *as* in the case of Austrian Josef Fritzl, neither neighbours, teachers nor social services thought to raise the alarm, despite the young woman’s pregnancies and repeated spells in hospital for injury.”

    How f***ed up is that???

  96. Death is too good for Fritzl. If I had my way, I would put out his eyes with a white hot poker (while awake) and place him into solitary confinement for the rest of his life. His small cell would be lit with a 15 watt bulb. I would see to it that he received one hour of sun per day (to keep him alive). In addition I would deprive Fritzl of his right to refuse medical care and, I would use the most aggressive therapies to keep him alive as long as possible. If he tried to starve himself, I would have him force fed. He would get transplants, radiation treatments, whatever was required to extract the longest possible life with the greatest amount of suffering. In addition I would prohibit anyone guarding or caring for Fritzl to speak to him in any way. He would be under a continous suicide watch. He would also, as the final insult, be completely naked in his cell. His cell would also be padded and without furniture, except for a sink and toilette.

  97. People, lets concentrate on the poor souls of this unimaginable crime. Every taboo of humanity has been violated in the most extreme way here, and all of it on one poor innocent girl. A new standard of suffering has been set here, one that will hopefully be impossible to beat. The intensity of lonliness, dispair, brutulization, disgust, horror or any other adjective that horrifies us, this girl experienced. Giving birth alone, can any of you, guy or girl imagine that. Especially in the conditions she was living in. I am the same age as E/F, I have a wife and two children, I cried on to seperate occasions because of this story and lost sleep. She is my hero and my insperation because she showed the power of the human spirit. That creature bent and stretched her, but did not break her. I am not that religious, although I believe in a devine being. You could say he forgot her or say that he was with her and helped her get through this ordeal so that she could live and tell her story and maybe open the eyes of the world. I noticed through net surfing that many were touched and mentally affected by this story. This one is the cream of the crop. You could say all you want about, the wife new, the neighbors new blah, blah, blah. BOTTOM LINE, SHE SUFFERED FOR 31 YEARS LIKE NO ONE ELSE IN RECORDED HISTORY…. AND SURVIVED.
    Dear Elizabeth, my the rest of your life along with your childrens be long healthy and complete opposite of the last 24 years.
    Sincerley: someone you`ve touched very much. GOD BLESS

  98. This guy derserves to be tortured for months and starved and then burnt at the stake and burnt very slowly so he can the feel the pain (altough it’s not as painful as what poor Elizabeth suffered). If anyone has worser punishment please suggest them (i’m sure their some) but no one say forgive him this evil pervert is beyond forgiveness.

  99. Why are you calling Jozef fritzl a Catholic !!!
    This individual is a rapist, sadist, egomaniac a compassionless parent & grandparent.
    He is a misogynist. Who leaves a pregnant daughter to deliver her own births by herself when the possibility of complications could mean death for the daughter and grandchild. Who rapes in the presence of the victims children.
    No Fritzl is no catholic or Christian or humanist or anything other than Satan himself in human form.

  100. Lilly, I’m pointing out that he’s a Catholic because some evil bastards have started to say he’s a Jew, for their own evil reasons.

  101. Bock you miss my point. Fritzl has NO religious affiliation. (anyone with a modicum of a conscience
    would have never continued that hideous situation)
    He s Satan, does Satan have a Faith? Is he catholic? I read where fritzl did not belong to any
    church in town, his wife attended Catholic services with the kids & fritzl took those opportunities being home alone to abuse Elisabeth.
    Yes, there are internet types that accuse all of being Jews, they have even accused Karol Wojtyla
    (JP II) of being a Jew. (sigh)

  102. I just have to set Lilly straight on this one: Throughout history, and to this day, the most dangerous people in the world were and are the religious.

    Also, in effect, religion denies us the chance to exercise our true conscience–since a book simply tells us ‘God’s laws’.

    Do you really think that until Moses arrived with the Ten Commandments, the Israelites had assumed stealing and killing was fine? Even the most primitive tribes on Earth have discovered otherwise–it’s basic morality, derived from normal human experience.

  103. Hello,
    I’ve been following this case with some interest since it first became known to the world what evil the man has done.
    I cannot fathom it.
    I’ve read comments on many sites about this
    man, and the number of people that are trying to turn it into a religious argument is amazing.
    There are so many people that can’t distinguish Austria from Australia. Then there are the nutters out there that are posting videos on Youtube saying that Josef Fritzl is their hero.
    I’ve read comments stating that what he did “wasn’t that bad”, that she suffered from the Stockholm Syndrome and was used to it and might even have enjoyed it.That abortion was far worse then what happened to Elisabeth Fritzl.That made my blood boil.
    The number of people out there that comment with utter crap just to stirr people up and get a reaction is really quite sad, seeing how serious this is.
    But I guess it takes all types to make a world.
    Thanx for your time.
    Love your site.

  104. Excuse me Darwin BUT you need to study history a bit more, it’s very ill informed to say that throughout history & even today the most “dangerous people” are religious ones…
    that is quite an ignorant remark….
    That most dangerous people are those who have “no empathy” for their fellow human beings & (you miss my point too) ANYONE who is doing hideous things to a fellow human being in not following religious tenents !!!
    What “religion” that you know of requires its adherents to torture or kill fellow humans???

  105. After reading this story, I am ashamed to be called a human. The only punishment for this rascal is to lock him in the same dungeon, reduce the air supply to a quarter (since he had four people sharing the air), block the passageway to the other room, and have a gay guy rape him repeatedly. This should continue for at least 24 years.

  106. I have read with interest the various posts that suggest that only a lunatic could do what Fritzl has done, and so he should be forgiven. I think that the right to forgive, or not to forgive, lies only with the victims of the case. If I put myself into the shoes of the victims, I can’t find myself able to forgive Fritzl. It is indeed a monumental effort to put myself into the victims’ shoes in the first place. To imagine their suffering, hopelessness, despair, fear is not just difficult, it is almost impossible. Their personalities, physical and mental health, would be damaged greatly and anyone suggesting that Fritzl was human and he erred and should be forgiven is not making an attempt to imagine the pain of the victims.

  107. First the Natasha Kampuschi case and now this – I think the Austrian authorities now need to conduct a house to house search of cellars with sniffer dogs. Who knows who else may surface from another dungeon next?

  108. I finally got around to reading the link that Mia sent regarding the French woman. That there is so much pain like Fritzl caused in the world is just horrible. Since I last wrote my father has passed away. I try to balance the horrific scenes that play through my head when i read stories like Elizabeths, with the wonderful life that my parents provided. RIP Dad

  109. They haven’t gone away you know. Looks like another one of these sick fuckers has been caught. Just lifted this from :-

    A man has been arrested in eastern Poland on suspicion of keeping his daughter imprisoned for six years and raping her repeatedly, police say.

    The 45-year-old man, whose identity was not revealed, was held in the town of Siedlce after his daughter, now aged 21, reported the alleged abuse.

    Police say she gave birth to two children in 2005 and 2007, adding that “they were probably a result of rape”.

    Officials declined to provide any further details.

    A Polish court ordered the detention of the suspect for three months pending the completion of the investigation.

    The case recalls the Austrian Josef Fritzl, who is accused of keeping his daughter for 24 years in a cellar and sexually abusing her, during which time she is believed to have given birth to seven children.

    “To some extent, this could be a similar situation to that in Austria,” Polish police spokesman Mariusz Sokolowski told TVN24 television.

    The suspect’s daughter also said that her father had forced her to give her children up for adoption.

  110. I believe this will continue to happen whilst our societies become more and more detached. We ignore our neighbours, know little of our communities (over generalising I know) and go about our merry singular ways. So sad …

  111. really enjoying the site’what i’d like to say to all concerned about the way society is in relation to child abuse in particular is that there just isn’t enough irreverence among the people ,especially the young and innocent,this is how the governments,religions,powers that be have designed our society to keep us all in check.Everybody …………….take tomorrow off ,have a day for yourself and tell them all to FUCK OFF…..youll be surprised to find that the world hasn’t come to an end and that you are feeling just that wee bit better about yourself ,empowered and part of the human race.Forget your gods your bigotry and your judgement and if you embrace anything about your children be it their right to say a loud resounding NO.’Birds in the sky you know how I feel’……..

  112. The individuals saying Josef Fritzl is their hero are from 4Chan. They’re professional internet trolls and basically attention seeking children.

  113. Now I’ve read an article that states he
    imprisoned his mother as well.
    He bricked up her windows so she couldn’t see
    the world out side.
    At least he was found to be sane and fit to stand trial for these barbaric deeds.
    Yes Andrew there are some nutters out there claiming Fritzl to be some cult hero..
    Sad isn’t it?

    Conscience in the Fritzl case,even if they had searched his house for a cellar, they would never have found it. 7 doors, some with security codes,so well hidden..

    He is a very cunning and calculating.

    The thing that amazed me the most is the hundreds of letters of support and offers of marriage he’s received from stupid narrow minded pathatic women.Who are OK with the atrocities he committed.

  114. All I can say is I hope that all individuals saying that Fritzl is their hero get a HUGE karmic bitch slap.

  115. This is only really astounding given that it took place today, but remember history. In the United States, White men raped and enslaved women repeatedly for the ENTIRE LIFE of the women. At least Fritzl’s daughter was freed by chance. At least Fritzl daughter was a singular case, rather than the TENS OF MILLIONS of women raped and enslaved by White men in the USA.

  116. Nikki, I find your comment diversionary, there are so many things in history that have happened, but this happened in our recent past. Perhaps consider the personal hell that Elizabeth went through rather than glossing over that and saying that Men iN USA raped and enslaved women, you could say that about Men in any country of any colour, this is not about race but about society as a whole IMHO. There are women too that have enslaved and raped women and men.

  117. I can’t even *begin* to air my feelings on this ‘incident’. I sat here crying and crying. I thought I had a grip on it, and then my mother brought my daughter home from eating lunch and I lost it all over again. I held her for so long. Speaking as a mother alone : My soul is both rocked and outraged.

    I can’t express the rest of my feelings so I’m going on to the other things I *can* comment on.

    As far as this stuff about concentration camp evil residue resounding in that place : Evil exists everywhere. I live in the US. We hear about stuff like this more often than one would think. I don’t know how it doesn’t make international headlines like this case has.

    As far as religous discussion is concern : I don’t think it matters what religion he puts down in terms of preference. He could easily say he is ‘catholic’ or ‘methodist’ or yes, even ‘jewish’ if he has a mind to inflict more pain on more people. Regardless, he is filth, and I don’t know that any amount of contrition from any Holy Man will save him. I also don’t know if forgiveness from Elisabeth or the children will save him. That’s not my place to say (I’m Christian, but that doesn’t matter as far as his soul is concern).

    As to the ‘sniffer-dog’ comments : I refer to my previous statement. It’s not like this place is the only place this happens.

    I cannot say what the story for Rosemarrie was. She may have known. She may not have known. She may have been powerless. I know I would like to believe I would have known, but I can’t say for sure. I know that no power on Heaven or Earth would stop me from protecting my child, but I am not every mother. Some simply lack the fortitude to do it. It’s not fair to say one way or the other.

    GUH! Is all I have left emotionally on this. Just…GUH!

  118. Andrei Chikatilo had more humanity than this bastard.

    Draw and quarter the bastard over a prolonged period and lynch him in a public arena with his entrails dragging behind him is all I can say!

  119. A jail or a mental institution is not enough. This person should be considered subhuman and treated as such. Put him in solitary confinement (like he did to his daughter) indefinately. Every government dollar available should be spent to keep him alive and suffering for as long as possible. Feed him intravenously, force him to move and be aware so that he can remember every bit of pain he has caused. I’m sorry, but his daughter spent more than 15 years suffering, and has many more to remember it

  120. At last he has pleaded guilty to all charges, the media circus is being kept at bay to some degree and soon the sentencing will be over and we can relegate this man to history … trying not to remember the dastardly deeds .. and Elizabeth can get on with whatever type of life she can lead …

  121. Junebug — You sit there crying and crying?


    Iconoclast — The punishment for Fritzl is irrelevant. Much more important are the lessons we could learn from the case, but of course we’ll learn nothing.

    Anon Imunst — The same reply.

    Auslady — He had no choice but to plead guilty. Relegating such people to history is the last thing we should do.

  122. Bock – he had a choice and he did not plead guilty to all charges .. I was commenting on the fact that he had changed his mind and plead guilty and cut short what was an excruciating time for all, by relegating him to history I meant that no longer would attention be put upon him, I am sure that in some small manner the attention brings him some energy, would rather he rotted in a jail, by all means remember his deeds, castigate him and try to ensure that this does not happen again, but … let it be over once and for all.

    As to learning nothing .. if nothing else like minded people do debate, some things are achieved, the law improves, forensics improve .. there is hope .. glass always half full for me

  123. Perhaps it affects me in another way than it does some (I would assume it affects everyone differently so that point is most likely moot).

    Perhaps it is because I survived years of incestual sexual abuse, perhaps not.

    I know it made me think of those things from my own past, and that alone would make me cry if I thought about it long enough (I try not to dwell long enough for that to happen).

    I don’t tend to get ‘angry’ (Quote from a movie : “The way I was raised it was bad manners.”).

    I could think of a million tortures and torments for this man, and that’s why if he were tried in my country I would not be allowed to be on the jury. That’s perhaps for the best; I couldn’t be impartial.

    On the news program I watched on the topic this evening apparently the testimony from Elisabeth is what caused him to realize what he had done, and that is why he is pleading guilty. I don’t necessarily believe that at all, but I’m not in his head.

    I couldn’t promise that if something like this happened to my daughter (or any of my three step-children) that I would be able to keep myself from doing something aweful to the perpetrator.

    They have a special sort of ‘prison justice’ in the prison systems here for pedophiles. Many have to be put in to solitary confinement due to the abuses they suffer in there. I wonder if it is the same in Austria…?

  124. you couldnt make it up for a movie yet it happened,scary shit,and the fuckin cheek of him hiding his face behind a folder at his trial,bit of a weird one though babies turning up on the doorstep and mammy fritzl not thinking hang on a fuckin minute somethings wrong here and follow her dirty rapist husband to see where he was off to.he was doing a houdini every fuckin day.the worlds fucked!!

  125. oh this is bad news and big shame for a father like (Josef Fritzl) who raped his daughter

  126. The thing is, he’s not going to jail, at least not for the moment.When he does it will be in protective custody.So there’s no prison justice.
    He’ll be given happy pills to pass the time.
    I sure hope that there aren’t any female nurses handing out his meds, seeing he hasn’t learnt to control that desire to rape that over powers him so.
    I still don’t think he’ll live long, he looks unwell and probably die of a heart attack in his sleep.
    Bastard, a bit of pain and suffering is what we all want to see.
    No doubt the movie will now be made,because that’s a human quality we all have, to want to see more of what happenend.Every slap,every rape every baby being born.We’re all pretty sick too I guess.

    But the most important thing is, the truth has been told and Elisabeth and her children are free.Even if the freedom is only that Josef can never touch them again.Sadly though she’ll always be imprisoned by her memories and chased by the people who will always want a bit of her.
    Because as a society,we’ll never leave them alone.
    That much progress we haven’t made.
    As Bock said ^Much more important are the lessons we could learn from the case, but of course we’ll learn nothing^

  127. I agree with imbatman. How on earth did the wife have no idea about this. Theres more to this. Than whats been told about the wife. This beggers believe.The wife knew, not a thing. Does any one really believe this?Elisabeth’s mother should be ashamed of herself , She is much more to blame. How come a wife does not know even a little about her husband? J.F is just pure evil. But whats she? pure stupit.Does any one agree?

  128. Happy to find your no-holding-back blog, Bock. I read most of the posts. The one that struck me the most was, I think from the guy from Japan, who said that Fritzl should die – not for his own punishment, but to remove him from this world for the sake of his daughter Elizabeth and her – their (ugh!) children; that she shouldn’t have to even think about the fact that this sick rot is still alive somewhere, probably reliving his gruesome abuses of her in his sick mind. Just for that, they should knock him off.

    I thought first that they should build a replica of his basement, stench and everything else included, for him to get back just a little bit – a VERY little bit – of what he did to her. But then I realized that that would only strengthen his memories of what he did to her there, so that wouldn’t be good. I say, ask Elizabeth what his punishment should be – she already said that she never wants to see him again.

    And what about Mrs. Fritzl? She’s a really pathetic character, knowing what her sick husband did to her daughter and grandchildren (whether she knew then, or only now).

    What a sick story! Who would EVER want to buy that haunted house? I know what they should do with it – turn it into a shelter for abused women and children!! Wonder if the neighbors will notice if THAT happens…


    A little side issue: I notice that a lot of people like to say “fuck” when they feel strongly about something. Why use a word that represents such a beautiful, and (sometimes) productive activity, in such a negative way? OK – sometimes it’s used when the person feels strongly positive about something, like “that was fucking great!!” But usually, it’s negative, angry and even violent. I’m just curious how it came to be that way.

    BTW, if you want to see a next generation George Carlin who likes to swear all the time – and is a great comedian, too – check out Louis CK at YouTube. I thought he was really funny, and felt a little guilty that part of it was because of his “fucking” language…

    Unfortunately, the “F” word is sadly approriate for Fritzl. 3,000 rapes in 24 years – that works out to once every three days. Absolutely disgusting (of course, so is even once…)


    A couple of questions, this being my first post here:

    1. Why is there a 1. at the end of every post? I don’t see any other numbers ever…

    2. I know that this is not a fair question, but is that a picture of you, Bock?

    3. I like that the post goes up immediately, and you can edit for only a few minutes (22 seconds left…)

    Keep up the hard-hitting posts.

  129. I think the house should be blown to oblivion,and used for landfill somehere or dumped at sea.
    Then the people should make a beautiful garden and name it ^The freedom park^

    Never again be reminded of what once stood there.

    The last thing I’d want it to be is a shelter for
    abused women.They’s never last the night their minds wondering..

    Nor do I want it sold and charge for tours.

    We humans are such weird creatures.

  130. clogoz1, I hear what you’re saying. I just don’t like to see things wasted, if they can be used for something. Maybe a good analogy would be a convict who is rehabilitated (not talking about Mr. Fritz, of course, although, who knows?) and is then a better model for society of how to act, having gone the path from right to wrong. But your idea is good too. There’s a precedent for your approach in the bible (can I quote that here? ; ) ). A city in Israel that turned to idol worship – it has to be destroyed altogether – people, animals, idols, BUILDINGS – everything. Not that I would suggest that nowadays, but you see from this that stuff (living and non) holds the “energy” of it’s bad past (and good, too).

    I still hold that the daughter should determine the punishment for her serial rapist father, and father and grandfather (!) of her children.

    And now I see that all of those “1.”s were just part of site tweaking…

  131. how come these scumbags always feel guilty at the trial or are wracked with remorse while giving evidence,where was the remorse when he was lobbin it into his own flesh and blood.what bleeding heart dimwit will come forward and say poor josef,his daddy used to slap his arse while wearin lederhosen and whackin off to wagner,do what needs to be done,bullet back of the head,dont waste time money manpower or resources on keeping this disgusting little bastard alive.

  132. Imbatman,because that’s their last chance at bullshit, which could result in a lighter sentence.Nothing to do with remorse.

    I was astounded that he had to see Elisabeths’ testimony first before he understood his cruelty he had been committing for 24 yrs.More bullshit.
    He got off on the power and control.when he went on holidays he felt so secure that noone would ever find out his sectret.


    Elisabeth should be allowed to decide what happens to him, but that’s why they invented laws to protect everyone.
    Let me in with my rusty can and I’ll happily castrate him,he deserves at least that.

  133. I am amazed at the number of people who skip over Fritzl to zero in on blaming his wife!! Good lord people Fritzl gave the 60 yr old woman 3 children to raise from babyhood !!! How much parental assistance did he provide, a woman by herself that age with babies ! She must have just dropped in bed dead tired every night, & how about these babies waking up at nite etc. Forget her Fritzl is the perpetrator the sadist, (he must have immaturely snickered at pulling it over on his poor wife)

  134. Lilly the bible is full of torture and killing human beings.Even Moses was commanded by god to kill all the first males born and burn the villages to the ground.Islam condemns and orders the death of non Islams,every religion is full of violence and not that deeply hidden.

    As for Rosemarie, well you don’t live with someone for over 40yrs and not observe a few characeristics.
    I’m not saying she assisted, but when those children we’re taken upstairs to her,one was 3yo and could’ve mentioned they used to live downstairs.
    I’m sure she was terrified of him,but I don’t believe in a moment that she knew nothing.
    Neither does Elisabeth as they no longer have anything to do with one another.

  135. clogoz you slightly miss my point the Bible per se is not a religion onto itself, it is more of an “Epic tale”
    as we know from literature epics include all facets of life, & along with all the biblical violence there is the very notable 5th commandment “Thou shalt not kill”. Why detract for even a mili second on the horror & demonism of Fritzl by dragging Rosemarie into it, are you over 60 raising 3 children under 5!
    Sure she failed Elisabeth when the girl was 11 & Fritzl masturbated in front of her & showed her porn
    E should have felt she could tell her mother about that but sadly the opportunity was lost with awful consequences. I think that most people want to shut their minds to what E endured, she birthed her children entirely alone she could have died of infection, blood loss, fritzl was away 10 days around Kirstens birth, was he chuckling and sneering about what he had just put his daughter & granddaughter through? Then at trial he has the gall to say there was a “partnership” with elisabeth, sure with Fritzl calling all the shots. He even let them all lose their teeth & suffer toothache agonies with just a lousy aspirin for relief. How E cannot be full of rage is amazing, how she resisted suicide, how she nutured her children, she got those traits somewhere, her upbringing, which must have been done by Rosemarie !

  136. Here is a comment that I would like to make about Josef Fritzl and his wife Rosemarie …

    Clearly that “person” (and one has to stretch the definition of the word “person” in order to apply it to that creature) known to the world as Josef Fritzl was / is the DEVIL-INCARNATE —- AND he should burn in h*ll for all of eternity for his evil.

    In addition, it also needs to be stated that no person on earth should allow themselves be fooled for even one moment by the lies of “I didn’t know” that are currently being claimed by that lying and equally evil wife of this evil DEVIL!!!

    That vile, evil, perverted, disgusting, devil b**tch of a wife of that MONSTER KNEW!! SHE KNEW!!! SHE KNEW!!! SHE KNEW!!!

    She KNEW the whole time (or at least had literally no excuse whatsoever to have not at least ‘suspected’ something was amiss!!!)

    She is a LIAR and she must think the entire world is as perverted as both she and her husband are and that by coming up with that ridiculous and flimsy excuse that she can then convince the rest of the world to then respond to her own complicity the same way she chose to respond to that of
    her husband’s evil — by ‘turning a blind eye’.

    BOTH of them are utter DEVILS and one cannot help but to hope that they both burn in h*ll for all of eternity for their evil acts!!!!

    She expects anyone on this planet who has even half-a-brain-stem to believe for even one fraction of a moment that she didn’t know anything at all?!?!

    Give me a break!!!

    For crying out loud–unless this woman is Helen Keller –she has NO EXCUSE at all to not have known (or at least ‘suspected’) something strange and conspiratorial was going on regarding her daughter’s whereabouts and situation and that the
    husband’s stories were just far too incredulous and absolutely made no sense in the least bit!!!

    After all — think about it — daughter runs away as a very young teen; daughter mysteriously disappears at the age of 18 (an age when she can both make her own decisions and choose to get away from her father and even bring charges against him); the (convicted-rapist/arsonist) father gets a letter from
    daughter 1 month after her disappearance which ridiculously claims she has joined a cult and does not want to have any contact with the family – yet amazingly then later chooses (for 3 years in a row) to simply leave 3 of her newborn babies on the doorstep of very home that she tried to run away from at least 2 X’s before and is “allegedly thought” to have finally left in order to join some sort of “phantom” cult (a “cult” which, unlike every other cult, just somehow, seemingly has no desire to try to indoctrinate the youth from birth, but rather it
    simply allows it’s members to select a home –one which in fact, is both not a part of the cult AND is the very home from which the member ran in order to join the cult —to raise their babies and kids of the cult members) –ALL THE WHILE – the father
    forbids ANYONE to ever for ANY REASON dare to go ANYWHERE NEAR the mysterious basement (which he always keeps locked, disappears to for hours and days on end; has ‘unseen’ bathroom equipment installed; and has a cement-barricaded
    door installed which both has a security-code and which was so complicated it needed inspection by local government authorities in order to install).

    Just 2 years before the “discovery” of what this monster (and his devil wife via her complicity of silence) did to their poor child – another young girl, and former kidnap victim, was also found in Austria.

    It was discovered that the other young kidnap / rape victim had disappeared 8 years earlier and had been held in a basement / dungeon where she had been repeatedly raped the entire time
    by the individual who had also kidnapped her.

    Now —- even if the public was expected to simply throw all common sense to the wind and accept this monster’s devil-wife’s excuse that she “didn’t know”, say, in the beginning …
    it still stands to reason that after hearing about the case of the other young girl 2 years earlier —– this creep’s equally creepy wife would have said something to herself like, say …

    ”””Hmmm … a young girl who disappeared 8 years ago, out of no where, has been discovered to have been held in a basement the entire time and while there she was repeatedly
    raped by the person who trapped her there.

    Hmmm … my daughter, who repeatedly tried to run away from my convicted-rapist husband as a child has also mysteriously disappeared – and – my convicted-rapist husband is always coming across both ‘letters’ and ‘grandchildren’ that were allegedly left by my daughter (who has vanished without a trace) — and – meanwhile my convicted-rapist husband also
    has a mysterious basement that he keeps under lock and key and never allows anyone to come near — ever.

    Hmmm … now I cannot help but to wonder if that convicted-rapist husband I married just may have had something to do with the disappearance of our daughter – and – the appearance of all these grandkids and letters – and I also can’t help but to
    wonder if that mystery-basement room of his would, in some way / in any way, be connected somehow to our child’s
    disappearance and / or the mysterious appearance of all of these grandchildren.”

    Yes – one would think that – even if this woman could have claimed ‘ignorance’ earlier – (a lie which, again, no one with any common sense should ever consider buying into) – once the
    discovery was made of a similar situation 2 years earlier – she then had NO excuse to not have at least been suspicious of something about her convicted-rapist husband and his
    ever-so-mysterious hidden basement room.

    That vicious devil simply did not care at all about her own daughter – or — she simply cared more about her own creature-comforts and keeping up with her middle-class appearances than she did about the torture being done to her own child.



    She is clearly as much of a pervert and devil as is he!!

    Would anyone even be remotely surprised if further investigation later revealed that ‘Rosemarie Fritzl’ (who is actually trying to get the world to see her as a co-victim of
    her daughter’s horrific nightmare of a life) was actually just another ‘Rosemary West’ (a woman whose husband also originally – and falsely – claimed that she had nothing to do with his unbelievably evil sex crimes)?

    What kind of a woman, after all, chooses to marry (or remained married to) a man who had already committed and also been convicted of previously raping another woman and has shown absolutely no remorse about any of it whatsoever in the least.


  137. Just like Mrs. Madoff “didn’t know”, perhaps…

    And although the Madoff crime wasn’t as blatantly peverted and disgusting like the Fritzl one, I read an article after Madoff happened that said that he really should be convicted for multiple murder – because many people died or have almost a living death because of how he stole from them and ruined their lives.

    Bock, you may be Bock the Robber, but you don’t come anywhere close to your namesake Madoff the Robber! ; )

  138. Dear Reader, Sadly it appears to me that you perhaps have some very conflicted issues with a female parent of your own, & believe me I have lots of sympathy for that to be betrayed or sacraficed by someone who should have blind love for you is a unique horrific pain that stays with one always. But try to remove your self from your own passions. Elisabeth was/is an heroic figure…… those traits didn t develop on their own !
    She must have had a loving, caring, trusting parent when she was a newborn until 3 yrs for her to become such a hero! I doubt Josef was responsible, so unless there is a benevolent endearing grandma in E past then Rosemarie must be given the credit, E wasn t raised in an orphanage!
    Once again I plead the case for Rosemarie a chubby woman in her 60,s raising infants 24/7 , how did the woman not suffer a stroke! Can you please put yourself there (3 kids 60 plus) its a wonder the woman new her name and address.

  139. This is the first time i have been onto this site and only found it cause i wanted to read up on that filth fritzl,what the fuck are you all talking about,these men are dirty low life scumbags,who trive on power control and pain,and its not just him,its men across the world,every nation every crede,and for yous who believe the women in thier lives didn.t know what was happening is fucking insane,have any off u ever thought the women think while his at her hes leaving me alone,and then some of these women are involved and enjoy the depravetiy off whats happening,they aern.t mental or have illness,they fucking animals,and yes people do know something is going on but dont want to be the one to be known to have told,fucking nazis,islams,africa,fucking ireland get real people are people we all bleed the same,face facts if its i.m alright jack its fuck you,i dont want to know,there has been generations off all forms off abuse in FAMILYS in IRELAND who do we blame? the church? they fuckinjg people stop blaming and making excuses for these animals for fuck sake stand up and be counted and keep doing so until someone somewhere takes notice,

  140. I have no sympathy for this woman of 60 raising young children as i know lots off 60 odd old women raising their childrens chrildren, who have passed away through horrific pasts of their own,who turned to drugs,prosituin,suicide,alot off these women would have had alocohlic husbands who brought strangers home and causes untold hurt to girls and boys, but you will find no adays as people are becoming more open about what went on these 60 yr women will admit they knew something was going on but had.nt got the support or money to take their children out off these siutuations,and not all husbands were drunks either might i add,u have made a judement on my last comment,who are you to judge or assume anything about me or my past, i know what i know because i have spoke to these women who were remorsed from guilt and they are like lioness with their grandchilren and very very protective as the support is now there,off course Elizabeth had her whole life wiped away from her how can anyone not feel her pain and loss off life,u say her mother loved her for 3yrs were did she think she went when he put her in the cell?left home?what loving mother would not walk the earth looking for their daughter they loved and cherished so much? I understand everyone is allowed their opioin and thats what i am giving is my opioin, when these babies were left at the front door supposed to be by elizabeth,why did she not go and look for her then?cause she already knew where she was and refused to actknowlege it,or was in a state off denial,and off course the evil bastard was the cause off her suffering,she could have helped elizabeth,find the keys to the locks,brought food,whatever she would have found a way to get to her child,while the animal was swanning around on holidays,come on for fucks sake, if she survived with him into her 60s and still living,she was a very strong women she could have found a way, I know i would have, no matter how much tormure he put me through,cause she still came away alive and lived a life,which is more than i can say for Elizabeth,who will probably never be able to ajust to the outside world , no matter how much help she gets,her DEMONS will never let her rest,fred rosemary west another pair off bastards,thier kids will never get rid off their demons either and the tramp still says shes innecent,no closure for her kids,would u like to aniylis my comments again?

  141. i’m from austria and i’m 15. i just read a few of these comments here and I’m not entirely sure i have understood everything right but nevertheless i want to say something.
    hitler took over austria and forced them to join the war. i can say this, because my grandparents were there…they saw it, they were part of it ! and it was also hitler who built the concentration camps. i have been to the one near amstetten ” mauthausen “. it’s really horrible to see and know that thousands of people were killed there. and we are not proud of what took part in our country !
    but i don’t understand how you can say we deny it…and i can’t imagine that fritzl did this horrible thing because of what happend in the past.
    and think … every country has made bad things in the past ! i mean i really love america, but they built the first atomic bomb! they destroyed parts of japan!
    every country has mistakes.

  142. As I told you on your Herman Goring post, Bock, Yehiel Dinur made the overwhelming discovery of why these dreadful things happen. No incannate demons involved at all. Just ordinary perfectly normal human beings just like you and I and every other person who has made a comment on this post. Josef Fritzel was perfectly normal !!!

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