Limerick Monks Protest

Brother Shawn, Father Sylvester and Brother Martin are from America.  Father Paulus is from Germany and Brother Seraphim comes from France.  These are the Franciscans who moved into Moyross, one of Limerick’s most troubled areas, where crime is rife and violence, including murder, is common, as are drug dealing, teenage pregnancy, poverty and deprivation.

Here are two of the Franciscans holding a prayer vigil and protest in Limerick city centre this morning.

What would you say they’re protesting about?

Are they picketing the home of a vicious heroin dealer?


Well then, perhaps they’re outraged at the social inequity they’ve found in Ireland and they’re praying outside some Government office for a more inclusive society?

No.  Not that either.

Ah!  In that case, they must be demanding jobs and decent homes for their new neighbours?


These good friars live in an area where some people can’t look after their children and where other people won’t look after their children, and where many can’t afford to feed, clothe or educate their families.

It’s obvious then, isn’t it?  What else would they protest about?  What’s the most important thing to the people in such an area?  Yep!  Father Zig and Brother Zag came all the way from America to picket a family planning clinic.

Now that’s really going to help the impoverished people of Moyross, isn’t it?  Nice going Bros!



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Paddy Anglican

Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

25 thoughts on “Limerick Monks Protest

  1. They weren’t being laughed at. In fact nobody was paying the slightest bit of attention to them, except some bewildered motorists waiting at the traffic lights.

  2. Oh Brother where art thou.
    Are they praying for protection?

    Deliver us from evil, hymen.

  3. Jesus! If there were more family planning clinics around maybe Moyross wouldn’t be such a mess in the firstplace. The irony.

  4. That clinic is pretty close to the official Darwin head offices. Over the years, I’ve seen a great many protests outside the building. I often wonder whether we could protest outside a Catholic church, against all their shite talk.


    Damn you Bock, I’ve spent best part of an hour reading the EULA for these guys as I had never heard of them before.

    “These good friars live in an area where some people can’t look after their children and where other people won’t look after their children, and where many can’t afford to feed, clothe or educate their families.”

    Our Life of Poverty
    38::The friars will always reside in areas noted for poverty. If the neighborhood changes due to social or economic development which displaces the poor, the friars must find residence in another poor area.

    “It’s obvious then, isn’t it? What else would they protest about? What’s the most important thing to the people in such an area? Yep! Father Zig and Brother Zag decided to picket a family planning clinic.”

    Our Life in the Church
    156:: An essential part of the work of evangelization and care of the poor is the friars’ public and prayerful witness to the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death. This witness is in opposition to the moral relativism and paganism of our times which undermines and attacks the fundamental human right to life, which is the foundation of a just and peaceful society.

    Just what the area needs. Five scruffy blokes living on hand-outs.

    Catholic Church Ireland 2007

    160 Died ~ 9 Ordained

    228 Died ~ 2 took Vows

    4752 priests average age 61

    And long may the trend continue unless they start shipping them in ….

  6. They appear to be “Going Native” alright.Just look at how they have incorporated native dress.
    More Skobish that the Skobes themselves.Ooncey Civics,Kappa sandals and Bulmers for communion wine to follow.

  7. ok – i saw em on the late late a few weeks ago and thought they seemed quite inoccuous – before anyone starts i am NOT catholic OR religious – but they seemed to have the best interests of the community of Moyross at heart. At least, that’s how they came across anyhoo….

    …..but this shit? Gimme a break – I will NEVER understand why MEN of the cloth – ANY celibate unmarried man of the cloth can think they have the right to object to family planning…. makes me SICK. Also makes ya wonder what they spent their time doing in The Bronx in NY – protested outside free needle clinics?!

  8. The sorry sacks of shit.

    Good one, Bock.
    All the problems in the community and they waste their time trying to control women’s bodies.

  9. How ridiculous! How foolish those men look and what a preposterous thing to protest. Like Darwin, I’d see far more benefit in pickets outside the churches.

  10. If I saw that pair lingering about for a long time outside of anywhere I’d call the police sure they were up to no good. They look bloody sinister.

    Jeezo, I knew there were some crazy anti-family-planning nutters over here but I didn’t realize they were posting themselves abroad now too.

  11. It’s incredible. They came into this town claiming they wanted to work with poor people, and here they are on a whole different mission.

  12. Their definition of ‘poor people’ would be different than ours (dare I say?). They wouldn’t define poverty as the lack of basic essentials like food, education, health or work, but more likely to do with what THEY call ‘poverty of the spirit.’

    Methinks they should be picketing outside the Archbishop’s residences in Limerick and Drumcondra wherein exists such poverty of spirit that the incumbents and their predecessors facilitated appalling abuses against women and children in the Magdalen Laundries and in the Industrial Schools.

    How is it that these kind of ‘zealots’ seem to gravitate towards vulnerable communities like women and children! They should have been asked, when they were on TV, about their raison d’être which is to propagate the roman catholic faith; asked their opinions on who should control womens bodies; asked if they regarded paedophilia as a criminal offense or as a moral failure on both the victim and the perpetrator.

    Was David Irving asked about his attire when he was on TV? Why the fuck use kid gloves on these guys !

  13. They were not protesting, they were praying. Killing babies in the womb is what they were praying against – yous all sound like pro-Nazi anti-life modern sickos!!!

  14. [Comment deleted. If you copy and paste another article into these comments, you will not be permitted to comment again. You are seriously pissing me off by doing this.]

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