Munster vs Saracens: Heineken Cup Semi-Final


Many of our people are already in place at the Ricoh stadium, and I’m receiving communications from Coventry by the minute.  There are 5,000 Saracens.  There are 20,000 of us.

Here in Limerick, a group of highly-trained special forces drinkers have taken control of strategic pubs with large screens and the logistics effort has swung into operation in earnest.  A band of public-spirited and entirely selfless taxi drivers have made the ultimate sacrifice and now, right across the city, are ferrying the red-clad home supporters to their stations.

Our boys in Coventry won’t be found wanting.

We won’t be found wanting.

Come what may, this is it.  Lose and we’re out.  Win and we’re back to Cardiff to meet the old enemy, Toulouse.

We’re ready.



Munster won.  Holy fuck, what a game.  I thought I was going to have a coronary, except my doctor already told me my heart was perfect.  I thought I was going to have a stroke.  I thought I was going to have a conniption.

What does this mean?  Well, this means that the Bullet and myself are going to Cardiff again at the end of next  month.  This means we’re up for another road movie.  This means the Munster toon army is on the move yet again.

Look forward to photos.  Many photos.

Bock’s camera will be busy.



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Jock Hunter

13 thoughts on “Munster vs Saracens: Heineken Cup Semi-Final

  1. U munster boys are mental…. Will defo be supportin u against the frogs… altho im a sarries girl u played a blinder… just beat the f*kin frogs pleasee

  2. Im not into Rugby at all but that was a fantastic match..I hope they take the Cup back again,Mrs OrganDonor’s Dad is going over for this final too .Just at the end on the last Cup victory,the camera swooped around the crowd and there was her dad and brother jumping around the place,so me and her were jumping around the sitting room with happiness for them and all the supporters..

    For the record im a Liverpool supporter and am due a few panic attack/mild heart flutters on Wednsday…

    Lets hope they can take a European cup home too..

  3. Miss S: It was a hell of a match and Saracens really put it up to us. Haughton was terrific and Ratupou had an amazing game. At the end it could have gone either way. There was nothing in it.

    Organ Donor: I’m not really a soccer supporter, but the Liverpool thing is going to be interesting. They got a gift of an OG last week, didn’t they?

  4. Chelsea were playing so badly,we had to score the goal for them!!!

    If they play like that on Wednsday i can see us getting through,but its gonna be tense stuff..

  5. Obviously…
    Where abouts were u sat we were in lthe jewson stand The view was immense u made it bloddy difficult 4 us … ur crowd put us to shame………… I even found myself singing…..

  6. no money yo go to cardif… but i wish i could go!!! Met a very nice man…. Wish to speak to him again lol…. Good Luck fella’s x

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