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Bertie Ahern and the Mahon Tribunal. He Hasn’t Gone Away, you KNow.

Everywhere you look, the world is full of generous businessmen, but in North Dublin, you can’t fling a crooked stick over your shoulder without hitting one of them.  Take for instance the 24 anonymous businessmen who got together and contributed a pile of money to buy a house that was never placed in trust for the Party, but retained instead for Bert’s exclusive use.  What a great, great bunch of fellows.

Dominic Dillane, the chief treasurer for Bert’s constituency office doesn’t know where the money came from to buy Bert’s house.  Neither does Liam Cooper, the senior treasurer of the Dublin central constituency.  Liam also has no idea how much money was in three bank accounts associated with Bert’s constituency office, how much was paid in or how much was ever taken out.  In fact, until the Tribunal started to ask questions about them, Fianna Fáil didn’t know the accounts existed at all.

When the tribunal asked Mr Dillane what account the money came out of to buy the property, he replied, We’re still getting that off the banks.

This is horseshit.  They’re not waiting for any information from the banks.  Dillane has been trying to pass this nonsense off as an honest answer to a question, and he has failed dismally.  Of course, this is the man whol told the tribunal that records relating to one of the accounts were destroyed on the advice of an accountancy firm, which is also plainly a load of old bollocks.

Liam Cooper, in a Father Ted moment, said he would have asked one of the trustees about the accounts when preparing his report to the agm.

I might say for example to Tim Collins, What’s the story with the B/T account? . . . and he would say Grand, it hasn’t been touched or whatever, and I’d say That’s grand.

Judge Alan Mahon wondered if Cooper knew about all the money in the accounts.

Not really, now that I think of it, said Cooper, … we had no need to query anything because everything went extremely well.

You think that’s all bollocks?  Wait till you hear this.

Joe Burke, the man in charge of the three accounts, was supposed to be a trustee of St Luke’s, and oversaw the accumulation of cash in the accounts for the upkeep of the building.

What was he a trustee of?  Well, he was supposed to be responsible for holding the building in trust for Fianna Fáil, but there’s a bit of a problem.  The problem is the fact that no legal trust was ever created.

If there’s no trust, there can’t be any trustees.

And if there are no trustees, and no trust, then the building can’t be held in trust for anyone, can it?  So who’s the real, beneficial owner?  Who did the generous businessmen think they were buying the house for?

Then of course, there was all the money that had to be lodged in the accounts for maintenance of the building, and the odd fact that none of it was ever used for that purpose.  It just never worked out.  Joe took out £20,000 in August, 1994 to get some damp-proofing done, but then he decided not to bother with this vital job, because it was too big.  So he put the money in his safe for a couple of months, as you would, and finally left an envelope containing £20,000 (British) in Bert’s office.  This was to be collected by Tim Collins to lodge in the infamous B/T account, but Joe didn’t tell the person he handed the envelope to what it contained.  Joe didn’t ask for a receipt.

Here, he probably said.  Have a bag of feathers.

Whatever about not getting the damp fixed, Joe had little hesitation in handing £30,000 from the account to Bert’s girlfriend for the purchase of a house. This loan was paid back earlier this year when the tribunal started asking about it.  And strangely, Joe never told Bertie about this loan.

Now look.  How much more of this bollocks talk are we expected to swallow?

Why is there no trust?

Who really owns the house?

Who paid the money for it?

How much was paid into all these accounts by anonymous but incredibly generous businessmen?

Do they think we’re all fools?


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17 replies on “Bertie Ahern and the Mahon Tribunal. He Hasn’t Gone Away, you KNow.”

To answer your last question there Bock, yes, of course they do.

These tribunals also drag on forever making the big load of terrible things come in a slow scutter of not good things which is a lot easier to swallow than one big fast dump.

All my metaphors seem to be toilet related at the moment…

If Mahon has the guts to call it as he sees it, Bert might be exposed. I’d say most people don’t care because they don’t realise what’s going on here. That’s why I keep writing these things.

You know Bock; we are obliged to the next generation to put him away lest our sins turn our kids into another shower of disempowered FF apologists. It’s not happening though; you’ve heard the rumours about a deal.

So nods and winks and brown envelopes are here to stay, it’s up the kids to sort it out cause this fucker going to end up in the park. It’s so wrong.

Up to the kids? Aren’t all the blogging people under the age of 30?

I don’t know what it’s like in more urban areas but I know tonnes of people my age(18) and younger that don’t know the first thing about politics but have it bred into them that Fianna Fail is the only party to support. If you damn FF while they’re nearby they lose it altogether.

well if they dont know the first thing about politics then they should fucking well find out,cause that would be a major reason why those cunts keep on getting back in..

They are Generation Meh…..

the thing is, they’ve basically been brainwashed(don’t like using that word but it’ll have to do) into supporting Fianna Fail for no valid reason whatsoever.
We are generation meh?

Dan, I’ve been writing since I was 18. Beat that!

*raising hand as over 18 blogger…considerably older*

one thing (of many, sugar) i’ve learned about irish politics from all y’all is that they are only slightly more complicated and insane than ours are over here in the states. every time dubya opens his mouth i wince knowing that anything and everything he says will further damn us to hell and give the next president an even harder road to go. i do agree with the earlier comment about people educating themselves about politics and issues. all we can do, is try to make it better. because if we don’t it can will get worse. xox

(and so sayeth pollyanna)

I suppose we were all that young once and thought nobody else existed.

As for the Preznit, well, I’ve run out of hyperbolic outbursts to describe the idiot.

Shut up organ donor you big bully. Enough people know. Nothing gets done. Any other country and Bertie would be locked up by now. Although he was more charming than his grunt of a replacement.. what’s his name again. he looks like the Skrek. Oh I better go fucking find out. Ah fuck it I can’t even spell teeshock to find him. :) oh yea cowan.

I aint Big and i aint a bully..

im 32 and i’ve followed politics since i was an early teenager,i’ve voted in every single election and referendum since i was 18..I feel that maybe that would look sad to alot of people but thats the way i grew up.the cunts are still in power and it is getting tiring at this stage but i wont stop doing my bit…
no apologies from here Audrey.. if that is your real name PJ!!! lol

*raising hand as over 18 blogger … very-considerably older*

Audrey says, “Any other country and Bertie would be locked up by now.”

I don’t think so. Libby and Rove are not inside. Neither is Berlusconi. Neither is Olmert. Or Jacques Chirac. Admittedly varying circumstances and cases — and stages of development. Mugabe’s not locked up. Nor is Tony Blair, much as he should be. Bertie’s transgressions can’t possibly be as bad as taking a country to war on the basis of a pack of lies.

Things may be bad here, but I don’t for one minute think we’re the worst. And don’t get me started on bloody Dubya … I’d kick his arse to kingdom come. (The effort would probably do for me, but it’d be worth it.)

well organ its who you have been voting for, it doesnt matter fine fail, gael, labour all do the same things there is no real alternative in this country because the old boys club wont allow it and people have it too good to stand up for basic things nevermind honest politicians.

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