Bock and Bullet Safe. Home Tonight.

We’re in Birmingham.

I gave the Bullet another heap of money to fuck off around town and leave me alone for an hour.  The Big Fella, the Small Fella and the Young Fella are in some filthy drinking house trying to kill their hangovers, while the Stoned Fella is wandering the streets propositioning young ladies, as usual.

Nearly there now.  Yesterday was a bit extreme as we dragged the last out of the celebration, ending up in some foul, reeking bordello boozing with swaying cripples and shifty Lascar sailors.

This must end.  I am not a young man.

This evening, we fly home, if all goes to plan, and I intend to sleep for a week, but first I promise to put up some pictures, and I’ll give you a full account tomorrow.

Full, but not necessarily true or complete.

9 thoughts on “Bock and Bullet Safe. Home Tonight.

  1. Bock, what can I say ? We’d intended watching in a pub that’s renowned for showing rugby matches (7am openings – beer and breakfast – you know the kind of thing) I was on a bit of a mission. Stupidly thinking the KO was 3pm (why would it be anything else ?!) rushing around at a 1000 miles an hour, trying to make it. Picked Mike up and rushed in to … silence

    “Are you showing the rugby ?”

    “No, we don’t show anything on Sky….”,

    “oh….shit” ,

    “I’ll be going up the road to watch it, should be a good atmosphere with a few Munster supporters in there”

    “So, KO’s at 5 then ?…”

    1 hour and 50 minutes to kill…. what to do…?

    Off to the other pub for 5 o’clock. Sure enough, a Munster flag over the bar, more than a few Munster shirts and 4 screens showing the game – Great, we settled in – the rest of the time passed in a bit of a fuzz, right up until the end when a guy got onto the stage with his guitar and started belting out the Fields of Athenry – a little part of Limerick in the Midlands. Well done !

  2. Bock I reckon you’re epic adventures over the weekend exceed the explorations of Shackleton and Captain Cook combined.

  3. things are that bad huh.. propositioning young women on the streets. you’ve no need to be acting that desperate bock :)

  4. Russ: Good. You got to see it.

    Yobbah: I might be some time.

    Sam: Maybe I’ll work on that mini-series.

    Lorraine: Yeah. I saw some of the pics of Limerick. Maybe we’ll stay home next time.

    Savannah: Thanks. Working on the pix.

    Audrey: You know, sometimes I have serious doubts about you. Read it properly.

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