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Burma. Send in the Food. Fuck the Generals.

Give war a chance.  For once, I’m in favour of military intervention.

Go in and drop the food aid.  Fuck them.  If they try to shoot down the transport planes, bomb the shit out of the anti-aircraft batteries.  Target the bastards.  Do what the West was so disgracefully good at in Iraq and before that in Bosnia when they discovered a backbone.


Who cares that there’s no money to be made from Burma?  So what if there’s no oil?  Who cares that Cheney’s buddies won’t get rich from it?  Dubya will make a few shillings from the replacement weapons they buy from Carlton, but that isn’t the issue.  For once, instead of the hollow rhetoric about humanitarian motives for military action, the politicians could actually be telling the truth.  We did it to save the people.  Wouldn’t that be great?  Wouldn’t it be great, for once, to believe in something a politician says?

Go in, drop the food aid.  Take out the AA batteries with your smart bombs.  These fucking goons are a bunch of crooks with no substance and they’ll fold under the pressure.  They’re not a real military.  They’re criminals.


It won’t solve the whole problem but it will be a start, and then we can begin to give the Burmese people a new chance of life.  Who knows, maybe Aung San Suu Kyi’s long struggle might not be in vain.

If the world stands by and lets these criminals inflict such a tragedy on their people, we should be ashamed of ourselves forever.

Fuck them.  They’re only a bunch of mobsters. 

Face them down.



Send in the food.





I make no apology for using pictures from other sites on this issue.  It’s too important.  If anyone wants a picture removed, email me and I’ll take it down.


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Guido Fawkes

8 replies on “Burma. Send in the Food. Fuck the Generals.”

I agree with all you said Bock. What the hell is the UN for?. I thought they were the ones who were supposed to defend human rights. Don’t know how much my country can send. The neo cons have destroyed us financially. And in many other ways.

And somebody better start paying attention to Mother Nature and getting better prepared for her wrath. Now China says more than 10,000 dead from a 7.9 earthquake.

The whole world is going topsy turvy and we probably deserve it..

I agree. The Burmese junta are guilty of crimes against humanity for their deliberate impeding of aid to their people. They are thugs and gangsters interested in power, and power alone.

They paid more attention to the referendum to consolidate their own power than they have to the suffering of their own people. Their state-run newscast yesterday was all about the referendum. 15 minutes into the broadcast was the first mention of the cyclone. This as their own people die and suffer and disease starts to grip the survivors.

They are an illegal military entity in any case. They seized power, they didn’t win it. They keep their people isolated and ill-informed. They couldn’t/wouldn’t even release their casualty numbers after the recent Indian Ocean tsunami.

Ban Ki-moon has expressed his displeasure with the Burmese authorities. WTF? Displeasure! The UN needs to get off its arse and act for a change. Act while it could still make a difference to people’s survival.

The UN will do Fuck All..adding Burmah to its glorious triumphs of the past ,Somalia,Rwanda and Darfur.. Ballless,impotent and corrupt..
They are afraid to do anything because of China’s support of the Junta..
Even the American’s are afraid to piss them off..
Nothing will be done…
Sorry to be a Doom monger but its what i think,and i would be overjoyed to be proved wrong..

China’s in less of a position to help now, after the earthquake, making Western aid all the more important. Today I heard some stronger language about just going ahead with food-drops anyway but without a coordinator on the ground the army are just as likely to nick it themselves. Apparantly there are reports of the military hoarding delivered aid and doling out rotten rice and biscuits instead.

Now there’s word of another cyclone due to hit in the same delta area.

You know what – fuck ’em – you’re right. Send in the planes for the worlds first food and medicine shock-and-awe bombardment. And if they shoot back the Chinese have not alone no grounds to help defend these despicable pack of cunts with a disaster of their own to contend with. Not to mention concerns about not goosing the Olympics at this stage. So if the Junta send up some ack-ack or fighters just blow them out of it.

So give the order. Let Operation Bock commence.

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