Heineken Cup 2008 – Pictures

More pics below the fold, as usual …

I wasn’t around to take any shots of the homecoming, and so I’m grateful to the Limerick Leader for these pics from Limerick.

And here’s a few sent to me by the resourceful Gerry Ryan who somehow managed to position himself right at the front.


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Lorraine at Italian Foodies has pics HERE and HERE

Limerick Blogger has video of the homecoming HERE

Bruff RFC have some great shots HERE


10 thoughts on “Heineken Cup 2008 – Pictures

  1. My compliments, Bock, all fantastic shots, in particular I liked the stadium during the presentation as well as that line-out sequence. What a steady hand for someone on a rugby trip.

    And can you tell us where the friendly barmaid was serving pints just in case we ever pass that way. Bar looks OK too. Speaking of which, what is that “Brains” beer like ? The usual English/Welsh or is it anything resembling decent drink.

    btw, why was Stringer so pissed off? Was he locked out of the Stadium?

  2. Paralaxco: Thanks. You’re right, it was good.

    Hoof: That’s a pub called Dempsey’s. Brains is pretty much your standard English / Welsh piss and I couldn’t recommend it to you. I suppose Stringer was pissed off because he didn’t get to play in the final, and I can’t say I blame him. If he had been playing, they wouldn’t have got away with all those fast one-man line-outs.

  3. Great pics bock, especially the lineout, the stadium looks amazing – breathtaking I’d say!! As my International commenters always say “thanks for sharing”;)

    p.s. did ye all go nuts when they showed Limerick on the screen!!

  4. what an incredible stadium! but, i have to ask, sugar, what was the deal with the guys in the pink bunny suits? congrats on the win! xox

  5. Primal: I asked for a few pics of the homecoming because I didn’t have any, and they were kind enough to send me these ones. Of course, I have occasionally given them pics as well.

  6. Hay bock, thanks for the limerickblogger link. There is video of their arrival at Shannon airport over on the Croom blog.

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