Heineken Cup 2008

We’re ready.  Talk in Limerick is of little else.


Are you going to Cardiff?

Yeah.  You?


Who’ll win?

Hard to call.

How you travelling?


I’m flying.

We got a camper van.

Mike is sailing.


From Kinsale.  38 hours.  He’s looking for crew.

Jesus, maybe Jimbo would be interested.  I’ll call him.



Mike’s sailing.  Do you want to go?  Up the Bristol Channel.  Sleep on the boat.

Fuck it I might.  Get back to you.

I’ll send you his number.

Who’ll win?

Dunno.  Hard one to call.

Eamon’s going from Dublin.  He got a ticket on eBay but he has nowhere to stay.

Not a problem.  We rented an apartment in Cardiff.  He can stay with us.

Where you flying?

Birmingham. Bristol.  Stansted. Nottingham.

Hired cars?

Yeah.  Don’t forget the GPS.


What do you reckon?



Hard to call.  Serious outfit.

So are Munster.

Yeah, but Toulouse, y’know?

It’s one match.

True, but still…

Who’s favourite?





Big screen set up in town.


Big crowds in Limerick on Saturday.

Brilliant.  Mardi Gras.

Missed it last time.  I was in Cardiff

You back home the same night?




No, we’re staying till Tuesday.




Who’ll win?

Hard to call.

Town’ll go mad.


Love to be in Limerick on Saturday night.

Me too, but I’ll be in Cardiff.

Yeah.  Me too.  Maybe they’ll do the Limerick screen thing in the stadium again?


What do you reckon?

Tough call.

Yeah.  Serious opposition.

Yeah.  See you over there?

I’ll text.



We’re ready.


Update Squads announced


Hurley, Payne, Howlett, Dowling, Lewis, Earls, Tipoki, Mafi, Stringer, O’Leary, Warwick, O’Gara; Horan, Pucciariello, Hayes, Buckley, Sheahan, Flannery, O’Callaghan, O’Driscoll, O’Connell, Ryan, Quinlan, Wallace, Leamy, Foley.


Hasan, Human, Perugini, Servat, Vernet-Basualdo, Albacete, Millo-Chlusky, Pelous, Bouilhou, Dusautoir, Lamboley, Nyanga, Maka, Sowerby; Courrent, Elissalde, Kelleher, Ahotaeiloa, DOnguy, Heymans, Médard, Fritz, Jauzion, Kunavore.



Heineken Cup 2008 – We Won!!!

Pictures here:

Heineken Cup 2008 – Pictures



The Stringer try

Heineken Cup – Munster vs Gloucester

Munster vs Saracens: Heineken Cup Semi-Final

Munster 19 – London Wasps 3

Munster 36 – Clermont 13

Limerick Paralysed by Heineken Cup Anxiety

Clermont-Auvergne 26 – Munster 19

Off again

Carer wanted

I couldn’t stop myself

40 thoughts on “Heineken Cup 2008

  1. Excellent and best of luck Bock, jeez you’re heading out early. Saw Paulie in a pub in Lahinch last Sat. night. Christ he’s tall! Wanted to ask whether he fancied his chances on the Cookies 1st team next season, them being promoted now and all but my missus wouldn’t let me. You bringing the crubeens or a bit of dead swan maybe, for the journey. And don’t forget the collection for the pilot.

    It’s the chaos and madness thing, who can hold it together the longest. Oh I wish the Padre Pios were available but then, who would you drop?

  2. Sniffle: We’re not going till Thursday. I’m bringing a cold bag of chips. Dead classy. What’s your take on the game?

    Grandad: This is a golfism-free zone, you know.

  3. Declare your intentions, you old bollocks. Are you shouting for Munster or are you heading into town with Brian for a hair-do followed by a Heino in Kiely’s?

  4. You have me utterly confused. I know Kiely’s is a pub, because I used to know Bob Kiely. But Heino? Is that some kind of aftershave?

  5. Not being from D4, I don’t really know, but it seems to be what the young people drink there. Maybe there’s a problem with former Billy Barry children drinking cosmetics,which wouldn’t surprise me. They’d need something to help maintain that ridiculous fake accent for longer than 30 seconds.

  6. I’m not from D4 either, but it sounds sort of Ross O’Carroll Kellyish? Roiysh?

    They have to talk like that otherwise Daddy won’t give them a Discovery for their 18th.

  7. Why would I be shouting for Munster? I’m a very quiet chap and don’t shout very much; least of all at anyone called Munster. Who is he? And why would I shout at him?

  8. I just did a search on the Interweb and it has dawned on me [it is getting late..] – has this something to do with rugby?

  9. You’ve lost me again. Hair-do boys? I had a haircut last month. And what is this fun you are promising? I must warn you that if there is anything sexual involved, then I’m not interested. I’m a married man with grandchildren.

  10. Don’t really know Bock. Haven’t seen Toulouse play much this year, and the talk is that they’re not the force they used to be but they have Fabian Pelous coming from the bench which means the fucker who’s in ahead of him must be ferocious. They’ll be classy and tough but this is the best ever Munster team, even better and stronger then two years back. They’re fresh and rested and the ground is firming up, and as you said we’re favourites, we just don’t wear the tag well. The pundits have it as a Munster win, who am I to argue?

    O’Gara had his mare against Saracens, he only has one a season. We have no injuries, Jesus we’ll never have a better chance.

  11. But where can I listen to it on the interweb. Neither RTE or Rugby.ie will allow me to watch the games. They don’t like my IP addy. The little fuckers that they are.

  12. Good luck Bock. I’m getting butterflies for you already ! Stuff it up the cheese-eating surrender monkeys, and following on from that Australian’s (Knox I believe he’s known as …or was it Cocks – I forget…) comments last week, if they weren’t enough of an added incentive, I don’t know what is.

  13. All the best in Cardiff. Although I hate to hear the word “favourites” as the Irish always seem to play better as underdogs. Is it not on RTE??

  14. Brianf.
    Go to the tournament official site.
    First of all click on “fixtures”…then on the left of that page under Heineken Cup you’ll se a list, click “broadcast”
    and the audio option will appear.
    You should then get this message…..

    “Heineken Cup and European Challenge Cup games are broadcast in association with a number of broadcast partners including BBC Sport and RTE Sport.

    On match weekends the games that are broadcast through online audio feeds will be listed on this page.

    When you click on the game you want to listen to the Live Match Center will open up, starting the live game.

    We would suggest that to ensure that you don’t miss the games, you should set up the MatchdayLive platform well in advance.

    All audio will appear on the Live Match Center. You may need to download various plug-ins and players to receive the service.”

    Hope this helps.

  15. Nora, as the Mogul Murdoch owns the rights only live coverage is on SKY.
    Otherwise 9:00pm delayed broadcast on RTÉ 2 TV.

    Jesus, Who made us favourites against Toulouse? /the Bookies….those same people who gave Dustin a 6/1 shot at winning the Europopularitycontest?

    Nah! we’re the underdogs, have to be. Otherwise t’would take the fun out of it.
    Sure they’re very good, won it three times already-best team in France. We’re just happy to be there, good experience for youngfellas like O’Connell. A reason to keep people off golf courses for the afternoon, etc.

  16. Thanks Hoof.
    Dammit I don’t want delayed broadcast. But it might be better for me as I have conniptions watching a live match.
    Golf courses – hah! Best weekend I ever had (so far) was when I went to the Arms Park in the 70s. Not counting Ravenhill, with armed British soldiers at all four corners of the pitch. And being semi-strip-searched going into the Europa Hotel … Those were the days.
    When we won a match it was a miracle. Well, almost. Now we’re expected to win everything and we don’t. Yep, I’m all for being the underdogs.

  17. Sniffle: I’d prefer to be pessimistic about this, as you would yourself. We’ll wait and see.

    Savannah: Thanks. Be sure to tune in.

    Brian: See Hoof’s advice for you.

    Saint Russ: Thanks. Knox just made a fool of himself and he probably realises it. Nobody here gave a toss about him. Will you be watching it?

    Nora: Thanks. Not on RTÉ. You’ll have to go to the pub or get a satellite dish.

    Hoof: Marvellous. Well done.

    And you’re right – nobody wants us to be the favourites in this. We make much better underdogs.

  18. Hi Bock. My recent house move took care of my little avenue of Sky sports pleasure (although the kids seem to have their channels – now how does that work ?) so a wander to the local hostelry is in order – might even wear red for you. :-)

  19. Bock, I dont know what part of Limerick you are in but in most parts I visited this morning all the talk is of Dustin’s early exit from Europe. I saw 2 grown men crying in Quilty’s this morning. I’ve never seen spirits so low in the city. I’m not even sure I’ll go to Cardiff now I’m that depressed.

  20. Its ferry for me in a camper van.. coming back sunday afternoon!!! I cant wait.

    Verdict: Tough one to call… Munster by 4 points. I dont care if the final score if the final score is 3-0 to us though!!

  21. Have a great weekend Bock, my better half will be over there too. I’ll be in Abbeyfeale watching with my Dad.

    Fingers and toes crossed.

  22. Dell Boy: I know. It casts a terrible gloom over the whole Heineken Cup. I don’t think I’ll bother going to Cardiff.

    Poloman: Are you party of the camper convoy?

    ProblemSam: Anything like that will do fine. Just as long as you beam positive thoughts across the Atlantic at our lads.

    Maz: There’s going to be tumbleweed in Limerick this weekend by the look of things.

  23. I reckon there are a few camper van conveys going.. We are heading to Rosslare shortly after work tomorrow… (8.30 ferry to Pembroke). We are making a right long trip of it! Party starts with cans of Bulmers on the drive to the Port.. no doubt we will hit the pubs there or nearby too.. and I work in Dell too… ths city is too small!!

  24. Poloman: Good man. Do it for the lads!

    Conan: Will they all be watching this somewhere down the country? And cheering?

    ProblemSam: I can feel the beam from here. Keep it going, girl. Only another three days.

  25. I’ll have the radio on and hope I’m not at the mercy of that Royle Nugent or whatever his name is. His Occent puts my ears on edge.

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