Heineken Cup 2008 – We Won!!!
Heineken Cup Final 2008 – Pictures


We run through the pre-flight checks.

There’s an edge to things this time that wasn’t there in 2006.

Bullet’s two years older than the last time we went to Cardiff.  He’s bigger and grittier and flintier and gruntier.  Me, I’m just grumpier.

Boarding pass?




Match tickets?






Munster shirts?


Munster flags?




I glance at Bullet.  Bullet glances back at me.

You ready for this?

Bullet nods.  You?

I nod. Stick another turtle on the fire.

We fall quiet, lost in our own thoughts, watching the sparks rise into the clear night sky.  Somewhere in the distance, a lonely knacker shouts abuse at his girlfriend.

We did it before, Bullet breaks the silence.

True, but that was against Biarritz.

True, but we have a far stronger squad this time.

True, but we’re up against Toulouse.

True, but we never had the likes of Howlett, Tipoki or Mafi before.  And Rog is on top of his game.

No he’s not.

He will be.

We fall silent, watching the embers rise.  It’s going to be a long week.



Carer wanted

Oh Yes, He’s the Great Zucchini

Limehouse Dick

The Stringer try

This is it, boys, this is war

Munster 19 – London Wasps 3

Munster 30 – Bourgoin 27

Munster 36 – Clermont 13

Munster 41 – Bourgoin 23



DK has a pop at DK

21 thoughts on “Heineken Cup Final 2008 – Munster vs Toulouse

  1. Ill be there too bock, im counting down the hours, is it me or is the hype around the final in town not as crazy as 06? is it a case of been there ,done that. Not in my case anyways im like a child waiting for santa

  2. Off topic… Bock, I was wondering did you blog about the recent case where a man was found not guilty of murder, the judge having instructed the jury to bring in a unanimous verdict because the evidence was circumstantial?

  3. What about holy medals and worry beads Bock. Jesus Christ man you know we’re going transmogrified with anxiety for most of the match

    Will you make first mass in Cardiff that morning.

  4. Red Mist: Only needed for online check-in.

    IndieLimerick: We’ll all have to meet up somewhere. All 70,000 of us. I know – what about the Millennium Stadium?

    Conan: Not sure what case you mean. Email me.

    Sniffle: We’re in bits, but it won’t do much good to be muttering mumbo-jumbo in some
    witchdoctor’s cave.

  5. Ok. It’s well off-topic so we’ll have to deal with it another time. I didn’t write about it yet because I’m trying to find some way to address it that doesn’t land me in the courts.

  6. Tricky alright..

    Nice post btw.. Im not a rugby fan really but i will certainly be out watchin the match.
    Hope You,Bullet,Mrs Organdonorsw Dad and all the other travellers get the result ye want..

  7. Bock, if that witchdoctor can influence the result in our favour then give me his address and i’ll have a dance in his cave.

    Apart from the Munster squad, a horde of drunken irish and lots of luck we are going to need some form of divine intervention if we keep playing like we have in the last few matches. Put Strings back on. Have Foley on the bench. Pray to God, Allah, Buddah, Bertie Ahern or Mary Harney or whatever other Deities are out there.

  8. That’d be the one… given your reaction to other results in court cases (with similarly heavy media coverage) built on circumstantial evidence.

  9. Organ Donor: Of course you’ll be watching. Otherwise you’ll be the only man in Limerick who isn’t.

    Dell Boy: Buddha hasn’t played in a while now.

    Conan: Let’s just say I’m equally uneasy about this result.

  10. i know quite a few people that would rather watch paint dry to be honest Bock, but each to there own.it’ll be an excitiing match and be an oppurtunity to scream at a large screen for 80 mins seeing as the champions league didnt work out the way i would have liked.

  11. I just can’t see that. At least in rugby there’s always something happening. In a soccer match you could spend the entire 90 minutes with nothing at all going on. And the rugby supporters don’t need to be segregated.

  12. no,gods honest truth.. these fellas wouldnt watch any sport really..
    except if you call shooting people in online wargames sport? which i’m almost certain you dont.. as i said ,each to there own.
    agreed thought about the quality of alot of football matches,an awful lot of poncing about and feigning injury..(i’d love to see Ronaldo tog out for a sunday afternoon hurling match..)

  13. hi there lovely irish man . do you remember us ? we were in dempseys pub on the sunday night in cardiff when you came over for the game. been looking at your pictures – cant see any of us could you send them to me ?? or put them on your site ? take care jan. oh – by the way – my husband wants to know who are you taking to see leonard cohen?

  14. Typical Rugby anti-football gripe. Can’t get over the fact that it’s only played in a handful of countries can we? And the fact the Heinekin Cup means very little to the French and English teams. You do realise that there is more leagues in the world than the Premiership don’t you? Enjoy the game, I’m sure the worldwide audience of 14 will enjoy it with you. HC, such a rich history, goes all the way back to ’96 doesn’t it….what a joke.

  15. Gripe? What the fuck are you talking about? This is a celebration of going to a match with my son, you humourles individual. Go and darken someone else’s day.

  16. I’d agree with the above that it would be amusing to see some muck savage, reared on raw bacon and cabbage at the foot of Magilacuddy Reeks, breaking a hurley off Ronaldos skull.This guy has become so obnoxious that it is only a matter of time before the Oxford Dictionary uses his name as a definition for prat. One of the most amazing things I have read about soccer recently, in the business pages,was that there are 350 million Chinese subscribing to Sky Sports for live English Premier League coverage.They subscribe “long time”, would you like some flied lice with that…etc etc.And that’s just Charlie. Worldwide Sky have circa 700 million subscribers. A years subscription to Sky is about €400. Do the math yourself – hence the obscene wages.Traditionally there has always been an ecumenical approach to sport in Limerick in that a high percentage of the same people go see the rugby, soccer and hurling. We should keep it that way.On the subject, instead of paying to see Munster play some meaningless Magniers league game – lets face it they look on the Magniers League the same way United and Arsenal look at the League Cup, like as if it was a zit on the end of their noses – why not go see Limerick 37 in action (the 37 represents the year senior soccer was were founded, 1937).
    They may change their name back to Limerick FC this season, I think….?Afterall, it wasn’t so long ago that Limerick United were getting crowds of 8,000 to 10,000 at the Markets Field and were scaring the wits out of the mighty Real Madrid in the European Cup (the first leg) and Munster were attracting gates of about 300 for Inter Provincial games. Meantime, Munster and Detroit Kronk southpaw Andy Lee, formerly of St Francis BC Limerick, seem to be the only ones able to sell out a sporting venue on Shannonside. Our hurlers haven’t won anything of note since the Beatles were regularly in the charts, same with the Gaelic footballers.But maybe with a bit of support to all codes – and if you can’t go to the match, throw a few bob at their fundraisers, Limerick could once again claim to be the sporting capitol of Ireland.

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