May 222008

OK.  We’re as ready as we’ll ever be.  The lists are ticked off.  The boarding passes are printed.  The bags are packed.  The driving licences are up to date.  The match tickets are safe. The soggy sandwiches are clingfilmed.

In another hour or two, the order will come: Let’s Move! and the first wave will begin to stir.  Our detachment flies out at 8:00 and the main force arrives in Cardiff tomorrow and early on Saturday.

I’ll try to keep you up to date, but this is going to be one of the most difficult missions we’ve ever undertaken.

Wish us luck.

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    God speed Bock and the Bullet. As an Irish expat I’ll be watching it in the originally named McGuinness’, the local Irish pub.

    As a proud Ulster supporter it hurts to say it but I’ll be wearing red and shouting for Munster. My Mum’s from Limerick, does that count?


    Of course it counts. Anyway, even if you had no family connection, you could still support Munster. Plenty of Dubliners do.


    I hope Toulouse win.


    I will be with you somewhere Bock. I’m nervous as hell.


    Brock: You’re entitled to hope for that if you want.

    Poloman: I’ll be wearing a Munster shirt. Nod if you recognise me.


    Bon chance et bon voyage, Bock & Bullet.

    Allez Munster.


    Merci, mon ami. Allez les rouges!


    Have a brilliant time Bock & Bullet. I have butterflies in the stomach already.



    I’ll be there with you in spirit. I’ll be listening to the game thanks to Hoof. I can’t decide whether to wear my Ireland team shirt during the game or a red ZEN shooting team shirt seeing how I don’t have a Munster team shirt.
    Have a safe trip and enjoy your time there.


    Hey what do you know, here’s another Ulster fan wishing youse the best, have a grand trip and hope Munster whip them good! Onward.




    the sangwiches go in tin foil you ejit


    Shouldn’t us ‘neutrals’ – from Ulster, Leinster & Connacht be shouting for the underdog. After all what have we got to lose?

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