Lisbon Treaty. One Reason To Vote Yes.

What’s that reason?

A single word: Cóir.

A bunch of extreme-right Catholic lunatics who have for decades tried to dictate a Catholic agenda to the Irish people, interfering in every piece of legislation and every referendum we’ve had for the last forty years. A crowd of lying, bullying maniacs, led by an absolute tosser called Justin Barrett, and spoken for by an even worse bully called Niamh Ní Bhroin. [I should interject that all these groupings like Youth Defence and Cóir are the creation of veteran right-wing Catholic, Richard Greene, a one-man right-wing campaign, or obsessive, as people who engage in this sort of behaviour are  normally known].   Justin, you might remember, was once photographed on the flag-draped stage at a rally of the extreme-right German party, the NPD, a Nazi organisation. Justin has also addressed a meeting of the neo-fascist Forza Nuova party in Milan. Of course, in both cases he just happened to be there without realising that he was dealing with Nazis, and unfortunately he failed to take any clues from the marching brown-shirted skinheads at the German rally.

Justin Barrett

NDP rally

Niamh was formerly a Youth Defence stormtrooper, like Justin, but neither are youthful any longer and they now operate under the Cóir flag of convenience instead.

Isn’t it strange the way the words Youth and Nazi seem constantly to appear together? Youth Defence; Schutzjugend.

Niamh, you might recall, is the daughter of Úna NicMhathúna, who once famously referred to proponents of divorce as “wife-swapping sodomites” in a fit of authoritarian apoplexy when the electorate failed to follow her instructions. You will vote as I tell you, or suffer the consequences. Do I make myself clear?

Úna is also a member of Cóir. The brand might have changed but the horrible message remains the same.

Be under no illusions. These are serious political crazies we’re talking about, and if they ever came to power you’d rapidly find yourself crushed beneath the boots of their followers.

Both Justin and Niamh are stalwarts of the Schutzjugend, and these gobshites have tried to shout down all opposition over the years on social matters including divorce, abortion and homosexuality. I heard Niamh on the radio this afternoon, hectoring, lying and twisting facts in the usual cynical Youth Defence manner, and I have to admit, she helped to make up my mind.

There are many cogent reasons to vote NO to Lisbon, but if this crowd of gobshites are against it, then I’m voting YES.



Libertas. Another reason for voting yes to the Lisbon treaty



Justin Barrett

Andy Az

Extreme Right in Ireland

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  1. Stop hectoring me and shouting yer head off about them YDs, Bock. Just denounce them quiet and civil like. You might be mistaken for a f*****t.

  2. Bock – you’ve given me another reason to vote Taw. The scrape-the-shit-off-my-shoe shinners are advocating no. That ape MEP Kathleen Sinnitt in Cork is advocating no. And now these assholes. I’m a yes-man if this is the no-crowd.


  3. Maybe they and Sinn Fein are doing a bit of reverse psychology and they actually want a yes vote.They know that if they support the no vote this might happen..
    I’m still voting no mind you,regardless of what these fuck-heads stand for..

  4. The last time youth defence were in Limerick, they were protesting outside the family planning place on Mallow street. one of them from Cork threatened a counter-demonstrator with a knife.

    charming bunch of people this lot.

  5. Agree with Organdonor, the nazis are using reverse psychology. If I had a vote it would be No.

  6. In the early days i was sure to vote NO, but then i came around to thinking of how Ireland has been free to shape its own future and make its own decisions for nearly a century. I am still waiting for constitutional change, I am still waiting to have my human rights enshrined and respected by Irish Law. I won’t hold my breath any longer I’ll vote YES instead! The Influence of rightwing cathofascism needs to be curtailed. I take it that by voting YES the Irish will see the end of Tribunals, corrupt housing, and abusive medical, and an end to that dreadful term, “only in Ireland”

  7. The way I look at is that successive governments have run this country for the benefit of a privileged few. Despite pumping enormous resources into, for instance, our health service, we still have a system dedicated to the enrichment of the vested interests.

    Likewise, we have a crumbling, privately-owned education system and shit infrastructure. Any advances we have here, either in services, infrastructure or social reform, came from our association with the EU and mainland European values, instead of the inward-looking, parochial gobshites we have for political leaders.

    I’m voting yes.

  8. I disagree. Obviously I deplore Youth Defence, but they are not the main group campaigning for a no vote this time. That is Libertas which is spending 1.3 million euro compared to 100,000 by Coir/Youth Defence.

    Look, Youth Defence members will come and go, but this Treaty goes on forever if we vote for it. I am voting no because:

    A: Ireland’s vote on the Council of Ministers is halved while Germany’s doubles.

    B: The loss of a Commissioner will mean noone to stand up for Ireland while Commissioner Kovacs presses for tax-harmonisation.

    C: The French and Dutch already voted no to the EU Constitution, which Bertie admits is 95% identical to this Treaty. This Treaty is disrespectful of their wishes. I will not collude in this attack on democracy.

  9. Look. I know. This isn’t easy for me either, but could I just point out that we’ve had people like McCreevy on the Commission, who thinks about nothing else but protecting his rich horse-breeding pals from taxation.

    And before him, we had Pee Flynn, a grasping gobshite who cares not a jot for you or me, as long as he feathers his own nest, and that of his appalling tax-dodging daughter.

    So tell me, how will it be worse if we don’t have these bastards protecting us?

  10. In my humble opinion, the ‘loss of a commissioner’ debate is all utter bullshit. We as a nation cannot relate to the EU via an Irish commissioner in the same way that a rural parish relates to its County Council through a gombeen-man local county councillor, who, with a judicious mixture of nods, winks, farts and grunts creates a perception of powerful and implicitly improper influence. Nobody needs influence to get entitlements. If you think you need influence, change the system. The commissioner is emphatically not there in any sort of representative or lobbying role for Ireland. If that misconception is influencing how people vote, there is a bigger problem afoot, and that is the gross lack of knowledge and objective political sophistication in our population. Despite our perception of ourselves as interested in politics, we are really more interested in the personalities of the players. We vote for people we think we might like, even when we only like their cute whoredom. As far as the EU treaty is concerned, we should only vote no if we want to join Cuba and North Korea as the world’s pariahs. We have benefited to an obscene level at the expense of the taxpayers of Europe for the past forty years. Our farmers have benefited most, without actually joining the ranks of the taxpayers at any point. When we joined in 1970, many were still using the horse on Irish farms. Look at them now…


  11. I dunno, Bock. I agree that Cóir are nutters, and that our homegrown commissioners have been more interested in looking out for their rich cronies than anything else. the trouble is that the treaty as it stands now just gives their like in the EU more power than before. It’s all about big business, free flow of capital, and screwing the rest of us. It will water down democracy in a big way

    See this petition to the people of Ireland from other europeans, asking us too vote no

  12. I will not really comment on such a topic because I don’t live in Ireland (Although that may change in about four months), so I have no reason to poke my ‘Merkan nose in your politics. I have faith in the Irish people though.

    Nazi’s? Ah, but Bush is a Nazi and an over whelming majority of Americans voted for him. Lol… :) And, he is a member of such secret societies as Skull&Bones, Bohemian Grove, and Freemasons (Sigh..).

    I talked to several people about the Lisbon treaty, when I was in Dublin last week. I received a mixed review! :) But, most people explained why they were voting yes or no. Mind you, I’m a ‘Merkan so I’ll talk to anyone on the streets. :)

  13. I don’t live in America, but it doesn’t stop me commenting on American policies. If you have a view on the Lisbon treaty, why not share it?

  14. Other reasons – when it comes to watering down democracy, we’re in the homeopathic league for dilution. Planning in Dublin is a manifestation of the Irish democratic system. Councillors were given rezoning authority by the Oireachtas, and they blatantly abused it. The same Oireachtas is spending a fortune on trying to find out exactly how little they sold out for. CJH took over the Dept of the Gaeltacht so that he could annex the Great Blasket to his private archipelago, and he nearly succeeded but for the courage of an exemplary citizen who is a solicitor in Dingle. Doherty tapped phones for political purposes twenty years ago, Rien ne plus pas change. As far as I am concerned, the more big brothers FF have, the better. We have nobody here capable of running the country, we’ve spent ninety years trying to find a way. the FF-ers are congenital gombeens, the Blueshirts are idealistic individualistic navel-gazers and the PD’s and Greens flew too close to the heat and got fried. The shinners are beneath contempt – they have too much Irish blood on their hands and none in their hearts. If we become part of a bigger game, it can’t be worse for us.

    Bock – we’re all in America by proxy. When their banking system fucks up, we pay. When they want to invade nice middle-eastern countries, we provided the airport. You know all about that. When they need votes from those sad bastards who cling to the concept of Irish-Americanism, we find convenient if tenuous Irish roots for them, as we did for Sir Ronald, Knight of the Realm. Sir Barak O’Bama should be interesting when he takes his turn!


  15. “The Bolted Nut”, I can’t agree with you on the Commissioner. It’s well-known that he/she is seen as a more important figure in small countries, as a counterweight to bullying from the Big Countries who dominate the Qualified Majority Voting system on the Council of Ministers and in the European Parliament. Each country presently has 1 Commissioner each (the Big States lost their 2nd one under Nice). The idea of not having one 1/3rd of the time i.e. 5 years, is simply unacceptable to me and the Irish people (in my opinion).

    On your “pariah” point, I beg to differ. Are France and Holland pariahs for voting no to the EU Constitution (which is 95% the same as Lisbon according to Bertie) in 2005? Were we for voting no to Nice in 2001? I don’t think so. I don’t really care what Sarko or Merkel think of us. All I know is that they have been pressuring us to harmonise our taxes for years now, and we dare not leave ourselves defenceless against that on the Commission.

  16. Future Taoiseach – the essence of civilisation is the acknowledgment of differing views; thanks for your considered and courteous reply. In relation to the role of an individual commissioner, please note what this says:

    Specifically, and not to have you hopping all over the www:

    Informally, the appointed Members of the Commission are known as commissioners. They have all held political positions in their countries of origin and many have been government ministers, but as Members of the Commission they are committed to acting in the interests of the Union as a whole and not taking instructions from national governments.

    I rest my case on that point, that url is only one af many, and I don’t want to dust off any EU law books!

    On the pariah point – ‘according to Bertie’? wow. Big wow. I wouldn’t back a greyhound if it was according to Bertie.


  17. Future Taoiseach – two of your three are somewhat less than ideal in the great ethical principles stakes as matters of record. The constitution debate is over. It didn’t fly. This treaty is a fresh proposition.
    On the EU constitutional referendum, there was an incredible outpouring of analytical balderdash after the initial Irish ‘no’. How can you analyse a yes-or-no vote? It’s like analysing the outcome of the toss of a coin – it is what it is, there are no subtleties or nuances.
    I’m still voting ‘yes’.


  18. Giscard d’Estaing? Wasn’t that the guy who accepted millions in diamonds from the despot, Bokassa, ruler of the Central African Republic? The same Giscard d’Estaing who supported Bokassa’s diamond smuggling operation with French taxpayers’ money and military assistance?

    And as for Ahern, well if you’re regular visitor to this site, you’ll know what I think of him.

    Nevertheless, in spite of Ahern’s support for it, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll vote yes.

  19. Bock and Nut for both D’Estaing and Ahern to say Lisbon is 95% of the failed constitution is surely more of an admission than a claim, given the way the constitution was defeated. To be honest I’m surprised Ahern came out and said it. I havent heard any Yes people trying to deny it either. In case there was any doubt after Nice/NiceII, this really confirms that democracy is really just an inconvenience to be got around.

  20. Had one of those Cóir types stop me in the People’s Park of all places last Saturday. Told me that If I wanted abortion, prostitution and drugs, etc. to vote yes. I hadn’t the heart to tell him that Castle Dundon was within bazooka range of where we were so at least one of the options was already available there…that prostitution would hardly be a novel attraction in Ireland and it’s none of my business what women want to do in regard to their bodies.

    Also I was told by this loon that my kids would be taken off me and conscripted into a European Army (didn’t say which one, personaly I’d have gone for the Dutch Army, very informal so I’m told) and shipped back to me in body bags. When I asked who exactly Europe was going to war with, Mr Cóir waved at the sky and informed me that the “fuckin’ Russians…. the Blacks in Africa…the Chinese and Moslamics !!” were already gearing up for a clash with us. Apparently it’s all been prophesied in the God Comics, all it requires is a “Yes” vote from little old Ireland to kick it all off. Unfortunately the result of that afternoons English Rugby Final (at odds of 28/1) hadn’t been prophesised in this good book, although I had to ask as early retirement appeals to me greatly.

    Having told this nut I would gladly send my kids into a European Army as they have merely to replicate their behaviour at home to finally convince Al-Qaeda that we in the west are beyond redemption and not worth the martyrdom trip to 57 varieties of virginity in heavenland. Mr Cóir finally got the message and left me to enjoy the remnants of my hangover.

    The scare-mongering is not confined to Cóir though. A Shinner at my door also warned me that our “neutrality” was about to be compromised, I’ve been hearing that one since 1972. Had to ask him how neutral his party were during their self-proclaimed “war” on Britain from 1969 and enquired were they ever to hold the reins of power in this State would they drop the neutral stance and send the Irish Army, Navy, Air Corps and the FCA over the border to free the downtrodden, oppressed and shoeless folk up North, subsidised and suffering under the Imperial British yoke?. Answer : “Ah, shure, that’s all in the past….can’t you just vote no and give Biffo a kick in the hole”

    And just who the fuck are this Libertas group funded by, anti-European megalomaniacs such as Murdoch & co. from ‘Merika and elsewhere keen to divide and conquer Yoo-ropean markets, country by country just like in the old days.

    Now there’s that crazed bollix Justin Barrett and those fascist cunts Youth Defence, Mad catholics like Dana the Turkey and Katy Sinnott who have been indoctrinated by fundamentalists in the US, Jean-Marie LePen, Mary Lou & the respectable face of Sinn Fein, Libertas. It’s a Coalition I wouldn’t touch with yours.

    Europe has brought too many benefits for Ireland to think a grand conspiracy is being hatched. The range of people wishing to bring this down also have an agenda, largely involving putting this country back into the 1950’s. For all our present faults, I never want to see it return to a priest-ridden, squinting window, pious backwater that turned a blind eye to enslavement of “fallen women” locked up and working in laundries or of kids afraid of telling their parents about some dog-collared fuck who took out violent, sexual frustration on them. Kids whose lives were made a misery by hypocrites who still have champions in people like Barrett and his jackboot philosophies.

  21. My instinct at the outset was to vote NO but when Sinn Fein and Youth Defence came in on the act on the NO side I thought long and hard about my intentions – well not really long or hard to be truthful – I immediately decided that my vote was going to the YES side.

    It’s very educational really as I’ve found out that many people feel like that on this referendum.

    These kind have people have bastardised normal democratic life on this island for far too long.

  22. Hoof, that’s the funniest and best post I’ve heard on the Treaty so far. I remember the Maastricht Treaty debates and I was assured by my uncle that I was to be conscripted into the European Army. I’m still waiting for the call.

    I’ll leave out the screams of the inevitability of slaughtered babies that were proclaimed if the said treaty was voted in…..It seemed that every woman was to have an abortion at gunpoint.

    Bolted Nut ‘they have too much Irish blood on their hands and none in their hearts’ is the best description of the shinners I have heard. Thanks. I hope you don’t mind me using it? Let me know if you charge royalties for it….

  23. [Racist comment deleted]

    IP address
    TVCABO-Portugal Cable Modem Network

  24. Please Irish People, in the name of Europeans peoples , vote NO !

    See the comments below this french article
    Most of the commentators wish Ireland could vote NO.

    If ever it’d happened, this would be a huge slap in the face of the European Commision technocrats who are completely disconnected from reality. The current way the European Union is designed is mainly in the interest of politicians, media and corporations and definitely not in the interest of the majority of the people.

    If ever Ireland voted YES, Europe would become the poodle-puppet of the USA, specially into military domains.

    Please, be wise, vote NO and do not fear the pressure of the press and of politicians.

  25. Appeal from abroad:
    A Danish referendum was scheduled as part of ‘the Nice Treaty’ ratification process, but was suspended after the French and the Dutch NO-votes! There are strong indications that the Danish outcome would have been a NO, as well. In order to circumvent this ‘calamity’ the Danish government ruled that the Lisbon Treaty does not infringe upon Danish sovereignty – in spite of the fact that the substance of the two documents (‘Nice’ ‘Lisbon’) are identical. This undemocratic – and most likely unconstitutional – act has frustrated and infuriated many Danes. Among Europeans the Danes are far from alone in their dismay with this ‘new order’ which will further undermine the authority of our democratically elected parliaments and transfer it to the faceless and closed EU bureaucracy.
    In consequence of this deplorable situation we fellow-Europeans are now turning to the Irish voters, encouraging them to send a resounding ‘NO’ to Brussels next Thursday!
    I recommend reading this article with specific focus on Ireland, written by the Danish MEP, Jens Peter Bonde:
    Since 1979 he has represented Denmark in the European Parliament, and he has acquired an admirable insight into all EU perspectives.

    PS Apologies for my primitive English: I’m ‘only’ a Dane! :)

    Faced to TERRORISM MEDIA in favour of ‘YES’, to disseminate these arguments in favour of the ‘NO’. Send this link ‘’ to your email list
    I am a Catholic who loves Ireland and Christian Europe say:
    I am a Catholic.
    Can I approve of the Treaty of Lisbon?
    The violation of non-negotiable principles raises a grave question of conscience for
    Irish Catholics in the face of this referendum.
    A spectre is haunting Europe—it threatens you, the Christian future of your family, of Ireland, and of the Continent. It is a European Union without God and without moral principles.
    The Treaty of Lisbon seeks to reform, for you and for all Irish Catholics, the fundamental values which govern the functioning of the European Union. These new values are in stark contrast to the non-negotiable principles given by Pope Benedict XVI.
    The Pope insists that, in the construction of Europe, there are three areas in which the Church defends “non-negotiable principles”:
    • “the protection of life at every stage;
    • “the recognition and promotion of the natural structure of the family;
    • “and the protection of the right of parents to educate their children”.
    To be at peace with his conscience, when casting his vote in the referendum, a Catholic has to give absolute priority to these non-negotiable principles. The moral preservation of our children and the future prosperity of Catholic Ireland and of all Europe will depend on the level of respect that the E.U. shows towards these principles.
    Catholics must reject the Treaty of Lisbon
    Our Lord Jesus Christ commanded: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His justice, and everything else shall be added on to you.” In contrast to the Divine commandment, if the Treaty of Lisbon is ratified by Irish Catholics:
    • The E.U. will ignore God and the Christian roots of Europe and will create a new European identity based on radical secularism and atheistic philosophies. We do not want our children to grow up in an Ireland without God!
    • The E.U. will impose a relativistic and evolving idea of human rights, contrary to Catholic moral teaching. We do not want the relativisation of the principles that we will pass on to our children and grandchildren!
    • The E.U. will considerably restrict the protection of human life and will facilitate abortion, euthanasia, and embryo experimentation. We do not want the mass murder of innocents being promoted throughout Europe!
    • The E.U. will destroy the family by dissociating it from marriage between one man and one woman. Our children have the right to live in a normal home, in accordance with Catholic principles!
    • The E.U. will impose excessive limits on the right of the parents to educate their children in accordance with their convictions. The freedom to pass on the Faith is a legacy that can never be challenged in Catholic Ireland!
    • The E.U. will recognise, for the first time in the history of international treaties, “sexual orientation” as a basis for non-discrimination, opening the way for homosexual marriage and adoption of children by homosexuals. If today promiscuity and immorality already invade our homes and ruin the education of our children, what will it be like when these kinds of practices are imposed on us?
    Catholics: only by uniting our voices can we be saved from this tragedy and this chastisement
    To prevent Ireland and all of Europe from distancing itself even further from the Kingdom of God, Irish Society for Christian Civilisation is campaigning for a rejection of the Treaty of Lisbon in the name of the Catholic non-negotiable principles.
    According to the late Pope, John Paul II, it is “the laity which by its particular vocation has the specific role of interpreting the history of the world in the light of Christ.”
    If you consider it a matter of conscience to make heard the voice of Catholic Ireland in this debate, then you already are part of this campaign.
    Click Here to read the study: “9 reasons why a conscientious Catholic citizen should reject the Treaty of Lisbon” (Click here for the document in .pdf format) or click here to order the printed booklet of this study, or to order flyers to distribute.
    You will understand why this referendum is happening at this crucial time in our history, and why it is not right for a Catholic to abstain in this hour of need. Above all, you will be able to influence and direct others among your acquaintances, clarifying the issues for them to prevent them from voting for the Treaty of Lisbon through ignorance or because of media or peer pressure.
    Participating in this campaign you will be doing your bit to alert our fellow Catholics so that, at the moment of casting their votes, they will remember what Jesus said: “He who is ashamed of Me and of My words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when He comes into His glory.” (Lk. 9:26)
    For the honour and glory of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ, say no to the Treaty of Lisbon and you will be saying yes to a Catholic Ireland and yes to a Christian Europe.

  27. Modesto: You needn’t worry about your children growing up in an Ireland without God. You’re in France.

  28. I always thought abstinence was the correct course of action for a good catholic when they had a strong need? The no campaign is little short of scare mongering. The loss of a commissioner is a done deal. Vote yes or no, you still lose a commissioner The lisbon treaty delays the loss for a few years, why are the no side not telling us this? why do they want us to lose a commissioner, sooner rather than later? As for our vote halving, will it make a significant difference? We will still have to rely on the support of other countries within the EU to make any real impression. Unless a situation arises where a ballot is taken and the result is 49.2% for and 50% against, will the loss of our voting share really come in to play. And as for legalising prostitution, and drugs, is that such a bad thing? Drugs are freely available here already and a quick search of the internet will provide you with a prostitute to service your every need. Surely it is better to have them regulated?

  29. i think coir and libertas are cool
    free enterprise and capitalism is the only way
    If u want to criticise anyone on the no side its joe higgins. people only laugh at that guy

  30. If you think a religious fundamentalist group is cool, I’m afraid you’re beyond helping.

    Several possibilities about you spring to mind:

    1. You didn’t read this at all.
    2. You can’t read.
    3. You’re drunk.
    4. You’re twelve.
    5. You’re Justin Barrett.

    Which is it?

  31. “Oh the times they are achangin” it makes little difference if the outcome is YES or NO, really! the will of the irish people alone cannot combat the will of world power. just ask Dermot Gleeson (aib), Paul Gallagher (attorney general), Charles MCcreevey (eu commish) They have just been in attendance at the Bilderberg conference at chantilly, virginia, usa. now these guys will have been given a glimpse into the future europe we all will live in, regardless of the irish choice. I won’t waste my time voting on the lisbon treaty.

  32. as that crazy japanese politition on you tube said –
    “in the end, elections are just a festival for the majority. if you let the majority decide, of course the majority will win”

    Are the majority of us susceptible to the backwards and absolutly wrong slogans of coir and those other losers? or are the majority of us so easily influenced by the blatant arrogance of our elected leaders?

    nobody needs reminding of the advantages that being a member of the E.U. has brought us, those are obvious and also, to this argument, irrelevant. The future of the E.U. will be shaped by every action that it will take and it is up to us to influence that direction by every meagre action we can take.

    It ‘s pretty obvious that those pushing the interests of both sides of this referendum have their vested interests, that i suppose would be obvious of any major political shift. So I can’t believe anybody

    I also doubht that there is no plan B for Ireland or the E.U., this change is coming weather we like it or not – big business will win. nonetheless, if they ask me to hand it to them on a plate i must say no

  33. You sound like a bit of nazi yoursel Bockers!
    I happen to be a Catholic, Roman and proud of it! You maybe an organge biggot yourself, and thats your right. But be proud of it. Dont be ashamed of it. Like him or hate him and its hard not to hate him with the nazi progaganda around, but at least Mr Barrett stands for something he believes in. Come out from under your orange banner Bockers, no need to skulk behind a facade of pseudo left wing liberalism. One more reason to vote No.

  34. You obviously haven’t been here much, or you’d know that I think Orange Order nutcases are just as ridiculous as Catholic ones.

    However, I think I’d place your buddy Justin closer to the Islamic fascists who can’t tolerate anyone. Niamh, I’d place in a zoo.

  35. Good hearted women and men of ireland. Please do our european continent a favor and vote NO to the lisbon treaty.

    I ask your help for us all from germany. Most people in the 27 country’s are NOT AGAINST the european union but AGAINST an EU of the big businesses. Against an antidemocratic if not to say a faschist EU which do not care about their people. Wich do not care about our children and which do not care about peace.

    They only care about foreign ressources which they want to “secure” for europe by means of war if neccessary.

    They will send our children into dead, just to save their profits.

    Again, good people of ireland. Remind your history as a strong and free nation and as well remind your responsibility for every other european nation who don’t have the opportunity to vote about their future.

    God bless you..

  36. James Connolly says “God Bless you”!!!

    That’s what happens when The Socialist Party and Cóir sing from the same hymn-sheet.

    Schutzjugends Irish attaché Justin Barrett will be turning in his condominium next.

  37. hahaha bock – you have me laughing out loud again!

    You forgot the part about this guy above, in the photo above giving the one-armed salute:

    going back 15yrs he used to be the ass-manager at Supermacs III in Ballinasloe [it is the home of l’Supermac and there are actually three of them there], and his female droid was always the one mopping up the vomit in the jacks ; as he counted the ‘gold ‘n silver’ in the till for Mr l’Bigmac’s takings.

    thought you would like to know.

    [ps i always thought the fello had been castrated because of the high pitch. ]
    and Supermacs is listed by the Galway County Council website as ‘one of the two major employers in the town of Ballinasloe’.

  38. If you look for Justin on Wikipedia, it says he was born in Tipperary, but I thought he was from Granard.

    Why is this relevant? Because Justin isn’t the only Catholic-driven disgrace Granard has on its conscience.

  39. on wiki i get
    Justin L. Barrett
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jump to: navigation, search
    Justin L. Barrett, Ph.D. is senior researcher of the Centre for Anthropology and Mind and The Institute for Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford University.

    is this the same person?

    supermacs to Oxford! some going!

  40. No. It isn’t the same person.

    Our Justin Barret is a demented, hyper-controlling, dominance-seeking, twisted, religious-maniac, sex-obsessed twat, who’s probably compensating for being beaten up as a child.

  41. ANYTHING to dilute the power of the thieving bastards of the cosy cronies who run this joke of a country.
    Why do you think everywhere else in Europe is clean, efficient and well planned out?
    Because it’s not run by a bunch of inbred, slack jawed, back-rubbing bastards who are only in for themselves and their buddies.
    This country is dirty, badly planned, badly run and shitty, grey and wet.

  42. -John
    True that in many respects Europe is miles ahead in public services than Ireland but your ‘grass is greener on the other side’ attitude is naîve. On the continant you give your rights away incrementaly for those services and we are led to believe that we must chose between the two systems. Everything or nothing, no middle ground. You’re in or your out and you must chose now. And if you don’t say yes….
    The non religious, non nationalist (as in ‘nationalist sounds better than bigoted racist’) people who say no to Lisbon are not saying no to Europe. They are saying no to a Europe run by Euro-Berties like Nicolas Sarkozy and Borossa. Sometimes I really think that these fanatics and shadowy people like Ganlon and DeVillier are put there as ‘double think’ to make people feel that voting no would be like aligning oneself with right wing extremists. I know it seems like paronoia but somtimes I seriously wonder about it.

  43. QUOTE “Europe is miles ahead in public services than Ireland but your ‘grass is greener on the other side’ attitude is naîve. On the continant you give your rights away incrementaly for those services”

    EUROPE? Where is Europe?

    The services are great there?

    What do you mean about on the continent “you give your rights away incrementally for those services” …?

    Is not there some kind of right that would suggest an 83 yr old taxpayer doesnt have to lie on a trolley for the night?

    Some services in Belgium are really crap… whereas over the border in Netherlands they are really great.
    Just look at Belgiums trains compared to those north of the border?

    And this last part.. is – I agree – rather paranoid.

    Europe? Saying it the way you do you seem to give some parity of size between the island of Ourland and the greater continent of “Europe” … (of which, dont forget, Das Statelet is a constituent part!!)

  44. Yes I fell into the trap of referring to the Franco-German ‘Europe’ as the continant itself.
    I noticed you didn’t decide to qoute
    ‘Why do you think everywhere else in Europe is clean, efficient and well planned out?’ from john above.
    Ireland is an island off the coast of continental Europe and a constituant part of the European Union, if you want to be pedantic

  45. there’s nothing pedantic about being
    forbidden to enter your own country
    for three years just because you
    have a chronic illness and for no
    legal reason…

    It’s not just you either… so dont shed a tear
    it’s commonplace:
    on the Irish radio, Irish news…
    Europe this and
    Europe that…
    Trap? whatareyouonabout.
    PS who’s comment?

  46. -Neolito
    I’m sorry I don’t understand your comment. Who is forbidden to enter they’re country because they are sick?
    I think in your second paragraph th

  47. Ignore the last comment. I must have hit enter by accident. So starting again;
    I’m sorry I don’t understand your comment. Who is forbidden to enter their country because they are sick?
    I assume that in your second paragraph you are reffering to the way the irish media refer to continental Europe as if it were a country. but then that would be thetrapthatimetnionedabove so I don’t understand why you raise the question.
    I can only assume (again) that PS who’s comment? means that when I said from john above you didn’t realise that I ment FROM JOHN who commented ABOVE, so excuse me for that

  48. Noelito is referring to a disgraceful situation whereby he can’t enter Ireland for fear of being arrested. The reason is that he uses a certain prescription medicine for his condition, derived from cannabis, and our idiot government, for no good reason, has decided that all cannabis derivatives are to be illegal. Even prescription medicines.

    The idiot cops have said they’ll arrest him if he brings this substance in.

    Now, of course, they probably wouldn’t, especially if he didn’t advertise the facts, but still, there’s a principle at stake. After all, there’s no problem prescribing drugs derived from opium. It’s just brainless, knee-jerk nonsense as usual.

  49. yes, that’s perfectly understandable C l’C.
    I think at the time I had just watched a news segment from the Irish state-broadcaster, Radio, Television, Ireland, and that mentioned Europe in a that way.
    So it was more touchy-ness on my part. It’s just, to me, and i am sure to every other Irish-passport holding citizen of the EU, persons who live off of the ‘l’Republique d’Irlandais… on the continent … like… we are part of Europe too.
    …cos we sure aint part of l’Republique!@

    Even “if” we are no longer part of l’Republiqe. the membership criteria of Club l’Republique is very strict in relative terms.
    There’s only one other statelet of the Union that has membership, and sustained membership, of their islet that is as strict as that of l’Republique.

    The Republic of Cyprus also systematically removes all the rights of its citizens from exercising their democratic franchise… once those “would-be” faithful citizens show “contempt” for l’Republique and decide to move elsewhere in the European Union to live and bring up their families.

    You do that….. and you loose what you thought was your “democratic right”.

    Of course, the EU say that they have no part to play in this … charade of justice.
    I mean. just think about it…
    the Unions migratory peoples unit release data on things like Travellers and other nomadic peoples living in the Union: tSaoumi and Romani for instance. this is done in the interests of “social justice” …

    Well… where is the social justice in the fact that the Irishes and the Cypriots account for just 0.89 percent of the population of the EU who automatically loose their right to any manner of representation on the European Council at any level.

    I thought that was supposed to be “the most democratic” European institution of them all?

    And yet, according to Irish govt sources … there are “2 millen Irish” passport holders living in the UK alone.

    this is 2 millions of EU citizens who do not get any manner of any kind of democratic representation at the European Council level.. which is “dubbed” as the “most” democratic institution of the EU because its members are “directly elected”.

    What about those c 3 millions Irishes who, while being automatically debarred from partaking in the elections at home (because of the ‘treasonous’ act of moving abroad) have no vote in the member state of their EU-27 citizens’ passport… and at the same time, have no vote in the host country… be that UK Belgium or Greece…?

    Those are EU27 citizens who are totally on the sidelines of democracy…!

    Poles, Romanians, Lithuanians… all have the opportunity of voting in their consulates on the day of the elections. not us ex-Pat’sricks.

    The Belgians… wauw.. over there voting in national elections etc is compulsory.. with a 60 Euro fine for “failure to exercise ones democratic franchise” … of course, they get that from their neighbours, the French… where voting is also compulsory… (they had to fight to get it!!!) …

    so that’s why I don’t like references to “Europe” … there are a lot of us NUI graduate Irish gypsy nomads, non represented stateless Irish over here … and when one says Europe.. they owe it to us to be .. more specific with what they are referring to.

    Noel McCullagh
    Exile diary day number: 821

  50. …. and may I add ( on an unrelated note )
    [‘off-topic excuses’ to Bock-blog]

    thank the heavens!, that I quit eating the
    Full Irish Deathfast many years ago !


  51. Well it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out my position on the legalisation of cannabis, for whatever reason. If medication can be made from oil and aluminium, then why not something that grows in the ground. Especially when it happens to be the most diversely usable plants in nature.
    I too am outraged by the fact that irish ex-pats have had their (our) right to vote taken away. My jaw dropped when the emabassey in paris told me that. I had to look it up myself to believe it. I guess that the government don’t want people coming back with their big ideas about health care and education or their fancy notions about political and moral integrity. And they’re probably right. Looking in from the outside it becomes more evident that irish politics is full of self serving gombeens.

  52. I agree totally… but would have to add that (kinda) does not apply in my situation.

    Let’s say, for a moment, that the republic were to grant exemptions for cannabis medicines (for instance, Bedrocan {tm}, a VAT medical product) to be used in the Republic of Ireland.

    That would not assist me in any way.
    Because, I am not a resident of the Rep of Ireland… so it’s laws don’t apply to me.
    Because I don’t live there, nor do my physicians, nor is my Public Health Insurance registered in that country.
    For instance, were I to purchase some medicines in Ireland during a holiday, my insurer will NOT pay for that.
    Medicines bought in my registered pharmacy here in Néderland, ARE paid for.

    It is precisely for this reason, that the attorneys that I HAD to ‘hire’ to sort this out are not asking the Irish govt. anything of the sort.

    The Irish govt have never responded since Sept 2007. We think that they ‘still’ don’t even understand what the request is.

    It’s because people will want to travel, people who are ill and who ‘must’ buy their medicines in their own countries, at their own pharmacies, covered by their own national insurance… have special status in both the law of the EU (free movement of persons & internal market) and … even… in the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substances….

    All national law is based on this United Nations Treaty Law… so to tell a patient that they are liable to arrest & prosecution under “national” law and “ministerial order” just because they want to go on holiday (support the economy) but who, as patients, need to take the medicines they bought at the pharmacy last month with them in order to “take” that 5 or 6 day holiday to their home town.

    The Ir Gov (Health Dept) responded to us for the first and only time when speaking to a journalist from the Irish Times newspaper.
    There was never any other reply.

    In that newspaper, it was reported that “a senior official” said: “the minister is aware of this person and she has no intention of changing the law”…

    … our response to that, (also unanswered) was: what law are you talking about exactly.??????

    Here is what the United Nations have to say about it….. or click the blue of my name above and it should download. its a PDF file from the ..

    Beuller… Beuller… Feris Beuller… Beuller… harney… harney …. fairly blarney…. Beuller …. Beuller …

    hahaha :) but it’s no joke really…. i’ve had enough now already

  53. That is a fucking disgrace. If I understand you correctly, the Irish government and more particularly the health board have basicly said they don’t understand your situation and will make no attempt to. A nice big, fat fuckyou ! Even though that puts them in breach of international law. That sounds like them all right.
    It’s much easier to go after some one who takes mediciation derived from the cannabis plant than to tackle the heroin dealing murderous fucks who roam the streets.
    Could it not be argued that not allowing you to take the medication while exercising your civil right as an Irish citizen (in other words going home) is a breach of your human rights?

  54. oh … we did get an answer… from the Irish Medicines Board. They put us in touch with the Embassy of Ireland in Den Haag… (the Hague in Eng).
    I spoke to a lady there… but unfortunately she is a Dutch and her English was really crap. I got nowhere. So I asked her if it was possible to meet with an Irish.

    It wasnt. But I was invited to email.

    this is the answer….

    after that we approached the Irish Medicines Board, who said it was probably no problem.

    But they would check with the Irishes Health Board in Hawk’s House in Dublin. They didnt respond in writing… but told the IMB to relay the message “no way”.

    this was the earlier message from the Irish Embassy in Den Haag… which was via the Private Secretary of the then Minister of Justice Equality & Law Reform of the Irishes Republic.


    De: []
    Date: ven. 5/25/2007 13:38
    À: Noel McCullagh de la part de APTN Desk
    Objet : RE: Certificate to carry narcotic drugs and/or psychotropic substances for the purpose of medical treatment pursuant to Article 75 of the Implementing Convention SCH/Com-ex (94) 28

    Dear Mr. McCullagh,

    I have contacted my colleagues in the Department of Justice regarding your query.

    General information on Cannabis

    Cannabis is a Schedule 1 controlled drug under the Misuse of Drugs Acts, 1977 and 1984. It is also one of the controlled drugs which has been designated for the purpose of Section 13 of the Misuse of Drugs Act, 1977. The nature of the controls provided under the Misuse of Drugs Acts are those which, according to current U.N. Conventions on Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, must be applied to substances for which there is no current recognised medical or scientific use. Under these laws, the manufacture, possession, supply and prescription and use of the drug are prohibited, except under licence from the Minister for Health and Children.

    Legal position in Ireland

    The current legal position in relation to cannabis is that it is a Schedule 1 controlled drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1977 which means that it has no medical use. Under Section 13(1) of the MDA 1977, the manufacture, production, preparation, sale, supply (including administration), distribution and possession of cannabis is unlawful except for the purposes of research. Under the Misuse of Drugs (Designation) Order, 1998 and by virtue of the designation under Section 13 of the Act, licences may be only granted for the purposes of research, forensic analysis or, in respect of the use of the drug, as an essential intermediate or starting material in an industrial manufacturing process. Licences may also be granted in the case of certain low Tetrahydrocannabinol plant varieties of Cannabis for the growing of hemp.

    This Department is aware that claims have been made in respect of cannabis and some research has been authorised relating to the possible benefits for patients suffering from certain conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Glaucoma. As the law currently stands, however, it would not be possible for a cannabis extract to be licensed here for medical use or for a General Practitioner to prescribe it.

    As per the 1998 Designation Order (SI 69) there are only 3 uses for any schedule 1 drug of which all forms of cannabis are included. They are forensic analysis, research and as a starter or intermediate in an industrial manufacturing process. Schedule 1 drugs are not designated as having a medicinal use in Ireland, so the import and possession of such drugs is unlawful.

    There are NO exemptions or exceptions applicable.

    I trust this information will be of use,

    All the best & have a nice weekend !

    John Gilroy Esq.
    Second Secretary
    Embassy of Ireland The Hague
    Tel: +31.70.363.0993
    Fax: +31.70.361.7604

    All our subsequent emails to these Irish animals
    simply refer us to “the answer” “already provided
    to you”
    by “official Republic of Ireland Government
    Authorities on 25 May 2007”.


    PS what the hell is happening to your English over
    there? Government… Authorities… only ze Germans
    give capital letters to all nouns , as these ones do in
    their “email-nasties”.

  55. Bunch of cunts.
    This Department is aware that claims have been made in respect of cannabis and some research has been authorised relating to the possible benefits for patients suffering from certain conditions
    hmm, funny, I’ve never seen ANY research explaining why it’s illegal.
    Of course if it’s for forensic purposes that’s ok. Or if you want to use it in the manufacturing process, sure why not but god help you if you want to use it to save your life or eliviate pain.
    What an utter bunch of born bastards.
    And Mister John Gilroy Esquire, all capitas and no compassion, didn’t seem to think that it would be worth his while getting off his hole and making a bit of an effort to help one of the ex-pats in the country where he’s assigned.
    Thanks for sharing that. I’m sure it pisses the hell out of you just to tell the story. It pisses the hell out of me

  56. I have sent Mr Gilroy the following email, and we’ll see how he responds.

    Dear Mr Gilroy

    We are currently preparing an article on the legality of certain prescription medicines in various EU countries. As part of the background research to this article, I have been forwarded an email purportedly sent by you to Mr Noel McCullagh, a copy of which is appended below.

    We are treating the quoted email as a hoax, for obvious reasons, and I would be obliged if you would be kind enough to confirm it was not in fact written by you, as I do not wish to quote you in error or to misrepresent your position in any way.

  57. I don’t think people who believe firmly in the sanctity of life can honestly be compared to Nazis. Nazism means something, it is not just an insult for people you don’t like.

    I had dinner with Richard Greene once (I became friends with one of his kids in my final year at law school, which I finished a few months ago) and found he and his family charming. It was funny walking into his house and seeing a table of anti-Lisbon publications next to the entrance. But he didn’t strike me as a fundamentalist – he has a lot of sympathy with the small, limited government position, according to his son. His family seem close, humble and a highly intelligent bunch to be honest.

  58. i do not give the fuck to this country. resist in it whats resist for. A lady in my estate is like this to all the children get of my property .Go play on the field. i think she fuking being retarded.What do u think!Isay NO ON THE elecsons

  59. I’m glad you cleared that up in the second post Daniel because your first post was reading so well until your point was totally lost in the final sentence. Fair play to you.

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