Religious belief

John Travolta came into the conversation at lunch today.

He built an airport around his house, said someone.

No, said someone else, he bought an airport and converted the control tower into a house.

He’s a qualified airline pilot, you know, added another.

And isn’t it incredible, considering he’s so smart …

That he’s a Scientologist?


They believe in mad shit.

Yeah.  Mad.  Like, they believe that aliens came from Venus and live inside your head.

I didn’t say anything.  I was just thinking, Yeah, mad shit.  How different from the majority religion here, that believes a man could walk on water, rise from the dead and turn himself into a biscuit.

Sensible stuff, you know?  Not like those crazy Scientologists.

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  1. Well, who’s to say he couldn’t become a Hobnob if he wanted, being omnipotent and everything? He could even become a fig roll. Or a hamburger.

  2. His blood’s not a very good vintage either. Not the stuff he set aside for Episcopalians anyway, nor the Free Church, the Free Presbyterians, the Real Wee Frees or the Provisional Presbyterians.

    33AD can’t have been a good growing year in Israel.

  3. Only the best Vintage Port in Cloughjordan – nothing worse than seeing someone wince when you give them Communion. As for the ‘biscuit’ we use ye old sliced pan cut up into little squares. Don’t know why mind you as it bears no ressemblance to unleavened bread but if you suggest changing you just get the last seven words of the Church: “We never did it this way before!”

  4. Bock said: How different from the majority religion here, that believes a man could walk on water, rise from the dead and turn himself into a biscuit.

    Yes very true – when you reduce any religion into a set of creedal propositions it sounds utterly absurd. Its not so much about what you believe but how you believe and how it changes you that matters IMHO Faith without the relational and practical dimension is a meaningless pursuit

  5. The worst part about Scientology isn’t the alien stuff, it’s that they seem to be one of those cults that convinces people that they can “cure” them of being gay. There’s more than a few self-hating closeted types in that religion, L Ron included.

  6. Stephen: I thought religion was all about belief.

    Medbh: And the difference with Catholicism would be …?

  7. Bock – Nail on head! ‘religion all about belief’ is the core issue: Is it belief IN God or ABOUT God? The first is relational and dynamic and open to ambiguity and even doubt but also imagination and beauty while the second is fixed and finite and ultimately enslaving.

  8. Interesting idea Stephen, though your comment begs the question by presupposing the existence of God.

    Nevertheless, the thrust of it illustrates the difference between the RCs and the Anglicans. If I were inclined to believe in God, I’d probably become an Anglican.

  9. What about the presupposition of the non-existence of God, or even the presupposition of the ‘possibility’ of the existence of God?
    Not easy for any of us to ditch all presuppositions!

    Interestingly the tension which you identify between RCs and Anglicans is also to be found within both traditions. Fundamentalism and Liberalism and now Post-Moodernism are all represented in both and other World Faiths too.

  10. Atheism is also a form of belief and therefore something I couldn’t subscribe to.

    There’s no such thing as presupposition of a possibility. That’s just inherently contradictory.

    As regards RCs, you’d be surprised how many don’t subscribe to the fundamental dogmata of their faith, and are therefore Protestants. You’d also be surprised how many simply don’t know what their church teaches as articles of faith.

  11. Agreed on Atheism – and in my experience most self-proclaimed atheists are actually agnostics.

    Re presupposition of a possibility – surely I can presuppose that it is possible that there is a God or I can presuppose that it is impossible that there is a God, both of which will colour my worldview? This is beginning to make my head hurt :-) This sort of pub philosophy needs a pint to wash it down!

    No surprise at ignorance of the faithful – same story here and tha’s only the clergy

  12. A possibility doesn’t need to be presupposed. It just is.

    Ignorant clergy? I find that hard to believe! Bet the new Bish isn’t ignorant.

  13. When my head stops hurting I will possibly further consider the possibility of presupposing a possibility :-)

    No – a notable exception – and I am sure he will not be averse to a pint.

  14. Perhaps Budhism is the nearest I could ever come to accepting a religion.No God as such in this one just a Philosophy of healthy living through exercise and meditation plus respect for all living creatures.Dont know though about their views on reincarnation.They say after death your next life is as a ghost before you become reborn again as another life form.Still there is some hard evidence there for ghosts.Anyhow beats worshiping a sliced pan and a bottle of cheap plonk I guess.

  15. The best thing about organised religion was the McNamara sisters when they were receiving communion. Fine arses, both of them. Some of the lads left early, but when they came out later in life, I finally understood.

  16. I myself am eternally suspicious of anyone who claims to be able to “turn water into wine”.

    How exactly is that done without the presence of a grape?

  17. Actually he lives on a housing estate of sorts, one for supermillionaires with their own jets, it has one runway and a taxiway to each house.
    Travolta I mean, not jesus

  18. .. and not being able to recite the rosary is a huge crime worthy of beatings and ostracization, while the rape of children by their celibate members is a mere moral failure.

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