Cóir . Youth Defence. Schutzjugend. You Decide.

Did you happen to hear the debate this morning on Pat Kenny? They had a range of people on the show, some in favour of the Lisbon Treaty and some against, but I have never heard anyone on a talk show as batshit crazy as Niamh Uí Bhríain of Cóir / Youth Defence / Schutzjugend.

Although everyone else put their position in a fairly sane way, on both the No and the Yes sides, the entire show was conducted against a noisy backdrop of Niamh shouting people down like a demented forty-year-old toddler.

Pat the Plank lost his composure and barked at Niamh to shut up and let the others speak, but it made no difference. The harangue never for one second abated. I hope you listened to this show. I truly do. And if you missed it, I hope you listen to it now. It will open your eyes to the kind of insane religious extremism that lies dormant in our country, waiting to take power if our attention should ever wander.

This is the al-Qaeda of Christianity, beginning to flex its muscles.

Whatever I might think of Declan Ganley and Libertas, at least they’re not crazy. They’re just business people acting in America’s best interests, but this Cóir crowd are ugly and dangerous.

Whatever the outcome of the referendum, we need to watch this bunch of nutcases because they truly believe their way is the only way and that anyone who dares to disagree with them must be crushed.

We hear much about Islamofascists these days, but my friends, I’m telling you, their Catholic equivalent is just as loopy and just as much a threat to the stability of our democracy. Watch these people, and watch them carefully.

They don’t care what you think. They can’t imagine being wrong, and that’s the most dangerous thing in the world. There’s nothing more dangerous than an ideology incapable of imagining it can be mistaken.

Such a view gave us the Third Reich. It gave us the Khmer Rouge. It gave us GW Bush. It gave us Stalinism. It gave us Srebrenica. It gave us Rwanda.

Watch these people. They’re dangerous.



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19 thoughts on “Cóir . Youth Defence. Schutzjugend. You Decide.

  1. See Q&A’s Bock i think you will have to agree the No’s won it .. Ganley was very good.

  2. They seem to be a fact of life no matter where you go or what year you live in. I remember one of my hard drinking buddies from the 70’s reappearing as a catholic spokesman just before I left. Became an extreme fundamentalist – no talking to him and sorry to say he got dropped.

    Then this weekend in Sydney I met 2 two of his buddies, orgasming (?) over the forthcoming visit of the pope. I had to stay diplomatically quite as I was a guest, but I tell you, that blind faith, or whatever it is, has a way of sneaking up on you and wrong way rubbing.
    There’s is absolutely no talking with them.
    My way or the highway is the creed they life by.

    I gave up living in hope years ago.

  3. Putting her on the show would have been a not-too-subtle pro-Treaty tactic. Putting the lunatic fringe on a panel ‘for balance’ is a classic ploy to damage the other side of the argument. It’s like putting a Healy-Rae on air as a spokesman for rural Ireland, drinking and driving, etc etc.

  4. So Conan, is your comment directed to RTE putting her on, i.e., “they” are conspiring for a yes vote? This is a case of “damned if they do, damned if they don’t”
    Its an unfortunate, but required element of a free society, to allow even the extreme to voice their opinions. We choose to listen or not – I agree with Bock I hope people in general don’t.

  5. No. I hope people will listen to the crazy woman, so they’ll realise the kind of fruitcakes we have in this country. (And I suppose in most other countries as well).

  6. Gom, the comment is directed at RTE and other broadcasters (eg Today FM). It’s specious balance to choose a loon to put the opposing argument on an issue such as a referendum to amend the Constitution.

    The political leaders of the ‘Yes’ campaign are at their happiest when rebutting the Cóir paranoia, they know they’ll win that argument every time.

    I’m all for freedom of speech, but there is no such thing guaranteed under our broadcasting legislation. In the present context there is a duty to provide balanced airtime to the opposing arguments.

    Like everything else that comes down to editorial judgement, not principle, and may be led either by the need for ‘good copy’, or tacit support for one side of the debate.

  7. Conan: I find it more worrying than that. It seems to me that somebody in RTÉ thinks these people have some sort of legitimacy and entitlement to equal air-time.

    Maybe they have a policy of keeping things balanced between sane and crazy people or maybe it’s National Be-Nice-To-Nutcases Week.

  8. Is the interview available to listen to online anywhere?

    Jesus first Jim Corr does a David Ike and now Plank Kenny is shouting at mental patients.. Radio hasnt been this entertaining in a long time..

  9. OD, try the RTE website – Pat dePlank shows are usually available for download somewhere in the Radio 1 section for a week or so.

    Have to say she is some loon. Was she the Coir one that popped up on Q&A last night and couldn’t shut up once either ?, then complained loudly about being shouted down!

    Dangerous people these Cathofascists, no reasoning with them at all. Surprised to see Libertas and the Shinner panel members happy to go along with some of the more outrageous comments, they should at least have distanced themselves from this rabid insanity, rather than blindly accept support for their cause from Coir and Schutzjugend. (btw where’s Reichsmarshall Justin Barrett? ….tied up in a bunker?)

    Or do SF want to drag us back to the good old days of the squinting window too, MaryLou?

  10. Ferdia: I don’t think the no’s won it. They were beaten on many issues regarding taxation, neutrality, abortion etc. It was revealed that Mary Lou had proposed to increase the corporate tax in the European Parliament 4 weeks ago then she was on Q&A trying to defend the current rate revealing the hypocrite she is. Ganley was middling at best.

    Hoof: I thought it was hilarious!!! She was denouncing the Yes crowd for ‘acting like 12 year olds’ for interrupting the No crowd although Ganley and Mary Lou were just as guilty as anyone else, then proceeding to scream her way throughout Enda Kenny’s assurance from Diarmuid Martin that the Treaty would not affect abortion. Like a frustrated twelve year old….a bloody loon.

    Conan:Despite your conspiracy theory, Bock is right. There are still a sizeable number of people who regard her ravings as reasonable and intelligent and worthy of regard. Her point of view is reflective not only of the ignorant but of some well educated people who should know better…

  11. Bock, this crowd Cóir represent a scary number of people in this country. They are bubbling away just beneath the surface. I have to live and work among extremely right-wing, entrenched, so Catholic they’re mad people!
    How they can still run around after the priests / bishop/ pope / TDs / etc… makes me want to be sick. I truly don’t get how they scurry off to mass and confession and pay their dues and bow their heads and cough up the cash and vote FF…….. even when they’re screwed and screwed.
    Make no mistake about it, we are a heartbeat away from another ecumenical revolution!
    P.S. Conan – interesting point.

  12. Coir fibers are found between the husk and the outer shell of a coconut. The individual fiber cells are narrow and hollow, with thick walls made of cellulose. They are pale when immature but later become hardened and yellowed as a layer of lignin is deposited on their walls.

    Sounds right enough to me.

  13. Mairead, Yobbah, Bock… I think if you look at the vote achieved by christian solidarity and similar candidates in recent elections you’ll find that there are relatively few adherents to their cause. Even Mrs Bennis didn’t crack it in Limerick when she had a go, to my best recall, and there were some useful GAA connections there too, I think.

    Dan, brilliant!

  14. And how many votes did she get? We’ll never be faced with them as a political force to be reckoned with. However, you do have to watch out for them, and Opus, and the Knights on school boards, and in public bodies where they can be like woodworm in the organisational structure.

    My only suspicion of their involvement in the body politic is in Ml Woods’s negotiation/capitulation with the religious orders on the abuse compensation issue.

  15. You’re right Conan, on a poltical party level people like Christian Solidarity and Bennis will never win. The extremists tend to vote Fianna Fail or Fine Gael because they have voted for them for ‘generations’. I know it’s a bit of an exageration but Fianna Fail could introduce compulsory abortion tommorrow and expel all the priests from Ireland, these people will still vote for them. But if an “issue” is raised, like the Treaty, That is when they make their presence felt. And it is significant.

    Yes you do find the Opus Dei in the oddest of places….

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