I love this band.

I love this band, and I have done for a long time.  OK?

I used to listen to this song on headphones while out walking the dog.  It frightened the neighbours, but you know, life is never easy.  Living next door to people like me isn’t easy,but hey, there are upsides!  I go away a lot and let them alone.

It’s all about balance.

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Heels worn down on his shoes too, needs to go to that place used to be on Catherine Street? Saw Rufus last Sunday night in UL. Someone told him to say “Limerick – home of Irish rugby”. Small cheer from the Rufus Wainwright crowd.Talked about the crowd being there to see him, but him liking the rugby players. And I wore my pink tee-shirt too?

Seeing as you are obviously a big fan – hurray – I thought I would mention that I produce a music show called From the Basement – we featured E from Eels doing solo stuff on the current series – there is a clip here if you are interested.

Click on the logo at bottom of page – will take you to clips from each artist of the series.

DVD coming out in the autumn – if I get lots of fwd copies I’ll send you one – but just don’t tell anybody I gave it to you for free!!


Love the Eels, one of my fav bands. Saw them in San Fran a few moons ago on my travels. They rocked.

The absolute business. e is perfection. I saw them play in a pub in Lawrence, Kansas 5 years ago. I say them but it’s only e himself that matters of course.

After arguing with myself over which of their previous albums might be a masterpiece, I was then astonished when “Blinking Lights and Other Revelations” was released.

My son used to watch that 1st video on repeat back when he was 8. I haven’t played it since the last time I saw him.

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