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Irish Economy Fucked — Official!

We’re screwed.

Goosed.  Fucked.  Knackered.  Bollixed. Kiboshed. Stuffed. Ruined.  Shattered.

That’s it.  We’re buggered.

According to the Economic and Social Research Institute, the party’s over and we’re all up Shit Creek without a fucking paddle.  Furthermore, they’re right.  We are screwed, and we deserve it for persuading ourselves that we had a vibrant economy when in reality all we had was one gigantic motherfucker of an overdraft.

Who knew?

Well, Charlie McCreevy knew, when he was giving away to his pals in the building industry and the bloodstock industry the proceeds of the most prosperous years this country has ever known.  And he knew when he was handing the people bread and circuses, by cutting taxes to the bone, instead of investing in infrastructure, and by giving free money to the middle classes through the SSIA scheme.  (Don’t get me wrong: you’d be a fool not to take it).  All of which is is why he fucked off to Brussels to get his snout into the Commission trough while the going was good.  Nice one, Charlie, the only English-speaking Commissioner in history who needs an interpreter to translate what he says into English.

And Brian Cowen knew, when he succeeded Charlie as Finance Minister.  It didn’t stop him continuing with the same lunatic spendthrift policies, buying one election after another.

And Bertie Ahern knew as well, but he was too busy trying to slither his way out of his various scandals, and making up lies to tell the Tribunals, and making up more lies to tell the country on the six o’clock news, and too busy trying to hide his money from his ex-wife, and too busy keeping his appalling girlfriend happy and too busy kissing the arses of his former employers, the nuns, who seemed to have something very embarrassing on him.

Where are the hospitals we need?  Where are the railways?  Where’s the energy policy? Where are the schools?  Where’s the broadband?  Where’s the investment in research and development?  Where are all the things that this country needed to face the future with confidence?

Will I tell you? 

Nowhere. That’s fucking where.  Nowhere, because these muppets who’ve been in government for too long didn’t have the imagination to realise that we needed these things.


Because they’re a sad, incompetent bunch of half-witted, half-educated bums, that’s why.

Because behind it all, they’re a bunch of clumsy, loudmouth buffoons who feel uncomfortable in civilised company, and who are owned, body and soul, by big business.  This crowd of arseholes have taken the biggest boom the country has ever known, and they’ve pissed it up against the wall.

If the electorate votes for these gobshites again, we deserve everything we get.  And do you know something?  The opposition are no better.  No fucking better.  Just another crowd of half-arsed gobshites in ill-fitting suits and dodgy hairpieces. 

What a fucking country.


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28 replies on “Irish Economy Fucked — Official!”

Said with finess and tact.
An economy built by slack jawed idiots on the back of a building boom that nobody needed and which will drag the country down for the next 10yrs minimum.
Down country we have hundreds of empty cardboard box houses littering the country with no prospect of them ever been filled. Guess what the tax payer paid for every last one of them. On top of that we have been hemeoraging real jobs for the last 3yrs (what boom).
We are run by a bunch of slimy criminals taking brown envalopes and turning a blind eye.

The future looks bleak !!

The economy consists of many parts….some are totally bankrupt….others are bankrupt but it is not official…and some parts are doing as the same as always….and some are doing very well (LIDL etc..)
But the gangster class who made the most money have left the ‘tint’ in Ballybrit, sold the chopper, flogged off the trophy leisure centre and ran for Portugual….leaving behind a society full of junkies, addicts, and the increcasingly squeezed private sector workforce…but we lost a moral battle when Ahern took over Fianna Fail from Albert Reynolds…Reynolds despite his faults never wasted a penny of state money….but Ahern has behaved exactly as Pat Rabbitte predicted…like a drunken sailor….now Ireland is waking up, it is raining outside, the receipts are all over the place and money is gone…..time to sober up Ireland….you have been made a fool of, and the crooks are gone with you money…

You being far too kind to goverment that really has no fucking clue what they are doing.

As for the upcomming budget here are my predictions (which i gurantee you they will make a balls up of):

Basic tax rate to increase from 20% to between 22% and 24%
Cigarettes up EUR 1 per 20
Tax free allowance to be changed to between EUR 7500 to EUR 8000 per person
Bag tax to go up 5 cent
Top tax rate to be between 47% and 49%
Beer to go up 10 cent
Spirits to go up 10 cent
Bin and waste charges up an extra $50 a year
10 cent more tax per liter of petrol (on top of the existing tax of course!!)
Diesel to go up 7 cent
Bottom rate of Tax (goods and services), currently at 13.5% to increase to 15%
Standard rate of goods and services (currently 21.5%) changed to 22%
DIRT to go up between 0.50% and 1%
Capital Acquisitions Tax to go up 0.5%
Capital Gains Tax to go up 0.50%
Stamp duty to go up by 0.5% to 0.75%
VRT to go up by 1%
A&E charges to go up EUR 10
Social welfare to be cut 2% to 4%

Overall the avergage single guy is gong to see about EUR 100 to EUR 120 extra taxes (or charges) to pay out each month.

I wouldnt not be too surprised to see a lot of people leaving the country and going to Canada or Australia.

I doubt Ireland will recover before 2015 (maybe 2017).
The *cough* policitians say 2013, but that pure BS of course.

Its time to pack the bags again and immigrate.. What a load of shite we are in now! everybody threading water in there overdraft status.. The cost of livnig in this island is unreal.. We won’t see any significant change for at least a decade.. If your wondering if its gonna get better forget it your wasting your time.. Bite the bullet and fuck off or them pathological liars we call politicians drag you down with them.. what a miserable time to be in..
pack ur bags folks..

If it provides any comfort we here in the United States are equally screwed. I would visit Ireland to see my cousins in Ballina, but Ireland is too expensive. Good luck getting through this mess.

Bock, “This crowd of arseholes have taken the biggest boom the country has ever known, and they’ve pissed it up against the wall”. Almost 100% right.
However, they made sure their friends got a good slice of it first. Well on reflection maybe their friends constitute that very same wall that you are referring to.
I cannot agree that the other crowd are no better. They could hardly be worse. Can you imagine if a Labour led government had committed the kind of economic treason that Fianna Fail have. By now we would have a concentration camp in every county filled with labour supporters while Fianna Fail scuts and thugs used them for shooting practice.
While one can argue with conviction that Fianna Fail are congenitally corrupt, it is also clear that being in power so long has compounded that corruption. We need a constitutional amendment to provide for a proper multiparty state where no controlling party could be in power for more than two consecutive terms or for more than three terms out of six. This would at least get rid of what has been in effect a single party state system almost since 1932. It might also help to dilute the Fianna Fail corruption gene which is so virulent.

Your comment;
“Because they’re a sad, incompetent bunch of half-witted, half-educated bums, that’s why.”

It does look like this blog entry was written by anyone with an education.
Methinks, the pot calls the kettle black.

I wonder was it Muppets like you who borrowed money without the being possessed of the intellect to invest it properly?

“All of which is is why he fucked off to Brussels to get his snout into the Commission trough while the going was good. Nice one, Charlie, the only English-speaking Commissioner in history who needs an interpreter to translate what he says into English.” Haha Bock. Very true.
Shur we’d need an interpreter to understand them ourselves.

Comment 13. Could you translate that? “It does look like this blog entry was written by anyone with an education.” What’s he getting at there? Did he mean ‘doesn’t’.
What’s ‘without the being possessed’ mean? Is that like poltergeist or something?

haha. It wouldn’t suprise me if it was the dope himself.
Get back in your cupboard Bertie, you’re a disgrace to the nation.

Just wanted to say if it is the one and only Bertie.. Do a search for yourself on Bock, Bert. There’s a search box up at the top right hand side.
Type in as follows.. Bertie Ahern. Got that? I presume you can spell your own name.
Have fun.

It is so sad,everyone in this country fears for their future.There is a lot of anger out there but no one seems to be doing anything.We need someone with with a sense of honour that we can look up to and follow,someone who can lead by example.The truth is at the moment the people leading the country care more about feathering the own nests.Their belief that they are worth their huge wages and pensions(never mind the fact that they would not spend one cent of their wages on anything because they can claim expenses)makes me sick to my stomach.Why wont they call a general election ?It is whats wanted and whats needed but NO because they think in their delusion that they are the best people to get us out of the massive hole we are in.

It is a sad fact that we have the politicians we wanted. The church gate shisters who scratch your back if you scratch theirs. The men who can only see to the Townland boundary in terms of their responsibility to the country. Tribalism in its ugliest form. A carefully crafted system designed to select the dumbest most corrupt among us. No self respecting person would ever be seen dead horse trading with that bunch of sharks.

We got what we wanted, and we got what we deserved. Its time people grew up and faced up to the fact that it takes skilled intelligent people to manage a country – and getting a little job done by your man in Dublin is dragging us down into the bog hole we have dug for ourselves.

We are fucked and there isn’t a single decent man in the Dail capable of thinking his way out of a paper bag let alone the disaster we have made of our future. Expect things to get a lot worse in the near future, but just maybe it will wake us up to the fact that Church gate politics is a disaster and ruins lives.

There’s no point whining about – as its your own fault.


There are no alternatives offered by any other parties – they were all singing from the same song sheet and as a country no one wanted to believe that living on tick wasn’t a noble and decent thing to do.

This disaster was obvious to anyone with half a brain from 10yrs ago – there was a near deafening silence with all the politicians clammering to say that they were the best at managing the “celtic tiger”.

No questions of right or wrong or decency – 10 years of Las Vegas La La Land.

Dreams and delusions and the country lapped it up.

We deserve this !!!


You know what? I never voted for these cnuts.
No body in my family has ever voted for these cnuts.
No body who lives on my street has ever voted for them.
We’ve all lived well within our means.
Never owned a new car.
Never bought a “new” house.
Never gone into hock for anything other than our mortgage.
We never took three holidays a year.
We never invested in the stock market.
We never listened to the advice of FF or FG or the PD or any other of those criminals.
We’ve paid tax through the teeth via paye, vat, vhi, bins, esb, stamp duty, paid and paid and paid and paid.
And I consider us to be very, very, very, very, very lucky.
We have a roof over our heads, jobs, health and happiness, for the most part we have it very, very good. A lot are nowhere near as fortunate. And we’ve worked damn hard for what we’ve got.
Do I, my family, my children deserve what’s going to happen to this country “Shoog”?
In order for me to live comfortably into my old age I am going to have to save probably a third to half of my salary and put it into a pension. In order for me to pay for timely healthcare for my family I have to pay a good percentge of my salary. In order for my family to drink clean water we are soon going to be asked to pay through the teeth for the pleasure. This, in an area where water availability is impossible to predict in the winter time. Where my missus works the water quality is one of the worst I’ve ever seen, the water is actually dangerous for most of the year.

If, by whatever chance I or my spouse lose our jobs, we will lose our house, we will be in the same boat as a LOT of people in this country at present.
I wouldn’t wish our health system, our welfare system, our old age, our roads, our slums on anyone. Least of all on any of my own. But make no mistake, if you fall in Ireland there’s no one there to catch you!
Because of the like of FF, PD, Green, PD etc.etc. this country is morally and fiscally bankrupt.
And I hear clowns like you telling me how because of the “good times” my kids and their kind are going to have to pay and pay and pay and pay.
Go Deputy Stagg yourself and take your kind with you!

There is some shit we won’t eat!
It’s rapidly reaching that point.

In the last 10 years I never saw any of the squandered money.
I lived within my meager means.
I looked after my children well.
I saw the country going to pot around my ears and wondered when the country as a whole would take a hold of itself and wake up from the fantasy it was living.
It never did, and now I will suffer – despite the care I took to live within my means.
Thanks a lot my fellow citizens for fucking my life up by your rank stupidity of voting for greed and the fast buck.


Well buddy most of your felow citizens are in the same boat,it is the few at the top with their own sense of self worth that have fucked this country,mainly bankers,the politicians in their pocket and cunts of that ilk.I and all my family have lived within their means,my own father worked hard all his life to give us a comfortable life.We did not live like kings but were happyWhat grinds my gears is the top ups,2 or 3 pensions while still getting a massive wage,the dig outs,expenses,the bankers who fucked up but still living the comfortable life while ordinary people are being trown out of their homes,the very fucking belief that they are still the right people to lead us.It staggers me how deluded they are ,we need a revoultion.Yep we voted them in but we trusted them and how wrong we were… not get me started on that bastard bertie ahern (I will not spell his name with capital letters because his levels of asshole-ism goes throuih the roof.

I wish we could identify all the Fianna fail voters who did this to us – and levy higher taxes on them. THEIR fault.

Otherwise we’ll just have to shun them. If you know any Fianna Fail voters:

SHUN them
Refuse them any business
Refuse them employment

The cost of employing people is to high that`s why most employers sent there products of to India and china for manufacture, the unions forced us out of the country we will never come back. The ones that had to make things in Ireland or sell products over the counter so employed east Europeans thanks to Mary fat harney.
Of course some will say explotation of workers sending work to china, but them sample people don`t mind spending there hand out money for chinese products.

The bottom line is the great Irish worked is fucked and will be more fucked when the hand out money is no longer available this will mean no more dole or no more civil service jobs.

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