It’s Cohen, Not Cowen

I mightn’t get a chance to talk to you much over the weekend.  I’m going to get a train to Dublin shortly because these days it’s cheaper than driving, and I’m staying overnight with some friends from way back.  There’s some mad bastards coming from Donegal too, so it could be a long night.

This evening, as you know, we’re all going to Leonard Cohen, and judging by the reports coming from last night’s show, it promises to be some experience.  Old Lenny still has the magic.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Meanwhile, back home, Biffo Cowen skulks in the bad corner, wondering what he’s going to tell Sarkozy. Fuck off you midget, probably won’t work.  He’ll have to explain that Fianna Fáil forgot the Irish voters weren’t a bunch of sheep who’d do whatever they were told.  He’ll have to explain that his government took the whole thing for granted, and had more interest in Bertie than they had in Europe.  He’ll have to explain that they didn’t clarify a single fucking thing about the treaty until it was too late.

The government’s attitude to the Irish people was like a greedy relative on a death-bed vigil.  Here, sign this and shut up.

Not good enough, Biffo.  Not good enough, and now the whole thing is one big ball of shit, thanks to Fianna Fáil’s stupidity and arrogance.  This is the calibre of politician that has been leading our country for over a decade.  This is what we had to depend on in the good economic times, and God only knows what waits ahead, with these bumpkins at the wheel.

I despair.

Meanwhile, I had a quick look at the stats, and I notice the Saudis are still visiting this site with avid regularity.  What were they reading this morning?  The most popular post in the Middle East that I ever wrote: Animal Sex Horse Fuck Gay Sex Horse.  What else?

For some reason, the Arabs fucking love it.  Maybe I’m onto a money-spinner here.  What do you think?

5 thoughts on “It’s Cohen, Not Cowen

  1. I think there is a fatwah about to be issued and you can join the ranks of the Danish guys and Salman Rushdie – a very fine accolade!

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