Leonard Cohen – Dublin 2008

Update: My concert review and pics here:

Leonard Cohen In Dublin Concert Review


You’ll be sick of listening to Lenny before I’m done.

Here’s a random selection of his songs by Len himself and by others.


10 thoughts on “Leonard Cohen – Dublin 2008

  1. Thanks for those, I think I nearly prefer his voice now, with the added hoarse and raw quality age has given it. Somehow it suits the songs. I am really looking forward to saturday. Hope it doesn’t rain…

  2. Just read the setlist from Halifax and it’s like a greatest hits roll out.

    Impressive tour list but no southern hemisphere – yet…

  3. Pure pleasure.

    Nick Cave owns I’m Your Man. Only somebody of his caliber could get that close to being as good as the original. That’s one of the sexiest songs on the planet.

    The leisure -wear in Allelujah is fab!

    You saved the best for last. This is my favourite song of all time. That violin slays me and it’s such a beautiful growly performance from Lenny. He’s still got it.

  4. Just back from Field Commander Cohen at the RHK. The man is an absolute prince, and he is backed by what has to be the best, tightest band of musicians that has ever toured. Virtuosos every one, but the sum of the parts is, for once, truly “awesome.” Sublime as it was, I know, I just know, that tomorrow night is going to be the night that catches fire. The true believers got their Saturday and Sunday tickets; but some of us were stupid enough to be catching planes the day they went on sale. Pity some people kept braying for Hallelujah from the moment he came on, as though he never did anything better before or since. Watch the way he doffs his hat -without any theatrics-for every musician’s solo. The man is a study in natural grace. Enjoy, Bock.

  5. Thanks for the tip-off, Eily. It’s kind of you to take the time, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow night even more.

  6. It’s 5.52 am. We’re going to see him in Dublin tonight. I’m so thrilled I can’t sleep…..tragic! I’ve been waiting to see him for 40 years. I’m almost weeping with joy. My friend called me from last night’s gig so that we could have a tiny taste….you’d swear he was playing a private gig for us in our sitting room, I got such a buzz. Surely I’m too old for this adulation? Thanks for comments from last night’s gig, and thanks Bock, for taking time to blog.

  7. ger, exactly 40 years ago, I bought ‘the rock machine turns you on’ it was an elektra sampler and introduced me to Leonard Cohen, Roy Harper and many others. I learnt to play guitar enough to play from my ‘Leonard Cohen songbook.

    I felt that to see him would never live up to my expectations and so thought I’d buy some records instead. Under the most unlikely of circumstances – on Thurs, I was offered a ticket.

    he blew my expectations out of the water. Enjoy.


  8. was there on friday night, thirty years after seeing him in the national stadium with a girl from galway-still cant remember her name-it was an amazing night as close as you will get to the perfect experience, gonna look to see him on the rest of the tour if i can

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