Lisbon Treaty Handbook

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Jun 102008


With thanks to Achilles.

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    Ha! Brilliant!


    maybe he should sit down and read it. he didn’t bother reading the treaty itself.


    I can’t read the word between Lisbon treaty and dummies on the book is it “loves” or “screws” or maybe “makes you all look like”?,
    Saying that I will be voting yes as given it’s so “complicated” and the nay sayers are saying that its too confusing so vote no just in case, by implication if I vote yes everyone will think I understand it and i’ll increase my intellectual profile among my peers, so I’m going to buy a pipe and a patched tweed jacket , develop a lower lip that curls upwards and a slow pensive nod, tell everyone I voted yes and cash in on my new genius status.


    That’s an important point squid … he’s gone and got all upset over the other parties canvassing when he has little notion of the treaty itself. Methinks he may have been getting his retaliation in first.

    Great Pic … hilarious.


    Darren : Thanks.

    Squid, Andrew: I wonder if any of them read it?

    Mr Thelaw: So there’s money to be made in being a genius? I always thought geniuses (genii, whatever) were misunderstood. But of course that ties in neatly with the law, doesn’t it?


    Bock from one geni to another, I would like to offer you one piece of advice, don’t fight the law cause there’s only one winner, but if you’d like me to grant you three wishes I would be glad to oblige, it’ll cost ya though plus postage, sundries etc.. of course

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