Post Cohen traumatic Blogging Disorder

For fucksake, what do I have to do?

I invest every scintilla of my spiritual energy in attending the Leonard Cohen concert, soaking it up, photographing it, reporting it, refining, sculpting, nuancing my post, seeking to wring the last vestige of emotion from it, doing my goddam best to put people in there with me, people who might not have had an opportunity to attend the defining artistic event of the decade. 

And what happens?

Some fucker sends me an email wanting to know why I stopped posting. 

Did you retire, Bock?

Did I retire? 

Fuck off.  You try to write 2100 words about a Leonard Cohen concert, with photos and video.  Edit it.  Tweak it.  Refine it.  Make sure it’s the best it can possibly be.

Then see if you can rattle off something shallow the next day to keep people happy.

See how easy it is.



Leonard Cohen In Dublin – Concert Review

5 thoughts on “Post Cohen traumatic Blogging Disorder

  1. Ah, I don’t know Bock, it’s allright to trot out the old review or whatever – and god knows it’s easy enough to do that when you’ve just come home from the ACTUAL concert. AND you remembered to bring the old camera with you. Fuck, the jobs half done all ready…
    But… you know we’re hanging out for more than those mere morsals. A bit of reporting on your R+R is o.k. every now and then but don’t be getting carried away with yourself. It was only a concert. It was only Leonard Cohen.
    For fuck sakes, it’s not as though you’ve had spiritual experience or whatever.
    Get back to work and stop complaining. We don’t clock on here every day to hear you ranting about this or ranting about that. We’re your lifes blood so a bit of respect every now or then wouldn’t go astray.
    Feeling better?
    Good lad.
    Carry on…

  2. You should take it as a compliment. The last few days have been a shitfest of rantings because of the “Sky’s falling in” crap of the Lisbon thingy and other sad shite.

    He probably wanted your take on it in rant form as he is genuinely interested in your opinion – still…. shallow prick.

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