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The Mayo Echo is a vicious, self-important and hypocritical little rag.  It’s also free, because nobody would pay money for it.

It recently published this article about gay men in Castlebar, associating them with paedophilia and accusing them of being perverts. This self-appointed moral guardian even saw fit to publish photos of people’s cars, including their registration plates.

What do you think of that?

I heard the paper’s editor, sole writer, newsboy, and in-house bigot on the radio yesterday, trying to explain himself.  Tony Geraghty, a puffed-up, self-important bullying gobshite, complained about what he views as “disgusting” activities and threatened to publish more pictures of people who disgust him in the future.

When a local community website, castlebar.ie ran a series of comments on its bulletin board that were critical of Geraghty and the crappy free rag he hands out in the street, what do you think he did?

Yup.  He did what every bully does: he threatened them.

Geraghty sent an email threatening legal action, and I’m afraid the volunteers who run this local site decided it wasn’t worth it, so they shut down their operation.

Of course, they should have told him to fuck off, but sometimes, a loudmouth bully can intimidate well-meaning people.

Here’s the mail he sent:

I would like to express my utter disgust at postings placed on your website www.castlebar.ie on the Online Forum section, particularly on the discussion entitles Mayo Echo – Shut That Door dated and timed 15:02:19 27/05/08.

I am completely in favour of the principle of a free press, freedom of expression, and the free exchange of ideas, but with such rights come responsibilities, both legal and moral.
A number of people have contacted me this morning to bring to my attention the discussion on your website www.castlebar.ie . There is lengthy discussion of an article published in the Mayo Echo this week, and some of the comments are completely unacceptable, untrue, and completely defamatory to myself, and to the Mayo Echo publication.

As you already know, I am the editor of the Mayo Echo, and it is common knowledge that I write the articles for our newspaper. I am appalled at the content of the postings on your website, the inaccuracy and untruthfulness of many of them, and I am writing to inform you that I consider many of the postings absolutely defamatory to myself.
On a previous occasion I have raised what were completely unacceptable posting concerning myself on this website, and whilst they were removed, I was given a commitment by a member of the team involved in maintaining this website that a system for tighter monitoring of the postings would be put in place.

I was assured that every post would be considered by a responsible person before it was allowed to be displayed on your website, and I was further told that any post involving the phrase Mayo Echo would be blocked.
Obviously, this has not been put in place, and comments such as:

I do not have time to raise each and every issue of concern with you, as I am eager that the offending postings be removed in the first instance.
I hereby formally call on you to ensure the following:
That the offending postings are removed immediately
That at the first opportunity, a mutually agreed full and unequivocal apology be made to myself, and to the Mayo Echo, admitting that the comments made are unsubstantiated, untrue and are withdrawn forthwith.
I am also seeking any information or data that might identify those persons that contributed these postings, such as time of posting, IP address etc. I am also requesting the identities of the moderators that monitor and vet the postings.
Unless I hear from you satisfactorily by return with an indication that you are prepared to undertake the above, I shall instruct my legal advisors to seek a court injunction against the display of the defamatory material, without further notice.

Yours Sincerely,
Tony Geraghty.

What a pompous twat.

According to Geraghty himself, he’s completely in favour of the principle of a free press, freedom of expression, and the free exchange of ideas, but with such rights come responsibilities, both legal and moral. Amazing then that he could be oblivious to the consequences of publishing such photos. Amazing that he doesn’t give a flying fuck what sort of attacks he might have provoked as a result of his self-gratifying article.

What kind of gobshite would write this?

Unbeknown to parents who are minding their children playing on the swings or the slide, drooling perverts are getting off whilst watching their children.

Or say things like Innocent teenagers are now being propositioned for sex by older men, and this might lead to sexual attacks in the future?

It seems to me that Geraghty is in favour of a free press and freedom of expression when he himself is doing the expressing.  By the sound of it, the writer was getting his own kicks out of this article, possibly writing it with one hand.  Maybe we should be asking Mr Geraghty if writing this sort of thing turns him him on.  I hope he didn’t write it in public.

You have to love the last bit:

I am also seeking any information or data that might identify those persons that contributed these postings, such as time of posting, IP address etc.

This uninformed fool is demanding that the site’s owners breach the Data Protection Act to satisfy his cravings for retribution and punishment.  He’s inciting a crime, the vengeful cretin.

So there you have it.  The Mayo Echo published a hate-filled article and when a local website published objections, they were closed down by threats and pompous bluster.  Regular readers of this site will know that we’ve been there before with windbag bullies flinging empty legal threats in our direction.

This is the sort of caveman we still have in this country.  This is the kind of hypocrisy we have to contend with every day, and which we have an obligation to confront wherever it surfaces.  All these smug, judgemental arseholes need to have their bluff called, and need to be exposed for the empty hate-mongers they are.

Here’s what I’d like to see happen.

Geraghty should be prosecuted for incitement to hatred.

His ridiculous free rag should be closed down as an instrument of hatred.

The people who have been maligned should take legal action and seek exemplary damages.

(By the way, the headings of the offending comments are cached here, but I’m not technically advanced enough to retrieve the originals).

If you want to contact Mr Geraghty to express your disgust at him for being a cowardly bully, you can contact him here:




Michele Neylon

Jazz Biscuit

Green Ink

Dante and the Lobster



The Achill Journal



Facebook group

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    sounds like a complete dickhead alright……..me thinks the lady doth protest too much. i read a report yesterday that the king of gambia wants to introduce the death penalty for homosexual behaviour. i wonder, is being called a pervert and having your car reg published enough to take him to court. i’d love to see him get a taste of his own medicine!


    Anyone of the owners of those cars would have a very strong case against him as he cannot prove that they were there for any particular reason but has called them perverts which is slanderous and defamation of character..
    Besides the fact that it really doesnt matter if they were there for a bit of bum action as i would guess that the Gay social circuit there would not be rivaling major citys in the country..
    I believe he may protest too much (“careful” – Legal counsel) he seems (de)/(en) raged by the whole thing.


    Organ donor: are you quoting Shakespear too or are you telling me to be careful? When I first saw the headline, my first thought was that someone was molesting ducks or fish!


    Quoting shakespeare and warning myself,was saying that tongue in cheek mate in case Mr Geraghty was peeking (he’s a wee bit sensitive don’t ya know)


    This Geraghty guy has actually succeeded in closing down the castlebar.ie site.

    This site carried a load of local community stuff which is now out of reach and may not be made available elsewere.

    I agree with your comments.

    Perhaps some local politicians who are well versed in putting Castlebar on the map would have a chat with Mr. Geraghty and point out to him the error of his ways and and the type of publications Castlebar will end up in if they continue.

    Otherwise we’ll be depending on the social chapter of the Lisbon Treaty to put an end to his disgusting caper. :)


    Reading your article made me angry Bock. That man is bereft of legal and moral responsibility. He’s a [something deleted]and a thug. I think he forgot that ‘boycott’ was invented in that part of the world….


    http://www.castlebar.ie is owned by a “Consortium of Local Authorities of Castlebar”. A “Statutory Body”.

    At a guess, Mayo County Council and perhaps, based on the word “Consortium”, some town Councils also. But I could be wrong.

    See http://whois.domainregistry.ie for more information.

    Why is an instrument of the State giving in so readily to a two-bit rag?


    ‘Hundreds of perverts’? Was there a convention on?


    Under the IEDR’s rules a placename, such as castlebar.ie or cork.ie, can only be registered to the local authority (or a related organisation).

    The local authority may have had something to do with the castlebar.ie site or they may simply have granted a 3rd party permission to use the domain to promote the local area.

    If someone wanted to register a derivative name such as castlebarweb.ie (or whatever) they wouldn’t need the local authority’s permission




    Well thank God for that. Muff and Nobber are off the hook.


    I’m always wary of dudes who spend their time hunting out where gay men supposedly meet in order to unleash some sort of expose. Sounds like he was looking for a few thrills himself by cruising.


    True enough. Maybe the lake attracts more perverts than we realise.


    Have ye read this week’s edition? It’s a ‘debate’ now.


    If freedom of speech comes with responsibility, then why is the Mayo Echo not signed up to the Press Council.


    Wasn’t yer man Boycott a Mayoman or something? Hint.


    So is Geraghty, Darwin….In his response he even looked up the word ‘pervert’ to explain to us what it means…he also says this:

    “However, despite numerous complaints from our readers, and many hours of painstaking research, witnessing and cataloguing the events at Lough Lannagh, not once was a straight couple witnessed either exposing themselves, or engaging in the activities
    outlined. If others have seen anything differently,and can offer proof of such instances, they should firstly contact the local Gardai, and if they contact me, of course I will be happy to investigate such occurrences”

    “Happy” mind. I’m sure he would be happy to investigate heterosexuals doing it…they’ve spent hours researching the story…


    Bock –

    Read a local case where a 24 year old is going to jail and being fined for cyber stalking his ex girlfriend and cyber harassing her. They dated, they broke up, he broke into all her online accounts, posted naked pictures of her on the front of her face book page, created fake accounts of “her”, left threatening messages on the page of her new BF, broke into her bank account, etc. All while pretending it was a cordial break up, was pretending to be her friend, etc. She began to get phone calls, etc. which sent her to the police, who eventually tracked him down and decided to prosecute under anti stalking laws.

    You just can’t use the internet to threaten or bully folks, regardless of your intent, and no matter who you are.


    eliza, you’re not supposed to be able to threaten or bully people via the print press either.


    For a homophobic it seems like he spent quite an inordinate amount of time down by that lake “researching” his subject matter in some detail.

    Voyeurism comes to mind.

    Or maybe no one paid him any attention and this is his way of…..getting some!


    He sounds like a classic case of a homosexual in denial to me.


    Next headline could be “Wanker with camera at Lake Shock!!”


    I can only say that the threat of legal action by the editor of this paper is as irresponsible as the article he printed. I for one will be placing a sign on my door saying that the paper is unwelcome in the future, he is an embarrasment to the town and does not speak for the people in it. The castlebar website is good for the town and its business, the editor of this gossip clearly disregards this.
    As an out gay man who walks my dog often by the lake I can honestly say i have never come accross any aspect of what is written in his article. Geraghty’s words are a disgusting untruth and seems to want to bring everyone down with his mistakes. I urge the business men and women of the town to withdraw from advertising with his paper, and himself to apoligise for his carelessness and withdraw his legal action.


    True Bock, so many abhorrent things about this story. We still live in a fucking banana republic where fuckers like Geraghty are made king through fear and ignorance. Fuck him and fuck his loathing. Sounds like Sam and Medbh are correct.


    Methinks the man doth protest too much…..
    I lived in Mayo until last year, we used the free papers to light the fire, all they’re good for if you ask me.


    Oh my, maybe he should join the priesthood for more reasons than one!


    What a hypocritical cunt. My only suggestion for him would be to print on something softer, preferably with perforations. Twin ply if possible.

    What’s his next grand expose? Witches?
    I hope his brief is busy answering solicitors’ letters from those whose number plates he published.


    Hard to believe this mentality still exists


    Mr. Bock,it is crucial that you get out to the people that the ‘Mayo Uck’ did not in and of itself force the closure of Castlebar.ie. It was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back. Albeit,that the camel at home is a rude and obnoxious beast ,spiting,belching,flatuating. However ,given a bucket of Irish spring water,will carry you,safe and sound across the most desolate,barren desert on the globe. This shock-rag does not have this kind of influence. Representation, perhaps of people who at the first encounter with conflict, flee to their attorney,like a crying baby arms outstreched for Mommy.


    Ye are all disgusting!Ye should be shot!!!At least get a hotel room or a house or in a car but whyever ye wud go down the lake is beyond me!!!!My son cant even go fishing down the lake anymore

    P.S. SW 007




    These two insightful comments came from somebody using the email address neilainsworth@hotmail.com

    IP address, Mamaroneck, Westchester County, NY, USA

    Comments posted at 10:15pm and 10:20pm, GMT+1


    ‘shane’ and ‘tesco’ display an impressive command of the English language – why, they could go into journalism. I know a skanky free rag would probably employ them – if they don’t (have employment) already.


    Shane and Tesco are the same idiot. Details above.


    Nice work, Bock.

    Here was my take on the whole affair: http://www.indexoncensorship.org/?p=413



    The nice comments above may have something to do with a shiny new stormfront thread dedicated to you. That is two you have clocked up. still a long way to go before you catch up with me though :D


    of course, stormfront Ireland’s canadian moderator has deleted one or two of the more “dodgy” threads about me so I cannot give you an exact number.


    Stormfront, by Jesus? The Nazis are onto me? Thanks for the heads up Squid!


    I wouldnt worry too much, people from the bronx are usually narky anyway :D


    Fuck stormfront. Fuck ’em right in the ear.


    Oh yeah, I knew I came here for a reason. castlebar.ie seems to be up and running again. albeit without the message board.


    hay ye fuge packers wat the fuck gives u the right to put somones email adress on the internet u dirty fucking stick a dick in your ass faggots if i got my hands on id cut your dick of with a rusty blade xxxx

    [This was also written by Neil Ainsworth, an illiterate fool in Mamaroneck, New York

    IP address

    email : neilainsworth@hotmail.com ]


    [MOD EDIT — Ed, one more comment like that and you’re banned]


    Mayo Echo published its last edition today 15/4/09.


    huray !!!!


    I have written to Mr Geraghty telling him how pleased I am that his ridiculous organ is now limp.


    Heh heh heh… I’d like to believe my piece played a part in its downfall.

    Good riddance.

    Castelbar.ie 1 Gerraghty 0

    Result- pwnd!


    I worked with Tony Geraghty when he was the manager in The Travellers Friend hotel in Castlebar, I once saw the guy getting rid of a family of new born kittens by putting them in a box and throwing them in to an industrial compacter. Its a huge shame for Mayo that so many people subscribed to his exploitation of Journalism for his own personal gain.


    their are more gays in county mayo then their are in san francisco, so whats the problem?


    I don’t know. You’d need to ask the gobshite who used to publish the paper what his problem is.

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