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This is AJ.He was 20 years old, a gentle boy, loved by all who knew him, but now he’s dead.A part-time policeman in Silverton, Oregon shot him seven times and killed him. This is AJ’s killer.Since he killed AJ Hanlon, Tony Gonzales has been arrested on complaints that he sexually abused a young girl.Story HERE, and HERE

Some people in Oregon have attempted to smear AJ’s character, and even to question the standard of his upbringing, but it’s now becoming plain to everyone that he was just an inoffensive kid who was unlucky enough to run into someone like Tony Gonzales.

It now seems that what happened was very simple.  AJ knocked on the wrong door, the occupants thought he was a burglar and called the police.  Gonzales, who was having an extremely bad day, arrived and emptied his gun at AJ, hitting him seven times.

People who knew AJ have been leaving comments HERE if you want to read them.

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AJ Hanlon 1988-2008 Â  RIP



Court video of Gonzales’s arraignment HERE


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    Kelly Clark, the Hanlon family’s attorney, said they have information that the alleged sex abuse happened on the day of the shooting. Clark said it raises questions about the mental state of Gonzalez that night.

    It just gets worse and worse.


    Horrible case. What a tragedy.


    It is a horrible case, and some of the comments on the local newspapers’ websites haven’t shown much insight either.


    Just the barest of information in the video here from their local TV station, though there is criticsm of the Silverton Police Officers’ Association in the text story:


    And his admission of child abuse:


    I’ve spent the last two hours going through the various links.

    Nowhere are there reports that AJ was armed. Nowhere are there reports that he did anything or acted in any way that was suspicious and nowhere are there reports that he was in any way threatening.

    All we seem to know is that he was a seemingly unarmed, somewhat paranoid young man, possibly knocking at a wrong door at 11:15pm.

    I can understand the occupants of the household calling the police, I cannot however, understand the response.

    No more than anyone else reading the reports I have no idea as to how AJ’s last moments played out. What we do know that one officer Tony Gonzales fired (some or all of) the seven shots that proved fatal to the 20 year old.

    I’d just like to say that thank God we still have a largely unarmed police force. I have no doubt that under similar circumstances in this country, the young man would have been simply arrested or told to go home.

    The coming week should tell us the standards of justice we should expect in the States were any of us to visit. And yes Bock, I am angry.


    I’ve often been critical of our police, but I can’t imagine them shooting anyone unless they were being fired on themselves.

    I used to think we had something culturally in common with the US, but lately it’s hard to see what that connection might be.

    America has become a very alien place.


    The weather sure is nicer though!


    i am devastated by what happened to Andrew. He was murdered in front of my building, on oak and mill st. in silverton, ore. i am an internationally known artist/writer and although I did not know Andrew, I feel a kinship as a fellow artist, and also several of my artist apprentices over the years knew Andrew. Every single one of them told me what an awesome person he was, and that he loved life.

    This is what i know to be true: last 2 big shots came from front and side of my bldg.. NO WARNING CALL ie: “police” hands up”, “stop” etc. loud shots started from oak & mill street area, 5 big shots before location of big shots changed to front and side of my bldg..

    NOTHING except 2 shots, then 2 males ran away from victim to back window of my bldg., where I was at computer. Then, (maybe 1 minute or more later) popping sounds on oak st.. I believe andrew was already fatally wounded when officer inflicted shoulder limb shots. that (could) be why Andrew “tripped and fell down.”

    There is huge cover up going on here, I KNOW WHOEVER FIRED LAST 2
    SHOTS (very loud) they were fired from front N.E. SIDE AND MID EAST SIDE OF MY BUILDING.. please- we must not let this go!!!

    Ee must not give up until light shines on Andrew’s soul… he was (from every report I’ve heard) a fine, gentle person who was going thru loss of employment, loss of place to live and expired visa~ enough to bring stress to anyone.

    The whole thing could have been dealt with at the outset by a pause, to assess the situation, kindness and directions. How does banging on a door intrepret out to a burglary in progress??? This young irishman was barefoot, no backpack, 130#, 5’6″,totally un armed, being chased down oak st. hill by husband (of wife who called to report burglary in progress) and friend of husbands’.

    How many times kids have come to my door asking for directions
    (late at night)?

    live up Oak St. Hill from my studio-(the bldg. from which 1st 2 shots were fired) and all I’ve had to do is walk kid (s) out to sidewalk, then show them the road they were looking for, which is usually the one directly across from my house.


    Why would anyone call police because a young adult needed directions, and within minutes, he is dead? This was a tragic sensless brutal murder and I pray we will see justice here, for Andrew’s soul, for the family of andrew and the young adults in Silverton who loved him, for the people in ireland who are heartbroken too.

    I am wanting to do more, please with the help of good people from around the States and in Ireland, let us join together here, in the name of Andrew J Hanlon. He so deserves a sacred memorial, it would be called “JUSTICE LIVES” and it would be built out of TRUTH. We cannot allow this murder to be covered up,

    How can we start? What will we do? I send my love to everyone whose life was and is being touched by Andrew.

    J Stone


    It’s interesting to note:

    ORS 163.427 Sexual abuse in the first degree. (1) A person commits the crime of sexual abuse in the first degree when that person: (C) The victim is incapable of consent by reason of being mentally defective, mentally incapacitated or physically helpless;

    Exactly what is the policy of the Silverton Police to mentally defective, mentally incapacitated or physically helpless people?

    From one fact [Andrew’s brutal slaughter] we know they shoot them.


    We love you A.J.
    We, the young people of Silverton will defend, your honor, your character, and your dignity until the end. We will not sit down, we will not shut up. We will not let this be brushed over. We willstand in solidarity with you and your family until the truth is known. You are an innocent beautiful person. We know you and love you and will see that your reputation is not soiled by evil and deception.


    to kevin lierman and every young adult in silverton who loved andrew~ your dedication to your beloved friend andrew has been mind bending~am so sorry i forgot to mention this in my recent post~you ARE THE ONES who got this going already, and i wish the people in ireland could all know the work on his “street memorial” the picketing of police station, the vigils you’ve held night after night by the spot where andrew was killed~ of
    course~ you ARE THE ONES WHO WILL LEAD
    US ON~ how did i miss this? every single one of these young silverton adults i’ve had contact with since andrew died must be just like him… every one of these kids walks with
    integrity, compassion and soul. i am so very very proud of them~ ireland~ please send these kids your love, ok? they have been working so hard, day and night since andrew was killed. j.stone


    reply to: “it’s interesting to note”
    i don’t believe for a second andrew was “mentally incapacitated” as the oregon press has been reporting. i do not know this by personal observation, (i didn’t have the priviledge of knowing andrew,) however… every friend of a.j.’s i’ve talked with has said “sure, he had bouts of paranoia, depression, loved to “tell story” was at times angry, but NEVER had a violent or cruel or out of control bone in his body, so… let’s take a closer look here: this
    young irish lad had just lost his job when restaurant went under, he’d lost his apartment when he couldn’t pay rent so was staying with different friends, his visa expired and he was in a foreign country without knowledge of repercussions re: visa expiration, etc. etc.,
    he was probably broke… he was 20 years old… and…..occasionally he was said to be paranoid, delusional, angry, depressed…
    let’s walk in those shoes before we start calling andrew “mentally incapacitated.” i think he was probably stressed by his life situation at times. then there was this other side of him, said (over and over) to be just full of life, love and wonder~gratefulness and
    compassion~ that this side was ALWAYS right there. let’s think about this for a minute here, maybe we can
    give a.j. a bit of “mentally deranged” slack????? i think he must have done a very good and decent job with his
    sanity, what about it? jstone


    I didn’t call Andrew “mentally incapacitated.”. Those words are from the Oregon Statutes which Gonzalez is charged under.

    Andrew was certainly ‘physically helpless” ‘specially up against Gonzalez – you only have to look at the pictures of both to see that.


    Our anger here needs to be directed at the Silverton police, not at each other. Andrew is only quoting the term “mentally incapacitated” from an Oregon statute.


    andrew dear~ boy did i blow that one….. never mind…. thought you were merging the two circumstances there for a minute…hugs,


    ps i’m very old and senile now so you have to forgive me sometimes, ok?

    love jstone

    ps i guess the policy must be to hire them, aye???


    bock~ we don’t go near anger here, with each other. we can’t right now because our energy needs to be with andrew, and it is~ i just mis-read the message.

    please forgive ok?




    Hi Jane

    I have a link to Silverton (very tenuous I must admit), as my daughter lived and worked in Portland for a time (2004 to 2005) and had been to Silverton on many occasions. She found the people in Porland and Silverton and Salem to be very warm, friendly and quite open. She loved her time there and can’t wait to return. I’m heartened, but not surprised, that there are many many people in Silverton supporting Andrew and his family at this time.


    andrew, when anyone in your family returns, you will have “family” here, too, ok?
    i need to “head up the hill home” to get some sleep, but please i hope we can keep this dialogue going~ many more things i wanted to share with you all , about the night of june 30th.



    Just come across a news article on who and what Tony Gonzales is.
    Briefly he is born and raised in USA. mixed race latino/native american, 5’9″-240lbs, a former marine (5 years – discharged 1996), a ‘cage fighter’, martial arts expert/instructor, motorbiker, married for 12 years, tried for 10 years to become a cop, was rejected by some police forces(because of traffic tickets) keeps away from neighbours and has beaten testicular cancer. Has a page on Myspace and uses the tagline ‘Ride hard or dont ride at all’ and his nickname is ‘The Tomahawk’ He coaches a ‘cage-fighting’ team called ‘Team Chaos’

    Here is a link to AJ’s killer on MySpace(last login was yesterday)

    Here is the full News story/profile on AJ’s killer:


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