Andrew Hanlon — From A Close Family Friend

This came tonight.  I share it with you without comment.


I would like to say that I have been reading through your posts with interest and I would like to let you know that AJ’s family have been reading your posts too.

I would like to thank many of you who have openly expressed support and condolences to the family during this extremely difficult and painful time.

There has been a lot of press coverage both here in Ireland and the USA that has been full of speculation and unsubstantiated drivel about family, AJ himself and private lives of the Hanlon / Carroll family. This is causing a lot of pain and difficulty to the family and has no place or relevance in this case. This is something that is being used to sensationalise the story and sell newspapers.

I know this family, I know Dorothea & Justin, I know Melanie, Eamonn Thomas, Andrew James, Mary Kate and Danielle, I also know Andrew’s father Eamonn Hanlon and the extended families on all sides. I know that truth and the background. These kids, most young adults now, are loved and cherished by their family and never would you say that this was a neglected home nor was anyone of the kids abandoned as reported by the gutter press in both countries. I know that anyone that knows this family or has had the opportunity to spend time with this family will know this to be true.

Also I would like to inform all of you of the arrangements for AJ’s funeral.

The Funeral will be held on Monday the 21st of July at 10am in Saggart church, Co Dublin.

Also as per the wishes of the family I would ask that those wishing to attend not bring floral tributes as there will be a facility for contributions towards AJ’s repatriation fund.

This tragic event has put the entire family both immediate and extended at large financial strain as no one expects to lose a son, a brother, a nephew or a friend like this.

Again thank you for your support and a special thank you to Bock for making it possible for comments and views to be aired openly on the unnecessary slaying of this young bright Irish Son.



Andrew’s friends set up a memorial site where he was killed. the site contained personal memorabilia, flower arrangements, trinkets,artwork and photos.

The Silverton public works department removed all the objects and destroyed them.


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3 thoughts on “Andrew Hanlon — From A Close Family Friend

  1. Obviously ‘official# Silverton are laying down a marker that there is nothing wrong with the shooting to death of Andrew.

  2. The pain still exists in the ache in the pit of my stomach.
    The hurt numbing.
    The sadness I live with every day.
    The loss there are no words to express.
    The forgivness I cannot find in my heart for my sons killer, for that is what Tony Gonzalez is, a Killer.
    The loneliness I feel tears me apart.
    The thoughts of how my beautifull gentle son died alone on a dark street in a pool of his own blood haunts me, it will always.
    The treatment of Andrews killing and behaviour of Oregon officials dispicable.
    There is no forgetting, no forgiving, no Andrew.
    I spent so many precious times with my boy they are my memories which these people cannot take from me from his birth through his childhood into young adulthood.
    Gonzalez took my sons life and the powers that be treated my son Andrews killing as if it didnt matter as if he was simply a statistic. He was a human being who people from far and wide loved, he touched so many lives, he had a good heart. Unlike his killer.
    To all younge people out there take care, be watchfull where you go , who you mix with and what you do. You never know the hour or the day. What happened to Andrew could happen to anyone of you. But still live life to the full its so very precious every moment counts.
    My prayers are with my son AJ and with all of you.
    Thank you bock

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