Bock Wins Something

Well bugger me sideways!  I finally won something.

I’ve given the staff at the Bockschloss half an hour off to celebrate winning the Post of the Month award for the Lenny Cohen concert review.

The last time I won something was in school.  I won a Mars bar but Festy McGonagle sat on it till it melted and that was the end of my little winning streak.

Anyway, to all the folks at the Irish Web and Blog Awards, thanks very much and the cheque is in the post.

22 replies on “Bock Wins Something”

Well done, Bock, and truly deserved.

A fine piece of writing. A pleasure to read.

You’re setting the bar very high.

I hoped you enjoyed writing it as much as I enjoyed reading it and I wasn’t even familiar with the mans body of work, but I was waiting for the familiar sound of unfamiliar music. AWESOME DUDE!

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