Dublin Airport Shuts Down; Airlines Abuse Passengers

The airlines have been telling stranded passengers all over Europe to fuck off.

Fuck off, said Ryanair.

Yeah, fuck off, echoed Aer Lingus. 

It seems the airlines are making the point that it isn’t their fault, and I’m inclined to agree.  It isn’t the airlines’ fault that the air-traffic control radar broke down, but they’re starting to lose me when they say that they have no responsibility to the people stuck in airports with no way out or home.

Fuck off and sue the airport, says Ryanair.

Fuck off and sue the Irish Aviation Authority, says Aer Lingus.

You see, the way I look at it is this.  The passengers had a contract with the airlines, and the airlines, in turn, had a contract with the IAA to supply air-traffic control services.

To clarify this, take another example.

What would happen if they couldn’t get fuel to fly their planes?

Would they say Fuck off and sue Texaco! It isn’t our problem if we have no fuel for our planes?

No they wouldn’t.  They’d say, Shit, we can’t take off.  Sorry.

Sorry Ryanair.  Sorry Aer Lingus.  This is bullshit.  It mightn’t be your fault, but it is your problem.  Look after your customers.  Put them up in hotels instead of making them sleep on the floors of airports like war refugees.  If anyone has a beef with the IAA, it’s you.

Fuck off and sue them, you shower of thieving hypocrites.

3 thoughts on “Dublin Airport Shuts Down; Airlines Abuse Passengers

  1. There was a nice old dude from the DAA on tv last night, explaining his woes. His most memorable attribute was his marvellous bushy eyebrows – enormous hairy caterpillars projecting two inches over his eyes. Only very old men develop eyebrows like those.
    This morning, Micko waffles righteously on Morning Ireland as only Micko does so well, likening the DAA to Dad’s Army.

    Wicked stuff, but wickedly clever.


  2. You can kinda see the airlines point just to play devil’s advocate. They and Ryanair were really pissed off at that EU law and those troublesome passenger rights. Wiki. So now we have a drama and it’s not their fault. Well good for the goose good for the gander etc. Perhaps the EU need to introduce a corollary law whereby if the delay is the fault of the Airport Authority then the AA should provide accommodation, sandwiches, lap dances etc for the great unwashed.

    If the airlines did indeed provide the passengers compo and then tried to get refunded by the AA I would not be surprised if the AA told the airlines to fuck off because as far as I’m aware the AAs are not under the same requirements as the airlines to compo passengers. What could the airlines do? It’s not as if they could threaten to withdraw their service from the airport as there isn’t any other airport to fly out from Dublin.

    Maybe the AA is in breach of contract in terms of the services the provide the airlines but I doubt it would be so clear cut that the airlines could expect to pass on the costs to the AA and a bit of a sudden risk for the airlines to take on esp as everyone seems to be in the shit right now.

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