Karadzic. Who Did They Really Capture?

I think we’re all agreed it isn’t Karadzic, so who did they really arrest?

Suggestions so far:

Willie Nelson

Ronnie Drew

Santa Claus

Charles Darwin

Fidel Castro

Chuck Norris

Karl Marx

Uncle Jesse

Brian Blessed

Jerry Garcia

Larry Hollingworth


I suspect some of these suggestions weren’t serious and I wish people would treat the question with the gravity it deserves.

16 thoughts on “Karadzic. Who Did They Really Capture?

  1. Oh fuck.I think I try too hard to forget bad stuff sometimes.I shouldn’t.Just watched the clip on your LEGACY OF KARADZIC AND MLADIC post.Brought me right back to earth.Sorry for being so flippant.

  2. OK, I think we can rule out Karl Marx. This seems logical as I’ve never heard of a 190 year-old man. As for Willie Nelson, it’s hardly him, sure doesn’t he wear his hair in plats?

    Poor old Ronnie Drew had no hair at all these days and Charles Darwin’s brow ridges are far more pronounced than this guy’s.

    Let’s see now, Jerry Garcia is simply grateful to be dead and Brian Blessed has far too many dogs to be arrested in such a fashion.

    If it had been Fiedel, than Raul would have landed the tanks in Florida by now. Chuck Norris? Don’t make me laugh, he’d have clobbered the lot of them.

    As for Uncle Jessie, (sorry to upset some of you) isn’t a real person.

    Fuck me, it must be Santa.

  3. It’s definately Rowan Williams – he’s a Dr. as well, so it fits perfectly.

  4. More Dr. Mengele than Dr. Shipman though.

    …Fuck me, this Hippocratic Oath isn’t all it’s cracked up to be after all, is it?

  5. I know several doctors who are complete pricks.

    Anyway, as far as I’m aware, the Hippocratic Oath has no force of law, and isn’t used at all in many medical schools.

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