The scandal goes on.

You’ll remember I wrote extensively about this disgraceful story when the frenzy was at its height.  After behaving like absolute swine, the British press were eventually forced to print front-page apologies to Kate and Gerry McCann for printing lies about them.

Now they’ve been forced to apologise to another of their victims and to pay him £600,000 in compensation.  Robert Murat was vilified and libelled by the papers.  His life was destroyed.  He was turned into a figure of hatred by the media hyenas who trailed him everywhere he went and made his days and nights into a hell.

They imprisoned him in his house and tried to convince the world that he was responsible for Madeleine’s disappearance, when in reality he had nothing whatever to do with it.

All that Robert Murat did was try and help the investigation by translating for the police.  That was when a fool of a reporter from the Sunday Mirror, Lori Campbell, reported Murat to the police because she thought he was creepy.  The thundering idiot.

These are the kind of cretins who work for the major papers and TV stations.  Talking heads without a brain between them, who trade in suspicion and ignorance to destroy the lives of innocent people.




Madeleine McCann

4 thoughts on “Madeleine McCann Fiasco: Robert Murat Wins Damages From Newspapers

  1. Yet more and more of what passes for the media in this country is of the British owned “Oirish Mail/Star/Sun/Mirror” etc. variety. And is lapped up here on the excuse of “I only buy it for the horses/premier soccer/one with the big tits/Big Brooder,etc.”. Look, for instance, at the Brit-style Euroscepticism that has infected this country over the last few years to see the creeping influence of these jamrags on society. No wonder we’re slowly but surely turning into West Brits

    That they can sully an innocent man such as Robert Murat, who will, despite his award, still be guilty in the eyes of a section of those who buy British tabloid papers is an utter disgrace.

    These papers should be fined much more heavily. On top of the damages to Mr. Murat, a penalty of a few million euros or pounds should be imposed on newspapers that deliberately set out to demonise and ruin lives so that they can sell sordid lies.

    Incidentally, I’m sure the “Oirish” editions of these rags, that claim to be independent arms of their owners, printed much of what their core UK editions carried about Robert Murat. Perhaps he should consider suing these so-called Irish papers in the Courts here if so.

    P.S. : Bet the Oirish Sun won’t be pilfering this story from you, Bock

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