It’s over.

After all the character assassination, and all the innuendo, and all the leaks to the papers, and all the intimidation, and all the vicious smears, and all the gobshites on all the chattering websites telling you the McCanns did it, guess what?

The Portuguese police have run out of ways to blacken their name.

They’ve given up.

Do you remember all the people who were so certain the McCanns killed their daughter, even though they had not a single piece of evidence to support their filthy little imaginings?  No evidence at all, except whatever some Portuguese policeman slipped to the papers when he needed to take the heat off himself.

And the hounds ran with it.  The hounds all over the world took up the howl, including the dogs here in Ireland, and they vented their righteous superiority on a poor bereft couple who’ll never be well again.

These self-righteous fuckers, many of whom were acne-pocked teenagers on comment boards, arseholes who never raised a puppy, never mind a family, had the audacity to think they were better than the adults they condemned.  They pointed their drunken self-righteous fingers of inexperience at the McCanns, and drew pleasure from their guilty little self-righteous orgasms.

The pricks.

But it wasn’t only arsehole post-pubescents.  The British Press got itself into a frenzy of condemnation.  Wait!  What did I say?  Not arsehole post-pubescents?  I take that back.  After all, we were talking about the British Press, weren’t we?

The gobshites had to apologise though, and painfully too, I’m glad to say.

So now, it’s the endgame.  The lowlife British Press can withdraw into its hole to wait for its next victim.  The disgraceful Portuguese police can contemplate its own cynical inadequacies and the post-pubescent acne-pocked gobshites can go back to what they do best: wanking.

Meanwhile, perhaps the McCanns can finally find the space to begin accepting that their little girl is gone forever.


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25 thoughts on “Madeleine McCann — Portuguese Police Give Up

  1. There is more to the story of the McCann’s than has been printed. The press, with good reason, have withheld certain information.

  2. Rob: Is this more whispering? If you have hard information, let us know. Otherwise, shut the fuck up. Say what you know or don’t say anything.

  3. Bock, I love your rants but to be honest this one is a bit over the top, from reading your post, you could be forgiven for thinking the McCanns had been found innocent, They have not.

    They do not have sufficient evidence to allow formal charges to be brought against the McCanns in the disappearance of their daughter, thats a hell of a long way from complete innocence.

    Still I do find it obscene the way that all parties involved have been treated by both the mainstream media and the Blogosphere but then every nut job has there say these days.

  4. I take the view that until the guilt is established of whoever is responsible no-one present in the area at the time can be ruled out.

    We do need restraints on press reporting of criminal investigations, and we do need very close restraints on what the police may say to the media. In particular no suspects or persons arrested should be named until a prosecution has been initiated.

  5. I think you’ve called it right. We all know what the press are like all over the world, they know what the readers like and they give it to them, which doesnt say much for the readers either, right? No news there.

    What this saga has made me realise (maybe I’ve lived a sheltered life) is that cops are the same all over the world too. To hell with investigation, evidence and all that, go with your prejudices, decide who’s guilty and then use fair means or foul (usually foul) to make it stick. Ireland, UK, US, Portugal, you name it.

  6. “They do not have sufficient evidence to allow formal charges to be brought against the McCanns in the disappearance of their daughter, thats a hell of a long way from complete innocence.”

    “Sorry George, but that IS complete innocence.”

    How is that complete innocence?

    Let me guess, you think Colin Stagg is innocent as well?!

    Open your eyes Bock!

  7. Colin Stagg has nothing to do with this discussion, so we’ll keep him for another day if that’s ok with you.

    The McCanns were not put on trial. No evidence except innuendo was brought against them, and nobody has access to hard information about the case.

    Therefore, whatever you suggest about them is no more than speculation.

    We’re all entitled to a presumption of innocence, but perhaps you’re suggesting that a presumption of innocence is something slightly less than actual innocence.

    It is not.

    At the very worst, the information we have gives rise to suspicion, and though I’ve said this before, I’ll repeat it now. When we start convicting people on the grounds of suspicion, that’s when we’ll have a police state.

  8. They were made official suspects. This would not happen unless there was “some” evidence. Yes, not enough to charge them with anything but enough for the police to be suspicious of them.

    Just because YOU haven’t seen the evidence it doesn’t mean it does not exist. There are certain things even the great Bock is not entitled to have access to.

    Yes, you’re right, we’re all entitled to a presumption of innocence but when there is evidence against that presumption, no matter how small, it becomes a suspicion of guilt and while I’m all for innocent until proven guilty a “not guilty” verdict does not mean the person is innocent. It means they could not be found guilty for any number of reasons (and yes, innocence could be one of them!).

    What makes you think they are innocent?

  9. Well, Bock, I still have a completely open mind on this – so the media can rant all they like, we still have brains.
    The British tabloids ARE disgustingly sensationalist. My own extended family got a taste of them recently, and they are a disgrace to journalism.
    You are right to shout up and to call them (and all of us) on our presumptions and our gossip. It’s a hard road – the black and white one!! :-)

  10. Rob: They haven’t been convicted of anything and therefore they’re innocent. It’s a fundamental principle of justice.

  11. I wish people would stop discussing this child.

    I didn’t know the family and never will, she’s just another missing child.

  12. Even if they are innocent, and I honestly don’t know what to believe, if they did leave the young children on their own that night – then they have to accept responsibility for what happened. I was on holiday with my sister and family and at no point was it ever suggested that her 3 children, the youngest being 3 months, be left in the apartment while we ate closeby. Sod the “inconvenience”, we had them with us and they fell asleep in their buggies. The McCanns are both intelligent professional people but their priorty that night lay in a bottle of wine and a meal with their buddies by the sound of it. All children are completely dependant on their parents to look after them and keep them safe as much as possible.They will have to take the result of their carelessness to their grave with them. At any rate, it’s unlikely we’ll ever know the full extent or truth in this case. Part of me feels sorry for these people, but there’s a big part of me that wants to shake that woman until she rattles. My pain and pity is for that little child and all the other children who have been snatched from their parents.

  13. Gilly: The McCanns have responsibility as parents, but whoever abducted the child is guilty of the crime. That’s the vital difference that people don’t seem able to grasp.

    Before they start to point fingers at the McCanns for failing as parents, they’d better be very sure their own parenting record is 100% perfect. And if they’re not parents at all, like some of the commenters, then they don’t know what they’re talking about.

    The self-righteous hypocrisy is amazing. Would these people be equally judgemental of parents whose child had been knocked down?

  14. I have to admit being taken in by the press last September (i believe) when the stories “broke” that the mother was a suspect and the father helped cover it up. I have become totally cynical when it comes to “breaking news” of any sort.

    Innocent until proven guilty and fuck all the breaking developments!

  15. The first night they left the children on their own someone noticed and the second night someone took advantage of their foolishness.

    Bock children that are knocked down are not left alone in a foreign country in a hotel room while you have dinner and wine pool side with your friends.I feel nothing but sadness for them I can only assume they are tortured by it.There was a time in every housing estate in limerick where you would run into young mothers at the shops or picking up other young kids from school that had left sleeping toddlers at home in the cot. You could once go into Roches stores and having the pickings of any baby at the end of the stairs, they were lined up in their prams.

  16. The point I’m making is this. If a child is knocked down, you won’t find too many people condemning the parents for failing to keep their child off the road. The general reaction is one of sympathy for their loss.

  17. How do you combat stranger danger when your children are asleep? In a foreign country it’s hot, you leave windows open, children are not in their full senses when they first wake up, they dont cry out, they just cuddle in, my heart goes out to the Mc Cann family but I think the decision to leave young children alone in a foreign place is very wrong. my sympathies to the family.

  18. The McCanns certainly didn’t meet their responsibilities and they’ll suffer for that failure until the day they die, but these people who set themselves up as judge and jury are contributing northing. They’re only satisfying their own desperate need to feel adequate, like that gobshite who calls himself Stalin, commenting on the other McCann posts here.

  19. Lazy Parents ,Lazy Cops, Lazy Journalists

    I stopped buying newspapers months ago because I’d had enough of the “Maddie” saga and the “Katie French” bullshit.

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