I’ve been saying from the beginning that there was nothing to justify the media crucifixion of the McCanns, and now, at last, the Portuguese Attorney-general, Fernando Jose Pinto Monteiro has confirmed that the police investigation revealed no evidence of a crime by any of the suspects.

No evidence at all.

How clear can I make this?  There is no evidence at all that the McCanns were involved in the disappearance of their child.

So, to all the evil-minded people who had no information whatever, yet who still put their stupid, ill-informed certainties all over the internet, I offer a big Fuck You!

And to the incompetent, corrupt, half-witted Portuguese police who leaked all kinds of vile, unfounded innuendo against the McCanns, I also offer a big Fuck You!

And finally, to the British press who lapped up the filth and vomited it back in newsprint, I offer nothing.

These hyenas have no morals, no ethics and no feelings.  Why waste energy on them?

16 thoughts on “McCanns No Longer Suspects

  1. Fernando Jose Pinto Monteiro… If stupidity was a crime, he’d be No 1 on the Most Wanted list. With an intellect rivaled only by garden tools, his inability to discover any real facts in this case is pitiful and downright criminal in itself.

    If brains was bird shite, he’d have a clean cage. Shame on him!

  2. According to channel 4 news tonight that suspended cop apparently involved in another nearby and similar Portuguese child abduction case, Amaral?, is going to release a book this week further smearing the McCanns. Do these useless cop gobshites ever gather any evidence or do they spend their whole time writing fiction?

  3. Whatever about justifying the ‘media crucifixion’ of the McCanns over playing a part in the disappearance of their daughter, it cannot be ignored that they left toddlers alone in an apartment complex that offered a baby-sitting service as they went to dinner.

    If Gerry and Kate McCann were working class they would have been hung by the media for such feckless negligence.

    Even if they are no longer suspects, a proportion of the blame has to fall on them due to the fact they left the children unattended in the first place.

  4. Am I qualified to blame them? I don’t really know what you mean by that. Inevitably, when a tragedy occurs that is not the result of a natural disaster or phenomenon, people have to take a certain amount of responsibility and live with the consequences of that decision. They left their child unattended. Their child was abducted/disappeared.

    It is very sad and I do agree that it is awful that the world pointed fingers at them without any evidence or facts

    But in so far as I am qualified to feel sad about what happened or read about the investigation in the news, I feel I can say that a breakdown in their duty contributed to the event of their daughter’s disappearance.

  5. I asked because you said that a proportion of the blame has to fall on them.

    Blame has to come from somebody, so who would that person be? Who is qualified to blame them?

    Responsibility is a different matter, and I have always said that the McCanns failed to meet their responsibilities.

    However, they didn’t cause the child’s disappearance. That was done by the abductor.

  6. well if I was them I’d sue the ass off the Portuguese Police.
    The files have been leaked on the internet aleady. The only evidence that apparently led the Police to make them official suspects was the ‘scent of death’ in the apartment and on the cuddly toy and hire car keys and traces of the child’s blood in the apartment. The report says they were made arguidos “due to the slight possibility of connection to a corpse”.

    On the other hand, like you said, they didn’t cause the child’s disappearance the abductor did. But, if they had been responsible parents in the first place, they wouldn’t have left those kids on their own.

  7. THe McCanns are entitled to have the arguido status removed. There is no conclusive eveidence either way. Everyone should have the chance to be innocent until proven Guilty.

    Without evidence we are all speculating.

    Maybe a random stranger abducted Maddie and disappeared without a trace.

    Maybe Gerry and Kate accidently Killed Maddie and Disposed of he body.

    Both theories are spectulation and untill concrete evidence appears, if ever. We can just speculate.

    We dont have the right to Judge, just yet

  8. To Bock
    “However, they didn’t cause the child’s disappearance. That was done by the abductor.”

    Speculation, no evidence of an abductor

  9. “However, they didn’t cause the child’s disappearance. That was done by the abductor”

    Who wouldn’t have gotten the child had they done their duty. What if, as originally thought, she walked a few hundred yards on her own? she wouldn’t have got there had they looked after her. As far as I’m concerned, they are partly to blame for what happened, because it wouldn’t have happened if not for their actions.

  10. Will T: No. They’re now entitled to be presumed completely innocent.

    Lee: As I asked you already, who’s entitled to blame them?

  11. I’m not avoiding the question. I believe when something is partly your fault you are partly to blame. I don’t think i need a qualification to blame them for what they are responsible for.

  12. We’re going round in circles here.

    I’m pointing out that there’s a difference between being responsible and being to blame.

    Responsibility exists in its own right, and the McCanns certainly failed to meet their responsibility.

    Blame, on the other hand, has to be applied by somebody, and I don’t know who’s qualified to apply it.

    Do you?

  13. As long as blame exists as a concept with no solid qualification attached to it, then we all are. Consider that we agree to disagree.

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